Kinky Photostory by Chirenon. (Have a look on Part 1)

Devon, renamed “Floppy-Prick,” has lost all of his body hair and has begun his pony boy training. However, when he finds out Mr. Coxworthy’s intentions, he finds it impossible not to protest with human language.


Since Floppy-Prick is unable to confine himself to making pony sounds, Mr. Coxworthy decides he must be gagged. He’s also fitted with his hoofs as his training brings him ever closer to becoming a real pony boy.


To be continued …


  1. This is great fun to read and to try to guess what punishment “Floppy Prick” will earn himself next! I think when he’s well trained, his return to his step mother ought to be really exciting and fun for us readers.


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