A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 2

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The Test

I whacked off as soon as he left, and I had slept on top of the bedcovers that night, so I would be close to where he had laid. I stayed nude (a little self-consciously, even thought I was alone) until I had to go to work. Then I dressed, left and went to work. I returned home in time to get ready. Actually, getting ready was easy, since all I had to do was strip. At 8:30 I knelt in the center of the living room, put my hands behind my back and bowed my head. And waited.

I tried not to fidget, and I tried not to look at the clock, but I failed at both. I was a willing slave, but not very well trained yet. So I shifted my weight back and forth on my knees and swayed and waited for my Master. Thinking that my Master would be coming got me hard and I dripped some pre-cum onto the cheap carpet.

At 9:00 I stared at the door as if expecting him to open it (it was unlocked) and come in. But I was disappointed. As time dragged on, I grew anxious. I had spent half a hour in anticipation of Master’s arrival and now he was late. Suddenly I realized that was not a very slavish thing to think. Master could keep me waiting all night if he wished. But I wanted to get on with some active obeying, not just boring kneeling.

A little after 9:10 there was a knock at the door. I looked up. Was I supposed to answer it? Naked? I didn’t have any instructions. I could get a robe or something in case it was a neighbor, but if it were Master, he might be upset. The knock came again. I had no time. I got up and opened the door. I kept behind it and stuck my head out. That way I could see, but not be exposed.

It was Master. He as carrying a bag of something and smiling a wicked smile. He strode in, pushing the door open more as he did so. I closed it when he passed. Before I could say anything, he turned to me and said “You got up.”

I didn’t know what to say. I slowly sank to my knees before him and murmured “I’m sorry Master.” Was I supposed to open the door on my knees? I was getting confused.

He looked down on me, still with a wicked smile on his face. “I’ll have to punish you for that boy. And I’ve got to decide which would be worse; punishing you for disobeying my order to stay in the middle of the room or the punishment for leaving me out in the hall.” Realization dawned. No matter what I did, I would have done something wrong, and Master would have to punish me. He would be tough. That was my warning that this wouldn’t be just a game. It was all the warning I got.

“I’ll decide on your punishment later. Right now, I want to test you out to see how you perform as a slave. He opened the bag and pulled something out. “I’ve always wanted a dog. Let’s see if you can be a good dog for me.” The object was a dog collar, a big one, like for Dobermans or something. He put it on me. I didn’t resist, but I melted a bit when his hands touched my neck.  When he finished, he crouched down to look me in the face. “Here we go. I want to see if you can be a good dog. Please me and we can do some more. Fail, and I’m gone.” That was all the threat I needed, I wanted the man in my life forever, and I wanted to always be at his feet.

He straightened up. And I got on all fours, looking up at him. “Good Fido. Let’s see if you know any tricks. Sit.” I put my ass on the floor, keeping my arms straight, so I looked like a dog sitting. “Good boy. Lie down.” I put my arms forward and my head down. I couldn’t look at Master’s face like that, and I must have looked like a Muslim at prayer, but it seemed to be what Master wanted. “Up.” I got back on all fours. “Roll over.” I did. “Play dead.” I rolled onto my back and left my arms and legs in the air. “Good boy.” Master stood over me and stared down. “Sit.” He ordered again and I sat. “Speak” I “woofed”  Master then took something else out of his bag and it was a leash. He attached it and said “Heel.” He began to walk around the room. I followed the best I could. Humans just weren’t made to go about on their hands and knees very fast or very long. And I had a hard time keeping up with Master. Of course, it didn’t help that he as going in a circle with me on the outside. So he could take little steps and out pace me. As I grew tired he began to jerk on the leash and say “Heel Fido, Heel.” I tried to keep up, I really did. I wanted to please my Master, but it was so hard. My eyes began to water.  Finally he stopped and looked down at me, disapproval etched in his face. I cowered at this feet and whimpered looking up at him with pleading in my eyes. It wasn’t just that my knees hurt from following him around, but it was embarrassing for me. And turning me on.

Here I was in my own apartment, naked while he was fully dressed. But that was nothing to the humiliation I felt acting as his dog. I felt like a plaything to him, and I was embarrassed to the pit of my stomach.

“If you are really sorry for disappointing me, lick my shoes clean to prove it.” Master said to me. I bent my head to his closest foot and began to lick. Not the little tongue-tip lick you see in a game, but a full bodied lick as I cleaned his shoes. I licked hard and long. After I had completely finished one, I moved to the other.  I could feel Master’s eyes watching me, but I didn’t look up from my work. When I finished the second shoe I was faced with a decision, I could stop or I could go back to the first one. I continued to lick the second shoe. If I stopped and Master wasn’t satisfied, he would be disappointed. If I didn’t stop, how long would this go on? Actually, I loved servicing Master, so I decided it was better to keep licking than to stop. Maybe it would make him hot and he would fuck me again. I went back to the first shoe. I heard a little guffaw from above, but I continued to lick the clean shoe even cleaner.

I had just finished the third round of this and was starting round four when I heard Master say “Good Fido, good slave, you are trying to please Master, aren’t you?” I didn’t answer, but licked harder. “Stop and sit.” Was the next command, and I obeyed. My mouth was parched, I really needed a drink. But I couldn’t ask for one, I was a dog, and I was sitting like one. Master had dropped the leash and was staring at me. “Is Fido thirsty?” Master was rubbing his crotch.

For answer, I stuck my tongue out and panted like a dog. I hoped that was the right answer. I must have been, because Master smiled even more. “Good dog. Now, Fido is a special dog, who is going to get a special drink. But Fido has to work for it. Fido, I want you to take my pants down so you can have a drink.”

I got what he wanted. He was going to make me drink his piss. I had drunk piss before, and I wanted his. I raised up on my knees and began to bring my hands up. Master saw this and slapped me across the face. “Fido has forgotten that dogs do not have hands.” I dropped them. “I’ll have to punish you for that too, Fido. Now, open up my pants so I can piss in you.”

I moved my mouth to his belt buckle. I looked up at him as I did so. He looked at his slave in amusement. I struggled with the buckle and finally got it out. It wasn’t easy. I was tired and turned on and my mouth was dry. But being so close to his crotch was breathing new life into me, and being a slave to a real Master was keeping me hard as a rock. With the belt removed, I began to experiment with the button. I had to really work to get it popped. Master was well-built, so there was no flab to move around and his clothes showed off his body very well. I finally managed it, and by this time, I had a bit of sweat built up. Then I tacked the zipper. I tried moving it with just my lips, but the little holder kept sliding out, so I had to clench it between my teeth. I also had to be sure not to get my chin caught in the zipper. On top of all this, I was having to be careful not to get Master’s expanding cock caught. But I managed.

With his pants opened, I began to tug the flaps down. I pulled the front, then went around back. It was actually easier to pull his pants down from there then the front. And I had the bonus of smelling his ass.

Finally, I had his pants down around his knees and then I heard Master say “Good Fido, now suck Master’s dick some so he can give you a drink.” I obeyed with relish, only to be rebuked. “Fido, not too much or you will get Master hard and not be able to get a drink.” I dropped the intensity of the head I was giving him. Soon I felt the changes in his dick that signed he as about to piss. I got ready. I didn’t have to be told that I shouldn’t spill any. It was obvious to me that Master wouldn’t like that, and I didn’t want to anything that Master wouldn’t like.

The first piss hit me and I automatically began to swallow. Master pissed like he didn’t have a care in the world, and left me to get it all. I did so happily, but I was worried every minute of letting some dribble down my cheek.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and Master pulled out happy.  I licked the tip of his dick for him as he squeezed it a bit. “Good Fido. Time for dinner.” The last three words were said with a wicked sound, and I got worried. Master took something else out of his bag. A can of dog-food. He then strode to the kitchen. I followed, wondering if I could eat dog food even for him. Master looked about the kitchen and found a bowl and can-opener. As he got these he looked at me “Fido should be excited to be getting dinner.” I took his meaning that what I thought was irrelevant and began to wag my ass and wiggle with excitement. I did my best to imitate a dog about to be fed. I was worried inside.

“Good Fido.” Master said as he put the bowl on the floor. I dove for it, hoping to make him happy, but dreading the first taste. I got a kick in the shoulder for that. “Bad Fido. Fido doesn’t eat until Master says so.” He looked sternly to me. “Beg.” He said, his voice full of meaning. I rose up on my knees and but my hands in a begging position like a dog, pleading in my eyes. I was pleading to be released from this, but I think Master took it as pleading to be allowed to eat the dog food. No, I take that back. I think Master knew I didn’t want it, but wanted to make me beg for something I was horrified of.

“Good Fido, now eat it all up.” That was a command. I dropped back to all fours. I stared at the bowl full of fake meat for just a second. I couldn’t delay. Master had given me an order, and I must obey. If I didn’t obey, and with some relish, he might leave me and not be my Master. I bent my head to the bowl and took a bite. It was horrible. I chewed once and swallowed, hoping the taste would go away. It didn’t. I took another bite, and another. I pulled my cheeks back and tried to hide my tongue, but to no avail. There was some little bit of a gravy-like substance in the dog food, and that got everywhere in my mouth. I ate and ate. “Good Fido, eat it all up for Master. That’s a good dog.”

The last few bites were hard to get up, but I managed. Then I realized that I would have to lick the bowl clean. I was humiliated that I had had to beg for the dog food, to act excited to be offered it, and to lick the bowl clean on top of everything. As I was licking the bowl, I few swats hit my ass. “Good boy, make Master happy.” I licked with more zeal at those words.

Once I had the bowl clean, I brought my face up.  Master was staring at me. He took up the leash and said “Heel.” And headed for the bathroom. I couldn’t figure out what Master would want with Fido there. It didn’t take me long to find out.

“Up, up.” Master deliberately pulled me up to my feet in front of the sink. “I think eating that stuff makes your mouth filthy. Have you swallowed it all down? Let me see.” I opened my mouth. “Work your tongue around, and pull up some spit. I want to be sure you get it all down. Here, let me help you.” And with that he hocked a few spit balls into my mouth to ‘help’ me. I cleaned out my mouth as well as I could. “Dirty boy, we’ll have to clean up your mouth before you can suck me again.”

With that he pick up the bar of soap and put it under running water for a second. I didn’t move. He was going to wash my mouth out with soap. This was unbelievable. But I obeyed and opened my mouth. He shoved it in and got a good lather up. Master had me swirl it around a bit, rinse out, and repeated the procedure. “See how good I am to you? I’m not making you use the toilet water or even making you do this to yourself while I watch. Isn’t that nice of me?”

When I didn’t answer, he slapped me on the ass and said “Well?”

“Thank you Master, being so kind to me, Master.”

“Good slave. Now rinse that out and crawl out to me.” He left and went to sit down in the living room. I fully rinsed out my mouth (I could no longer taste the dog food, but the soap was still there), and crawled out to Master.

Master was sitting in the conformable chair and watching me. I crawled over to him and stopped, looking up to him for further orders.

“You did well. You were very obedient and you tried to please me. You are a good slave. Do you want to stay my slave?”

“Yes, Master, more than anything. I want to be your slave forever.”

“Even for more of the same, and worse?”

“Oh yes Master, anything for you. I can want nothing more than to be your slave.” My answer pleased him, and he smiled.

“Good boy. I am going to give some thought to your living arrangements, but stay naked at home for now. I’ll be over when I want to fuck you or whatever, and I want you to ready for me. Now, I have to get back soon. I’m going to dry-fuck you now, and you had better get used to it.” He started to strip off his clothes.

“Yes Master. Thank you, Master. Whatever you want, Master.”

“I want silence while I fuck you. Then I want you to clean me off and be quiet until I go. I’ll come up with some duties for you perform later.” With that he did dry-fuck me (and I did my best to be quiet, but he had to hit me a little when I made too much noise).

When he was done, I quietly cleaned him off, and when he was ready, he left. As he left, he tousled my head  and said “Good boy.”

To be continued …

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Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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