A kinky story written by Andrew Martin | Chapter 10 + 11

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I’ve been nervous off and on since this party began, but nothing made me more nervous than walking out of the bathroom with Danny’s piss drying all over my body. There’s no way Master Rob wants to smell this for the rest of the game, is there? But he said no cleaning up. So I’m kind of confused. 

But I can’t make him wait. I immediately go over to his recliner (I barely remember when it was mine!) and kneel next to him. 

“Nice cologne, faggot,” Master Rob says. “But you have too much on. Next time be a little more subtle with it. Now crawl over there and get the sheet with the squares on it.”

I remember Danny had won the first quarter and Nick the second, but I still didn’t know what that meant. But I brought the sheet over to Master Rob and stayed kneeling at his side while he examined it. 

“Looks like Eric is a winner. Well, my friend, you are now in Position 3. But that doesn’t mean Garrett is automatically in Position 2. Whoever wins the fourth quarter can take that spot and push Garrett into his old one. I, of course, am in Position 1. And to be honest, boys, even I haven’t done what we’re going to be doing after the game.”

OK, so I now know that wondering what the postgame activity is will be pointless, as it’s something new. I find myself, not for the first time today, to be excited and scared shitless. But for Master Rob to take the time to invent something new for me is an honor, and I will do my best for him and his guests.

“Boys, it just dawned on me that Nick is the only one of you who has enjoyed my fag’s tongue in his hole. Anybody who wants him to eat your nasty ass should drop his shorts and slide his ass to the edge of the sofa so cuntboy has access.”

Nobody makes a move. 

“I haven’t asked for much, and I’ve given you a full-service faggot to play with. I would like to see him eat some ass, OK?”

“Sure, Rob. No problem,” Danny says. As he was the one who said he never had a girl do that, I would have guessed he would be instantly intrigued. But it took Rob’s request for him to slide his shorts to the floor. I crawled over to him and looked up at him before I started to work. 

“You get off looking at a real man before you serve him, don’t you faggot?” Danny says in a taunting voice. “Get busy.”

It seemed like just a minute ago this young stud was soaking me with piss and now I started to lick his hole. For the moment, my mind decided that I was his to use, and I went at it with gusto. I licked up and down his crack and then around the hole before my tongue darted in, and he almost leaped off the sofa.

“Fuck. Is this what I’ve been missing? Rob, you’re a genius,” Danny said,

“Nothing genius about it. You’re gay. You know the game. There are more subs than doms out there. Stop dating and start finding a submissive pussyboy and you’ll get this all the time,” Master Rob said.

“Have you forgotten that I didn’t know I was gay until fairly recently?” Danny said with a big grin. “A lot of this is new to me. And like I said, girls don’t do this. But you might be right. I can date real men while I use fags for this.”

“I might be right?” Master Rob sneered at him. “Dude, I’m always right when it comes to men and fags. This one didn’t even need much training, just had to learn what I like. He obviously had been trained before, and somebody did a great job with him.

“I haven’t been on an actual date since the second week I took ownership.”

I didn’t know that. Master Rob never says anything about his life to me; we have a strictly service-oriented relationship. I don’t even know where he lives, if he’s been married before, what he does for a living, nothing. All I know is he is beautiful, strong and all I think about, even while I’m working. I’ve missed turns while driving because I was thinking about his awesomeness. He hasn’t made me a cashfag yet, but I’ve had to buy enough things for him that it’s close. I wish I made more money so I could give him some, but all I can offer him is my undivided attention, my mouth, my ass and any skills I might have that could be useful to him. 

But right now all I can think of is him talking about my old master (in another state, they do not know each other). As if in response to that very true statement, I really shoved my tongue deep into Danny’s asshole, making him squirm. His body was now almost off the sofa, and I was going from hole to taint to the underside of his balls in one motion back and forth, tongue-fucking his hot hole each time I got there. He started to grab his dick, but Master Rob stopped him.

“Don’t do that, dude,” Master Rob said. “I assume that’s your cum on his face, and if you shoot again now there’s no way you’ll be ready for the postgame show. Faggot, ease up a bit so you don’t drive my guest quite so crazy.”

“Yes, Sir.” I go back to gently licking Danny’s crack and he calms down, enjoying the sensation without getting too aroused. 

“Let me in on some of that,” Eric said, sliding off his shorts and sliding down on the sofa on the other side of Garrett from Danny. Garrett still seems slightly unsure of this whole thing; he took a long time to piss in my mouth the first time, couldn’t really do it the second time despite three beers in between, and he seems to want no part of a faggot’s tongue in his hole. But that’s OK. With five men here, someone is going to want a rim job, and I eagerly start on Eric. 

I get Eric’s hole nice and wet and then go into one of my signature moves. Basically I fuck his hole with my nose while licking and even sucking on his taint. This drives most guys nuts; the only problem is you can’t do it for long before you need to come up for air. So of course I do it for as long as I can handle and then come up gasping. 

“Holy fucking shit,” Eric said. “Rob, that faggot in college didn’t come close to this one. You’ve got a prize.”

“Well, you have to remember, that fag didn’t really want to serve us,” Master Rob said. “We forced him to be our bitch. He was useful to us as a cumdump, but that was it. And we were so horny back then it didn’t matter if he wasn’t into it, we just wanted holes to fuck. But now I want a full-service faggot. And you’re right, he is a prize. I’m one lucky Alpha.”

I never heard Master Rob say anything like that before. What was going on here? Was this a party to show off for his guests, or was he testing me? Seeing just how far I would take orders, how much I was willing to be used, how self-esteem was not an issue, how devoted I was to him and his pleasure? But right then and there I had to choke back tears. Master Rob’s approval — and in front of others, gay and straight — was everything to me. I pulled away from Eric’s ass, crawled over to the recliner and kissed Master Rob’s feet. 

“Thank you, Sir. I am so honored, Sir.” 

Master Rob was not impressed. He let me kiss his feet for maybe 30 seconds, then pushed my head away with a foot and said, “You’re not done with my guest. Get over there.” “Yes, Sir.”

Having had a few moments of my head not buried between somebody’s legs, I had a bit more air in my lungs, so I went back to my favorite move. Eric yelped and I kept at it, nose-fucking his sweet hole while I nibbled and licked his taint. 

When I was out of breath, I pulled back and sat kneeling between his legs, now resting on the coffee table. “Mr. Nick? Mr. Garrett? Would either of you like faggot rim service?”

“Already had it, pussyboy,” was Nick’s only response. “I’m good,” Garrett said 

“Faggot service position,” Master Rob said, and I crawled back to the side of his recliner and knelt straight up, not sitting on my legs. “If anyone needs a drink, just say the word. Only a few minutes left in the game, and it’s close.”

Oh, right, there’s a game on. 

Master Rob mentioning the game was close during the fourth quarter gave me the temporary notion that they would actually watch the game and give me a few minutes of a break. Silly me. But then again, when Master Rob is around, I don’t need to think anyway.

“Anyone need anything? Because my fag’s cunt is going to be busy, so if you need him, now’s the time,” Master Rob said.

“I could use another beer,” Garrett said. 

“I need to get rid of my last one,” Eric said with a smirk.

Without being told, I crawled over to Eric, kneeled up and opened my mouth. The piss stream started almost immediately, but a few beers makes piss drinking almost too easy. Basically just warm water by this time, his piss sailed easily over my tongue and down my throat. Of course, to men, degrading a faggot with piss has nothing to do with the taste — although I know damn well Master Rob does especially enjoy the look on my face when he makes me drink his morning piss. Some fags might crave that, but this one has taste buds. It’s horrible, but I do what I need to do and Master Rob is always pleased.

As soon as Eric is done emptying his bladder into my guts, he pulls up his shorts and pats me on the head. “I’ve got to get myself a faggot, too,” he says to Master Rob. 

When Eric walks back to his seat on the sofa, I crawl into the kitchen to get Garrett’s beer. “Thanks, fagboy,” he says, twisting off the cap and handing it to me to throw away. Back to the kitchen I crawl. When I am back in faggot service position, Danny speaks up. “You know, I think I’d like another beer, too.” I crawl back to the kitchen, get the beer and crawl back to him. Not one second after I’m back in faggot service position, it’s Nick’s turn. Did they plan this, or did each of them on his own think it would be fun to make me crawl back and forth a few times? If it was the latter, they’re all obviously enjoying the slave aspect of my faggotry. I crawl back and get Nick another beer, then crawl back to him. As I’m handing it to him, he looks me in the eye and says, “Open.” I open wide and get rewarded by some of Nick’s saliva, drooled into my waiting mouth as if I was a baby bird waiting to be fed. 

“Ooooh, I forgot about that,” Eric says. “Come here, bitch.” I shift over to Eric and kneel straight up with my mouth open wide. I take his wad — not just saliva this time — and swirl it around in my mouth, savoring it before I swallow. Eric leans down, gets right in my face and says, “Nice touch, faggot.” “Thank you, Mr. Eric,” I say. 

Then I crawl back to Master Rob’s side and get in faggot service position. Nothing should surprise me at this point, but I confess I was a little surprised by what came next.

“You know boys, my faggot hasn’t really been able to watch any of the game,” Master Rob said. “I think he should be at least able to watch the ending, and I think he deserves the best seat in the house.” Master Rob stands up, drops his shorts to the floor, kicks them closer to me (I instinctively pick them up and sniff the crotch, drawing chuckles from the guests) and sits back down, taking off his shirt. The man is gorgeous, and I can feel my body start to tingle as the man I worship is now sitting naked in front of me — and four other guys.

“You know where it is. Lube me up, pussyboy,” Master Rob says. Where it is? It’s all over my place. There’s a bottle in the nightstand, another one in a drawer in the coffee table, another in the kitchen and another in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Master Rob never knows when the mood to rape his faggot might strike him, and he doesn’t want to have to wait. But the one he’s talking about this time is in the pocket on the side of the recliner, and I dutifully reach for it. Seconds later I am lubing up my awesome master’s magnificent dick in front of four other guys, and suddenly the game becomes unimportant. They are all staring at me.

“That’s enough, cunt,” Master Rob says. “You always want to put on too much.”

“Do you blame him, Rob?” responded Nick, drawing chuckles. 

“Seriously, Rob, letting him lube you up seems like a small concession,” Garrett said. Of course, Garrett has been the most cautious one of the group the entire time.

“Dude, do I tell you how to treat your dog?” Master Rob said to Nick. “Then don’t tell me how to use my faggot.”

That comparison makes me hot. It always does. When I tried to “train” straight guys to get them to be a little more aggressive with me, I used the hunting dog analogy. You would never do anything to hurt a good hunting dog, and he’s valuable to you, but in the end he’s a dog and exists to do what you want. The fact that most of them were a bit shy about shifting from getting blow jobs to faggot ownership is why I am so lucky to have found Master Rob. 

“OK, faggot, let’s get that pussy up here and take a seat and watch the end of the game,” Master Rob said to me, 

If you ever tried to ride dick in a recliner, you know that it’s not easy getting on and off but not hard to actually ride. I awkwardly get in position and lower my faghole onto Master Rob’s somewhat-lubed dick. As usual, it hurts just a bit on the way in but settles in nicely, and soon he’s all the way inside, or I am all the way down, depending on your perspective.

“That’s it faggot. Just sit there and watch the game. Don’t move, I’m not interested in getting off yet, but I didn’t have to waste time after the game opening you up for the festivities.”

So four other guys watch me watch the game while impaled on their friend’s dick in my apartment. Same as hundreds of other Super Bowl parties all over America, right?

The really interesting part, and what his friend’s can’t see from their angle, is that Master Rob’s left hand, the one on the far side of the guests, is gently rubbing a small area on my back and side. Is it affectionate? A place to put his hand? Or is he lulling me into a peaceful state before all hell breaks loose? Once again, I remind myself that I’m not here to think, and just by sitting on Master Rob’s beautiful equipment I am fulfilling my obligation to serve him. 

Have you ever had a dick all the way inside you and felt this strange sense of calm, almost like a spiritual moment? Usually with Master Rob he’s too busy showing off his strength and dominance when he fucks me (he never says he’s fucking me, it’s always “rape,” not because I’m unwilling but because it doesn’t matter if I’m in the mood, want to do anything or don’t feel up to it. I’m not sure how he would react if I actually resisted him, but I can’t imagine doing that anyway) for that feeling but now, sitting quietly with his manhood completely inside me, that feeling comes over me. Pure bliss. And the fact that four other hot guys, gay and straight, are there to witness it makes it even better. 

Master Rob owns me. I am his faggot. And everyone in the room knows it. What could be better?

To be continued …

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