1990 | 175 cm | 58 kg
Edinburgh (UK)

I remember the first time he put me over his knee and being so excited and turned on by it, especially when he started to go really hard and it really started to hurt.

Some like it hard. One of these guys, a nice Scotish boy, is here with me now. Hi Mark, can you remember when you have realised that pain can be something nice for the first time? What kind of situation was it and can you tell us, what kind of sensations you’ve got in this situation?

Mark: Hi Sir, I think I found certain pain enjoyable from quite an early age. There were kids in my school who would always twist your nipples or give wedgies when they got the chance and I’d often bait them into doing stuff to me. There was also a few older kids my friends and I would play football with at the weekends who would occasionally spank us if we beat them at a game, which unfortunately was hardly ever and I just couldn’t get enough.

I guess I never really knew why I enjoyed it so much at the time. Later on when I started to think about sex, I always knew I was into kinky stuff and would always look out for those sort of videos when looking through porn. Spanking scenes where always top of my list of things I wanted to see and I’d constantly fantasise about being spanked myself. Once I’d found recon, I was only really looking to be tied up a bit and spanked. There wasn’t really much else I was interested in trying at the time. Eventually I found my Master and I got to experience what it was like to be properly spanked. I remember the first time he put me over his knee and being so excited and turned on by it, especially when he started to go really hard and it really started to hurt. It was very easy for me to fully give myself up and accept the pain he gave me as we had a connection and trusted each other right from the start. I loved how much he enjoyed it too.

It is funny, if I think back I’ve had my first spanking experiences with 7 or 8 years. I was playing with my best friend I’ve had often and we have had a rule, that the looser gets spanked with a cane. You can imagine, how much I’ve lost. NEVER. I was the guy who has set the rules of the game we have been playing. 🙂 Can you explain us, what exactly makes pain enjoyable for you? I think there are different phases like feeling the pain, realizing that it is awkward, accepting it, surrending to it and last but not least finding your pleasure in it. Can you explain us a little about the phases you see and the sensations you have during it?

That’s sounds like a game I would loose at everytime! The enjoyment of pain is almost always different for me. It totally depends on the situation and the person. If I get spanked infront of other people and start to feel humiliated by it and then the pain is forcing a reaction from me, it’s the humiliation and the pain together that I enjoy.

The more pain = the more I react = the more humiliating = the more pleasure

Sometimes I simply enjoy the challenge of taking as much pain as the dom is willing to dish out or just enjoying the pleasure the dom is having from spanking, flogging or whipping me. To describe my absolute favourite scenario though is when Master and I are having a proper impact scene. When I can fully let go and submit to whatever he is going to do. When he is warming me up, I love the softness of the blows and the anticipation. His voice is always really soft but firm. Then when it starts to get more intense it becomes more of a challenge and I have to focus on how I’m breathing. Usually by then I can hear the pleasure in his voice as he encourages me to take more. Then when he starts to go really hard and the pain gets really intense, it feels like I’m melting inside until eventually I start to cry. I can never help it and can only describe the feeling as a sort of climax. Once I’ve started to cry, all my muscles relax and I just enjoy it so much more. There’s only a few people I know that can take me to that sort of headspace though.

For me, the connection is THE most important

I know what you’re talking about and I love to see my boys in tears. They are soooooooo sweeeeeeet in these moments. 🙂 How important is the connection to the top in such pain sessions? And what kind of connection has it to be?

For me, the connection is THE most important thing I would say. That and a basic knowledge of where and where not to hit. It’s never the pain alone that makes me cry, it’s the feeling of being completely helpless and having trust in the dom to keep me safe. The crying doesn’t ever come from distress. It’s not a sign that something bad has happened. It’s the complete opposite. When I cry, I’m showing the dom that I’ve completely given myself upto them. It’s not something I can force or fake, it only happens when the connection is there. I’ve been in sessions where I’ve been put through tremendous pain and not cried because I just haven’t felt completely safe.

Sometimes it’s not as simple though to just build trust with someone you’ve just met like at a play party. I wouldn’t really know what advice to give for that kind of situation as I’ve met and had really good fun with people I’d only met for 5 minutes. On the other hand, I’ve been in some pretty bad situations where I’ve misjudged people. I guess all you can do is trust your gut but for me if I have any doubts at all about the dom, I just don’t do impact play with them

Would you be up for a hard pain session with a master you don’t know just because your master has decided that you have to serve the other guy this way?

I would yeah. It’s happened before. My Master knows me inside and out and knows exactly what I can take. He only has me play with people be knows I’ll enjoy too.

Good boy. But than i have to ask you another question. You have told us, that your master knows what you’ll enjoy. Is it important that you always enjoy it?

My Master and I don’t have that sort of dynamic where he would make me do things I don’t want to do. In the beginning of our relationship, we had a more serious Master/slave relationship in which I’d do anything he told me to do without question. As time went on, I was finding that being a full time slave just wasn’t for me. Shortly after I’d moved in with Master and his partner (rubberyell) who I had also started to develop a relationship with, we started to form a more equal polyamerous relationship between the three of us. Although I don’t consider myself a slave anymore, Master and I will always have a subtle Master/slave relationship. Whenever I do things for him it’s because I want to rather than feeling like a have to. So if he ever wanted me to play with one of friends, it would be because he thinks I’ll enjoy it too. I see myself as more of switch now. I’m not dominant in anyway buy I really enjoy being a kinky top sometimes however I still prefer to be more suby most of the time.

I’m naturally submissive when it comes to sex

There is always a development in life. That is normal. But it seems that your submissive side ist still more dominant. How has your love for spanking developed?

Absolutely, I’m naturally submissive when it comes to sex. Only certain people bring out the top side in me.

My love for spanking has developed through meeting new people and being introduced to new scenarios. When I was younger and first started to seek it out, it was simply the idea of the humiliation that I found enticing. Even just the act of laying over someone’s knee I found so exciting! The pain itself was something I just never considered. The first few times Master put me over his knee where so exciting and such a turn on but I always craved more from it. I found it was the pain that I was really seeking. The first time I was made to cry from spanking was at a party we went to in London. I was strapped to a bench and Master went at me with his hand. He started off hitting quite soft and slowly went harder and harder until he was spanking me as hard as he could. Eventually I could feel myself welling up until the tears started to run down my face. It was such a blissfull moment when I realised I was actually crying and was still craving more. From then on, we started to do more flogging and whipping as well as spanking. I didn’t think I was keen on it at the start but I quickly began to enjoy it. I’ve really grown to love the anticipation and feeling of being whipped and flogged and find it incredibly exciting when I’m made to cry from it. A spanking over the knee will always be my favourite though.

Why has it had a humiliating aspect to get spanked? Can you explain taht a little more and why you’ve enjoyed this kind of humiliation?

I’m not really sure how to explain it. Especially because humiliation isn’t really a kink for me. There’s just something about being put over a knee and spanked with a bare hand that I find really enjoyably humiliating. It’s definitely the most intimate form of cp for me. Which is probably why I prefer doing this with Master than anyone else. Being tied to a cross or whatever and spanked, flogged or whipped is sexy and exciting but if you’re over a knee or in a similar position then the dom has full control. The sub doesn’t just have to make noises to show where they’re at, the dom can feel the riggeling and hear the slight wimpers he may not be able to see or hear if the sub is standing a few feet away. Although I say humiliation isn’t really a kink of mine, there are some times when I’m made to feel humiliated and find it a turn on and being spanked over a knee is definitely one of those times

You say that you love to get spanked with the bare hand. Belive me that can become painfull for the master if you do a hard and long spanking. 🙂 Can you tell us, what other kind of spanking you have experiences with and how the sensations change?

The Paddle

Yeah Master Aquila has ended up with a blood blister on his hand on more than one occasion from long spanking sessions with his bare hand. Because of this, we bought a paddle which I absolutely adore! I find it brings the same level of intimacy to an over the knee spanking, as a bare hand does. The paddle is definitly one of my favourites to be warmed up with, it can cover such a large area with such a satisfying slap which can easily be made to be rather pleasant to very stingy. Depending on the type of paddle of course. I don’t really enjoy the wooden kind as they can knock the breath out of me sometime with the weight they carry. I guess for me, they would be the ideal punishment.

The Floggers

Floggers would definitly be my next favourite. I just find it really easy to get into the flow and relax when being flogged. I love all kinds of them from the sharp and stingy to the heavy kind that can knock you of balance. Some time ago, I was at a dungeon party and was being flogged by a Master there. He had been using two fairly small floggers on me at the same time and had been going for quite a while so my shoulders were starting to stink a lot. I was focusing on breathing and was in a really good headspace when all of a sudden I felt the weight of two heavy floggers hit all over my shoulders and back which pressed me against the cross I was cuffed to. The thing I really enjoyed about this was the mixed sensations of lots of sharp stings along with a heavy impact that could push you around.

The Whip

Whipping is also a big favourite of mine however it really depends on how week the Master/Dom can use it. The shorter kind are always fun though and can be very painful and hard to take a lot of… for me anyway. A short whip that’s hitting me in lots of different places will guarantee a good show for Master. I’ve been lucky enough to be whipped from a bullwhip by a master who really know how to use it. He was so accurate with were he was placing the blows and the stinging was so intense. I could feel he was really in control, it’s something I’m desperate to try again!

The Cane

My least favourite thing to be spanked with is a cane. I hate everything about them. I hate how the welts they leave, give you a numb but still very painful feeling. I love the challenge of them though and always try to push myself to take more and more. Especially when I know the dom is loving my reactions. It’s certainly not something I can stand still for. Master has a riding crop (called Edward) that he sometimes uses on me which is just as a bad as a cane I think. There is almost no give to it what so ever so I get a solid but very stingy whack from it whenever Master decides to use it on me.

It seems that the cane is the right tool to punish you, as you love the others too much. 🙂 Btw. what was your hardest experience in impact play and can you tell us, why you’ve liked it or not?

I had such conflicting feelings of being totally helpless and upset by this horrible toy but yet so happy and turned on by the way Master was enjoying tormenting me.

It’s difficult to thing of a time that stands out more than others. There was a time when Master and I were doing impact play at home that I found particularly difficult. He had me standing naked with my hands tied to a chin up bar and had been warming me up with his hand, a small floggers and the crop. My back and ass where hurting but no more than usual and I was starting to get into a really good headspace. The reason for us playing this time was to try out a flogger I had made for Master. It was the first thing I’d made and was quite a simple design. Just a rolling pin I’d sawn in half with a few leather straps nailed to it. I’d also wrapped it all in tape to give the straps more support and to make it look a bit nicer. The straps were so thin and light, I didn’t think they would have any impact at all so I cut the ends of them into points. Turns out I was wrong. The flogger had a reasonable amount of impact with the amount of straps I’d nailed down but because they are so light, it’s impossible to be totally accurate with where they all land. They spread out and give a scratching sensation over such a large area. I really didn’t like this feeling and was becoming unbearable as Master started to hit me harder. I couldn’t keep my composure and was really wriggling around. I really wasn’t enjoying the feeling of being hit by this but I could hear how happy it was making Master to see my struggle so much. I had such conflicting feelings of being totally helpless and upset by this horrible toy but yet so happy and turned on by the way Master was enjoying tormenting me. It got a little easier to handle once I’d started to cry but behind the gag, I wasn’t just sobbing but properly crying. I felt amazing to be forced to fully let go like that. Once Master finished he took my gag off, and just stood there with his arms wrapped round me while i trembled and continued to cry. Then he uncuffled me from the bar and when I turned round I could see the absolute joy in his eyes. This was one the best experiences I’ve ever had!


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