MasterMarc: Hi Nerd. Today we will talk a little about your need and desire of being spanked and flogged. Can you tell us, for how long do you have this desire and when you have started to live it?

boynerd-spanking-1610-014Boy Nerd: Hello Master Marc! Most certainly, I’m quite excited to talk to you about this, it’s something I very much love and would love to share. Admittedly, I’m not sure how long I’ve had this desire. In theory I lived with spankings since I was a young child, as it was a favourite form of punishment of my parents, along with time outs and groundings. But I’ve never had a desire or liking to it as a child. It wasn’t until I began exploring BDSM and Kink when I realized how much I loved impact play, spankings in particular. So I suppose I’ve had this desire for the past 2 or 3 years, give or take!

MasterMarc: You’re talking in your first answer about an interesting point. That often people who have been spanked as punishment in their childhood, and normaly they hated it, start to love it in a bdsm context. Can you tell us how different the feelings between spanking in your childhood and spankings you got from a master nowadays are?

The most immediate difference I can think of is the emotion and energy between being spanked when I was a child and spanked currently as an adult. When I was a young, it was a severe form of punishment, and the one delivering it to me was a parent who was feeling either angry, frustrated, annoyed, or some other negative emotion. But now, whenever I’m spanked by another adult, there’s an element of lust and desire, along with the emotions of love and passion. That’s not to say that my parents didn’t love me, it’s just that in the moments they were spanking me, they certainly weren’t feeling much love. There’s also the difference between how I feel when I’m about to have a spanking. When I was a child, I’d feel fear, dread, sadness, etc. And while I may feel that to some degree as an adult, I also feel anticipation, excitement, and love as well.


MasterMarc: Can you describe the feelings you have, when you get spanked? What is turning you on?

Boy Nerd: Oh gosh… The word that immediately comes to mind is euphoria. I may feel pain and whatnot, but I’ll always feel at least a small surge of happiness and bliss. Even though I’ll feel a little dread while waiting for the impact, the impact of the hand or instrument itself just feels amazing. In some instances, I can’t help but raise my ass up for more! I’m not sure what exactly is turning me on, it’s hard to say. Perhaps it’s the eroticism of the setting in general, or the fact that the man I love is delivering such delicious pain. Or maybe it’s the simplicity of it all, that this simple act communicates so much emotion between the two of us.

MasterMarc: Could you tell us about the different spanking tools and their impact you feel?

Boy Nerd: Certainly! Granted I haven’t had an insane amount of experience, but I’ll talk about what I can!

The first tool one should become acquainted with is the hand. Often seen as the most basic of the tools, this one is best when done over the knee and is a good way to introduce someone to the spanking scene. What’s nice about this one is that the pain isn’t nearly as bad as the cane or paddle, and is a good way to ease a sub into the spanking scene.

Another one that isn’t so painful, and is an easily found implement, is the bottom of a shoe. This one is nifty and easy to keep around inconspicuously, and is a good instrument to use if no other gear is accessible. Depending on the brand and the material of the sole, the pain can range from mild to fairly painful, and one should use caution in deciding which shoe to try. I personally love using vans, as there can be a lovely stinging sensation, the soles aren’t too hard, and it can leave a lovely pattern on my ass!

The paddle is a classic tool, and often what one thinks of when they imagine spanking. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, and depending on those three factors, can be either mild or quite painful. This is a tool I suggest building up to, and once level of familiarity and comfort is reached exploring the different varieties of paddles.

The final one that I’ve experienced in spanking is the cane. Unlike the others, the pain is immediate, powerful, and quite stinging. Out of all the spanking implements I’ve experienced, this one caused the most pain and all within the first few strikes. Something to keep in mind as well is that while the others leave splotches or a reddening of the ass, this one will leave welts and dark marks if done frequently. Canes also have a higher chance of breaking the skin, so to all Doms new to it/interested in adding it to their repertoire, I suggest training and practicing under the guidance of a Dom who is experienced and has a positive history of caning subs. The again, one should receive training for all of the implements mentioned above from an experienced Dom! I know there are more, but these are the only ones I’ve truly had experiences with.


MasterMarc: Pain seems to be more than just a tool to discipline you. Do you have also other pain related sexual preferences and can you tell us, what their turn-on is?

Boy Nerd: CBT was one of the first things I was taught when I began my journey, the Alpha I was with was super into it and trained me on handling weights and whatnot. Lately I’ve been getting back into it, but in reality it’s more of an on-off thing. I’ve also dabbled with electro before, nothing too extreme of course, but it’s something I’m looking to get more into. Oh and recently I’ve been getting more into clips and whatnot. Those little plastic tools of torture hurt a lot, and I’m usually at the point of crying by the time they’re taken off, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a rush every time I experience them.


MasterMarc: How important is pain to get the satisfaction you’re looking for?

Boy Nerd: I guess it depends on the pain. The stinging pain I’m not as much of a fan of, but I do really enjoy the more thud like pain and find more satisfaction in that. But at the end of the day, pain is simply icing on the cake. I find satisfaction more in the connection and emotion I share with whomever I’m submitting to in that moment. Sure there’s a certain rush of being spanked, caned, or paddled, especially after a Dom goes to town on my body. But the action of being held by him, and hearing the sweet little words “Good boy,” from his lips… That’s the best part of any session.

MasterMarc: That’s right. There are many important points in real SM. Two of them are that everything has to be consensual and it is the motivation of the top, why he is doing it, which is the big difference between real sm and physical abuse. A good master is doing it because he really likes his slaves and because he knows, that the boy realy needs and wants this kind of treatment. It was a pleasure to talk to you and I’m sure we will continue our talk in the future. And now present your ass, boy, it’s time for a hard spanking! 🙂


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