A kinky story written by Andrew Martin | Chapter 13

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I am such a lucky faggot, sitting on a sofa between my awesome Master Rob and his very hot, hung friend Nick, both of them naked, their loads the last two of the five I took in my cunt a few minutes earlier. I just had the greatest day of my fag career, and it might not be over. It dawned on me that, while they were the last two to get off, each only came once. I wondered what else Master Rob had in mind for the evening.

“So what did you think of your first faggot gang bang?” Master Rob asks Nick.

“Amazing, dude. I thought I knew what a talented faggot you had yesterday when I was raping his pussy at the store. But today exceeded my expectations. And I’ve never shared any kind of a hole with another guy, so double-dicking him with you was hot as hell.”

Master Rob runs a hand under my apron and starts playing with my tits, and, as usual, I start whimpering. He enjoys inflicting a little pain here and there, and I never know if it’s because it turns him on or because he knows he can. Either way, he loves to hear me whine and whimper, and with the way he’s working my tits I don’t have to fake it.

“You want to get off again before the night’s over?” Master Rob asks his hot guest. 

“Not really ready for another one,” Nick said. “But I’m in no hurry to leave or anything.”

“Well as I said, if you want to stay the night, you’re welcome to hang here. Fagboy does a nice job with morning wood.”

Nick just chuckles. But he does slide a hand into his crotch, and Master Rob notices.

“You know, dude, if you like, I can have fagboy gently worship that dick for you, or your balls, until you’re ready to shoot,” Master Rob said.

“Sounds good.” At that, Master Rob yanks my arm forward, puts his hand on my back and pushes me off the couch. 

“You heard the man. Get to work. Gently.”

I crawl between Nick’s legs and look at his beautiful dick. But before I can start to lick it, Master Rob sounds angry.

“Not that way, faggot,” he says, sounding like I should have known better. “Lie down on your stomach across our laps with your head in his.”

That sounds kind of hot, but Master Rob never shared me with another guy before today so I had no idea that’s what he wanted. And as I’m settling into position, I realize that my ass will be right in front of Master Rob while my head is in Nick’s crotch. Not surprisingly, Master Rob had thought of that before he told me to get in position.

“Dude, you just relax and enjoy my fag’s work on those balls for a while. And if you want some entertainment, I have another plan in mind for him,” Master Rob said.

“Haven’t you done pretty much everything already?” Nick responds with a chuckle. ‘

“Oh fuck no,” Master Rob counters. “I told you he’s full-service, but the flip side of that is I can use him any way I like. And right now I’d like to check out what we all just did to his cunt.”

He doesn’t mean … no, he’s never done that … I never really had it done … I’m going right to worst-case scenario. 

Worst-case scenario is minutes away. But first, the obligatory smack on my ass. I yelp, causing Master Rob to admonish — not me, but Nick.’

“If you don’t want the faggot to make noises when he’s being used, you have to make that clear. Give that face a good smack or fill his pussy mouth so he can’t make much noise,” Master Rob said. 

Makes sense. I respond to smacking my ass, so smack my face, too. I have to admit there are times I don’t get Master Rob’s logic, but he is much smarter than I am and knows what is best for me. Nick, not surprisingly, pulls my hair to lift my head out from his crotch with one hand and gives me a smack across the face with the other. I look up at him with my puppy-dog-eyes face and lick my lips. He takes the opportunity to spit on those lips, and he his shot is accurate.

“Nice touch,” Master Rob said.

“It looked like his lips were dry,” answers Nick. “You’re not just going to spank his faggot ass until I shoot, are you?”

“Fuck no,” Master Rob responded. “I’m going to do a little spelunking.”

“Isn’t that exploring caverns?” Nick asks, and just as he’s finishing the sentence it dawns on him what Master Rob is saying. “Holy shit. Weren’t all those dicks enough for his pussy?”

“When it comes to faggots, NOTHING is enough for their pussies.” See? Master Rob really is very wise. And with that, he slowly pokes a finger into my cunt, and, not surprisingly, it slides in easily. Soon, two and then three fingers are working into me, and Nick, who can’t quite see what’s going on, pushes my head down. “Take it, slut.”

If Master Rob noticed, he didn’t let on, because from this point on it’s going to take a bit of work to get what he wants. 

“Here comes number four,” he says, more to Nick than to me, and I realize he’s totally showing off for his guest. “Look what I can do to this fag,” his actions say. “I can make him suck you while I violate him just for kicks.”

Four fingers is the most I’ve ever had in me, and that was a very long time ago. But Master Rob is not going to stop until his arm is sticking out of that pussy, I already know that. In the first place, he likes to finish what he starts. And in the second place, he has an audience. Do you think he’s not going to get it all the way in just to impress Nick?

Having just been double-penetrated four times less than an hour ago, my ass is fairly comfortable with this invasion. But two dicks, even big ones, are not a fist. I’m scared shitless as Master Rob maneuvers four fingers inside me, twisting gently and probing a bit deeper each time until he can’t go any further.

“Dude, whisper in the fag’s ear for me,” Master Rob says. “Tell him it’s happening so relax and take it, but also that everything is going to be fine.”

Nick, who has shown no sign of intimacy before, does as he is told, and somehow I feel a little better. I shouldn’t, but I do. I guess any real man’s voice can do that for me. Yep, definitely a fag, as if my face buried in one hot man’s crotch as another hot man works up to fisting me didn’t already scream that.

I hear Master Rob squirting something onto his thumb and wrist. I don’t know what he’s using for lube, and it’s not my place to think about that anyway. He puts whatever it is down and uses that hand to rub the slimy stuff around on the hand that is currently invading me. Seconds later, he makes the move.

“Relax, faggot,” he says. “Just exhale and relax that hole so I can get inside you. You know you want this, and more importantly, you know that I want it.”

Well, yes. Of course. I do what I’m told, hoping it makes the process go better. Suddenly, Master Rob slides his other fingers out of my very sloppy pussy and has a revelation.

“Fag needs to be drunk,” he says. “Get some coffee mugs out and put some vodka in each one. Then use your Keurig to fill them up, 2-to-1 ratio. Now.”

“Your Keurig? He has more than one?” asks Nick.

“I thought I told everyone earlier, but if you weren’t paying attention, yes, there are two,” Master Rob explains. “The firsts one is for me, so I don’t have to wait long when I want the faggot to bring me coffee. The second one is his because I want water to make my coffee.”

“Seriously?” Nick looks wide-eyed, and not for the first time today.

“Yup. My piss,” Master Rob said. “Some mornings I’ll stop by on the way to work, fill up his water tank and tell him it better be empty by the time I get back. He hasn’t failed yet.”

“So what does he do with it?”

“Anything. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider. Sometimes I’ll piss in something and tell him to make his dinner with it. Pasta, rice, that sort of thing. And if you look in the refrigerator, you’ll see a couple of pitchers of drinks made from mixes and piss. It’s funny as hell, and he drinks ALL of it.”

“Fuck. Who needs television?”

“Right? This pussyboy provides plenty of entertainment, and now that I’m going to start whoring him out I’ll get live shows and make a few bucks out of it. How are you doing over there, faggot?”

“Good, Master Rob. Keurig is warming up.”

“OK, cuntface. When you have some mugs filled, put them on a tray and bring them over here. We want to watch you get drunk off my piss.”

Nick is impressed. And disgusted. And turned on. “Fuck, Rob, I think I’m going to be ready for his pussymouth before I thought I was going to be.”

“You’re turned on by faggot degradation? Good. That means you’re trending Alpha, and not just to get off. It’s fun to humiliate and degrade fags, isn’t it? Almost like foreplay.”

By now I have four mugs filled and a fifth under the spout. But the “add water” light is on, so I take the water reservoir off and crawl over to Master Rob, pushing it along the floor as I go because I won’t be able to keep it in my mouth. 

“I need more piss, Master Rob,” I say. 

“Take it back over there,” he responds. “You know you can’t carry that, and I want every drop going into that machine. Hey Nick, do you have any piss for my fag?”

“Not too much, I don’t think, but enough to help the cause,” he says with a smirk. He follows me into the kitchen, kicking one of my ass cheeks before each step. “Stop, faggot. Spread those legs.”

I do, and brace myself. I know what’s about to happen. And it does, as Nick aims his next kick at my balls. For a split-second his bare feet touching me excites me, then the pain — fucking intense pain — sets in. I don’t scream, and I keep moving until I reach the Keurig.

“Damn, Rob. I would have bet anything he would have cried like a baby. I was so hoping to punish him.”

“You’re still not getting it, are you? Punish him for not crying,” Master Rob said. Now, it was one thing for Master Rob to punish me for no reason, but for the first time he is now bestowing on somebody else the right to do that. Suddenly, the thought of his fag-whoring menu has me scared. What if some guy wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out of me? 

Those thoughts were briefly put on hold as Nick’s hand came down hard on my ass, first on my right cheek, then on my left. “That does feel good, Rob,” he hollers over his shoulder. “Like my hand it meant to be on a faggot’s ass.”

“You mean your handprint,” Rob corrects. “Just fill the reservoir so he can make hot piss screwdrivers.”

I never really thought of hot piss as a substitute for orange juice, but it’s not my job to think. I watch as Nick fills the reservoir about halfway — he did piss up my ass not long ago, after all — and he puts it on the Keurig and places to lid on it. “All yours, pussyboy,” he says, with another smack — this one more playful — on my ass. It would have been nice, but my ass was so sore by that point even a playful tap stung. So I topped off the fifth coffee mug with hot piss and set it on the tray with the others. I had five coffee mugs filled with hot piss and vodka.

“On the coffee table fagboy,” Master Rob says. “Kneel on the side opposite us so we can watch you drink.”

“This is so hot. Watching a fag literally get drunk on our piss,” Nick said with a smirk. I’m starting to think he’s enjoying this more than Master Rob is, and Master Rob is probably thinking the same thing, wondering how much money he can take from his hot friend for whoring me out. 

I don’t need to be told what to do. I chug. And chug. And chug. And chug. On the fifth drink, I raise the mug in salute to Master Rob before I down it. In a matter of seconds I just did five vodka shots and twice that much hot man urine. I should be getting lightheaded any minute.

Not that Master Rob was going to wait. “OK, faggot, back in position, mouth on Nick, ass up for me,” he says. It was probably a good idea to get me up there fast; if he waited too long the vodka shots might make that a little tricky. But before long I am licking Nick’s balls while Master Rob kneads my ass cheeks.

“Can you really get all of that in there? That’s a pretty strong hand you’ve got there,” Nick said. “Your point?” Master Rob asks, basically acknowledging that it’s going to happen whether it should work or not.

Master Rob picks up where he left off, driving everything but his thumb into the loosest pussy I’ve ever presented him. I never had that much dumped in me that quickly before, and I had no idea what my ass looked like. And now with a potential fist going up there, who knows what a mess he’ll make out of me?

“All right, faggot. Enough playing around. I am going to get my arm inside that tunnel of yours, and when I say so you start sucking Nick’s dick. I will drive my arm in and out of you until he shoots his load down your pussymouth. Got it?”

“Yes, Master Rob.”

But in my mind, I’m scared. I know Master Rob would never do this if he thought it would really injure me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll handle it well. On the bright side, how much more intimate can contact with Master Rob be than him being farther inside my cunt than he’s ever been? 

I am one lucky faggot. 

To be continued …

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