A kinky story written by Pete Brown.
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Illustration by Theo Blaze

I walked over to the bars again. “Now, Karl, here’s the deal. I need to prove you’re a slave unless you want to be seen as a free man and be enslaved tomorrow. And as you’ve not got a SIN or a brand, the only convincing proof is if I fuck you – I’ve explained that you’re new to slavery, and that I haven’t yet taken your cherry. So it’s cherry picking time, now.”

Karl glared at me. “No way!”

“OK, but take the consequences. Jake said you were bone-headed, and I can see he was right. I’m offering you a way to keep your freedom, and all you’re worrying about is my dick up your ass. But have it your way then…”

I saw a look of total despair in his face, then he gave a little nod of acceptance, and resignation. I walked back to the cops. “He’s a real problem, as I said. But my handler will help, so if there’s somewhere we can go….”

The cop looked at his buddy and they both smiled. “Oh no, sir. I think we need to see it – we need proof that the slave is a slave, and without the SIN, even though he’s collared and clipped…”

I recognised what they wanted – a bit of entertainment to while away the boring night shift. And here they had, they thought, a rich college boy like me who was going to give them a bit of an exhibition. I had choices – I could do it, or not. And it wasn’t a difficult decision to make: If I did it I’d be one more step on towards getting Karl to behave properly, and I’d avoid any possible unpleasantness with the cops causing problems as I’d claimed that Reb and Karl were my slaves: I don’t know what the penalty for lying to the cops is, but I could believe it would be harsh. So my mind was made up, and once you’ve decided to act, you need to be decisive, I think.

I pointed out that it was hardly a gentlemanly thing to do to have to fuck a slave on the floor, and the cops went and carried in a low table – actually I think it was more of a whipping frame or fucking bench, as there was provision for fastening wrists and ankles to the bottom of the legs. I then told Karl to lie there on his back, and called Reb over. “Jerk him off, then lube him up”, I commanded.

Reb seemed to be aware of some of the stuff going on but he smelled strongly of beer and seemed a little unsure. So I took the tawse from Jake and slashed at his butt a couple of times to make him see sense – as you probably know, the tawse stings and hurts at the time, but there’s no lasting damage or marks.. “Do as I fucking well tell you”, I shouted. “Jack the new slave off, and lube his hole!” And I added in a quieter voice so only Reb could hear “Just do it – trust me… I’m trying to save Karl.”

The four guys in the other cage, the two cops, his brother and I then watched as Reb knelt there and began to stroke Karl’s dick, and soon there was a nice slick of cum on Karl’s belly. Slowly, very slowly, Reb rubbed his fingers in it and muttering “Sorry, buddy…” He began to slide at first one, then two and finally three fingers in Karl’s hole. Finally he stood there, hands by his side, looking at me.

“Right, slave! Roll over on your belly. Spread your legs….” I told Karl. I really did wonder if Karl was going to obey, but he did. I had wanted to see the look on his face as my dick went up him, but it seemed safer now to take him like this as somehow there’s more ‘control’ I think when the guy’s lying there face down.

It’s not that I’m particularly body shy – I mean I was a keen jock in high school and I was used to being naked in the locker room – but being the only naked one with a lot of other guys looking at you is something different, isn’t it? Well, I wasn’t the only naked one, but somehow Karl didn’t count, as he was supposed to be a slave. And, anyway, I wasn’t going simply to be naked, I was going to have to fuck – and that’s certainly not something I’ve done in front of other guys before. So I was really nervous, and for a few moments I did seriously worry that I might not be able to get an erection.

I decided I wasn’t going to totally expose myself so I unzipped my jeans and got my dick out – at least one of my fears disappeared then as the moment it was free of its confines I was ramrod hard. The cops were looking vaguely disappointed, so I called out “I think it’s better for the slave to be naked and his owner clothed – it brings home the servility of his position, don’t you think? Especially as he feels my clothes rubbing against his bare skin.” I turned to face them so that they could see my dick properly and joked “…and as you can see I’ve got more than enough length so I don’t need my pubes scratching his ass to get him to really feel it.”

The cops seemed satisfied, so I went back towards Karl and gave him a couple of ‘encouraging’ slaps on his butt to start to establish my control over him. “Reach back and spread your butt for me!”, I told him, and Karl slowly obeyed, and I got the first sight of his virgin pucker in front of me, shining with his cum.

I moved forward and touched the tip of my dick to him – that special sensation as your dick makes contact with hot flesh shot through me, and Karl groaned. Then I tried to push in, but he was resisting me. Well, you know how it is – a guy can’t really stop a determined, hard dick forcing its way in, but the process isn’t necessarily all that pleasant: I had to grip my stiff dick so that only the head was really unsupported, then slap his butt several times, hard, to let him know I meant business. Then I really had to force and thrust to get my dick head those vital first few millimetres in past the outer sphincter. Karl was crying out now – in anger, or pain, or both: I didn’t know and cared less. But once he was breached I was so pissed off that I couldn’t be bothered to take it all that slowly and slid the length of my dick into him. I stood there, my hands gripping his hips, buried inside him, and admired the sheen of sweat on his back and the noise he was making as he understood that he was no longer a virgin. And then, as they say, I fucked him – fucked him hard, ramming my dick in and out with long, hard strokes.

It didn’t take all that long, of course – I was so keyed up with excitement that I knew I was going to cum. I pulled out so that my cum could shoot all along his bare back, then I plunged my dick back in to him, and this time it was me crying out, crying out with that pure ecstasy you get when a guy’s ass enfolds your dick again, a dick now so sensitive that you don’t really want to do it, but you do want to, and you’ve got that totally indescribable sensation from your dick that floods your brain and drives out everything else. I heard myself shout “Yes…..”, as I stood there panting, waiting for my dick to subside a little.

Jake was staring at me as I pulled out and stood there. Then I called to Reb to come and clean my dick as of course Karl had not been particularly clean… I thought that was a nice touch, to show the cops that I was used to having slaves. I didn’t make him use his mouth, though, but told him to take off his T and use that.

I looked at the cops. “Do either of you guys want to use him now?”

They looked at each other. “Yes, sir! But we’re on duty… And there’s a strict ‘no drinking, no fucking’ policy” one replied.

I didn’t want to miss an opportunity of driving home to Karl that his life had changed though, so I then said to Reb “Drop your shorts and fuck him, boy. These gentlemen need a proper display, and we’ll all enjoy seeing your muscular body at work….”

“Steve, please….”

“Is he calling you by name? Is he a really a slave?” One of the cops asked me as he heard this.

“Of course he’s a slave! Look at his brand! Do you think any free man would agree to that? But it’s the new fashion – at least with me and my buddies: if there’s a lot of us and a lot of our slaves together, having them call everyone ‘sir’ is too confusing. So we let them use our names, and it’s kind of exciting… I mean a slave has to obey his owner, but when you’ve got a naked hunk calling you by name and then doing as you say, it’s somehow much more exciting.”

I moved closer to Reb so only he could hear me. “Listen, you idiot – you need to do as I say, not only because you’re a slave, but because I’m trying to save Karl from being made one. Now fuck him! He’s nicely open and lubed…”

“Steve, I don’t fuck guys..”

“You mean you used not to fuck guys. But I don’t care, Reb. It’s not as if you are totally straight – I’ve seen you and Karl jerking off together. But if it makes it easier for you, close your eyes and pretend you’re fucking some bitch’s ass – I assume marines like you did sometimes use bitches like that? Anyway, if we are going to avoid trouble with these cops, get in and do it!”

Reb dropped his shorts and his dick sprang out. “Nice!”, one of the cops told me. “And I see you’ve had him ‘skinned… “

“No owner wants a slave to hide his dick head from him”, I replied, and the cop nodded in assent as this was so natural.

“Can we have a bit of variety?”, the cop continued. “Have your slave lie on his back and the other slave fuck him with his legs pushed right back to his head…. He can go in deeper and harder.”

He was right, of course, and I told Reb and Jake to reposition themselves. I thought they might not do it, but I was encouraged to see that although they did not exactly ‘spring to it’ and were rather reluctant, they did. Reb then picked up Karl’s ankles and almost gently pushed them apart and back towards Jake’s head. I couldn’t see whether he had his eyes open or not as his dick head advanced towards Karl’s hole as he shuffled forward, but it evidently didn’t matter as he seemed be pretty expert at guiding himself towards his goal. Then with a slow, deliberate movement, he pushed gently forward.

Karl groaned but didn’t give the same sort of shrill desperate cries that he’d made when I fucked him. And as Reb began to get into his stride and was fucking with long, deliberate strokes, both he and Karl started to gasp and moan in unison.

Reb didn’t pull out, and the only way we could tell that he was finished was when he suddenly threw his head back and shouted “Jesus! Yes….” before standing there for a few seconds with his spine curved backwards as if he wanted to get the last few millimetres of his dick into Karl. Then he bent forward, and kind of lay along Karl, their sweaty bodies pressed together. Interestingly, Karl’s legs, as Reb released them, curved around Reb and crossed at the ankles as if he was trying to hold Reb inside him.

The cops (and Jake) were standing there rubbing their crotches as if desperate for relief. “Impressive, isn’t he?” I asked them.

“Pretty fantastic. Beats watching porn movies” one of them answered. He looked at me and said “Will you come back to witness the whipping tomorrow, or shall we arrange to deliver the ‘bodies’ afterwards – they won’t be able to walk, of course.”

“Hey, guys, is this really necessary?”

“They caused an affray, and they need punishment, sir.”

“I know that. And I will keep them on slave chow and water for two weeks….”

“Sir, the law says that slaves are punished with the whip – it’s the judicial instrument that’s not available to owners as it is reserved for severe cases…”

“But this was only a barroom brawl. And judicial punishments only occur when there’s been a court case – as there hasn’t been – yet – for these two.” I looked at the two cops as if I was desperate and pleading. “Look, officers, these two slaves are not going to cause problems in the town again as I’m taking them with me to college. And I will punish them further. But if they have a judicial whipping their backs and butts will probably never recover – you’ve seen what a magnificent beast my slave Reb is, and you yourself admitted that it’s better than watching porn movies… Well, I want to be able to enjoy him without a lot of ugly scarring and stuff…”

The cops nodded. “Isn’t there some way of resolving this? If I go and pay the bar owner for any damage…”

“You could do that, sir”, one of the cops told me. “That would help….”

“And what else might help, officer?”

He looked sort of knowingly at me and I think I understood his hidden meaning.

“I’m of course very appreciative of the efforts our local police make to keep the town safe. Is it possible for me to make a donation to the police welfare fund?”

The cops nodded. “Will you need a receipt, so you can deduct it from your tax, sir?”

I now knew it was going to be OK. “Actually no, officer. I’m not a taxpayer yet as I’m about to go to college…. And I’d like to avoid any unnecessary paperwork… Can I not simply leave the donation with you?”

The cops looked at each other, and smiled. “You know, sir, there is always something to be said for avoiding unnecessary paperwork. And there’s a lot of it surrounding judicial whippings – it could occupy us for hours with form filling. Perhaps it might be best to avoid it, in the interests of efficiency, of course, if you agree to compensate the bar owner and punish these slaves yourself….” the older of the two replied.

So that was it, really. I handed over the sheaf of notes I’d got from Stu, and Reb and Karl were released into my care. Karl went to dress, but I stopped him.

“Have you got any slave shorts or anything lying around?”, I asked the cops. “This one is leaking cum and stuff from his ass, and I don’t want his jeans soiled…”

I could see Karl blushing furiously with embarrassment as I said this, and worse was to come when one of the cops went out and came back with a typical “slave shift” – you know the kind of thing – like a long, quite loose T that comes down to about mid thigh. “He can have this, sir.” The cop told me, and I handed it to Karl and told him to put it on.

We left the station then but once we were in the street Karl turned on me furiously. “Give me my fucking jeans! I can’t go through the streets like this, hanging all loose…”

“Listen, you stupid fucker: I’ve just saved you from enslavement, and both of you from a judicial whipping. I’m not pleased with the way you led Reb astray – he only had enough for a couple of beers, and yet it’s obvious he’s had several! Now, wise up – you’re going to have to carry on working as if you were a slave as you know there are no other jobs. So get used to it! Get used to dressing like a slave. You’re fucking lucky to have that shift on at all, as although it’s cold there’s no prohibition on slaves being naked in the town centre after eight. So quit whining – or shall we go back into the police station and I’ll tell them I’ve changed my mind and I want you whipped?”

Karl was defiant. “You can’t do that. I’ll tell them I’m a free man. That all that stuff in there was a story, a charade. Then you’d be deep in the shit, too.”

“Go on then. Do it. And see where it gets you.” I called his bluff, saying it calmly and deliberately. “Do you think they’re going to believe you? And, anyway, we’ve already demonstrated that you are a slave…. So all I have to do is ask them to gag you. Do you think I wouldn’t do that, Karl?”

He looked to his brother, almost desperately. “Stop them, Jake… Tell them…”

I could see that Jake was really torn, as he struggled to make up his mind. Finally he muttered “Listen, Karl, Steve’s right. Where the fuck do you think you’re going to get a

job? The stuff he’s putting together… At least you stay free. Now do as he says, and we’ll talk about it all later…”

“You want me to go through the streets naked?”

“No, Karl. Steve’s given you a slave shift. It’s perfectly respectable. And it’s only a few blocks anyway, and there aren’t a lot of people around….”

I listened, glad that Jake was supporting me, but vaguely annoyed that it wasn’t totally, wholehearted support – he was ‘bargaining’ with Karl, trying to be reasonable, instead of simply telling his brother to obey or take the consequences. Still, I was making progress, I suppose.

Back at the apartment Karl went into the shower immediately. Reb sat there holding his head in his hands, his elbows resting on his knees. And Jake fussed around, as if he was doing anything to avoid talking about things.

“What’s the matter with you?”, I barked at Reb. “Hangover setting in? It serves you right – I ordered you not to drink too much…”

“You made me fuck a guy! I’m not a fag…” he muttered.

“Shut the fuck up, Reb! I’m tired of hearing all this ‘fag’ stuff, first from Karl, and now from you. And anyway, from where I was watching, the word ‘made’ hardly seemed to apply – the moment you dropped your shorts your dick sprang up, ready. You didn’t have to tease it, or wank it – you were ready to fuck. And you looked pretty experienced at fucking ass – your dick knew where to go, what to do, didn’t it? And all that moaning and groaning as you fucked him – that didn’t sound to me like a guy who was being ‘forced’ – it sounded to me like a guy who was really enjoying himself. And when you shot your load – I’ve seen guys do that before, done it myself, that throwing your head back and making the final thrust… So what’s the difference between being a fag, and enjoying fucking a guy as if you were one, Reb?”

Reb just sat there, looking miserable. I could see I’d struck home. “So listen, Reb”, I went on. “This is your life, as my slave. You can do what you like sexually unless I order you to do something differently – like when I decide I want to use your ass again, for example. So you can be a fag or not, enjoy it or not, I don’t care. But you and Karl are going to be working together, and living together, I guess, so you’d better work something out – You seem to enjoy jerking off together, and I don’t care if that’s as far as it goes, or if you have proper sex together now…. Unless I decide I want to see a bit of an exhibition, of course.”

At that moment Jake came out of the shower. I was amused to see that as usual he was towelling his hair dry, but now instead of striding into the room as he always had before, totally naked, one of our towels loosely hanging around his waist to give him some feeling of modesty. Still, it did somehow emphasise his flat belly, and having him sort of ‘draped’ like that, rather like a Greek statue, made him look more erotic. I wondered if I should always have my slaves lightly dressed rather than being naked a lot of the time – there’s a lot to be said for it, after all, as you get the added excitement of being able to command them to strip. I noted it down as something I needed to think more about.

Karl was going to say something, so I decided to get in first. “OK, Karl, now listen up to the new rules. You’re going to work as if you’re a slave, work like Reb does. And there’s to be no more gambling and excessive drinking… Not that you’ll be able to afford it, anyway, for some time…”

“I’ll spend my wages on what I want…” he snapped back.

“Sure, after you’ve paid me back.”

“Paid you back for what?”

“For the bribe I just paid to avoid you getting your back and butt shredded with a judicial whipping!”

“I wouldn’t have been at risk of that if there wasn’t all that slave stuff – they can’t whip free men, as it’s a ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ and not allowed under the Constitution. Everyone knows that.”

“Yes, Karl. And ‘every one knows’ – everyone except you, that is, that the penalties for public disturbance and breaking up a bar is enslavement…. So wise up, you stupid fucker: I’ve saved you from enslavement, and then I saved you from a whipping. So in addition to the money, I think you owe me anyway, owe me big time!”

“Are you going to allow this?”, Karl shouted angrily at Jake. “I’m your brother….”

“A stupid, bone-headed brother! Steve’s right, and you know it. So you’d better learn to accept it. And I know it’s not very good having to work like a slave, but how do you think it is for me? I have to work at S & D doing a job I don’t particularly like, for not a lot of money, so my life’s not all that different. You’re going to have to learn to accept reality, big brother, and just hope that things change and there’s more work for free men in the future, and for the time being count your blessings: you’ve got somewhere to live, you’ve got me, Reb… And Steve… All looking out for you. So shut the fuck up!”

I think Karl would have gone on arguing but Reb had got up as we’d been ‘debating’ and now put an arm around Karl’s naked shoulder. “It’s not so bad, buddy”, he told Karl. “It’ll be a bit like being in a squad together. We’ll have to work really hard of course, but then thing of all the training, and the operations, we did: that was hard work, and kind of fun. And the food, and living together…. It’s the same, isn’t it?”

“What about the fucking?” Karl demanded.

“Oh come on! You and I both know that that wasn’t very frequent! When we were on operations we were mostly confined to base. And back home – well, how many times did you actually go out on a Saturday night whoring with the guys? I spent most of my time jerking off, all marines do, so what’s so different?” Reb was looking kind of conciliatory as he said this.

I pushed Jake gently towards the bedroom at that point, as I thought it best to let the two ex-marines work things out for themselves. Once we’d showered and were in bed, I was nuzzling Jake and starting to jerk him off, then, as he seemed to be quite receptive, I began to caress him and pull him tighter towards me. My hand strayed down his back and I was enjoying sliding my finger up and down his ass crack, and Jake didn’t seem to be objecting, so I carried on… Scratching gently at his pucker, and then hurriedly licking my finger before returning to push it gently into his hole.

The more I worked away at him, the more my hopes rose – Jake normally stopped me if I got too deeply into playing with his ass, as I’ve told you. But although it took a long time and an awful lot of foreplay, I eventually found myself poised above him looking down at him as he crossed his legs around my waist. I kept my eyes locked on his as I pushed my dick forward and met that initial resistance, then as I forced forward and Jake’s eyes started to screw up with tension and pain, I forced my head down and kissed him passionately. And it was easy after that – it took a long time, a very long time, actually, before I finally shot my load deep up inside him. The cynics amongst you will be thinking ‘of course it would’ as I’d fucked Karl earlier that evening. But you’re probably older guys, past your best – you need to remember that I was eighteen and at the height of my sexual power, and fucking three or four times a night, let alone two, wasn’t a problem. No, it took a long time as we took it so slowly, with so much variation in pace and with lots of passionate stroking and caressing and fondling and kissing interspersed.

Afterwards, once I’d washed my dick and cleaned up Karl’s ass and we were lying there together, face to face, as lovers do, I went to kiss Jake again but saw tears sliding down his cheeks – he wasn’t sobbing or anything, just crying totally silently.

“Hey, buddy…”, I whispered. “I know I’m good at this, but was I that good…?”

“It’s not that, Steve…”

“Are you worried that we’ve just fucked with Karl here, listening… You haven’t wanted to do it with him in the apartment….”

“No. Shut up, will you, and simply listen for once.”

I kissed him lightly, as if to give him permission to continue.

“You know Karl’s five years older than me, right? We had to share a bedroom of course as mom and dad weren’t well off. And I used to hear him jerking off, and learned what it was all about from the ‘net, and as I got a bit older I started doing it too of course, as all guys do – well, not until after I’d had an amazing ‘wet dream’ and Karl saw the sheets and laughed and laughed and said mom would know what I was doing… He made me feel so embarrassed, and somehow… Dirty.”

I sensed I wasn’t supposed to say anything, and Jake gave a deep sigh and went on “Then of course he started going out with his buddies and when he was sixteen he was always bragging about how he’d ‘scored’ – I reckon most of it was bragging, as almost all girls want to remain virgins, don’t they, these days? But one night he came back drunk – well, high, anyway – and he got into bed with me… And….”

Jake stopped, and I could feel his body heaving with emotion as he pressed against me. “…he made me suck his dick, Steve. And as you know, that’s OK – there’s nothing wrong with two guys sucking each other. But for a young guy, in the middle of the night, having his bigger, older brother forcing his dick down his throat… It was pretty scary. And of course he didn’t stop there – as I was struggling and sort of crying out every time he took his dick out of my throat, he rolled me over, pushed my face down into the pillow to stop the noise – I felt I was suffocating – and then he raped me.”

Jake’s breathing was coming in big gasps now, and I kissed him and stroked his back to calm him. Finally he continued “It’s no as if he knew what he was doing, either: he didn’t even attempt to stretch me or really lube my hole – it was totally agonising. I couldn’t tell mom and dad, of course. So it became sort of regular – Karl out with his buddies on a Saturday night, comes home with a few beers inside him, and fucks me. I suppose I was lucky – it was only once a week, as on school nights he just lay there and jerked off, unless he decided he was bored and it would be fun to have me suck his dick…”

Jake had stopped now. And I said quietly “The bastard. And him calling us ‘fags’ – it sounds as if he…”

“Don’t blame him too much Steve! It’s hard growing up poor, with not a lot of things to do in the evening… And when he went off to join the marines there was never any problem when he came home on leave – all he could do was brag to dad and me about how many bitches he and his buddies had fucked. So it was only for a couple of years, really…”

I lay there absolutely astonished. Fucking Karl, always sounding so self-righteous and sneering at me and Jake for being fags – and he was a rapist! “He needs to be punished….”, I started.

“No, Steve. The past is the past. I’ve never been able to forget it, of course, but I can forgive – you know what it’s like to be a horny young guy, and you at least are only fucking slaves, or me, and I like it! And I reckon there are a lot of guys like Karl who secretly want sex with other guys but are somehow ashamed because they worry about what other guys will think, so they have to do it in secret and can’t properly negotiate to get it. So I can forgive him, I suppose. But when Karl’s around I sometimes feel like a kid again and that’s why I can’t have proper sex. But seeing him tonight, with you, then Reb…”

“So you reckon he got what he deserves, eh?”

“No, Steve. He got what he needs, I think.”

We only kissed a bit more then before sleeping in each other’s arms, locked together, and in the morning although we were both rock hard, Jake pushed me away.

“I thought you were over the ‘not in front of my brother’ thing…”, I whispered.

“Listen, stud, I am. But I we had great sex last night, and I want to save myself up for really epic sex tonight. And I want you in peak condition, too – and none of this ‘I’m eighteen and I can do it four times a night’ – you are going to have to do it four times, at least, but all in one session, right here….”

He leapt out of bed then before I could try to persuade him otherwise, then pulled the covers off me so I was lying there naked with my dick waggling at the sky so I had to get up.

I know I’d told the cops I’d make Reb and Karl eat slave chow and drink only water for a couple of weeks, but I was in such a fantastic mood – especially as I could see a way forward – that I made sure Jake had a few spare bucks then told him he was going to buy us all breakfast at McD’s as I thought it would be good for team building. Reb and Karl were both surprisingly silent during the meal, and it seemed to be turning into more of a burden than the treat I had intended. “So what’s up with you two?”, I demanded. “This was meant to be a treat. By rights you should be munching an a bar of chow…”

The two of them still sat there silently. I glared at Reb, and finally he muttered “It’s OK.”

“No it isn’t! What the fuck’s the matter with you two? I suppose Karl’s mad at you for fucking him, but I ordered you to…”

Reb looked even more uncomfortable. Then Karl said “No, it’s not that. Reb doesn’t want to admit he enjoyed it! He’s angry not because I am pissed off at him for raping me, but because he enjoyed it, and because he sees how he wasted al his time in the corps, never joining in with his buddies…”

“And what about you, Karl? Did you enjoy it too? Jake told me about what you and he used to do…”

Karl flashed an angry glance at Jake. Who looked somehow ashamed, although why, I can’t imagine. This whole conversation was going nowhere I thought, so I gave up on it and let them sit there silently. I borrowed Jake’s communicator and called Stu to see if he was free that morning.

“Ray and I were going shopping downtown”, he told me. “I’ve told Greg to be ready to pull us. He’s got a new pair of tiny pony shorts in sky blue, to match his eyes, and a collar of fresh cornflowers and daisies has just arrived from the florist – we’ll make a splendid sight…

A real ‘fancy’. We want to show him off.”

“Can I have fifteen minutes first, please?”

“Sure – you can see how well Greg looks at the same time. But soon….”

So we left the restaurant, and walked briskly to ‘The Towers’. On the way I let Reb and Jake go ahead so I could have a few quiet words with Karl. “Now, listen – I want complete obedience from you this morning… You do exactly as I command at the meeting we’re going to.”

“I might”. He sounded kind of grudging. “It depends. After all, there are no cops around today to threaten me with….”

“It’s up to you, Karl. You are a free man. You’ve got free will. I can’t send you for a whipping if you disobey. But you need to remember that I’m a free man, too. I’m free to tell Reb how you were a child molester. Not a lot of guys like that, you know – being around a guy who’s in to fucking kids.. And a big, strong, ex-marine like Reb, I bet he hates the idea of men fucking kids….”

“I don’t…”

“Shut the fuck up! Jake’s told me. And don’t ever lie to me again, I don’t like it.”

Karl shut up then, and we walked on. I saw Karl looking amazed at the unusual lift boy as we took the elevator to the penthouse, and soon I was sitting across from Ray and Stu, with the others kind of hovering in the background.

“When we last talked about my business plan you thought it was OK – but basically low profit, except for ‘slaves’ who were essentially free men, to avoid taking the capital cost of slaves into account.”

Stu nodded, and, encourage, I went on “You also said you’d like to see proof that any free man would accept the arrangement. Well, here it is….” I pointed to Karl as I said this, who was standing there in the same ‘uniform’ that Reb was wearing as it had been our intention that they should go off to work after breakfast. “As you can see, Karl here’s in uniform, with a collar. He’s an ex-marine, a pretty virile kind of guy…”

“Yes, yes!”, Stu cut in. “But we said the ultimate test was if they were so into slavehood that they’d go as far as having their ‘owner’ exert the same rights over them as the owner would over a ‘true’ slave…”

“I’m glad you remembered that, Stu. And I think you committed to invest in my scheme if we brought you proof? Well, that’s exactly what happened, last night, and here’s the proof.” I gestured at Karl again as I said this.

“You took that guy’s cherry?”. It was Ray who now sounded surprised. I nodded. “But I’m a lawyer, Steve, so you’ll know I’d like to see proof.”

“Get over here”, I told Karl. And then “Take off those shorts, and bend over and let’s see your ass properly….”

“No way…” he began.

“Stop behaving like a CHILD!”, I snapped, emphasising the last word to Karl. “We’re all guys here – there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Very reluctantly, watched by all of us, Karl did it. “Reach back and spread your butt”, I told him then. Ray and Stu peered into the deep crack between Karl’s muscular cheeks. “See – all puffy and pink – he had a good pounding for the first time last night from me. Then from Reb. Do you want to see Reb’s dick, so you can gauge for yourself how it might have caused some of that…?”

Stu laughed. “No, Steve. We’re getting late for the stores – I have an appointment at my tailor for a custom fitting. You couldn’t make up a lie like that! And, in any case, whilst I’m sure Reb’s dick is interesting, he’s a little too old for our tastes.”

“So we have a deal, then? You’ll invest?”

Stu nodded. “You’d better think about a contract….”

“Sure. But there’s no time now, as you said. And I need a cash injection now, right now – there are the first four potential new slaves down at the police station, and I think that with some persuasion, we could be on our way to a great deal…”

Stu looked at Ray and laughed. “Oh, the enthusiasm of youth! Come on, my legal advisor – what do you think?”

“You may as well. We’ve got a few thousand in the safe, haven’t we? And I expect Steve wants cash…”

“Yes, I do… I need to….”

“Stop right there”, Ray said. Then he looked at Stu. “You don’t need to know what Steve’s going to do. And, what’s more important, you don’t want to know! You need to be able to stand up in court should it ever come to that and say you were making a financial investment, something you do all the time, after all, and that you had no idea what detailed purpose the cash was for. You know in general of course that it’s an investment in a new slave management business, but exactly what acts were required to establish it, you do not want to know, as I suspect some of them will border on the illegal.”

There was some fiddling around as a picture was moved and a safe opened, and Stu handed me two thousand in cash.

“You do need a formal agreement, Stu.” Ray added. Then looking at me said “Be sure to bring it around Monday night. And update us on progress. And I think we might have a little celebration – you and Jake can come for a couple of drinks.” He paused and added, with a twinkle in his eye. “Nothing formal, of course. One might almost say ‘clothing optional’.”

They were right about one thing as we discovered when we went out into the street – Greg did look stunning. The blue of his shorts and the fresh flowers around his neck did make for a stunning sight – especially as Ray and Stu had continued to allow the shock of his dark blond hair to grow and had not required it to be cropped, as so many pony owners do.


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