Hey readers, today I’m here to talk with you about teledildonics. Oh wow, that way this sounds like I’m talking about a kinky morning product sales tv show. It isn’t really. The tele here only refers to the original term television comes from. “From afar”.

And Teledildonics is a collective term for technology for remote sex appliances and therelike. It’s also known as cyberdildonics. Simply put, that remote controlled vibrator that you may have or have seen in someone elses collection? That’s a teledildonic.

Actually if we go into specifics, that’s a subcategory called a bluedildonic, as they say. Because of the bluetooth it uses for it’s connection.

But yeah, the goal of teledildonics is to revolutionize the sex market and bring it into the digital age. The end goal likely being able to have entirely digitally transmitted sex from separate locations. Maybe with suits like in Steven Spielbergs “Ready Player One”.

They transmitted the vision, touch and feel of incurring objects and other people in the digital world over to your body. Such suits are in development btw. One example would be the Teslasuit, presented in this video, giving you feedback of your surroundings with electronic signals over electrodes put into the suit.

And that’s kinda what cyberdildonics are all about. The whole thing revolves about being able to sending tactile sensations over a data link between two or more parties/participants.

The technological field these things are developed in is called Telehaptics

Computer generated tactile (tangible or touch) sensations (haptics) over a network, between physically distant human beings, or between a local user and a remote location, using sensors and effectors.

A field that also the medical world (among others) is interested in advancing (for example remote examination and surgery). The drone Industry also plays around with for remote control, and the game industry naturally too, not to speak of the communication industry. Imagine being able hug your friend calling from afar, by touching his hologram.

This last example actually is not extremely far-fetched btw. Back in 2013 there already were technologies to make an interactable hologram screen (asukanet), and in 2015 japanese scientists used similar technology to make a system called Haptoclone that can display haptic and optical clone image in mid-air. Which is a fancy way of saying they can send an image and the feeling of touch/force it gives. But imagine, having such a phone cell call, where you could kiss your partner for example. You can find the test in the video below.

Of course, if we go down the more easily thought of route of digital world sex, we naturally land with immersive VR Systems. Having sex in a VR game over your digital avatars.

VR is more of an environment provider to teledildonics, rather than a teledildonic itself. These would be more augmenting the experience inside that environment to that.

A good video that explains where we are with our current stand in technology in immersive vr uses the comparison to a popular japanese anime called “sword art online”, where they protagonists are trapped in a vr game with life-like sensations and facing dangers the game’s realism.

(hopefully a feature that will never be implemented in real future vr games).

One giant problem the immersive vr science pursuers are facing for technical advancements towards such style is the in-vr body control. Or rather, brain control, as most are trying to use the signals sent there for control inside the vr. Sadly, while there are brain signal-using devices like he showed, and also some way more advanced ones, such as Elon Musks recently presented Neuralink for example, they are still facing issues.

These kind of devices are working kind of in a similar manner like you are doing with hotkeys on your computer. Crtl + C copies something. Jetting a reaction signal when something flashes in front of you brings lets you move a cursor on your screen to the right. Thats only one strong deliberate signal though. Our brain sends out crazy amounts all the time. And even though there are some functions you can make work easier through the above methods, and there have been some successes with very invasive medical devices for impaired people and also scientific ones with apes… fully transfering all your detailed articulation signals as you do normal unsupervised movements, that they don’t do so far.

While the Neuralink allows hopefully larger quantity of input data to be processed, it still is, though very minor, an invasive implant and requires minor surgery.

And not everybody may be ok with having stuff put to his brain.

And of course even from that point on you still have many many more steps until you get to simulate everything accurately in a vr, not to mention creating an immersive environment as well.

So, while there is some progress, this is still wayyy further off in technology goals. But yeah, Teledildonics is advancing and using such technology for the goal of remote intimacy too.

For now, we have the vr goggles and sets with controllers…and additional dildos connected. Jup, you can connect your bluetooth toy to your computer for some “haptic” feedback. One porn game where it is actually integrated for a more immersive experience is ViRo Playspace. They want to spice up their (solo, not multiplayer) adventures with vibration toys.

It’s not the only game that you could do that though. Actually, any game that you can connect a controller to (and has vibration feedback) you can hijack the signals from and reroute it to your toy. If you want to know how, it is explained in this article.

There’s also a community called virt-a-mate. Virt-A-Mate is a VR-Sandbox creator, where you can create sex scenes and take in the perspective of one of the created participants. And there are many scenes shared around. You maxy have to brwose around a bit to find some gay ones though, I havent been looking around too much there.

Oh and a cool thing for some of you. For VAM there is also the OSR project by tempest, a open-source project with which you can build your own fleshlight machine that tracks up to 3-axis movements of VAM character and moves accordingly. You can find it on his patreon.

This field also is not exactly called teledildonics I’d say. It’s robot sex. For teledildonics you need an interaction with another partner.

Sadly, for that there is no real usable program developed yet, and I couldn’t find one where you interact with another person. The closest experience to immersive telesex you could easily experience like that for now is likely:To go into a private VR-Chat, or to make a double 360 livestream to each other with the camera mounted in front of your phone VR goggles, and use an app-controlled dildo-to-fleshlight toy. I couldn’t come up with anything better. But honestly, for better things to become reality, not that much is needed. Mostly whats missing is some software (and a little bit of hardware) that connects the various things out there. And that could very well come sooner than we might assume.

If you want to know more about teledildonics and their buildup, I recommend to watch QDot’s explanation series here. While the first part is a bit improvised as he held it quite so during the corona shut-in, he really breaks it down into easy to understand parts, covers most bases and goes quite into technical and programming detail in the later parts. You can also join their discord group, which is very welcoming if you have any questions.

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