Get an insight into fetish photographer Matt Spike’s photo sessions with porn actor Yoshi Kawasaki.

MasterMarc: Hi Matt. You have had several shootings with Yoshi Kawasaki. Can you tell us, why do you like to work with him? What makes him interesting for a fetish photographer?

Matt Spike: Working with Yoshi is enjoyable because it is very easy and he not only is full of his own ideas but is also completely open to my ideas. We seem to have developed a collaborative approach where our ideas merge easily and he’s a true professional.

MasterMarc: Which is your favourite photo you have taken of Yoshi and can you tell us why?

Matt Spike: “Casual Pissing” is my favourite image. It does not try to be too dramatic or impressive but simply shows Yoshi urinating in a nonchalant way whilst also being sexy at the same time.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, how you organize such a shooting, how you find such hot venues and how has a model to be, so that you’re happy with the result of your work?

Matt Spike: Because I’m based in the centre of London I know lots of grungy alleyways and also have a rooftop of my own making working with graffiti covered walls and urban skies very easy. To get the best results a model needs to be relaxed, open to unusual or exhibitionistic ideas and with a sense of fun.

MasterMarc: Hi Yoshi. I know you love to do photoshootings with Matt. Can you tell us, why you like to work with him?

Yoshi Kawasaki: Matt is very fun to work with. He looks like a scally punk but actually is a really nice and funny guy. And also I am simply a fan of his work. His not only erotic, but artistic photos intrigue me very much. I first met Matt at the photoshoot for Fetish Week London 2015, that time there were so many people that we did not get a chance to get to know each other but we started talking via Twitter and did a first photoshoot when I visited London again.

The biggest reason why I love working with Matt is that I can make my sleaziest fantasies come true. Who does not desire to see your naughtiest dreams in actual images!? Exhibition, Watersports, Spit, Choking. For me, every photoshooot with him is another opportunity to turn my wet dreams into reality. lol I cannot to wait to see him again in London!!

MasterMarc: Can you tell us which is your favourit pic you’ve made with Matt and please explain why?

Yoshi Kawasaki: My favourite picture was completely accidental, as he probably would like to call “Beautiful mistake”. For the second photoshoot, we went on a back street of Soho then did a photoshoot on the street. It was a very quiet street in spite the fact that we were in the middle of London. People were still walking past us, though lol. I had this idea of me as a stray dog so we were just pausing and playing with rubbish on the street, dirty old chair. My legs started hurting from all the pausing so I was about to stand up leaning on the chair, that moment he told me to stop.

You can contact Matt Spike on his Homepage.

Get more information about Yoshi Kawasaki on Twitter.

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