The Shackler gives us an insight into his “work” with cute, young boys in his dungeon.


MasterMarc: Hi Shackler. Thank you that you’ve invited us to get an insight into your playroom and your work with boys. Before we start to talk about action I want to know what a good boy and slave is? How has the boy to be, so that you like to work with him?


Shackler: Before I ever meet with a boy we have a fairly detailed discussion via texting. I’m clear about my expectations and I expect the boy to be clear about limits or concerns so those can be addressed prior to the scene. A boy should always be punctual and respectful of my time. He should address me as “Sir.” He should arrive clean (showered), look taken-care-of, hair trimmed and be prepared for whatever activities we have discussed.


In the playroom I prefer passive boys—eager to follow instructions—allowing me to control how the scene unfolds—trusting me to take them of this journey. I take the boy’s preferences into consideration and then create a scene that works for both of us. I’m not there strictly to service them, but nothing turns me on more than bringing pleasure to the boy. I like an open mind—a willingness to try things they hadn’t considered. And a trusting nature. Trust is the most valuable gift a boy can give me and I take that very seriously. If a boy is willing to give me his trust I would never violate that.

Physically I’m typically drawn to trim or toned boys in their early twenties, but that’s not set in stone. I’ve had a lot of fun through the years with a variety of types.


MasterMarc: Nice to hear how important is trust for you too. But do you work also with beginners? I am asking because you have told us, that they should be clear about their limits and that is a point which is for a beginner very difficult.


Shackler: Absolutely. And that’s an excellent point. The limits I discuss with beginners would be things like making sure they’re okay with blindfolds or fucking. Things they understand. They may have never heard of sounding, for example, so I would never assume that was okay without express permission after discussing it specifically.

Some subs are seeking just bondage. But sex—anal or oral—is an important aspect of what I seek. So I make sure we’re on the same page prior to meeting. If they just want gear and a hand job then we’re not a good match.


My tastes don’t lie in administering pain or humiliation unless that’s a specific request from the sub. So little of what I do would be considered “objectionable” to a beginner who’s familiar with my work. My tumblr (theShackler) and Recon profile (Shackler) give a pretty clear idea of what they can expect and I make sure they review them while negotiating a meeting.


Shackler: My husband and I have been together over 30 years. Our relationship has been “open” for the last ten. My husband identifies as “leather” while I identify as “kinky.” We each have our own boys who fit into our family differently.

My husband has two collared boys who follow the leather protocol. They are formal relationships which adhere to established rules and defined roles. They compete nationally in leather competitions and are respected and well known in the leather community.


I, on the other hand, have a more casual relationship with my primary collared boy. I serve as mentor and friend. He is a student at the university but spends weekends at our home. Our relationship has been going on close to two years.

I have tried a “slave” relationship in the past with a different sub and it didn’t really work for me as such. It was a surprising amount of work to fill the role of master 24/7. It’s just not my nature. I prefer a more relaxed relationship outside the playroom. This former slave remains one of our boys however, and continues to be an important member of our family three years later.


In addition to family members we have several regulars. Boys with whom we have great chemistry and a strong bond. Boys who may transition to collared boys at some future point. In addition to the sex, which is definitely important, these boys also have a sense of inclusion. They have a safe place to explore their kinks but also feel part of something larger. We had five boys around the breakfast table this morning. The laughter, story-telling and genuine appreciation of each individual is what I value most about our family. We’re a very affectionate and nurturing group.

So to answer your question, no, I’m not trying to mold my boys into something I’ve defined. Rather I help guide them on their own kink journey and try to keep them safe and realize their potential.


MasterMarc: We can see many different kind of action on your pics. What do you love most to do with your boys and do you have still fantasies you haven’t realized yet? Can you tell us a little about it?

Shackler: I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to do so many things with so many beautiful and willing boys. My favorite experiences have been less about activities and more about connections. When a new boy shows up and I can see he is hard as I answer the door, that is a huge turn on. I feed off his sexual energy. His excitement is palpable and I feel my heart race as I guide him up to the playroom. Knowing that he belongs to me for the next few hours. That he will do what I ask without question as the scene unfolds. That I will offer him new experiences and a deeper understanding of himself. That what had once only been his fantasy will soon be his reality and I’ll always be a part of that memory for him.

MasterMarc: Thank you Shackler, it was great having you here with us and we are happy, that you have invited us to visit your playroom soon.


If I had to choose a single favorite activity, it would definitely be fucking a blindfolded and bound boy. I can think of nothing that makes him yours more. He’s unable to move, unable to see. He has truly given himself to you. His whole focus, his whole being, his reason to exist at that moment in time is to receive you. To accommodate you being inside him, of filling him. It’s a connection that can’t be compared. And I feel that it’s a bond that lingers forever.

The one fantasy I have that I have yet to realize would involve a more spontaneous encounter. Like fucking a boy I just met in a public restroom. A glance that turns into a surrender. Nothing planned or sought, just a random opportunity. Him bent over the sink—my belt tightly holding his wrists behind his back—his tee shirt pulled up covering his face—a sock stuffed in his mouth. Taking him. Simple.


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