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Tips and Things to avoid
Washing Your Neoprene
Storing Your Neoprene

Neoprene has become more and more of a fetish gear material over the last years. We got jockstraps, harnesses, gloves, vests, shorts,… and it’s esy to see why. It’s water and sweat absorbing, has a nice touch, often really cool patterns, and skin thight, sexy body countouring properties. For many it’s the pre- or later easy-lazy stage for latex.

And while most people know how to care for their latex gear, when it comes to neoprene, most just assume that normal clothing rules apply. After all it’s made for going into seawater and waves, or not?

Neoprene is actually quite a delicate material. it is easy to destroy it when you don’t treat it right. We gathered some tips and present you a guide on how to care for it

General Tips And Things To Avoid

Putting On A Wetsuit

Watch that the zipper is in the back. Haha… sry. If you like full enclosure, full suits are of course the way to go. If you look at some of the modern ones, they basically look like sexy scifi underarmor. And while yeah, sure putting on a wetsuit may not be as complicated as rubber, it still is not always easy. But there are a few tricks to get easier into them:

  • Water – Easiest trick of all, use water to reduce the friction.
  • Water-based Lubricant – One step further, and for you kinksters maybe also enjoyable (avoid silicone and oil based ones though, more on that later)
  • Inside-Out Method – Start with your suit turned inside out, put your feet though the leg holes and roll it up from there.
  • Blowing into the Suit – If you get stuck with the arms, have your playmate (don’t use a hot hairdryer!) blow into your wrist seals. That breaking the skin contact and its friction. Also should work with rubber btw 😉

What To Avoid

There are a few things should avoid with your neoprene, some of which I will reference A LOT in the article. Sry in advance for that. However, these are the most common causes for a damaged suit/jockstrap/shirt etc. So it’s good to keep them all in mind.

  • Bleach – Fairly self-explanatory. If not, go look it up.
  • Sharp Things – Even more self-explanatory. Neoprene rips pretty easily. So be careful when putting on gear over your suit and avoid hard edges.
  • Heat – Heat will damage your neoprene’s basic structure. It is the worst thing for it. Avoid it. That goes for water, dryer, sunlight, hot car etc.
  • Oils – Generally bad. That also includes things like body creams etc. It’s best not to use them when wearing a neoprene suit. And yes, I know, your silicone lube also is an oil… well, its your own risk ^^’
  • Gasoline – “How do I come into contact with that?” you may ask? Easily, with prolonged Garage and car trunk storage. Even the gases in there can damage it. Don’t keep it in there.
  • Alcohol / Aerosols / Chemical Solvents – Some of those damage rubber and plastic. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber. (Another reason for latex lovers to like those suits even more 😉 )
  • Folds – Neoprene creases damage the flexibility of the suit and are uncomfortable and unsexy to watch at. Avoid those at all costs.

Washing Your Neoprene

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Wash your neoprene frequently to remove body and other oils from play. Else these absorbed fluids will very quickly make your neoprene very smelly.

Hang your neoprene up or unfolded on a flat surface after wearing if you don’t immediately wash it. That will prevent creases from forming.

When washing your neoprene, always use cool water. Hot water damages neoprene and make it lose it’s flexibility.

Don’t put your neoprene in the washing machine. I know it seems easier but it’s best to avoid it. The spinning cycles can damage all the seams of your neoprene gear, which are- well essentially holding it together.


  1. First rinse both the outside and the inside of the neoprene gear. Just because its an fluid absorbing material it doesn’t mean you wash everything off when you just drench one side enough in water. Always both.
  2. Fill a bathtub with enough cold water, then submerge your neoprene in it. Do not use strong shampoo or anything similar! I know if you had wet n’ golden games you may want to, but the chemicals in there may damage it. There are special Neoprene shampoos, but if you don’t have any of them at home, mild non-detergent soap or baby shampoo should work as well. So use those.
  3. Let your neoprene soak in the water for about 30 min.
    (if it is especially dirty maybe let it soak overnight)
  4. Basic hand wash. Scrub the neoprene against itself or use a very mild brush, to clean the dirty areas. Squeeze to get the water and dirt out, repeat. When done, take it out.
  5. Again, rinse it off both out- and inside with cold water to get off the soap.


Never put neoprene in the dryer or iron it! Heat is the absolute enemy of neoprene and will destroy it, and you’ll be left with a mess of fabric and self-hate about your stupidity.

  • Always turn your neoprene inside out for drying. That way the outside will keep it’s flexibility better, and it also phelps to prevent any smells from forming.
  • Again, hang your neoprene on a (best padded) plastic clothes hanger or unfolded on a flat surface. Just don’t use wire hangers as it will cause the neoprene to stiffen and crack around the wires, which could lead to tearing.
    • When drying a suit, fold it in the waist area and hang it over the hanger rather than hanging it from the shoulders. The stress from the weight of the water could else deform and damage it over time.
  • Try to dry your neoprene indoors and/or away from sunlight in the shadow. Although this stuff is basically made to wear for sunny beaches, extended exposure to UV Light will shorten it’s lifespan and possibly damage it. Hang it in the shower stall for example.

Storing Your Neoprene

Basically same rules apply. Try to avoid folding neoprene.

Do not crumple it up and put
it in a bag! if you store it like that it can lead to permanent creaves and smells.

Again, best try to lay it unfolded on a flat surface or use a wide (padded) plastic coat hanger.

As its dry you can hang it from the shoulders. However best avoid putting it in small overstuffed closets. If not enough space, use the fold in the middle method when hanging.

That’s it. Now you should be all ready to have agood time in your neoprene, and to keep it around for doing that for a long time. Have a lot of fun!

Do you have more tips how to take care of your gear? Post them in the comments! The other kinksters will thank you 🙂

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