Get an insight into real sessions. Today with BJTriplex and Slave David.

sadOsam: Hi BJTriplex. You’re presenting us today some snapshots of a session with David. Why do you like to use this boy? What are in your eyes his best qualities?

BJTriplex: Hi there, thanks for having me here again. I’ve known this boy for quite a while and actually had played with him once last year. We had been trying to arrange another session since then, but due to living in different cities we just had the chance to play another session last week. In my eyes his best quality is submissiveness. He is willing to please his master all the time. Having head shaved, being tied up and beaten, he’s just very submissive and know how to satisfy his master.

sadOsam: What was for you the aim of this session? And what have you done during the time the boy was with you?

BJTriplex: I don’t think I have any specific “aim” for any single session I’ve played. When I play for a session, I just want to make sure both sides enjoy it as much as we can. And this time I tied up the boy in different positions using different bondage techniques, blindfolded and gagged him, shaved him from inches-long hair to buzz cut, and then later totally shaved him down to zero, had him sucked me dick, tried deep throat couple of times, and then eventually fucked him.

sadOsam: Hi David. On the pictures you look great. Hope you have enjoyed your Session with BJTriplex. If you look back, what was the best part of the session and what are the emotions you have, if you think back to the session?

Slave David: Oh, hey dude. I just woke up and saw the messages. I’m surprised. Okay, not much talking. Because Sir doesn’t want to hear too much non-sense talking from me or else he will just gag me.  🙁

The best part of session is me being tied up through Sir’s excellent bondage skills and the perfect sex afterwards.  The whole session has been a comfortable and exciting experience for me.

sadOsam: Why do you like to serve and to be used by BJTriplex?

Slave David: I’m a salve for Sir Bjtriplex because of his charming personality. Sir is a good man, who is caring, handsome, kind–hearted, and funny, with beautiful hands and magnetic voice. Yes, you have no idea what an amazing voice Sir has. And I have to say, I love Sir’s dick. God, that cock is huge and tastes excellent. I really enjoying giving my Sir blow jobs, and deep throat is even better. But I don’t like spanking that much. As a matter of fact, I don’t have feeling in spanking at all. But my Sir loves it, and I love spanking too. I want him to be happy and I want to make him feel good.  I was impressed by him,and he makes me comfortable and happy. I think I will keep the relationship for the longest time, be a good boy salve for Sir Bjtriplex. Okay okay, time is up, I should be tied up, gotta go. Wish you have a good day, and see you next time.

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