Sox_Cer (Pup Hector)

1983 | 188 cm | 80 kg

Bayern (GER)

Sox_Cer’s Instagram

Guten Tag dear readers, today I greet the sexy and sporty soxdog Hector/Sox_Cer here. You got, as it’s relatively easy to see, a flair for sox and soprtswear. And as our last weeks interviewee, you also seem to be pulled to the known brands. How come? Did that just develop as you grew up with them?

For me it all started with a certain attraction to socks, that I even noticed before I was gay. I can still remember that the socks of my school buddies fascinated me in 4th class. Generally the sports lessons (and with that also sporty clothing) alwayswas more than just physical training for me xD

… I loved (and still do) the changing room! Why it’s gotta be brands, I honestly can’t even explain properly. Maybe it’s because my parents never bought me brand clothes and I always desired some? Btw. Not every brand suits every guy, how I find… 😉

And how was that with sox/sneax themselves? When did you notice that those fascinate you, and when/how, that it’s got a sexual component?

After I discovered so for myself as a sex object, sneax naturally kinda came quite quickly as an extension to that. Somehow that just beongs together after all. It was already back in school my desire to smell them and lick sneakers – I never was brave enough to do it back then, the fear of getting caught was just too great. Therefore I initially just had my fantasy when jacking off.

The older I got and the more access to the internet I had, I was able to, in anonymity, search and find playmates to live out that fetish with. My first sexual experiences based upon that you just met for “sniffing”. Therefore sox and sneakers were always part of my sexuality!

Only quite late the desire to lick naked feet came added to that btw.

You seem to have quite a lot of football kits. Does that come a bit from the german football pride that you see every time again at championships? 😉

Subconsciously we germans get influenced from small age with football as national sport. In other countries it’s american football, rugby, basketball or baseball The group dynamic in these sports, which brings the boys and men together as team, does have some (sexual) allure. Same outfits, close contact, group showers and team solidarity do have a certain attraction – at least for me XD

Whether that comes from championships , I personally don’t think so- although the occasional non-football fan may get confronted more with it than he probably would like 🙂

Is there a diffference for you in the attraction of a sexy guy just nacked and someone in sportswear? And what would you check out or watch out for with such a guy in gear?

Definitely! Clothes makes people- or in this case me” horny” ! When a guy for example in business suit stands before me, it doesn’t phase me (just not my fetish). Would the same guy be naked, I mostly would find that just boring and like to fantasize about him in a hot outfit. Would he again stand before me in a football trikot (best cae with stirrup socks and shorts) I would most likely start slobbering over him ;))

When I check out guys, I mostly start from down and go up. A hot outfit lets a guy feel more attractive. My friends often find that funny and like to point that out when I look after someone in the street! XD

How does pet play fit in the whole thing for you? Does it combine well with your fetish interests? And howdid you stumble upon that?

Pet play, sespecially that whole puppy movement, was quite disconcerting for me at the beginning. Only last year I started to actually started to take a closer look at it, after the topic started to interest me more. and more. In the holidays we ( my owner, friends and me) met a very lovely puppy, that showed us a few things. Afterwards my owner gave me my name and we were able to start… at the CSD in Cologne where I was allowed to go out for the first time 🙂 I was so excited

The puppy outfit is absolutely individual, therefore it is wonderfully compatible with other fetishes. Very recetnyl Sk8terboy brough out puppy soxks on the market – which Hector btw was allowed to model for ! 😉 and dogs and sniffing always got together well.

What other interests do you actually have? Tell us a bit about them.

As you can see from my instagram profile, my interests are very various: rubber, leather, motorcycle combos, sportsgear (especially football), sox & sneaker, army… I just love to play in gear! As I am a 90% bottom, I want to be dominated! Bondage and SM belong to that. And as every fetish has its own allure, I can’t even say what I like best. But I can be pretty piggy I believe 😉

Important for me is that a the game and the playmates are authentic. If someone wants to press himself into something only to please me that doesn’t make sense for me.

What would be a really hot fetish scenario.? What would that have to contain for you and would you wish for?

I always talk about a scene that I also want to share with you. For that we go to one of my favorite places again: The changing room of a football team. 4-5 players in the same outfit ( or also competing team outfit) that have fun with each other. Actually quite simple but again still quite difficult to realize. But who knows, maybe someone will contact me once who also wants that… ;P


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