An interview with SoccerBondage about his fetishes.

sadOsam: Hi sadOsam. You are running for a long time your own homepage It seems that your passion for bondage and sports wear is an important part of your life. Why is the combination of bondage and sports wear such a turn on for you?

Markus: Hi MasterMarc. In my youth I’ve early recognized that I like the feeling of speedos, lycra. To touch it and to wear them. And the second thing which I’ve discovered in my puberty was that being bound or only the imagination of it makes me very horny. But it took many years to find out that I am not alone. My first Bondage-Session with sportswear was me as a sub wearing a soccer kit, it was together with a second sub who loved wearing soccer kits. It was really exciting. But a few month later I met the other sub alone and it was me who bound him. And I found out that that was much more exciting. When you’ve got a nice guy in shiny sportswear bound in front of you, it’s such a nice sight. And it’s like heaven for me to touch a nice butt in shiny shorts, spandex or lycra. Lycra is my favorite material, it’s so tight and smooth. That’s the reason why I’ve got so many cycling suits. Most of the suits the guys are wearing on my pictures are my own. As well the soccer kits. It has no appeal for me to bound someone who’s naked.

sadOsam: Why is it for you more interesting to have the boy in lycra than naked? What is the special turn on for you of a boy still wearing tight cloths if you compare it with a bounded naked boy?

Markus: It looks simply better than naked. Not only tight cloths are turning me on. Also a nice short with a nice bubble butt inside is exciting. It’s difficult to explain a fetish. It just makes me horny and I am very happy that I am not alone with my passion. It makes a nice body even nicer.

OK I won’t decline a well trained guy with a sixpack, but he should wear at least a speedo ;-).

sadOsam: Isn’t a sexual use of bounded boys for you part of the game? I  just ask because it seems difficult to fuck a bounded guy in a lycra suit.

Markus: We shouldn’t talk only about guys in lycra suits. My fetish is not only lycra suits. When you check my pictures you’ll find soccer kits, rubbersuits and other gear as well.

But back to your question. Fucking is not part of my game. But i like to play with there cock and ass. Plugs, Dildos and E-Stim are also nice things. And to get access to the important things of a guy you only need a zipper;-). I’ve got a few cycling suits where i added a zipper. But also if there’s no zipper you can make him horny and cum with breathcontrol and a magic wand. It looks very nice when the suit becomes wet ;-). So there are enough possibilities to have fun without being naked . But I don’t like Master-Slave things or sexual use of a guy.

sadOsam: So the common sexual action isn’t a turn-on for you. So how would you discribe your way of domination? And what are the feelings you have by doing it?

Markus: That’s right. I just enjoy to play with the guy. Make him horny, make him cum. I dominante a guy by keep him fixed and give him the feeling that I decide what we will do next. Will i give him more current to his cock or ass or will I reduce his breathing air? And I decide when he cums and of course if he cums :-). But there are also moments when I kiss or cuddle him. By the way I like kissing very very much :-D.  Usually I play more or less 2h with a guy. And at the end the guy will jerk off.

sadOsam: Hehe, yes the tender part is also important in such games. And what’s about you? Do you cum too or do you get your satisfaction just by playing with the boy, by dominating him?

Markus: To cum is not my personal goal of a session. It’s a little bit  complicated with me maybe. The horny part of a session is to stay on the edge. After I cum it’s all over for me, my mood is gone. And i want to prevent this, maybe the guy likes to play a second time after a small break;-) But it’s not totally excluded that I also cum. Depends also on the guy I play with but it’s really rare.

sadOsam: Can you tell us a little about your fascination for bondage? Why do you love it and what kind of techniques do you use?

Markus: I started my bondage carreer as a sub and one of the first guys I met showed me how to bound somebody and which ropes are nice. I still prefer cotton, it’s very soft and comfortable for the skin. I am not a friend of complicate knots, it must be simple, safe and secure. Bondage is my way to make somebody immoveable. Sure I could also take a straightjacket or segufix, but it doesn’t look and feel so nice like ropes. You are very flexible with ropes and you can be very creative. The limit is only the flexibility of the Sub 🙂 . I have not so many experiences in suspension, i would like to learn more about it. I still collect experiences as a sub. For me it’s important knowing also the other part. To know what you feel if your bound and of course where ropes could hurt.

sadOsam: If you know both sides than you know also the emotions you like of both sides. Could you describe them? And can you tell us, why you have become more top than sub now?

Markus: I act totally different when I am submissive. I do all the sexual things then you asked me for in one of your first questions. But i do it only 2-3 times in a year. So not very often. I like the top-role more because I like to decide about what will happen. And don’t forget it’s easier to find someone nice for playing. There are much more subs than tops on the “market”. 😉

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like and can you tell us about your hottest experiences you’ve had? 

Markus: I like younger guys around 30 +\-5 years. But it’s not printed in stone. I played also with younger and older as well. Generally I prefer normal guys, not too slim and not too fat. Of course athletic guys are very fine but not really necessary. They must share one of my fetishes. Guys are also interesting for me if they are from other countries. I’ve got more and more international guests in my playroom. If they like kissing it’s a big advance, too.

My hottest experiences? Oh there are a lot of :-D. Generally it’s hot for me if something unexpected happens. Last year a guy visited me I already played with a few times before. His wish was rubber and start it with cuddling and kissing. No ropes, no restraints at the beginning. After 30-40 minutes he started suddenly with bounding me on the bed and played with me like I did with him the sessions before. He did it really well :-).

A few years ago i met a guy who was into dirty-talk. Usually I don’t do such things but I  wanted to meet him because he was a nice guy with a very nice body and he also wanted to try things I prefer. And it was really fascinating for me how he reacts and how he changed into an other world. It was a really amazing weekend for us both.

2014 I met a guy from Moscow at Folsom Europe in Berlin. We had first contact on Recon and met in his Hotel room for a Session. It was his first real Bondage Session and he really enjoyed it. He’s been happy like a child at christmas. These are moments for me I always like to remember. When somebody discovers and explores new things for his fetish life.

sadOsam: Do you have some kinky phantasies you haven’t tried till now and can you tell us about them?

Markus: IOh No, I think at this point I am a lucky guy. I don’t have so much kinky phantasies and those I’ve got I’ve already realized.

But there are some things I’ve never tried which I want to try. For example sounding. I want to test it and I already know someone in my area who practice it. And we will do it in near future as a countermove I’ve promised to bound him. He’s normally a Top.

For more about soccerbondage visit his Tumblr-Blog or Webpage.


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