Scottland seems really to be a good spot for nice and cute boys. Probably I should plan one of my next trips to the country of Nessie. And if your peaty wiskey get served by such a sexy submissive 18yo boy like I’ve today with me, holidays couldn’t be better. KinkyKush has an online relationship with Chirenon and he really shows a lot of passion for chastity and for his online duties on his twitter. That have been the reasons to invite him to our place. 🙂


2000 | 183 cm | 53 kg
Glasgow (UK)

Hi Kush. Great to have you here with us. First take the pants down and show me if you’re locked today!

No I’m currently unlocked for now, Lord Chirenon has allowed me a week wild time in which I don’t need to follow the rules :). He said that normally after a tapping release the boy should be locked up immediately after, but since I’d been locked for so long he allowed me to have somewhat of a break. I believe we’ll discuss our next steps whilst I’m off too.

What is the fascination of chastity for a young boy like you and how have you realised that you love to be locked?

I used to browse Tumblr, before it kinda died, and I remember seeing them pop up and thought it was a really hot concept 😉 . I stumbled upon lord chirenons blog for the first time I it though it was insanely hot, I used to just jerk off to the concept – which I’m sure lord chirenon would be much displeased with 😛 . Eventually I got curious and bought one to see what it was like. I could never even get it on at first since I always got to hard, and if I came I would lose the motivation to put it on. After much struggle eventually I got it on, it made me so horny when it was finally on. I would manage a few hours and then be naughty, but I’d say I’ve truly learned to love it over the past few weeks though. It wasn’t until I locked for a while I realised the full extent of how much it pleases me 🙂 .

Can you tell us what is giving you this pleasing feelings by wearing a chastity device? What kind of emotions are involved?

The biggest pleasure for me was knowing I was making my Lord proud of me and that I was exhibiting good boy behaviour. It’s a well known fact you’ll get really horny and submissive but for me it was more a test of my will power :p . Not all days were easily and it’s very tempting to just remove the device, especially if you have the keys, but it was about getting that pleasure from others to know I’m making them happy that made me want to stay locked and be a good boy. It gave a tremendous sense of achievement to finally complete my last lockup and it brought others and myself so much more pleasure than jerking off ever could 🙂 .

So it is not the chastity by itself which gives you the satisfaction but the submissive desires of you to please a Master are giving it to you?

Yeah I’d say that’s entirely it for me 🙂 . The chastity can be quite frustrating after the initial caging so it’s all about finding that drive to keep it on. For me that drive was pleasing lord Chirenon and not disappointing my follower’s. It’s hard to remember why you’re locked up sometimes, so it’s satisfying to me knowing others will be proud of me for staying locked. I was given the help of the great chastity lord and it gave me tremendous amounts of joy to know I was pleasing him too, every time I was called good boy the thought of unlocking would just vanish.

What was the longest time you have been in chastity?

It was the two weeks I recently completed sir. Before that the longest I managed was a week so it was quite a big step for me. I know there’s lots of boys that can lock for much longer, and it’s admirable but for me two weeks was quite a considerable challenge.

I think the first few hours when you get caged are normaly not a problem, but when do the problems start and when the frustration? Can you tell us about the different stages, the problems you have got and how you’ve managed it?

The first week around was quite different to the second. First week I attempted I was already really horny after day 1, and just just more and more horny until my release. The two weeks started really easily, presumably because I’d experienced being locked a bit more now, then I suddenly experienced a large ‘horny boost’ over the course of a day and I’d say around day 10 I peaked on horniness. The main problems that you experience are: nocturnal erections that can wake you up, and the morning wood which, almost definitely, will wake you up. I’ve given advice on how to deal with them to many subs, nocturnal erections won’t last that long and get more infrequent – I just check my phone and it’s normally gone in a few minutes. The mornings are the worst, for me anyway, it doesn’t seem to matter what you’re thinking it just won’t go away. Make sure you wear an appropriate ring size or it’ll really hurt but I normally just suggest getting up and making breakfast and keep your mind off it ;). I’m not sure how many people get this but I experienced blue balls, which was probably the hardest part of my lockup. I was experiencing quite a significant amount of pain at some stages, my own fault for teasing myself but managed to kinda control it with some painkillers but it was definitely the worst thing about being locked up for me.

Hehe. Belive me, my boy has to fight the same problems. 🙂 Btw. how was it to go out to work, school or also to the gym while you’ve been wearing the chastity device? What kind of feelings have you had and what kind of experiences did you make?

Yeah it’s pretty scary going out in public or being around friends and family when locked. Initially you think everyone will notice or have irrational thoughts of people somehow accidentally touching it. It’s the same with most things when caged though, you tend to get used it it. When wearing tight boxers and loose jeans it’s not noticeable, by my standards, and you tend to forgot the cage is even there after a while. I think it’s just something that you have to get used to :p .

Has anyone of your friends or family seen you with the cage and what have been their reactions?

I’ve done a good job of hiding it, I think anyway. I’m sure if someone seen it they’d say something but so far it’s completely unknown to them.

So nobody of your friends know about your chastity cage and that you’re doing it for a master you just know online? If they would find it out, how would you explain it to them so that they can understand you and your needs?

I’d probably just explain it as it is, most of my friends and family wouldn’t mind. It’s probably something that we’ll discuss once and that would be the end of it. My friends are all respectful blokes and I’m certain that they have enough integrity to mind their own business, they already know I’m pretty kinky just not the full extent ;p .

I am surprised that nobody of your friends knows about what you’re doing as you have a well visited twitter account. What is for you the attraction of this kind of exposure?

I like all the support and guidance that I’ve been given its not so much that I’m trying to show off my body. I’ve met and helped subs that are looking for advice on their lockups, and a few that I’ve inspired to lock up – it’s a good feeling as I know lord chirenon will be proud of me setting a good example :). I’ve met lots of nice Dom’s too, including lord chirenon who was instrumental in helping me completing my last lockup and guiding to be a good boy. There’s also just friendly people who are nice to get to know. It’s all very helpful for me sticking to being locked up too :p .

Do you like the humiliation aspect which is coming with this exposure?

I don’t really ever think it’s humiliating, I’m proud to be a locked boy. It’s something that makes me feel good and happy. I rarely get any messages that that are offensive or rude but its not something that really bothers me. I don’t ever show anything that would make me uncomfortable so it’s all done on my own terms

Hehe. But what do you think about humiliation? Is that something you like?

Not really, doesn’t do all that much for me. I can understand why others enjoy it and I’m sure it can be a good tool for a dom to have. But I’d say I’m the more affectionate type, it’s interesting because it makes me try so significantly harder. Personally I respond better to a more gentle approach, but again it may be the opposite for some.

Everyone is different, that’s right and this is good as it is. What other kinks are you into?

I’m interested in bondage, spankings, socks & sneakers and underwear. Think being tied up it’s really hot and it’s something I’d like to explore. I like spanking for the dynamic involved, it could be a gentle daily spanking to being naughty and requiring discipline. Not sure why I like socks and sneakers do much but they’re quite the turn on for me. Underwear is cute to me, as it’s like a little surprise to be unwrapped.

If I look back to my teenager years I’ve to say that this has been one of the periods I was most wanking in my life. For me it would have been unimaginable to be in chastity. That would have been like a punishment for me but there are more teenagers who enjoy it that you think. Another one is a cute German boy.


2000 | 173 cm | 56 kg
Ravensburg (DE)

For how long are you into chastity and what was your longest periode you have been enclosed?

It should be about 2 years and the longest period was 14 days.

How often do you jerk if you’re not enclosed?

Maybe 3 or 4 times in a week Normally it means a lot to me because I feel very relaxed and relieved but sometimes when I have sex it means nothing to if I can cum, I just focus on the other one that he can enjoy his orgasm.

Four times are not really often for a boy in your age. But can you tell us about your attraction of being in chastity?

Not to be able to jerk even if you’re crazy horny xD. To know that there is somebody else who is in control of your sexuality is a great turn on. If you want to get your own satisfaction you have to find other ways to get it and belive me, I can be very creative. It pushes you to new ideas and new sensations you would never explore if the chastity device wouldn’t be on. And belive me the pent-up horniness is just something which gives you a great feeling.

Not to be able to jerk even if you’re crazy horny xD. To know that there is somebody else who is in control of your sexuality is a great turn on. If you want to get your own satisfaction you have to find other ways to get it and belive me, I can be very creative. It pushes you to new ideas and new sensations you would never explore if the chastity device wouldn’t be on. And belive me the pent-up horniness is just something which gives you a great feeling.

Are you also a teen who loves to be in chastity or one who has made bad experiences with? Please contact us with the contact form or on twitter.


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