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In my last article I told you about the mulatto boy from Cuba I am chatting with since some days. We chat daily and he has already admitted his innermost thoughts and desires to me. We speak a lot about the history of slavery, how nigger slaves were caught, about the middle passage, about the inspection of slaves, about slave markets and about slave training.

When we started our chat he sent me pictures of himself. He had a beard and his head hair was quite long and he also had some pubic hair. He is a really beautiful muscled mulatto. He has a nice muscular chest which was always clean shaved and in general you can say that he is really a beautiful piece of brown mulatto meat 🥩. 😉

On top of his physical beauty this mulatto boy is also fucking smart. As far as I know he speaks four languages. Spanish, English, French and even German. Of course that is the icing on the cake. I really like smart and intelligent people cause the chats with those people are so much more satisfying and diversified and smart people are always open for new thoughts and ideas.

Back to main theme.

In our chats I told this mulatto boy very clearly what I like and what I don’t really like. First I ordered him to let his chest hair grow. Chest hair turns me on on a dark skinned slave.

I also told him that be should cut his hair and shave the beard off cause it really didn’t look as good as it could.

Well what shall I say? Within 3 days the beard was shaved off, he got a new,  shorter haircut and he shaved his pubic hair. I wish I could show you pics how he looks now but I promised him not to use any face pics. And I will keep that promise.  And I was right. He looks so much better with this new look.

He is such a hot negroooe, all he needs is a guiding hand that leads and teaches him. I love that mulatto slaveboy.

Needles to say that he starts to accept his innermost thoughts and desires now and the development that I can already see and feel is absolutely awesome.

Thinking about the fact that our chat started last Saturday I have to admit that this mulatto slaveboy gives me one of the best experiences in my life so far. I can really say that I never had a chat like this before in my 50 years of living. It’s amazing! Never thought that 5 days could make such a difference! I am still blown away and I am looking forward to the next days!

I will keep you informed about the progress with this mulatto slaveboy

Kind regards, yours

Master Ferdok

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Master Ferdok

Master Ferdok

I am in my early 50ies and I am from north-western germany. I am located in a very small city called Leer(Ostfriesland). It's close to the dutch border. Our next bigger cities are Bremen which is at the same time my nearest airport and Emden. I am married since almost 5 years and I live openly gay. I own a house at the country side here in north-western germany without direct neighbours. My next neighbour is about 100 meters away from my property. I am into SM for more than 25 years now. I always was a master, active and dominant and sadistic by nature. Let's start with a very stupid thing I hear over and over again: "You can only be a good master if you have started as a slave". Sorry but that's bullshit. All you need to be a good master is a working brain to be able to watch your slaves how they handle things. So don't let noone tell you that bullshit sentence. It's simply rubbish. Every once in a while people ask me what I like and what turns me on. Usually I am tired to answer those questions cause you just need to look at my blog and you can answer it yourself but today I feel like in a mood to write a bit about it. My favourite tool is the bullwhip. I like to tie slaves up in a spreadeagled position and to whip them. It turns me on to see the whip impacting on a slaves body. It turns me on to see the body reacting to the inflicted pain. I like to see how the muscles react and I am curious how much a new slave can take. I like it rough and extreme. But whatever I do I always do it safe, sane and responsible.
Master Ferdok

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