Today we are making a little trip to Alabama in the Dixieland, a place where the skies are so blue and the men real masculine, even more if they are real truckers like Mitchell. But he loves to be treated and exposed as a fag and to serve for the pleasure of real men. It’s really time to make a little ride in his truck and to talk about.


1980 | 183 cm | 102 kg
Alabama (U.S.)

Hi Mitchell. You’re really living and working in an real masculine environement and standing in front of you i can just confirm that you’re complying this stereotype. When have you felt for the first time, that your sexual desires and needs are going into another direction?

From my earliest sexual thoughts I have always wanted to be the one who was being controlled and ordered what to do by real Alpha men. I always knew while I looked the part that I was inferior to the guys in the shower in the locker room. But it was a position that I welcomed and accepted.

Can you explain the feelings you’ve had while you have been in the shower of the locker room? What have been your desires and needs in these moments and what have been your first steps to live what you feel?

Well I’m 6’4 230 pounds played football and basketball but showered with my shorts on or boxers. Because I didn’t stack up anywhere near what most guys were. I would shower and try not to get caught staring at the beautiful cocks. I was a late bloomer growing up in a small town in the south I didn’t start fooling around with men until my freshman year in college in Tuscaloosa AL. But ever since then I’ve been open minded and willing to explore and try anything 3 times. I’ve always known I’ve had a kinky view on sex but didn’t say much growing up in the Bible belt of the south. But I live my life now without caring what these people think.

Kink in a conservative environement

Was it difficult to liberate yourself from the expectations and cultural norms the southern society sets?

Not really. I moved away from my hometown and stayed gone for the better part of 15 years. But when I did go back home just a couple years ago I was shocked. I knew I grew up in a place it wasn’t welcomed but that was the 90’s. It was 2018 and my parents still wouldn’t let me come over with my partner or go out to eat with us. Thank goodness my brother was cool. And my folks finally came around.

Happy that your family has accepted the way you are. You have choosen a profession in a branch which is also known for being very conservative. Have you never had problems being gay as trucker?

A few times. But there are a lot more gay truckers than one might think. Sometimes I will be on a app in a truck stop and there will be 20 guys in the same place and over half of them are drivers. For the most part as long as you can do the job and prove that you can do it by yourself then you get the respect from the other drivers. I’ve been driving for 20 years now. You still have some ignorant bigoted people but for the most part it’s like life everywhere else. Except my office goes 70 mph.

Hehe. Some of the stereotypes we have about truckers is that at home they have their wife and children and their unofficial gay side they are living at the truck stops. Is that just a stereotype or does it include some truth?

Oh there is a lot of Truth in that statement. But I think that’s the way it is for many guys no matter what profession. I know I’ve met all types that live that life.

Another stereotype is that truckers love the sex raw and filthy. It seems that you comply with this image. 🙂 What are you into?

Raw is Law in my book. Love WS FF TT bondage rope play, pup, M/s sweaty man scents. But unlike most people think the showers in a truck stop are not communal. They are private but you can still have fun with someone in there.

I’ve always loved to be controlled even though it goes against my true nature. It really is a huge turn on in the sex department. So following orders and wanting to please real Alpha men is at the top of the list. I have always been willing to do whatever the Dom or top wanted to do to keep them happy. Most started out with role playing that I really got into. I wasn’t always into WS but first a guy piss fucked me and next thing you know I’m a human urinal and love it. Nothing says faggot to me like me on my knees drinking from the tap.

I have been owned once part time and really want to become a full time house boy/ sex slave.

Against your true nature? That you’ve to explain us.

I’m a sagittarius and by nature we hate being controlled. I can’t stand when someone tries to tell me what to do in everyday life and I will do the opposite to prove a point. But I love it before during and after sex.

But which is your real me and which is the socialised me? If it would be against your nature would you really have the desire to become a full time slave?

I am what I am and love what I love. I’m a walking contradiction partly truth and partly fiction. It will take a special MASTER to collar me full time. I love serving but also need to run free some. Waiting now on my first chastity cage to come in the mail.

That’s not really answering my question but if I interpret your answer correctly then I would have to say, that to be an inferior fag which exists to serve and to be used seems to be your real me. Am I right, boi?

Yes Sir. But I love to drive and travel.

I understand that and with ordering a chastity device you are offering also a solution for that “problem”. 🙂

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