A talk with RbbrDutchRyder, a Dutch kinkster and rubber lover, about his needs and desires and of course his best experiences.

If we got fucked this year it has mostly been Corona and/or the restrictions and lockdowns we have had to suffer all over the world. Our asses and dicks haven’t been really socially interactive this year. But at least we can surf around and enjoy hot fetish pics. Normally one’d say that sex is something you’d have to experience and not talk about, but this has changed a little. So lets talk with a hot kinkster from the Netherlands about his best kink experiences.


1993 | 174 cm | 59 kg
North Holland (NL)

Hi Ryder. How satisfying was 2020 if you compare your sexual activities of this year with 2019?

Hi, unfortunately not great at all. Probably like most of us. The first 3 months were ok, and luckily closed with Darklands Antwerp as closing party of 2020. But after that it was just horrible.

Yes it seems that the closing party of Darklands was at the same time the funeral of our sexual life. But even if our sexual activities are limited atm we still can remember the good experiences we’ve had in the past. For how long have you been into kink?

I’ve been active in the kink-scene for approximately 4 years now. Before that I was already interested in tight fitting outfits/kink for some time. I bought my first rubber suit second-hand 8 years ago now. I got to try it on, and the match was made! For me it was hard to make the first step in the kink-scene. I was, even more than I still am now, insecure. A friend of mine who I hold very dear took me literally at the hand and took me to Fetish Pride Antwerp / Darklands. After that my adventure really took off.

As much as you’re showing yourself on twitter you don’t really give us the image of being insecure. Do you think that your kinky life have boosted your self-confidence?

Yes very much so. I’ve always been insecure about certain parts of myself. My looks is one of those. I was always second guessing if something would look good etc. Since I entered the kink scene and got a positive response on my looks and combinations my self-confidence grew. Still I often don’t see myself as “handsome” as some responses make me out to be. I do know that I’m no ugly guy, but wouldn’t call myself handsome neither.

I am quite sure that you realize that you attract a lot of guys. So believe them if they say that you’re handsome. But we will talk about other qualities of you now. How kinky are you and what are your dirtiest fantasies?

Thanks a lot, that means a lot to me. Regarding how kinky I am, for me it is mostly in the bedroom/playroom/darkroom or at events. Sometimes I like to mix my kink life a little with my daily life, by wearing leather-pants or wearing chastity underneath my clothes. Sometimes I do fantasize with mixing it up more, wearing rubber in public, but I’m not there yet. A big fantasy of mine is being kidnapped by some hot guys and put in the trunk of a car. Driven somewhere I don’t know, put in full gear and serving a group of kinky guys in any way they feel like.

Uhhhh, seems you love to deliver yourself and to get forced. Do you have had some good experiences with it?

I do have some experience with it, a real nice one was at a big house party (pre-corona) I believe there were around 75 guys at one point. So it started by one who took me to a room and started to blindfold me. After my eyesight was cut off, he put me on a bed. Ropes on all the corners were tying me down so I couldn’t get out. It started so sweet with a back massage, but quickly turned in something rougher. He put headphones on me so I just could here music and he could play with me. Next he sat in front of me and made me give him a blowjob. Apperantly during all this there had formed a little group around us (I wasn’t still aware of it). But suddenly I didn’t feel only one set of hands, but multiple. They started playing with my body all over. Candle wax, plugs, vibrators, fucking it all passed. Sometimes in between they let me lay there for I don’t know how long, nothing happening, and than suddenly it all started again. In the end I have been laying there for approximately 2-3 hours .

That sounds like a good start. But just 2-3 hours? Wouldn’t you be up for something longer?

Haha well we had much fun that party. Unfortunately for me it was not a kink only party. So it’s a little taking and giving haha. That’s why my fantasies still stand. More extensively. Like something like i described only than on an event like darklands! It get’s my horny as fuck only thinking of it

For how long would you like to get kept in a secret place to get used just for the others pleasure?

Wouldn’t be the correct answer be: “As long as my Master likes me to be” ? But I do like to broaden my limits. So I couldn’t really say. Never been at that point that I thought: ok this is enough.

Yes that is a correct answer. 🙂 Good boy. What kind of sexual action are you into and what are your limits?

Well it’s a pretty long list. Obviously I LOVE rubber, but also other tight fitting outfits. I love the way you can see everything of the body, but still you can’t really see. That suspense and the feel of it what makes me horny as hell! Next to that I like sportswear, socks, sneakers. Being dominated as you could have guessed. I’m a Sub/Pup and more bottom. I like bondage/blindfolds and assplay. I get more into fisting every time, but that is still a work in progress. Besides all the things I already discovered I’m always in for trying new stuff I don’t know.

Limits for me are scat, permanent marks and blood. Also severe pain is not really my thing. I do like a spanking or some CBT but I can’t handle it for a very long time.

Oh I see a various list of interests. That’s always interesting even more if boys are also open for new things. Let us talk about your best experiences. Would you like to present us one?

I think the best experience I had sexually, is the one I just sketched before. Just the feeling of you being used as a toy, for the pleasure of others. Which in itself pleasures you, including the feelings you get by being played with and fucked is just something arousing I can’t really describe.

My best experience in the kink scene must be my first time Darklands Antwerp. At that point fetish was some scary world. With hot men in black rubber or leather. All very strong and “scary”. A dear friend of mine literally took my hand and took me into the kink world in Antwerp. It showed that kinksters are one of the most including, sweetest and warmhearted people I’ve ever met. And just as important, lot’s of fun to play with.

What is the attraction of not knowing what will happen?

I think it has to do with my personality in my “daily-life”. In my “daily-life” I am very much in control. I plan a lot because I have a lot of interests, so to fit that in 24h or a week needs some managing. Therefore it really arouses me if somebody can completely take that away. Because of my personality I won’t be your easiest sub. But when you succeed in me fully submitting and not thinking “I would like this or that”. Then you could do pretty much everything with me. Ill get in a space that fully revolves around pleasuring you and your needs or wishes.

What exactly makes you not an easy sub?

Even as a sub, well at first if you do it “right”, I would still try to control the situation. I’m still learning not to give in to those thoughts of: This would be very horny or try that, and just shut up haha. So I think as a Dom you have to work maybe a little harder to get me to fully submit. But when I do… You can have your wildest fantasies come true haha

Seems it is a question of trust and that I understand totally. Trust is the base of good sm. You’ve told us that you love to be used by many at events but I’m quite sure that you love to have a Master in such situations who will take care of you. What else is important in such a situation?

Yes you are completely right. Trust is the base of any play. Another thing which is important for me is the ambiance. I love a relaxed or horny ambiance, which arouses me and puts me at ease. Which will make it easier for me to submit to the other stimulations.

But if the relaxed ambiance is so important than you have really to tell us why the kidnapping scenario is such turn-on for you, a scenario in which you would be more stressed than relaxed?

It will probably be harder for me yes. But i really like the idea of full blown no choices and just being told what you have to do. Or being used for the pleasure of others and the real total loss of all controle of the situation.

Is that just a sexual desire or would you love to be in such a situation a slave in all aspects?

It’s more a sexual desire. I don’t get aroused by the thought of me having to do dishes or to polish the boots of a master. For me that doesn’t add any value to the play.

How important is your sexual satisfaction for you? Do you think it is important for subs to cum?

My sexual satisfaction is pretty important to me. But I believe it is not necessarily related to me as a sub cumming. If my master allows it, that’s a big welcome. Though the journey and play together is satisfying enough. Sometimes, not coming, only keeps you more and more aroused.

Last but not least I’ve to ask you how important it is for you that the Master and also other tops are satisfied and why do you think that you are a good boy, who is really able to satisfy real men?

It is important to satisfy the Master or Top because that means you get more out of the experience. And often it means you will play again, which builds trust. Thanks to that trust you can broaden your boundaries and try new even more exciting things. As a sub I always try to accomplish the pleasure of my Master or Top, and I won’t settle for “it was oke”. As a sub I want to be remembered, and be able to build the experience out even more.

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