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I personally don’t think as a femboy that being fem is a fetish I have. But I think a man that is interested in femboys is the one with the fetish for them.

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MasterMarc: Hi Liam. I’m happy to have a cute Femboy visiting us today. You’re 23 years old but when have you realised that you vanilla isn’t satisfying you totally and that you’re more into fetish and harder sex? Can you tell us about your first steps into the kinky world?

Liam Cartier: Well let me start by saying that it’s not that vanilla sex isn’t satisfying to me, because at times it is. But I think that exploring the kinky world is a way to spice things up, and make things more interesting. I first found myself in the kink world after stumbling upon a video.. I won’t tell you what that video was.. but it filled my mind with so many questions. One of the biggest questions was “why would someone like this?” Then I found myself pouring over articles, videos, and even finding someone else that was more involved in the kink world and talking to them about it. I found myself more intrigued by all this new knowledge and eventually it aroused me. I think a lot of times you can learn to like things, but I think kinks are something you’ve always had, they’ve just been dormant so you didn’t know.

MasterMarc: Please tell us what the first kink you have been attracted to was and how has it changed during the time? Can you also tell us what you’re into now?

Liam Cartier: I think my first kink I ever really liked was the whole Dom/Sub thing. I guess since I would fall into the fem category the entire concept of pleasing a more manly man just turned me on so much. It makes me happy to make them happy! That turned into more of me loving being choked during sex, me liking him spanking me if I break a few rules. I love discipline. I think him being a little jealous and then bending me over and spanking me because I might have flirted or given someone else to much attention, can be a good thing. But of course there has to be a balance because I am a free spirit! I usually have control is all aspects of my life, so there’s something refreshing and pleasing about giving that control away.

MasterMarc: Is this desire of being dominated just a sexual desire or is it more with the right guy? I am asking because you say that you usually have control in all aspects of life. What kind of rules and orders do you love to follow in daily life?

Liam Cartier: Well where I am at now, yes it is mostly just a sexual desire. But of course who would say no to experimenting with the right guy and testing boundaries. It’s just a lot of time the right guy is hard to find. The thing about subs is I feel like there are two kinds. One that knows and trust their dominant and one that just wants to be dominated by any ole person. Me, I’m the first one. I think in that sort of dynamic relationship you have to have trust in each other. I’ve heard/read to many horror stories from subs that just let any man dominate their bodies and it wasn’t exactly how or what they wanted in the end. Or other unfortunate things might have happened.. I’m still in my experimental phase with the whole rules out of the bedroom thing, mostly because I haven’t found the right guy to try that with.

But theoretically I think I would like to have a man that’s a bit jealous and wants my attention to only be on him and not with other men. You see, I am a flirt! Really, I am! So I kinda like the idea of having someone to reel me in when I get a little to flirtatious.. I think that possible being punished for talking back could be fun, but I’m opinionated so I might have to rethink that one.

Also a great deal of coming up with rules is dependent upon who the dominant is and what he worries about or doesn’t like his sub doing out of the bedroom. So when the right guy does comes along I’ll make sure I tell you what rules we agree on 😛 .

MasterMarc: Hehe, than we are looking forward to get any news if you find Mr. Right. And of course in my eyes good SM is based on trust. But I love also to share my boys, as long as I am the guy who is deciding with who. 🙂 Let us talk about your FEMBOY fetish. Can you tell us, what is for you a femboy and how are you living this lifestyle?

Liam Cartier: Well, I personally don’t think as a femboy that being fem is a fetish I have. I’m more feminine because that’s just how I am, I cant really control that. I just tend to gravitate towards more feminine things. But I think a man that is interested in femboys is the one with the fetish for them. I’m living the lifestyle I guess just by dressing cuter than most men, when I go shopping I don’t think clothes have genders so if it looks cute it’s cute and I’m going to wear it no matter what side of the store it came from.. I use to get waxed and now I’m doing laser hair removal so I think that’s more feminine than most but I just don’t like hair on my own body.. I definitely don’t think the gay world is as accepting of femboys, and we definitely don’t get enough credit. But you just have to keep being you, someone’s going to feel it.

MasterMarc: How does your feminine side have influence into your sexual life?

Liam Cartier: Hmm this ones more of a challenge for me to answer because my feminine side isn’t something that I give a great deal of thought. It’s just me. But I would have to say being more on the feminine side it does draw me to more masculine guys. I mean after all there is only room for one femboy in the relationship.. I definitely have a thing for curious straight guys and it’s a lot easier for me to draw them in because I am more feminine which is something they are familiar with.. Being more feminine is the reason I am more submissive. In my own head it takes me to the more barbaric days when women were told to please their men in anyway he deems fit, to make sure he is satisfied and to keep him happy, and that is something that definitely turns me on. His pleasure is my pleasure. That being said let me just add that out of the bedroom I’m a feminist.

MasterMarc: At which age did you have start to change your style from a boy’s style to a more feminine clothing and appearance? And how have the reactions of your friends, school mates, parents, etc been?

Liam Cartier: I would say in recent years. So probably when I was 19 my style started to evolve more until I realized I didn’t care what people thought about me. Life is a short beautiful mess and I wouldn’t spend one more second letting others control my decisions. It just hit me out of nowhere. I group texted both of my parents saying “I’m gay heyooo” I was a bit drunk but that was a weight off my shoulders non the less. I wasn’t in school but my classmates would be the last people I cared to ask how they felt about it.. My friends are supportive in every last thing I do, they are my home, my rock, and my family. I have been best friends with majority of them for over a decade so they are happy to see my glow up. They treat me the exact same, honestly the only difference is some of my girls can just borrow my clothes now.. And my parents don’t treat me any different either. I’m very fortunate and lucky to be blessed with the people in my life, I know others struggle a lot more with these things and I commend their courage and confidence to face any challenges in front of them.

MasterMarc: It is important to have good people in his life. Btw. there are many people who doesn’t know the difference between the femboy lifestyle and transvestites and cross dressers. Could you explain how you see it?

Liam Cartier: Hahaha I’m no expert on that topic at all. Like, at all. If I had to guess a transvestite would be more along the lines of a drag queen. Being a femboy means you happen to be more feminine but you aren’t wearing bras or anything like that, and a cross-dresser I would presume does wear bras and things along those lines. But that is just a WILD guess from off the top of my head. Someone could read this and say I have it all backwards but I suppose it’s all about perspective. I think that asking any person to categorize different groups of people into a box to help others understand is foolish.

Sometimes if you don’t see it, you just don’t see it. Sometimes if you don’t understand, you just don’t understand. Sometimes you are just suppose to see the beauty in things and not try to break it down in your mind to figure out all the little details about it. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would love to throw other people in a box because it fits to what society says but that’s not me. And that’s the beauty of things like “hard sex” because society would never say it’s okay but we like it and THAT is okay. So why try to define it more than that? You look at a boy that might wear bras, panties, and heels, and call him a cross-dresser but to that boy he could very well think of himself as transgender or he could very well not think about it all, he simple does it because he likes to. Why put a name on it?

That’s the problem with this world today, we are always trying to fit everyone in these boxes. And most of the time those boxes are just used to oppress groups of people. For example in the gay world you always hear “No fats, no fems” it’s literally a saying I’ve seen gay companies print on their shirts. It’s awful, it’s hateful, and it’s rude. I mean I have a lot of confidence so if you don’t like me okay great fuck you too, but what about that boy we talked about a few sentences back? What if he saw that and decided it’s better to take his own life rather than to always be looked down at from his OWN COMMUNITY that’s suppose to be accepting of us all. Accepting because we ALL know what it’s like to live in shame at one point.. I’m sorry I got a little off topic but sometimes you have let go of trying to define people because that boy we talked about is soo much MORE than just a “cross-dresser”.

MasterMarc: You’re totally right, pussyboy. There are no standards in the fetish world. Just one rule is important, everything has to be consent for the involved people. Oh, is pussyboy another box? And what does it mean to be a pussyboy? 

Liam Cartier: Not to me, I think it’s more of just a phrase. Something daddy or the more dominant person in the relationship likes to say. The alpha likes to use this phrase with his beta to remind them he is the superior one in the relationship. And since that is the case it means to be just that, his pussyboy. Giving him your “pussy” anytime he wants, anywhere he wants, and however he wants. And that’s what a good pussyboy does.

MasterMarc: That is what good pussyboys are made for. Btw. what are you sexually into?

Liam Cartier: I have a wide variety of things I like sexually. From vanilla to rough sex, clearly. Lol. I’m really into giving head, and playing that submissive role for a dom guy. I love being talked dirty to during all of it. My philosophy is to always try anything at least once because you really don’t know how much you will like something or how much you dislike something until you try it out. I’m very open minded in the bedroom and I definitely don’t judge. So get at me  😛

MasterMarc: That was not really the answer to my question. Probably I have to ask what are sexual actions you have tried, which have you liked and which not?

Liam Cartier: I like to keep a little mystery intact. But I can see not everyone has the patience for it. I’m a power bottom normally. I do top occasionally but the other guy has to have good hygiene. That’s super important. I like knowing that my body is the reason they are getting off and during sex seeing him, hearing him, and touching him is what gets me off. I don’t shy away from having one hand in my hair and the other on my throat. I think that’s hot. Me having my hands pinned down and him slapping my ass, hard.. I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about water sports but if it makes him happy, I’m okay with doing it. I think foreplay is important, at least to me. Wether that be a nice face fucking session or being tied up and teased. But like I said I’ll try anything once, but you know what I’ll add something I didn’t say before. I’ll try anything once, except fisting. That’s. Not. Happening.

But other than that I’m a team player. I’ve done threesomes, they’re pretty cool because most of the focus is on me and you have two big opportunities to get to your climax. I’m actually really a fan of those but only when you aren’t fighting for attention during them. I would even consider a 3 way relationship, depending on where I would fall in the dynamic..

Safe sex is great sex so better wear a latex! The only way I would let a guy breed me (which I do LOVE but I haven’t done since my first boyfriend and I broke up years ago) is if I went with him to get tested and all his test came back negative. Knowing your status is important. Knowing your partners status is important. I’ve got trust issues like Drake. So you can’t just trust a guy when he says he’s clean and he wants to breed your ass. And if he doesn’t want to get tested? Ditch his ass. Plus there is something so amazing about getting tested together and now knowing you both can let yourselves be complete freaks with each other and you don’t have to worry.

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