Master Walter’s boi is used by several masters in a hard slave training session.

I thank my Master for having arranged yet another slave training session.

This time three Masters show up: Master Walt, Master Commando and Master Johan. Master has ordered me to put myself ready in the upper room. Slavehood, slavecollar, mouthgag, wrist-and anklerestraints, ball ring  and Master told me to put on one of the hardest steel nipple clamps already on my titties to be in a state of pain excitement when the Masters show up.



Then I have to lay down on the torture table face down waiting for the Masters to come in. Master Walt is the first Master who enters.  Enthousiastically He starts exploring my excited slavebody. He starts rubbing some oil and giving me a stimulating erotic massage. I get totally hot and ready to take a lot for this Master and the other Masters. Master Walt also puts a steel ball hook in my probing ass.




When the massage is done, Master Walt starts slapping my buttcheeks and back until they feel real hot and exciting.



Then the next Master enters. Master Johan. Without saying anything yet, I feel a sudden sharp pain on my buttocks. I recognize the pain after a few more sparks. It is the electric fly swatter. One of Master Johan’s favorite easy to apply no effort paintoys. After being spanked and being shocked enough, I am turned over and show my rigid erection to the pleased Masters. It is clear I want more to Them.

It doesn’t take long before my erected slavecock and balls are the new targets of Master Johan’s electric fly swatter. The shock really hurt sharply. Master Walt just keeps on hitting me too. Master Walt also grabs hold of my shoulders and I have to present my slave genitals to Master Johan for more shockplay. They both really enjoy my pain reactions.



When I am suffering the pain for the enjoyment of these two Masters, the third Master enters. Immediately He joins in and starts pulling my very painfull clamped nipples hard until I shout in pain.



Then suddenly the extremely painfull nipple clamps are snugged off mercilessly. I shout out in pain. ‘What are you complaining about, boi?’ Master Johan says ‘We are taking the clamps off, right?’ Taking another deep breath to recuperate I feel another sharp pain in my nipples again as Master Johan puts on another set of steel nipple clamps right away on my tortured tits. And I feel some sharp pain in my erected slavedick too. I realise it’s the sharp nipple clamps that have been put on the shaft of my dick too now.

The Masters like what They see. They enjoy playing with me, tugging my nipples, whipping my erected cock, electroshocking me, making me scream in pain.



When the Masters get bored of this, They order me to stand up and get to the X-cross. I get tied up to the cross. Master Johan takes out His ‘spider’. It consists of eight very small vicious steel clamps connected with chains. Two clamps get clamped on my chest, two on my nipples, two on my balls and two on my dick.


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Then I jerk in pain as the chains get pulled until they very painfully snap off my body. It is extremely painfull. I already get a bit desperate on how I am going to pass this slave training. It had just began and I was in so much pain already. The Masters give me a break for a short while. Master Johan uses His ‘claw gloves’ to scratch my body and get it in excitement again. Then I get whipped some more.



After this play, it is time for some outdoor play. I get taken outside naked. The sun is shining but it still is cold. The Masters don’t mind that. Even a lot worse weather with snow wouldn’t have made a difference, Master Johan tells me right so.



I get tied in between of two trees. And I get whipped all over my body. Master had also ordered me on the way to the Club to stop over and get three pairs of nice stinging nettles for the Masters to use on my body. Which They love doing ofcourse.



When the Masters are satisfied seeing Their painslave in agony, I got released and it was now time to try out the Roman Chariot which my Master had bought especially for the Club. I got hooked up to the chariot and start doing some rounds. Master Johan sits on the chariot and whips my body with a bullwhip guiding me around like this.



After having stepped around a couple of times, I am allowed to stop. I am quite exhausted already.  I am taken of the Chariot and ordered to get down on my knees resting my arms onto a small brick wall. Then suddenly I get surprised by an overwhelming shock throughout my body. When I hear the splashing I can place it and realise I have been showered with a bucket of steaming hot water over my back and buttocks. Ofcourse my nettled skin reacts very strongly to this causing added pain. Enjoyable hard deep and hot pain.



And suddenly I feel a sharp pain on my dick and balls too as Master Johan slashed His bullwhip hard right between my opened legs. After some more hits, I have to turn on my knees arms up high. Also my front gets showered with the steaming hot water now.


This means the end of the session. I got rubbed dry harshly with a harsh towel  and put inside.

It is time for the Masters to enjoy a little break now. The Masters take place at the bar and enjoy a nice cold glass of Champagne. I get tied up on my knees at the auction pole on stage. Master Walt allows me some water to drink.

I can hear the Masters joyfully laughing and enjoying while I just wait there on my knees waiting for the next Master to come up and enjoy my slavebody some more. And it doesn’t take long.

Master Johan shows up with His electric fly swatter again. I got stung all over my body, enjoyably shaking my slavebody in front of the pleased relaxing Masters at the bar. Also Master Walt and Master Commando get off Their barstool and come and enjoy some painplay with Their toy.

Then I am put up against the pole, still restraint. I get a little desperate as I see Master Johan approaching once more with the dreaded ‘spider’. Without any remorse the vicious small clamps get clamped extremely painfull on my slavebody once more. The Masters enjoy my struggling and helpless resisting against it.



Master Johan enjoys tugging at the chain and making my body arch away from the pole in pain. Master Johan goes and sits in a comfortable relaxing couch next to me and continues the enjoyable conversation with His Colleagues while He got control over His suffering paintoy and while keeping painfull strain onto my body.

I am quite relieved when the Masters finally intend to stop Their enjoyable break, but it is only to get me upstairs for some more painfull play with my slavebody.

Master Walt and Master Commando make me lay down on the torture bench again. I get clamped once more with the steel alligator clips on my nipples. Master Commando enjoys His painbitch writhing in luscious pain and decides to punish me off for that by whipping my erected slavecock and balls too.



As if this wasn’t enough Master Walt puts an electroplug in my slavehole too.



But also that wasn’t even enough. Now the pair of extremely hard steel electro alligator clamps are put on my nipples also. I scream out in pain, and especially when electroshockcurrent is passed through them. I try to adjust to the pain, slowly but steadily, but each time I get somewhat used to it the current is set higher.



I get paintrained real good and long like this. Gasping for air in pain. And in lust.

Master Walt and Master Commando just continue. A chain of clothes pins is attached to my body and mercilessly ripped off a couple of times too.



Finally to play seems to come to an end at last. The Masters painfully take off all the clamps. And to my enjoyment I get treated on a nice body massage by Master Walt.



I am still so painhorny and hope to get some forced jerking off and put into a relieving orgasm, but that doesn’t seem to happen. Master Commando leaves the room. And Master Walt finally stops the massage and makes me stand up against the torture bench with my legs wide open. Master Walt takes out His big erect Masterdick and comes into me forcefully, painfully and hard, totally relieved.

I am left like this heaving on top of the torture bench. After a small while I get slapped on my buttocks. ‘The training is over, boi. You can start to tidy up and get yourself clothed to go home now…’


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