A kinky story written by Pete Brown.
Chapter 28 of 30 –> here you find the other chapters of the story
Illustration by Theo Blaze

I’m not sure Jake totally bought in to my idea, but after half an hour or so of sometimes heated discussion he had to admit he couldn’t see any real flaws in the plan – except for initial finance. Where would we get the money from to ‘condition’ the new slaves, where would we do it, how would we advertise them, and stuff like that.

“I’m going to ask Ray and Stu – or Stu, anyway. They’ve got loads of money, and they can bankroll us.”

“Why would they want to do that? Stu’s something really respectable in the city, really high-up, and you’re suggesting he finances what amounts to a slave trade.”


“So it’s hardly ethical, is it?”

“No, Jake. But neither is it ethical for them to have young free guys leaping around all but naked, wearing fetish stuff like that ring outfit. So they’re going to want to finance my new idea for much the same reason…” Jake looked puzzled. “…because it’s adventurous, it’s daring, it’s kind of fun – cocking a snook at society. That’s why they do all the stuff with young free guys – there’s no law against it, but most of their professional colleagues would frown on it: indeed, if they were doing it with slaves, they would see nothing wrong at all. So similarly there’s nothing illegal in financing slaving, but it’s not ‘done’ in the best circles-none of dad’s clients ever did anything like that – as far as we know. So that’s why they’ll want to do it – for the excitement.”

“I’m not so sure….”

“And I have the clincher, too!” Jake looked puzzled again. “I’ll offer them a share in the company, or a job, or whatever you’d like to call it: every weekend they can come to our ‘processing camp’ and they can road test the current guys going through the system. Don’t you think Ray and Stu would want to do that? Fresh, young, fit ‘free’ guys who have to perform for them, have to strip, have to do sex in a way they’ve never formerly done it? I reckon I ought to be able to get them to pay a lot of money for the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of something like this!

Jake still wasn’t sure, but at that moment Reb and Karl came in and headed for the shower. When they’d finished I was surprised to see Karl dressing in jeans and a shirt (borrowed from Jake) and telling Reb to put on outdoor stuff too. Karl informed me – didn’t ask me – that he was taking Reb out for a drink.

“And where did you get the money?” I demanded.

“We were going past a house on the way back here where they were moving furniture in and it was getting late and the house owner was complaining to the overseer that the slaves would never get it finished before it started to rain. So we offered to help, and the overseer gave us a few new bucks. So now we’re going to spend it.”

“One of them’s mine, then.”

“What the fuck are you going on about, fag?”

“Reb helped. Reb’s my slave. Reb got ‘paid’. So the money he earned is mine. So hand it over.”

Karl looked rebellious, but Jake said quietly “Steve’s right, Karl. You could have offered to do the work, but you shouldn’t have involved Reb. But you did, and as you got paid for his efforts, you owe Steve now.”

“It was OK, honestly…”, Reb added. “I didn’t mind. Jake and I work well together…”

I didn’t like Reb joining in my conversation without permission, but, on the other hand, I was pleased to hear him talking about Karl and him ‘together’ which must add to Karl’s feeling of being a bit like a slave.

Very grudgingly Karl handed over half the cash, then I took half of that and handed it to Reb. “You don’t deserve this as there’s no way that a slave should expect to be paid, but as you’re going out and I’m a generous owner, here’s some cash for you. Be sure not to have more than a couple of beers though, as I want you really fit for work tomorrow as usual.”

Reb’s eyes lit up and a smile spread across his face. “Thanks, Steve – Ill be able to hold my end up if we go to that place that serves free men and slaves – I hate being in a bar and being unable to buy a round.”

Jake was going to work at Ray and Stu’s then, and he hadn’t bothered to change and was still in his S & D uniform. I said it would be a good opportunity for me to go through the business plan I’d been working on with Stu, and said I’d wait whilst he changed, but Jake just shrugged. “I always shower when I get there as they like me to be squeaky clean in my ‘costume’, so let’s not waste time”, so we set off together, with me again reminding Reb that he was not to drink too much.

Only Stu was in when we got to ‘The Towers’ and he agreed to look through my business plan. Jake went to change, but Stu stopped him. “You know how much Ray likes to see the contrast between you as a free man and you playing the slave, so let’s wait for him to get back from the city.”

Stu studied my stuff for quite a long time as I sat there expectantly, waiting to answer any questions he had. I’d determined that if he approved I’d ask him to ‘invest’ in my idea by giving me a loan rather than having to go to a bank, so I was quite keyed up. Finally he looked at me. “It’s a lot like before, Steve. I can see that you’re making money. But let’s analyse that: First, there’s the rental for Greg which is pure profit as we’re glad to have Greg ‘taken care of’. I imagine that there must be other pony owners – not a lot, but some – who would similarly be pleased to let you look after the condition of their animals. Secondly, you’re making money from the rental for Russ – not as much as you’re making from Greg of course, as you have to take into account the capital cost of him. Admittedly that’s not huge, as you found an animal in poor condition and ‘brought him on’, and I suppose there must be other animals like that, if you can locate them. Thirdly there’s the income from Reb, and again that needs to be considered in relation to capital cost, and once again you managed to acquire him at a relatively low price. And fourthly there’s the income from this Karl, where you say there’s no capital cost as he’s a free man and you need only pay him a pittance as he’s glad of any kind of work.”

He paused and went on “The only flaw in your plans is the basic one of being able to find sufficient slaves in very poor condition so that you could keep acquisition costs to a minimum. If you had another ‘Reb’ but you’d had to pay market rates for him as he was already in good condition, then you’d be making almost no money at all as, unsurprisingly, other people requiring work done would do the calculations too and would judge it worthwhile to buy a slave for themselves if your rental price was too high, so your profit margins are always going to be limited on that type of business”

“Ah, but that’s where we’re going to be different – all the ex-marines and other ex-military who cost nothing to acquire and who we’ll pay very little to…”

“…but then you’ll have to own them, feed them…”

“But that’s the beauty of the plan: effectively we’re going to treat them like slaves. They’ll do slaves’ work, be housed in barracks – they’re used to the communal life already – fed ‘bulk’ food…”

“And that’s exactly the problem with your plan, Steve, I’m sorry to say.” Stu looked gravely at me. “Ray and I know that there are relatively few free men who will be prepared to act like slaves, and then it’s mostly for ‘play’, like Jake here, and we have to pay them a lot.

You’ll never find a lot of ex-military to do it for real.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Stu. I have got Karl doing exactly that. He’s glad to have somewhere to live, to be fed, and to get some money – just enough for a few ‘luxuries’ like beer. You’ve got to remember that he’s used to leading a very sheltered life, one where everything was found for him and he didn’t have to do much except obey orders, and I’m providing that same environment for him. I feel certain we can find lots of others like him.”

“As I said, In looking at the business plan, as any banker would do, this seems to be the potential flaw. I’m still not sure that ex-military will agree to be treated almost like slaves…”

“But they won’t actually BE slaves – there’s the difference. If they do nothing, they’ll end up as real slaves. Under my plan they’re still ‘free’.”

“Well I’m not sure….”

“So what would it take to convince you, Stu?”

“I’d want to see someone like this Karl actually performing like a slave, I suppose.”

I turned to Jake. “Tell Stu about what’s already happened to Karl…”

“Well it’s a lot like Steve says. He wears the same ‘uniform’ to work as Steve’s real slave, Reb. He had to have his pubes trimmed and all that sort of stuff as the uniform’s so skimpy. He works alongside Reb and works just as hard. And when he misbehaved, Steve punished him – caned him, in fact – just as he did Reb.”

“You say ‘a lot like’…” Stu was leaning forward now, keenly interested. “So what doesn’t he do?”

Jake looked puzzled for a few moments. “It’s hard to say. I suppose he’s mostly accepted that he’s working for Steve. But kind of ‘deep down’ he hasn’t fully accepted it.”

“And how would you know it, if he had?”

Jake grinned. “Well I suppose there are two ways – firstly, he’s not branded as Steve’s property, although it’s fair to say he has accepted wearing a collar so that’s mostly OK. But the other thing for a slave…. Well, no way is he ever going to do that.”

Stu nodded. “So Steve hasn’t taken his cherry?”

Jake shook his head. “And I don’t think he ever will be ‘allowed’ to do so, either. After all, unlike Reb, he can’t be tied up or held down, and raped.”

Stu looked at me. “Well there you have it, Steve. I guess I’d feel a lot happier about your plan if there was definitive proof, like that, that these ex-military would go so far down the slavery route that they’d give up their virgin asses! I’d even consider lending you money to start a medium-scaled trial myself, rather than giving all the profit to the banks.”

“Let’s just get this right, Stu…. If I can show you that Karl has taken my dick, submitted to me like that, then you’ll lend me the money to start the business properly? I’ll need a lot of it – I want to start with at least twenty guys as we need to advertise, get ‘known’, and on a smaller scale it won’t work as well or someone else will see it and they’ll step in to the market….”

Stu laughed. “Whoa, Steve! Not so fast. You’re already on twenty and you haven’t yet done one.”

He was right, of course. I couldn’t see any way that Karl was going to let me fuck him.

Nothing venture, nothing gain, though as the old saying goes. “But if I can prove that I’ve done the one, then I can have the money?”

Stu stuck out his hand. “Deal! And I’m looking forwards to seeing you in action – you know Ray and I have a fondness for young guys and you are quite a turn-on. Watching you fuck a hunky ex-soldier will be worth whatever price we have to pay.”

I was about to protest that I’d agreed nothing about fucking in front of an audience – I’d been hoping that they might simply ‘ask’ Karl or something, when one of the house slaves came in and stood politely by the side of Stu, holding a communicator. Stu took it and started speaking, then, as the call went on, he became more and more agitated and finally threw the thing into the corner, in a rage. The slave of course went off to retrieve it.

“I don’t think you’ll be wanted tonight, Jake. And we’re going to have to stop this business discussion, Steve. Something’s come up!”

“Not a problem, I hope?”, Jake asked.

“Yes, actually. That was one of Ray’s so-called buddies at the office. They’ve just ‘poured’ him onto the train. They say he’s very drunk, and they’re worried he won’t get off… So I’ll have to go down to the station… The last time this happened there was almost a scandal….”

“Can we help?”

“I don’t think so, Jake. Ray will be very drunk, and when he’s drunk, it’s for a reason. And I think I know why…. There was supposed to be a partners’ meeting at his firm today, and he

was expecting to be made a partner. As he’s drunk, I imagine he wasn’t as their prejudice came out again. So I hope there’s no real trouble at the station when I get him off the train as there was last time – some other passenger called me a fag when he saw me helping Ray, and Ray broke away and almost punched the guy…”

“Well that’s easy then”, Jake told him. “Steve and me will go to the station, and we’ll get him off the train. And I’m experienced in handling drunks – well I’m experienced in handling reluctant slaves, and it’s mostly the same skills….”

We needed to get a move on then as it seemed Ray was on the express, and so Jake and I hurried down to the lobby and then across the street to the station. “Where… Which carriage?” Jake wondered, but I knew the answer to that one as I’d seen Ray a few times getting out of the executive car, just as dad had done.

As soon as the train halted we went on board and it was just as well we did as Ray was indeed asleep. But when we woke him he was slow to react, and so Jake needed to haul him to his feet and then we half dragged him towards the doors just as the conductor started to shout “All Aboard…”. We hauled him onto the platform just in time, but Ray became abusive then, causing a huge commotion. He clearly didn’t recognise where we were, or even who we were and began to struggle and shout. And as drunks do, the struggle soon became violent. Jake knew what he was doing, though and ‘restrained’ Ray just as he might do a slave – he was after all fit and strong and had training in physical restraint.

One of the passengers was taking shots of us on his communicator and it suddenly occurred to me that this was not a good thing, so as Jake hauled Ray down the platform I ‘accidentally’ bumped into the guy, then ‘accidentally’ trod on his communicator as it fell to the ground. He and I then had a stand-up shouting row which had the beneficial effect, I suppose, of diverting attention from Ray and Jake. The guy was demanding money from me, and I screamed back at him that if he’d been watching where he as going instead of trying to take pictures, we’d never have collided, and that he was lucky that I wasn’t going to sue him as I could feel bruising on my shoulder where I’d run into him…. And eventually, when I’d seen Ray and Jake leave the station, I simply ran off, knowing the guy had no chance of catching up with an athlete like me.

Once back up in the penthouse Ray seemed to have calmed down a lot. He was sitting there on one of the couches holding his head in his hands as Stu tried to comfort him. He’d gone from being a violent drunk to being a sad, maudlin one very quickly. After a few minutes Stu called the house slaves and they helped Ray out of the room – Stu looked so sad as he told us that this had happened before, and that Ray would be OK as the slaves would undress him, help him to shower, and then put him to bed.

I told Stu that at least there wouldn’t be any further embarrassment and related how I’d smashed the communicator taking pictures. Then asked “Is there anything else we can do?”

Stu looked so sad. “No, Steve. You can’t change the world.”

“What happened?”

“You know Ray’s the senior litigator at his firm? Makes them tons and tons of money in fees. Manages the whole department. By rights he ought to be a partner, and he was expecting to be made one today – we even made sure there was enough spare capital available so he could ‘buy’ his partnership, as you do. Then their prejudice showed – subtle, but there all the same…. And they made another litigator a partner instead, someone who works – worked – for Ray!”

“But it’s illegal to discriminate…”

“Of course it is, and they’re not so stupid as to say he was not made partner because of our relationship. No, I guess even if we subpoenaed the minutes of the meeting all we’d find was something like ‘the meeting decided to elect X a partner having considered Y and Z’, That’s how they do it, the bastards…”

“But if Ray is so good, why doesn’t he start up on his own? There’s enough money to fund it, surely?”

“Of course, Steve. Ray doesn‘t work for money any longer anyway – he enjoys the work, the challenge. But it’s not that simple: people go to big firms like the one Ray works for as they need a whole range of stuff – advice on HR matters, patents, deeds and trusts, commercial contracts…. Only rarely does some of this then bubble up into serious litigation, when Ray takes over. After all, you look on your law firm in the corporate world to prevent you from having to go to court.”

“But he could have a small office, deal with individuals… Criminals, people like that…”

“Steve, he’s a senior corporate litigator. Matters of corporate law and corporate practice. He needs to be involved from a relatively early stage if something looks as if it’s going to go wrong and end up in court, so he needs to work in a major corporate firm, and they’re all prejudiced, the bastards, so it wouldn’t help if he moved elsewhere…”

“But why can’t he start his own ‘corporate’ practice? You cold afford it…”

“Sure. But Ray’s not interested, and it’s not his speciality. He likes litigation, being on his feet in the courtroom. All the other stuff bores him and he wouldn’t want to deal with all the clients, handle all the administration, recruit and manage all the staff….”

“My dad could do that…. He was a partner, managing partner, even….”

“But you can’t have a slave running a major law firm, Steve! Think of the scandal…”

I couldn’t see any answer to that immediately, so Jake and I said goodnight. But as we were getting in to the elevator, Stu pushed a big sheaf of notes at me.

“No, it’s not necessary…”

“You did us a huge favour, Steve, you and Jake. There would have been a scandal if photos had appeared…”

“We only did what any friends would do…”

Stu looked at me. “Yes, I suppose so. Now I’m doing what a friend would do – I know you two guys have it difficult with money, and it doesn’t matter to us… So I’m doing what a friend would do, too. Take this, and tomorrow you and Jake go and do something fun together.”

We went back to Jake’s apartment and the only fun thing I wanted to do together was to fuck Jake. As soon as we got in through the door I grabbed Jake and started to kiss him passionately. He tried to push me away at first, but I persisted and gradually we made our way into the bedroom and started to undress each other. I pushed Jake back onto the bed then knelt between his knees so I could start to kiss and nibble at his dick and tease his balls, and as Jake responded I lay along him, kissing him and moving my body gently backwards and forwards over his so that our erect dicks, trapped between our bellies, were excited.

We keep a bottle of lube in the bedside cabinet and I reached for this and went to start to lube Jake’s hole. Suddenly, though, the atmosphere changed and he pushed me off him. “What’s the matter…?”

“I don’t want to be fucked, Steve.”

“You never do these days! You said it was because you didn’t want Karl to hear you crying out, you were embarrassed to be doing it with your brother in the next room. But he’s not here, he’s out with Reb….”

“He’s still ‘around’, Steve…”

This was stupid. There was only one way to get Jake to overcome his stupid worries, so I began to kiss him again and to try to get my slicked finger into his hole once more. He got angry, though, and sat up and snapped “NO, I told you!”

“I thought we were meant to be lovers… There’s not much of that going on!”

“Steve, please…. Look.. I do want you, I love having you in bed… I love the way we kiss and play with each other, the way we jerk off, all the other stuff we do….”

“But not fucking?”

“No, Steve.”

“Look, that’s ridiculous. I’ll do all the stuff you like, then I’ll fuck you…”

“No, I said.”

“Jake, what about me? It’s OK for you to say you want to do this, and that, but not the other! So what about me? I’m a young guy, and I like fucking! It’s not fair of you to not let me go all the way.”

“That’s ridiculous! You’re making out that it’s me that’s at fault, whereas it’s you… Steve can’t get what he wants, so Steve blames the world.”

“Don’t be so fucking stupid, Jake! It’s not as if I’m taking your cherry or anything It’s not as if we haven’t done it before. There’s no harm being done to you or anything. You’re just denying me what a guy like me needs….”

“I’m not denying you sex! The stuff we do together is fantastic…”

“Sure, Jake. It’s fantastic as far as it goes. But it doesn’t go far enough for me – I want to fuck you, have your body under me as I fuck you, fuck you hard, so that we sweat and shout and cry with passion…. I want to feel your ass gripping my dick, I want to feel my body slapping into your butt as I fuck you hard, I want….”

At that moment Jake’s communicator chimed, and, as you do, I stopped. Jake rolled over to pick it up and answered it. I was really pissed off that he’d interrupted this serious conversation as I’d now have to start all over again. But then he said “Yes, he’s here”, and handed it to me.

It was the small downtown police station telling me that ‘my slaves, Reb and Karl’ had been taken there following a brawl in a bar. The cops proposed to hold them and to prepare them for a full judicial whipping the following day, ands that I should be there at ten if I wished to witness it and make arrangements to transport the slaves away afterwards, otherwise they would be delivered to me – at my expense – by the official contractors later that day as they would of course be unable to walk.

I put the communicator away and simply sat there. My erection had gone right down and I no longer thought about sex. Jake lay there looking puzzled, and when I told him what had been said. “Fuck me, Steve! That’s bad – a full judicial whipping! Reb will take weeks to recover, and his back will be scarred for life.”

“…and Karl, too.”

“No. I need to get down there straight away – Karl’s not a slave, and we can’t allow them to whip him.” As he spoke, Jake was pulling his clothes on, and I decided to do the same and go with him to see if there was anything we could do to stop them destroying the value of Reb.

It wasn’t far to the small cop place just off the centre – I guess it was there to hold shoplifters and other minor offenders. There seemed to be only a couple of cops in evidence in the small office at the front. “I’m here to see about my brother….”, Jake started.

“Shut the fuck up!”, I whispered at him. “They think Karl’s a slave. There might be some advantage….” I faced the two cops and said quietly “Forgive my friend – he’s a bit over excited… Your call came at an ‘interesting‘ moment for us, and he hasn’t got things ‘straight’ if you see what I mean…. I’m Steve Masters, and you said you had my two slaves here?”

“Yes, sir. Have you come to inspect them to make sure of their condition before the whipping? We do advise owners to do that as we don’t want any allegations afterwards that the whipping caused more damage than they are designed to – so if slaves have been fighting, as yours have, it’s better for you to see and damage and agree to it beforehand to avoid subsequent unpleasantness….”

“Quite so, officer, thank you. Can we see them now?”

The cops nodded, and took us through a door at the back of the office, and then immediately through another one – a double door. ‘It’s a bit awkward, but it stops the noise’, they said. And I could see what they meant – in the little lobby we could hear sounds of shouting and swearing, which became a cacophony once the second door was opened.

Inside there were two standard ‘holding cells’ or cages, I suppose you might call them. In one there was Reb, sitting on the floor with his back to the wall and his head between his knees, and Karl, who was gripping the bars and screaming and raging and swearing away.

The other cage held four guys – tough-looking men in their late twenties or early thirties, I’d guess – and they too started to shout and swear as we came in.

One cop picked up a hose pipe and waved it around. “We usually use this to wash down the holding cells, but if you lot don’t shut the fuck up, we’ll use it now. And I warn you, it’s very cold. And guys who have been here before and who have had to spend the rest of the night in sopping wet clothes did not find it at all pleasant….”

The noise died down, and the cop explained “We segregate slaves and free men, of course. So here are your two…”

“…and the other four, officer?”

“They are free men – poor sods! Well, free for now, at least. We arrested them at the same time as your slaves as it seems all six were playing cards and some argument broke out, and as happens when guys have had too much to drink, it got serious and they pretty much trashed the bar.” He paused and went on “The odd thing is, one of your slaves keeps insisting we put him in with the free men – stupid fucker! I suppose he thinks he might avoid the judicial whipping, but we’re wise to the tricks slaves try.”

“What do you mean ‘free for now’, officer?”

“They’re being held for public affray, and there’s no doubt they’re guilty – we have the security tapes from the bar. So as soon as they’re in Court tomorrow they’ll be found guilty, and so of course they’ll be enslaved. It’s the automatic punishment under the town’s bye-laws: we like a nice peaceful town and we make sure that drunks are deterred from causing trouble here.”

I nodded. And the officer continued “It’s sad really – we did some checks and it seems they were all in the army together and were ‘let go’ about a week ago. They’ve been spending all their discharge money on whores and booze, and now it’s all gone. So I suppose the best thing for them is slavery now – it would happen sooner or later anyway, I guess”.

This was really interesting – they must be some of the guys being displaced by the new slave army Karl had told us about. I began to wonder if there was some way we could turn this situation to our advantage. But the officer was speaking again “But your slaves, sir… There’s something a bit odd… As you can see, the one back there accepts it: he seems a nice enough guy and he’s clearly a slave as you can see his brand and he accepts that as a slave he’s going to be whipped to within an inch of his life. But the other one, the one who wants

to join the free men…. There are penalties for masquerading as a slave, and for those who are complicit, you know, sir.”

I didn’t much like the way he emphasised the ‘sir’ at the end of that, as if he knew there was something suspicious about Karl, and I began to wish that I hadn’t admitted to them both being my slaves. But a bit of bluff can carry you a long way, can’t it? So I replied “Yes, officer – he’s a sad case. He’s only been enslaved recently – very recently – and he still doesn’t quite accept it.” I had a flash of inspiration then as I added “As you can see, I haven’t had time to have him properly collared – that temporary chain is around his neck until he slave suppliers’ blacksmith starts work again next week…”

I walked over to the bars before he could say anything else and keeping my voice low and urgent said to Karl “Shut the fuck up about being free, and play the part of a slave.”

“Listen, fag boy, I’m a free man. And I’m going to be treated like one….”

“Karl, that’s OK by me. But let me point out that those free men over there are going to be enslaved tomorrow – permanently, that is – as they’re guilty of causing an affray. You were part of it, so if you go and join them now, you’ll be a permanent slave by tomorrow night. And I guess Jake and I might buy you, but its by no means certain as a fit guy your age will fetch a lot of money…. But it’s your choice – play the slave and remain free, or be a free man and get enslaved. Frankly, I’m so fed up of your shit that I don’t care which you do… But I guess Jake would probably prefer that his brother was a free man… But it’s your choice.”

“You’re bullshitting me…”

Jake came up then and added “Will you stop being so bone-headed as you always are, for once? I heard what the officer told Steve. Now, just behave and play the part of Steve’s slave, will you?”

Karl nodded, as if the truth had struck home.

“Who’s the other man with you, sir?” The officer now asked.

“He’s my slave handler. As you can see he mostly works for Scabbard & Drass – he’s only part time for me – but he’s got his cuffs, prod, tawse…. Is there any possibility you can release my slaves, officer? My handler is only part time, but now he’s on duty for me, I can guarantee that there won’t be more trouble…”

“I need to verify the slave’s status, sir. I can’t find his SIN in the database…”

“Oh that’s because I only bought him this afternoon. I expect S & D haven’t properly updated the records….”

“I’m not sure….”

I walked over to where Karl was still standing against the bars. “Strip!”, I commanded him.

He went to tell me to fuck off or something, but I glared at him and hissed “They doubt you’re a slave anyway. So don’t obey me, if you don’t want to get naked – then you will be a slave tomorrow, permanently!”

Slowly Karl pulled off his sweat shirt, then dropped his jeans. “All the way!”, I barked at him as he stood there in his underwear, and I held my breath as Karl at first did nothing, but then very slowly, turning his back on all of us as free men tend to do when they’re required to strip in front of other men, he lowered his boxers, then turned to face us, keeping his dick covered with his hands.

“Hands behind your head, slave!”, I shouted. “Didn’t they teach you anything at the dealer?”

Karl raised his hands and I looked at the officer. “See, trimmed pubes, shaved balls…. Only a slave would have that done. Us free guys like a bit of hair, don’t we….?”

“You’re right, sir”, he said. “Shall we give him a little whipping now, sort of a ‘warm up’ for tomorrow? He’s been lying to us….”

“I’d rather you help me with something else, officer…. As you can see, he’s a strong, potentially violent slave who hasn’t properly accepted his slavehood yet. There’s one thing a slave needs to know…. That his owner has total control, total usage, of his body…”

“You mean you haven’t fucked him yet, sir?” The officer replied, with a knowing smile.

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