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Label: Club Inferno Dungeon  
Actors: Matt Wylde, Axel Abysse  

Axel Abysse and Matt Wylde bathe each other in a tongue bath while groping their bulging cocks thru their jocks. Matt makes the first move and reveals Axel’s pierced, uncut cock and taint as he strokes the hefty rod. The stud’s transition to an inverted 69 leaving Axel on his back choking on Matt’s pierced meat and eating his smooth hole. After riding Axel’s face, Matt bends him over and goes straight to pounding Axel’s hole fast and hard. When Matt feel’s that Axel’s hole is warmed up, he rips out his cock and prepares his fist for entry. Axel’s talented piggy ass takes every fist pounding thrust with ease and pleasure. After multiple jabbing punches into Axel’s Abysse, Matt yanks his fist out of the gaping center leaving Axel with a blooming red rosebud. Axel is so proud of his efforts that he wets himself with excitement as Matt’s fist drills deeper. When Matt is done, Axel is rewarded with a destroyed hole.

Click here > Watch the TRAILER & MORE PICS for free 

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