An interview with CagedJock, a masculine guy who loves to be forced to chastity.

MasterMarc: Hi CagedJock. Today we want to talk a little about you and of course about chastity which seems to be one of your most important kinks. Can you tell us, for how how long are you into chastity and how has it come?

CagedJock: I have a lot of followers asked me this question so I’m glad we visit this topic.  I don’t really remember the very first moment that I discovered a chastity device.  I do remember one image I saved in my phone of an interesting device that I found on the internet.  It caught my attention because of the beautiful design but my mind at the time wasn’t at the stage of pursuing it.  Over the years I browsed through some chastity tumblr blogs and found the contents to be fascinating.  One day I stumbled across a picture that made my heart stopped – an image of a beautifully built physique, smooth, muscular, pure testosterone but in between his legs is a chastity device that held his dick locked, preventing him from using it for any other reasons than urinating.  I found it so erotic the concept of an object giving up his pleasure and control to his Owner.  That single picture was enough to convince me to pursue a new lifestyle so I did my research on chastity devices online and tried my first device.  It unfortunately didn’t work out because the spec didn’t fit and it was uncomfortable to wear so I put it away.  Then in August 2015 a Dom purchased a better device for me to try.  It fits me perfectly and I never wanted to let it go ever since.  I’ve been locked since August 2015 and counting.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us more about the feelings and sensations you have by being locked? What is the attraction of being locked and why do you feel good, by knowing, that you are kind of “castrated” and not really in a situation you can live out your manhood?

CagedJock: When locked you’re constantly reminded that you belong to someone.  A male’s image is defined by his sex organ but it’s confined in a cage which can only be accessed with permission of the Key Holder.  You’re always thinking of your Owner.  When you’re aroused, the cage prevents you from getting hard.  Physically speaking your manhood belongs to you but it’s not accessible.  I love the idea of having your sexual genital belongs to someone.  It’s an erotic feeling.  You still have a penis but mentally you’re castrated.  It’s no longer there.  You can only use it to urinate.  There is only one real manhood in the relationship and that belongs to your Owner.  Over time you begin to forget that you have a dick and you start to embrace the reality that you only have one sex organ – your boy pussy.  Chastity is not a degradation of a male but rather the commitment of fully serving your Owner, forgetting about your own pleasure and fully focus on serving the ONLY Male in the relationship.

MasterMarc: I am sure the first few weeks have been the hardest. Can you tell us a little about the sensations you’ve had during this time?

CagedJock: The first few weeks I had to learn to adapt walking around with the cage.  The hardest part is the pulling of the balls because when you get aroused you extend the cage further from the body and that resulted in pulling of the testicles.  Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not painful.  A lot of people think that it’s painful when experimenting with chastity play but if it were to be painful I wouldn’t be wearing it.

The biggest sensation is when I get aroused.  I fill the cage.  There’s this incredible feeling that I can’t really describe.  It feels amazing and a lot of my chast buddies agreed.  The best thing about chastity is that when you get hard people can’t tell.  The cage totally prevents you from having a regular erection.  I always love that my dick is being suppressed when I get turned on.  It’s so weird to describe. I just know that I love it.

MasterMarc: Nice to hear that you love to wear it. I think for a real pussyboy the chastity device should become like a part of his body. Have you ever had moments in which you just wanted to take it off? What kind of situations have that been and how have you reacted?

CagedJock: I only want to take it off when it’s cold outside and the balls are pulling when they’re trying to get close to the body for heat. Over time I learned to wear more base layer to keep my body warm and that really prevents my balls from irritation. But aside from the discomfort due to temperature drop I don’t really have any desire to remove the cage. The best part is when you’re in heat and you have this huge desire to jerk off but you look down and there’s just no way you’re able to cum like a real man could.  You had to go find your dildo and start riding it like a real bitch would do in able to get any pleasure. The cage, it’s part of my body now. I feel incomplete without my cage. I feel as if without the cage then I’ve lost my identity.  I feel naked without it.

MasterMarc: Do you take a shower in the gym? How do people react when they see you naked?

CagedJock: I do take shower at the gym but the gym isn’t an open shower like what you see in colleges. So I couldn’t really show off my cage around unfortunately.

MasterMarc: So you have never had a situation in which people who didn’t know that you’re wearing a chastity device have seen you with it?

CagedJock: I’ve had some situations where i surprised the guy with my chastity. Some ask questions. Some just find it interesting. I would explain to them the concept and the eroticism of chastity play and that’s when the dots are connected. But most are very open minded.

MasterMarc: Do such situations have a humiliating aspect and is that a turn on for you?

CagedJock: One time I encountered this Dom on Grindr.  When we chat for a bit then we met the local gym.  We worked out, flirted a bit then we both hit the steam room together.  In the steam room there were already two guys.  One was straight so we three waited for him to leave since we didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable.  After the guy left, the Dom immediately took my towel away to expose my locked dick.  I was wearing a metal cage that’s only 1.5 inch in length.  He was holding his big dick and sized it next to my locked clit.  It felt so humiliating doing it in front of the third guy because the third guy never saw that coming.  My ENTIRE package was the size of the Dom’s dick head only.  But it was such a huge turn on for me.  Being a sub with a muscle body, a big ass and a clit size dick.  The smirk on his face knowing who the real Man is.

MasterMarc: People who are visiting your tumblr blog realize very fast, that you love to contrast the masculinity of well trained bodies with this image of the lost masculinity by wearing a chastity belt. Can you tell me, what does it made so attractive to you?

CagedJock: You know what, I ask myself this question a lot. I don’t really know the psychology behind it. I have always enjoy fitness ever since I was young.  I love building and sculpting my muscle, achieving that ideal male physique.  I just really love the physique of a male.  The penis is the symbolic of a man.  Men in general don’t like confinement so when a man’s most intimate symbol is being locked out of sight and out of touch that shows so much discipline and dedication.  Not having access to your private part, your mind is more clear and more focus on building your body.  You’re more dedicated to sculpt your body in able to become that perfect chaste sub – muscular, big ass with a locked dick.  Seeing this image makes you realize that you’re not a boy but you’re also not a man.  You’re just a muscle sub living your life to submit.

MasterMarc: If you talk with people wearing a cahstity device fairly long term they say, that there horniness has moved from their dick to their ass and that the ass becomes the primer erogenous zone. Do you feel the same and can you explain what it means and how do you feel it?

CagedJock: I can totally relate to this! When the dick no longer can be used for sexual purposes but the build up of sexual tension continues, this causes the sub to become extremely horny and always seeking for relief.  As the sub is unable to jerk off with the cage locked tight, over time the ass becomes the sole sexual organ. It totally depends on the Dominant Male for sexual pleasure. Some subs learned to cum from getting fucked. For me, I just dribble. But those dribbles feel extremely good. I love that now I have to depend 100% on my Man in able to achieve any kind of orgasm.  I’m sure eventually I’ll learn to cum from getting fucked, but for now I enjoy having no access to my own dick and gave total control of my own self to my Owner.

MasterMarc: You have tested several chastity devices. Could you tell more about the different chastity devices and tell us, what do you think about, which are the positive and which the negative aspects of the different models?

CagedJock: I’ve tried a total of three devices: first was the CB6000s, second was the Holy Trainer V2 and third, which is my current cage, Steelworxx Looker 1

CB series is good for beginner as the cages are cheap and doesn’t require much commitment.  It’s a good tester.  The design is extremely bulky and isn’t comfortable.  Although some people do love it.
Holy Trainer is a great device.  Streamlined in design and very comfortable.  The only down side is that they only have two sizes: small and regular.  They don’t have one for guys with large dicks and they don’t make one for guys with smaller dicks.  I can only fill the small version half way so I would really love it if they produce extra small in the near future.  I’m sure many of my cagedjock tumblr followers would agree.
Steelworxx Looker 1 is a custom made cage, specifically made according to your spec.  You have to really know how to do proper measurements otherwise you’re going to end up with a very expensive device and it doesn’t fit well.  I recommend potential buyers to really take their time and make sure they get the correct specs.  This device is really great.  It’s comfortable and impossible to slip off.  You can order with a urethral insert that has a rod going inside your dick.  It’s super erotic! This model is the smallest device that I have ever wear – 1.5 inches in length.  Having an erection is totally impossible.  The down side? I wish I didn’t chose the open design and went with the Looker 2 instead to cover the gland.  I’m uncut so my foreskin is very sensitive when gliding against the seam of my pants.

MasterMarc: Is the Steelworxx Locker 1 really so comfortable to wear? it looks really unconfortable? And is it true that the dick is becomming smaller with the time, as you can read often in internet or see in the illustrations of Chirenon?

CagedJock: It actually is very comfortable despite the look.  It did take 1-2 weeks for me to adjust with the new cage since it’s quite small.  But the body is amazing.  It’s very adaptive and quickly adjusts to change.  At first I did struggle a bit to put it on.  Urinating is also difficult so you have to sit down otherwise the stream would shoot in different directions.  The model is an open design, not concealed so the foreskin can stick out in different places and rub against the fabric.  That’s the ONLY part that makes it difficult to wear.

As for shrinkage.  Yes wearing a cage smaller than your dick when it’s soft can shrink your dick.  I’ve noticed that my dick’s gotten thinner and shorter.  Not too significant in change but you notice the difference.  It’s exciting! I love the look of a muscular body, big round bubble ass and a clit size dick.  The contrast is just super erotic that you can’t really explain.

MasterMarc: Last week you have launched your own webpage. What is it about and what is the aim of your blog?

CagedJock: My partner and I created the website to further express contents that cannot be posted on tumblr. As you know tumblr is cracking down on adult materials and I don’t want to solely depend on my tumblr blog as a way to communicate with my followers. With the new website, we are able to control the layout that makes it more streamline for my followers to navigate. The site also allows me full freedom with displaying contents and I won’t have to live on the edge of getting my tumblr blog deleted.

MasterMarc: That is great and we are happy, that you will also publish some of your articles on sadOsam too in the future. I wish you all the best for your webpage and I hope, that you will live a long and satisfying life in chastity. I am sure, our readers will read about you on sadOsam soon again.



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