A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 1

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I wonder why the hell I’m even surprised that things turned out the way they did. Looking back I guess I had it coming. I mean I’ve known him since grade school for God’s sake, I probably should have known better. I’m not complaining, mind you, I don’t regret a single thing, I just wish…

Sorry, I’m rambling. Let me start from the beginning.

I’m Finn. This is probably the most interesting thing I can tell you about myself and that’s definitely saying something. The other guy I’ll be talking about here is a fifteen-year old kid named Kieran. My best buddy. Kind of an unusual friendship to tell you the truth because we don’t really have that much in common and we’ve always been pretty different both in our tastes and personalities. An example? You know those people who are really, really hard to say ‘no’ to? Well, that’s Kieran for you. Always gets it his way, one way or the other and the worst part is that he even manages to make you think that it’s a great idea! Not that he actually realizes that, or cares, for that matter.

Me? Well, I’m a pretty easy going dude, I mind my own business and try not to piss anyone off. I’m not a doormat or anything, I just don’t like dealing with conflict.

To our classmates, though, we are both outcasts. Those guys don’t even seem to wanna take the time to get to know us. No, we’re just trash. The clumsy, ordinary, forgettable geek (that would be me) and the overconfident skater boy with overgrown hair who always smells of sweat (that’s him). To be fair, though, he does smell. Like all the time, morning, afternoon, winter, summer, you can always smell that pungent odor coming from him. But I’ll get back to that later.

We have decent grades and all but we never, ever go the extra mile. I’m usually too shy to even raise my hand in class and he simply can’t be bothered.

See to understand Kieran, you need to know this about him. He only had two things on his mind: skateboarding and, since puberty had kicked in, girls. Although he spent several hours a day practicing the former he didn’t have much luck with the latter. No one would put out for him which is pretty much a given when you’re fifteen: all you get to do is make out and grope. And he wasn’t ugly or anything, definitely not! No, he was just not too popular and the main reason was probably the fact that he spent so much of his time hanging with those thugs he called his friends, a group of skaters who were high on something half the time. A group I definitely did not fit in. Geez, they were so loud and vulgar and rough with each other. And they were gross. There I said it! It was like they never showered for fuck’s sakes. Hey, don’t think I’m one of those goody-two-shoes hygiene freaks or anything ‘cause I’m not! But what’s wrong with taking a goddamn shower every like two or three weeks? Oh well, I guess that’s why Kieran, on the other hand, felt perfectly at ease among them.

Anyways… since he couldn’t get any real action from the ladies, he would jerk off like four times a day, usually watching lesbian porn on the internet and dreaming of screwing hundreds of different chicks he was never gonna screw.

I took part in a few of those ‘recreational sessions’ but my interest in those vids was… well, inexistent. What I really was interested in was seeing my good buddy in all his masculine glory. Oh, yeah. I probably should have mentioned this sooner. I’m gay. I’ve known since I was like thirteen or so but had never plucked up the courage to come out of the closet. Not until that mid-June afternoon when I decided that it was time: my best friend deserved to know.

I remember it so vividly. We were in his messy room sitting on the floor. The whole place smelled like ass, his dirty clothes were everywhere and empty soda cans, chips bags and sweets wrappers lay on the floor. It was a fucking pigsty. Although she would nag about it all the time, his mom had absolutely prohibited the housekeeper to clean it saying that it was his duty and that if he wanted to live in a filthy place he was free to do so. Kieran was more than ok with that, he liked his room just the way it was and would hardly ever tidy up. It was a win-win. Guess the only losers were his guests, namely… me. Oh, well…

I was watching him play a videogame on (take a wild guess…) skateboarding. And all of a sudden I just dropped the bomb.

“Kieran…” I started “I’m gay…” he laughed. Didn’t even look at me and continued playing.

“What?” he asked probably thinking I was shitting him.

“I’m gay Kieran…” this time he looked at me sideways, frowning, then smiled.

“Dude, you’re messing with me, right?” he said sure that I was gonna go “Of course I’m messing with you, fucktard!”

But I didn’t. I just shook my head. No words. He paused the game and turned to look at me.

“You’re gay?” he asked incredulously. I nodded.

“You’re telling me you like dicks!?” he pressed raising his eyebrows and adding a little amusement to his voice.

Straight to the point, as usual. But I was used to that. He wasn’t exactly the kinda guy who chooses his words carefully just because he’s afraid of hurting your feelings. No, that definitely wasn’t him. I just nodded.

“Wow… I didn’t see that one coming, man!” he said still surprised scratching his head.

“Is… is that gonna be a problem?” I asked tentatively. He thought about it for a second.

“Nah, I’m cool with that!” I felt relieved.


“Yeah, man, don’t worry about it! It’s not your fault you were born a fag!” not the kind of sympathy I was hoping for but, again, I was used to it.

“Ok, well I… hum… I just found out, like a couple of weeks ago…” it felt wrong lying to him but I didn’t want him to get mad at me because I hadn’t told him sooner “…so please don’t say anything to anyone, ok? Please Kieran!” I pleaded.

“yeah, yeah, whatever…” he said absentmindedly “So you’re saying you don’t like chicks at all?” he continued now a little bemused.

Once more I nodded, dreading what he was about to ask me.

“Then how the hell do you get off watching lesbian porn all the time?” he was frowning. I knew this was coming, my best buddy could be incredibly acute when he wanted. I scratched my cheek, embarrassed.

“Uhm… Well I…” I started but I knew from the shit eating grin spreading across his face that he had already guessed the answer.

“You were jerking off to this, weren’t you?” he squeezed his crotch, as butch as ever.

“You were looking at my fucking dick every single time, you perv! Hahahah!!! Every single fucking time!!! Hahaha!”

He was a cheeky dude and was teasing me, like he always did for a lot of different reasons, but his words didn’t sound mean to me. Part of me wanted to tell him ‘Don’t flatter yourself!’. But it would have been a lie.

“Well I…” I repeated stupidly but he cut me off.

“Come on, admit it, man! You have been jerking off looking at my dong!” it wasn’t a question anymore and I crumbled. He was my best friend, for god’s sake, I felt pretty safe confiding in him. What could go wrong?

“Fine! Ok, I’ll admit it, happy?” I said exasperated and he started laughing. I must have looked offended because he added:

“Hahaha! I’m sorry, man! But it’s just so fucking weird!” yet again, not the most comforting statement but hey, I took it!

“But like I said, I’m cool with it!” he added, still half-snickering but trying to regain part of his composure.

There was an embarrassed silence. Or at least I was embarrassed, he just kept grinning at me like I was some kind of entertainment to him. He had long and thick chestnut hair (a little on the ginger side) that often covered part of his face and for some reason always looked a little greasy. His eyes were light green, piercing as hell. Fair skin, he wasn’t very tall, maybe 5.6, a little shorter than me, but his body was lean and slender. Like I said, he was cute, maybe not in an Oh-my-god-you’re-the-sexiest-guy-on-earth kinda way, but still pretty cute.

“You know, I’m curious, dude…” he asked me after a few seconds “…what’d you think of it?”

“Dude, you’re making me uncomfortable!” he snickered.

“Oh, come on, I wanna know! If you jerk off to it you must like it, right?”

“Well… yeah, of course I like it!” I blurted out. Then felt my cheeks going red.

“Hahaha!! Awesome! I feel totally sexy all of a sudden, hahaha!!” he said mockingly. Then he added with a dead curious look on his face.

“Do you think about my cock even when you jerk off at home?” I rolled my eyes.

“You do, don’t you?” he insisted.

“Well… sometimes…” I conceded reluctantly. This was not going the way I had planned.  He laughed again.

“That is fucking hilarious! Hahaha!!” Evidently this whole thing was very funny to him. I wasn’t laughing.

“And what kinda stuff do you think about?” he pressed.

“Dude, just drop it, ok? I don’t wanna talk about it! It’s embarrassing!” he spread his arms.

“Hey, come on! I’m your friend, man, I’m just curious, honest!!” he told me earnestly. I grumbled but after a while I answered.

“Well, you know…” I mumbled “…I… I think about…” I took a breath and  “…I think about sucking it…” I said. He smirked.

“Well, what do you know? That’s a first! There’s someone who actually wants to suck my dick…” he said in a pretty loud voice “…and guess what, it’s my good buddy, here! Haha!” like he was announcing it to the world. Luckily his parents were out.

Then, with an impish look, he threw his hand in his pants and started massaging his bulge. My eyes followed his movements.

“I bet I’m totally driving you crazy right now, aren’t I?” I lowered my gaze but he looked at me with a grin.

“Well, you know what? It’s your lucky day, I might just let you do it!” I stared at him in shock. Was he serious? “I need to get off anyways and no one’s ever given me a blowjob, so I’m dying to try!” he kept explaining like it wasn’t that big a deal.

Then he asked:

“Have you ever sucked a dick?” I shook my head.

“Good! Then we can learn together, what do you say?”

I hesitated, not because I didn’t want to, because I totally did. No, for some reason my head was saying ‘don’t do it, Finn!’

“I don’t know Kieran, we’re… friends, this is… weird!” I said not very convincingly.

“Oh, come on, just this once, man! Think about it this way: you can practice on me so when you get your first boyfriend you’ll be an awesome cocksucker!” classic Kieran. Finding the best way to convince people to do as he says is kind of his thing. Told you he was good! What do you think I answered?

“Ok…” a look of triumph in his eyes.

“Awesome! Hahaha!!” he stood up.

He was wearing a black tank top, grey shorts and black ankle socks. He dropped the shorts and, looking at my face with a smirk, he dropped his boxers too and I saw his soft dick again. Man I had missed that! I wouldn’t say he was ‘hung like a horse’ if you know what I mean. You know like those guys you see in porn flicks? No, he was like 4 inches soft and maybe 6.8 or 7 hard. But to my money that cock was so damn hot! It was fat and thick and veiny and he had nice, big, low hanging balls, covered with very thin brownish-reddish hairs, same color as his pubes.

My mind went blank as my heart started going faster. Was he really about to let me do this? He threw himself on his unmade bed. The smell of sweat and testosterone was filling the air and he was there, in front of me, spreading his legs, showing me his cock with that devilish smirk on his face.

“Come on! Get to work!” he prompted. I took a deep breath and got between his thighs. I put my face near the object of my desires. It smelled awful. Truly disgusting.

“How is it up close?” he asked amused. I must have grimaced.

“Kinda smelly” I said unsure but he laughed and said:

“Hahaha! Yeah, I’ll bet! Haven’t showered in like four days! Hehehe!” he put his hand on my head and before I could reply he pushed my face into his naked crotch.

“Here, smell it some more!” My face was actually touching his hot dick now, the dick I had dreamed about like a hundred times. My heart was frigging racing. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and although it felt a little uncomfortable I did as I was told.

“Yeah, come on, big whiffs!” he encouraged me. I started taking in all his manly scent, a scent that my mind processed as disgusting but my dick found so fucking hot! One, two, three times I took it in, rubbing my face on his chestnut pubes, moaning ever so softly.

“You love that shit, don’t you? You’re fucking burying your face in it!” I heard his voice and I looked at his grin. He wasn’t holding my head down anymore, he didn’t need to. I swallowed and tried to answer with a cool voice but I was so damn horny.

“Yeah…” I said kinda scared of his reaction but he explained.

“Well, that’s a no brainer! Of course you like the smell of my dick, you’re a fag, after all. All fags love that stench, it’s fucking addictive for you or something, right?” he asked amused. I didn’t answer ‘cause, frankly, I didn’t know the answer. It was my first time, for fuck’s sakes! I knew nothing! So I just kept sniffing that unwashed cock like there was no fucking tomorrow. He took it as a yes.

“Yeah, I thought so. Hehe!” he said a bit cockily, then he shook his head amused “Fuck, I don’t know how you can stand that man! I sweat so much between my legs it must be fucking ripe down there!”  I kept inhaling his suffocating smell.

“It is…” I said taking another big whiff. He snickered.

“Hehe! I bet it’s because your brain is so fucked up, you know, being a pervert and all.” he commented knowingly.

For a guy who was cool with the idea of me being gay he wasn’t exactly doing a good job showing it. Was I supposed to get angry and defend gay rights and shit? Probably. Did I? Fuck no! I was a kid, I was horny and he was letting me rub my face on his awesome dick. I couldn’t care less about gay rights! Besides I don’t think he meant to hurt me on purpose, he just believed every word he had just said. So fags were sick perverts with fucked up brains that made them addicted to smelly dicks. Fair enough, I certainly wasn’t doing much to prove him wrong!

After a few seconds:

“Why don’t you start licking my balls?”

I thought he’d have never asked! How could I say no? I was actually chomping at the bit to do it, so I stuck out my tongue and for the first time I tasted my buddy’s sweaty balls.

“How’s it taste?” he asked curiously. I considered the question.

“Like… like sweat…” I replied “It’s… kinda salty…” He grinned even more broadly and commented:

“Yeah, that’s good for you! Hehehe!” he snickered “Keep licking.”

It was kind of an order. And I eagerly obeyed it. I started lapping at his balls and dick and I had to admit that he was right. I fucking loved it. I was rock hard. I didn’t think he was gonna affect me this much but he did. Everything about him, his smell, his looks, his words.

He let me wash him for like a couple of minutes or so, looking at me with an amused expression.

“Wow, you must be in fag heaven right now, huh?” he asked then smirking, his hands crossed behind his head “Slobbering all over my junk after all the times you dreamed of it, hehehe!!”

I looked at him sheepishly. Believe it or not I actually felt grateful. He was kinda doing me a favor after all. So I said:

“It’s nice of you to let me do this Kieran…” I could tell he liked my tone.

“Well let’s see if you’re any good at giving head…” he grabbed his dick, which was still rather limp (considering I had been licking it for a while) and pointed it towards my face. I looked at him and stupidly said:

“Can I really do that?” he laughed.

“Sure! Come on! Open your fag mouth and suck my dick!” and so I did.

Oh my god! The taste of that thing! I don’t know why but having that filthy piece of meat in my mouth actually made me happy. Happier than I’d felt in… ever! My mouth started watering like never before as I started sucking it. Man, that felt soooooo good.

“Woah… your mouth is so fucking warm and wet!” he commented.

I closed my eyes and tried my best to take in that moment. I wanted to make his cock hard and little by little I could feel it growing until it started touching the back of my palate every time I pressed my face to his pubes. I wanted him to feel as good as me. I could hear him moan and that actually made me proud. Maybe if I played my cards right that wasn’t gonna be the last time I’d blow him and I knew there and then that I wanted that so fucking much!

“mmmm… yeah bitch, shlob my fucking knob… yeah!” I heard him say. I don’t know why but I didn’t even mind that. He could call me a bitch or a fag or whatever, I didn’t care as long as his cock was in my mouth.

All of a sudden his hand was on the back of my head again and he was pushing me down while thrusting his hips towards me. His cock was hard and the tip hit my throat five or six times before I gagged.

“Oh yeah… choke on it, you whore!”

He sounded so dominant. He stopped pushing for like two seconds, though, to let me breath, then he buried my face in his crotch again.

My mouth was producing large quantities of spit that I was desperately trying to swallow.

The taste of his cock was so arousing, my dick actually hurt from being cramped up in my shorts. I wanted to touch myself but I obviously couldn’t, I had to concentrate on sending oxygen to my lungs which wasn’t easy with his cock in my throat. My eyes felt watery from the gagging but I was loving every second of it and I was happy Kieran was enjoying it too. Then:

“Mmmmm… your tits are awesome…”

Now that was weird. What the hell was he talking about? I frowned and finally opened my eyes and looked at him. My vision was a bit blurry. I thought I was gonna find his piercing green eyes grinning at me but I didn’t. He wasn’t looking at me at all, his head was on his pillow and his eyes were closed. He was biting his lower lip probably imagining some slutty chick. He was fucking my face and basically pretending I wasn’t even there. I got distracted and forgot to breath, so I choked louder than ever.

He waited for a few seconds always keeping his eyes closed, smiling to himself. That bumped me out a little, I wanted to be part of his fantasies instead I felt like he was… well using me. When he pushed my head down again the tip of his cock found my lips were pressed together. He opened his eyes and looked down with an annoyed look on his face:

“What are you doing? Open up, come on!” his tone was unusually demanding and I immediately did as I was told. The moment he started fucking my throat again he closed his eyes and went back to bullying his imaginary slut.

Ok, confession time. I know I should have been offended by all that but he looked so happy and seeing that expression on his face made me feel good. No, that’s not it. It made me feel fucking awesome because I really wanted him to feel awesome. My dick really wanted him to feel awesome. What can I tell you? Maybe he was right, maybe my brain was a little fucked up.

I grabbed his thighs and started sucking as hard as ever. The better he felt the more my dick would throb.

“Fuck yeah bitch! I’m almost there!”

My face was covered in a mixture of my spit and his sweat, the smell was driving me insane. Everything was awesome! That’s when I realized that I was cumming in my underpants. Unbelievable, I was fucking cumming just from sucking his dick, I hadn’t even touched myself. How? How?!!

But I didn’t have time to process that. Both his hands were on my head now and he was shaking his hips more vigorously, grunting. He was real close and I could feel his dick throbbing until:

“Ah… ah… ah… I’m gonna cum!” he started shooting his load directly down my throat “Aaaaaahhhhh!! Swallow it, you fucking cunt!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!” he shouted. Like I could chose not to! I wasn’t ready for that and I started choking. He didn’t let me go, though, not this time. He held me down until the last shot of jizz had exploded from his rod.

When his balls were finally empty, that’s when he let go of me. I started coughing like crazy, you know when you drink something and it goes down the wrong pipe? My eyes were tearing up a little. When I managed to catch my breath I looked at him. He had a satisfied grin on his face, his hands were lazily crossed behind his head and his legs were still spread. He was completely relaxed.

“Woah, that was fun, dude!” he said to me. I coughed a couple more times. My throat felt a little sore but I was ok.

“Yeah…” I said a bit horse “…it was awesome…” then he started chuckling.

“Dude, my cum is coming out of your nose, hahahaha!!”

I touched my nose. I never understood why stuff comes out of your nose when you cough a lot but he was right. I cleaned it while he was cracking up. His dick was in front of my face and my instinct took over. I was totally drawn to it so I started licking it again. Somehow it felt… right. He enjoyed his laugh until the end then:

“Hehehe!! Is my cock that delicious?” he asked amused. I looked at him and nodded, half smiling. He shook his head.

“Dude, you gotta be the faggiest faggot alive!” he said “Didn’t you have enough?” he asked.

“Well, your cock is all sticky and disgusting… I… I thought I should…” I hesitated but he prompted wildly amused:

“Lick it clean for me?” clearly enjoying every second. I felt embarrassed but I nodded. He broadened his grin.

“You know what? You’re right, I think you definitely SHOULD do that for me!” he stressed that ‘should’ a little too strongly “Go ahead, make it nice and clean for me while I chill after dumping my load down your throat.  Hehehe!!” he added with enough arrogance to piss anyone off. Not me, though. Like I said I was kinda used to his cheekiness. I didn’t answer, I kept licking his balls and pubes and cock.

“Can’t believe it was your first time…” he teased after a while “…it’s like you were fucking born to do this shit…” it was a very weird compliment, if one at all. He was basically calling me a natural born cocksucker, but believe it or not I loved that he had said that. I know what you’re thinking but I’m just being honest here!

“Really? It felt ok, then?” I asked proud of myself. He looked at me with an amused expression.

“What do you think, retard?!” he said and we both chuckled. Then he asked:

“You loved my cum, didn’t you?” this time I gave him an amused look.

“Yeah! I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything so…” I was all excited and I was looking for the right word to describe it but all I could come up was “…awesome!” Lamo!

“Hehehe!! Is that so?” he asked entertained. I gave him an are-you-fucking-kidding-me kinda look and said:

“Look at me Kieran!” I got up to my knees “Look, I actually came without even touching my dick!” I showed him the cum stains on my shorts and he, naturally, doubled over.

“Hahaha!!!” You crack me up, dude!” he said “You’re fucking hopeless, you know that? hahaha!!” I was a bit humiliated but I smiled and got back down.

“Well, I just… loved it!” I said earnestly “All of it…” he smirked.

“Good to know, cocksucker, hehehe!”

Was that an insult? Don’t know but I didn’t care, I mean, he was right, wasn’t he? I was a cocksucker and I was more that willing to be HIS cocksucker. I know I was getting a little ahead of myself but I really wanted to suck his cock again!



“Do you think we could… like… do this again sometimes?” he snorted amused.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he said “Dude, we’re gonna do this every single day from now on!” my heart started racing again.

“Really?” I sounded genuinely happy.

“Duh!! I ain’t touching my dick like ever again, not when I can stick it in that fag mouth of yours and have you blow me whenever the fuck I want!” he said matter-of-factly like I didn’t have any say at all in the matter. None whatsoever.

I didn’t care. I wanted that more than anything. So I smiled at him and kept licking his dick for another five minutes or so, until he got bored of me and returned to his game.

Yeah… that was over two years ago. I still remember how happy I felt. Little did I know that was only the beginning.

To be continued …

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