Sev: Hey Syler. We already presented you in an interview a few days ago. But I still want to talk to you some more, especially about pup play. Now, how did you discover that for yourself? You said it was a few years after you discovered kink?

Syler: I came across pup play for the first time when I saw a picture of pup nobley on Tumblr. He looked georgous in a base layer top, jock strap and pup hood on all fours.

I was instantly curious and connected with the picture. How was it that I knew nothing about the person in the picture, yet I was filled with the impression that he must be friendly, innocent and playful?

That hood on his head, the arch of his back all managed to create a simple facade and identity; he wasn’t a boy, he was a puppy! A hot puppy! I knew I wanted a piece, I just didn’t know how. At this point, I didn’t even realise it was a fetish/kink category. I didn’t even know what to search the internet for to see more!

Luckily after some time it happened. I found my way in. A pup appeared on my recon profile list, Pup Novy. At that point I was using the name Syler for recon. I sent a message trying to hold back my awe and excitement. But I’m not quite sure I played it as cool as I’d hope. I bombarded the pup with messages and questions! To my joy, I got my invitation into the platform of choice for the pup community (Twitter). I quickly built up a group of friends and discovered my new identity, the one you all know and love today, Pup Syler.
I’ve never looked back. Anyone who knows me understands how well being a pup suits me personality. So in conclusion, I’ve always been a pup at heart. It just took me a while to own the hood.

Sev: You definitely are a lovely pup, though always, uhm I mean, sometimes, a very cheeky one 😉 When you play with dom’s, how do they take/handle that? And how important is being cheeky to Syler too?

Syler: I have no idea what you are on about. I am nothing but a innocent obedient pup :innocent:

Ok ok… I see there is no fooling you. Well, different doms have handled it differently over the past. The best being the ones who understand that it is all in jest. Just like a dom tests their sub, I like to test the doms giggles. I like to start small and build up.

For me it becomes a game. How much can I do before I am then made to regret it. Whether its making cheeky comments, disobeying orders, ignoring a dom or, my favourite, moving when a dom is trying to put you in gear or tie you up and making it look like an accident sniggers

When the dom finally picks up on the concept of round 1: that’s when the bonus round begins (make way for the “Syler Charm”). Once a dom knows I’m being cheeky/naughty, that’s when I give the cute looks and expressions, grovel or even give a cheeky grin. Which ever works. Different approaches have different results.

But once I find the one that works on you; Be sure to know I will not hold back. If I make your heart melt or make you laugh and avoid the punishment you intended to give; I win!

However when it doesn’t work… That’s when we come to the answer to your question. Its true, some people manage to grow immunities to the “Syler charm”, even worse, some have discovered weaknesses of mine which completely shatter my defences. That’s when you’ll realise just how easily I can be “handled”.

Sev: Oh yeah? What would one of those weaknesses be? 😉 So it’s a way for you to test each other out? A daring game? What happens if you lose?

Syler: I may have mentioned I was naive, but I’m not a fool. You’ll have to figure out those weaknesses for yourself!

That’s right! I soon learn what I can get away with, and what I can’t (Even though I still do that anyway). Of course it’s daring, but it’s always worth it as I love to antagonize (I should come with a warning sign/signal).

However when I do lose, I can regret it. As I’ve just given a whole bunch of incentive for a dom to show little mercy. One time I had a dom who, once I was bound up spread eagle, made me read every cheeky / naughty text I had sent one by one and apologise for each one (making sure each a long pause was between “finding” each text) All the while I was being tortured with ice and wax, much to the doms amusement. It was funny and frustrating at the same time. I thought that would have changed my attitude for good, but nope. I still remained cheeky as ever as soon as I was freed. chuckles

Saying that, I do know of a couple of friends who have learnt that keeping a log on my “bad” behaviour is sometimes enough of a threat for me to pause and consider my actions/words… Whoops I guess you can have that small weakness for free…

Sev: Ok so there was that time, that one and then you also… ah sorry just making notes :smiling_imp: Lets get back to topic. You also have some dominant, or at least sadisitic strikes. How did you discover those, and do you also live them in a similar way?

Syler: Nervous laugh It’s kind of like a mini case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I say that because I can’t control the urges and when they take over. But on the odd occasion I get them and I’m filled with desire. They mostly consist of tickling, mild forms of torture or simply forcing someone to suck my cock.

I guess I discovered it after finding out how addictive it is to tickle someone who hates it. (Maybe it touches on my need to be an antagonist)

But my dominant streak is more of a hindrance than a fun blessing. When it appears: I do like to challenge for dominance. Being the naive pup I am, the “Mr Hyde” inside me wants to prove myself, meaning I always challenge guys who I can’t beat, ending in humiliating defeat and as a counter result; pushes me into a deeper submissive state than I usually am.

Sev: Hehe a vicious cycle. :blush:
How do you enjoy it when you get pushed deeper? How does it make you feel?

Syler: It’s incredibly hot. The best times has been the times I genuinely try to pin somebody down or expose them to their weakness, but I get overpowered. Being forced to accept defeat, really does make me powerless and super submissive.
A great example would be when I had planned to visit a fellow kink friend. I did my detective work asking a mutual friend how I could easily dominate him. I was told “The neck, go for the neck. If you bite the back of bite, he will be putty for you to mold”.

Needless to say, I was feeling smug and prepared when the time came. In our grapple I managed to get into position and nibble at the back of his neck and sure enough, he fell weak to the ground. I gave off a vicious grin and attempted a gloating victory moment. However I was betrayed! In that split moment as my guard was off, he swung me round and pinned me down. I couldn’t move at all, not through lack of trying.

As I laid there in confusion, it was explained: I’d been double crossed. It turned out it wasn’t a weakness at all. They had conversed behind my back to give me false hope.

I suffered a humiliating defeat and was forced to accept my allocated place in the hierarchy. But it didn’t stop there, unable to move and my ears exposed he knew just what to do to finish things off. A quick nibble on my ears is enough to make me melt. I guard them with my life. If cheat codes were a thing in real life, one would be my ears. I become a motionless ragdoll, submissive and super turned on.

Damn! Can we scratch out that last part? panics

Sev: *Highlights* Nope.😀 What would you recommend someone who wants to play around like you but is still shy and inexperienced?
Syler: Start slow! You may feel like there is lots you want to do and feel behind everyone else. But don’t panic! Kink will always be here! Find someone you feel comfortable with and start slow.
If you’re shy, it’s easy to make friends at fetish events. Just be brave and talk to some people, they don’t bite.
Sev: Thank you for your time, I’m sure people will appreciate your advice and knowing your weaknesses 😉

If you want to know more about Syler, go find him on twitter 🙂
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