A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 10

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I checked my phone again. It was 2:23 and I was in front of his house, waiting. It was scorching hot and friggin’ damp and I was sweating, for a change. There was pretty much no one around. Everyone was either at work or taking a nap in the cool shade of their private air-conditioned homes or probably at the beach, splashing around and trying desperately to cool off, somehow. But I wasn’t. Nope, how could I be?

I took a deep breath to try and calm myself down a bit. It didn’t work that well. Or at all. It hadn’t been working for the last 24 hours, damn it! After Kieran had paid me that little visit, the day before, I had started obsessing over the test I was gonna have to pass to get my old life back. A life of degradation, abuse and humiliation as his lowly, stupid, fag slave. A life I loved so damn much and that I had so stupidly and carelessly thrown away.

So all the things he had said to me were playing over in my mind and I had wondered when the hell I was gonna hear from him again. And then, that very morning while I was on my way to Topher’s, Kieran had texted me, telling me to be at his place at 2:30. That’s it. No clues, nothing. Zilch. I knew better than to call him and ask, of course, but now I had something new to obsess over. What the hell was gonna happen at 2:30? What was he gonna make me do? It wasn’t gonna be pleasant, that much I knew for sure; but as for the details — I drew a blank.

The first thing I had done of course was to ask Topher about it. But — well — I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but, you see, he’s not exactly a morning person, so all I got from him while he was stretching and yawning widely was a very sleepy and grumpy, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about, fag, just fucking suck my dick already!” right before he grabbed my hair and buried my face in his damp, musky crotch. Yeah, he was a pretty straightforward kinda dude.

After happily dumping a massive load directly into my stomach, when his big, manly, balls were pleasantly empty and he was lazily enjoying his cigarette as well as his usual morning tongue-bath with a satisfied grin on his handsome face, he had elaborated a little and said with a pretty impressive couldn’t-give-a-damn attitude that he didn’t know squat about it. So as you can see my only source of information was — well — tapped out.

So there I was, sweating up a storm out of nerve-wracking tension and having no clue to what was in store for me. I took another deep breath. 2:28.

“All right, it’s showtime, faggot!” I said to myself, and before you say anything — yeah, I did call myself a faggot. What’s wrong with that? I think we’ve established by now that I was one, haven’t we?

The door was unlocked, as usual, so I went in.

“Kier… I mean, Sir?” I said tentatively, hoping to God his parents weren’t home.

“Up here, fag!” I heard him, and a stupid smile spread across my face. Unbelievable. Even his voice was enough to make everything alright again. His perfect, cocky teenage baritone was literally music to my ears. It was friggin’ magical or something; I don’t know.

“Coming Sir!” I said eagerly as I ran up the stairs taking two steps at a time. When I entered his room, though, I froze.

Kieran was there, of course, sitting on his tilting leather chair, looking like a million bucks and smirking smugly like he always did. Unfortunately, he wasn’t alone. Topher was there, which surprised me, considering our earlier conversation. There was also little Jacob and (fuck me) Seth. They were all looking at me. And, yes, smirking of course. Well, maybe Topher wasn’t smirking as much as the others. Just a little, but you get the picture.

I wasn’t expecting this, I mean, maybe I should have, but I didn’t. Honest. I thought my godly Master was gonna punish me alone, you know, just the two of us. That would have been — whoa! — I was gonna say romantic, but I just realized that maybe, just maybe, that ain’t the right choice.

Anyways, I didn’t really know what to say, which is understandable for someone in my position. I mean, I was afraid to say or do something to upset or offend Kieran, which was apparently something I was pretty good at lately but was also the very last thing I wanted to do. However, I figured a simple “Hi!” was harmless enough. So that’s what I went for. They all jeered.

Little Jacob said, “What’s up, faggot!” snickering.

Kieran’s voice whipped me though. “Did you forget the rules already, bitch?” he said, and I looked at him inquiringly. He snorted, “You totally did, didn’t ya?” he went on and my heart was pumping blood so fast already. What had I done wrong now?  “What a stupid, stupid cunt you are!” he said, looking so superior. The boys laughed again. “Strip and get down on all fours, dickbreath!” he barked.

“Yes Sir! Sorry Sir!” I said immediately while taking off my clothes. How could I have forgotten? It was one of the first rules he had taught me! Shit!

I was struggling to get all my clothes off asap so I obviously lost balance and fell on the ground like an idiot. The boys cracked up, of course. My face landed near a pair of dirty looking shorts that had been abandoned there and all of a sudden I realized that Kieran’s room was a mess again. And I mean an utter and unmitigated mess. Just like the day I had started blowing him. Dirty clothes, soda cans, chips bags, balled up papers, everything was all over the floor. How? I mean how? I had been gone two days. How was it possible? To say that he was a slob was putting it mildly and of course a huge sense of guilt kicked in. Guilt for not being there to clean up after him. That was my fault and a stinging pang hurt my stomach.

“C’mon! Hurry the fuck up, homo!” said Kieran, amused as I was struggling to get up.

“Yes Sir! Sorry Sir!” I managed to say while taking off my briefs and getting down on all fours “Here I am Sir! Ready to serve you, Sir!” I said, looking at him.

Kieran smirked.  “Took you long enough, bitch! I am SO not impressed!” he said loftily, enjoying every word while my face was losing color.  “How ‘bout you guys?” he asked the others.

They all snickered and shook their heads no.

“Fuck no! I’m actually kinda pissed, dude!” Jacob said, trying, as usual, to act tougher than the others to compensate for being the youngest in the group.

“I’m… I’m so sorry sir…” I mumbled bowing my head, heartbroken. Two minutes in and I was already fucking it up. Just great.

“Guys, c’mon, give him a break!” You would have thought Topher had said that. But he hadn’t. It was actually Seth. Unbelievable, right? Well, I looked at him with a startled look on my face. Of course his shit eating grin told me immediately that something else was coming “He’s a stupid queer after all, we can’t expect much, can we?” he said over the boys’ laughter.

“Guess you’re right, man! Hahaha!” said Kieran. Jacob was jeering like crazy. Topher was laughing too. He was having fun, there was no denying it.

“All right, tell us why you’re here…Finn!” Kieran said my name smirking like it was the worst insult he could throw at me and enjoyed the look of despair on my face.

I swallowed before starting. “Because I wanna prove to you that I’m serious about wanting to be your slave, Sir!” I started with my voice a bit shaky. “I can’t have a different life anymore, Sir. I tried for a day and… and it was hell!” I said dramatically. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, Sir. I actually feel sick to my stomach to the thought of not being able to serve you, Sir!” I finished and he smirked even more widely.

“Fucking cunt!” Jacob commented and the others looked at me with disgust.

“Well, we’ll see about that…” Kieran snickered. “For starters why don’t you greet your superiors the way you should, faggot?” he said with the same enthusiastic tone he used to give voice to all his bright ideas.

I hesitated for a second. “Uhm… yes Sir!”  I had a vague idea of what he meant but one thing was clear: the test had obviously started. A test I couldn’t fail since my ‘life’ depended on it! The life I wanted anyways. So I crawled over to the closest one. Wanna guess who that was? Yep, Zuckermann. He was sitting on Kieran’s desk and his feet were dangling down lazily. He was wearing the same pair of skater sneakers he had had on the night he had come to my house. All of a sudden I felt like improvising a little, just to show Kieran I really meant business. I looked at Seth and went, “Sir, may I please kiss your shoes to greet you properly?” with a great deal of fake devotion that sounded pretty genuine though.

Zuckermann fucking loved it. They all laughed and he said, “Go ahead bitch! Hehehe!”

“Thank you, Sir!” I lowered my face and kissed both shoes a few times.  “It’s so good to see you, Master Seth,” I purred.

He smirked. “Wow!” he then said to Kieran. “He really must wanna be your slave bad, man! You should have seen the stink looks he was giving me the other day, in his garage!” My heart started racing. “But look at him now! Hahaha!” he pointed at me and the boys snickered.

“Hahaha! Well you should have let him know you didn’t like that! Hahah!” Kieran instructed his buddy and for a second there I was worried he was gonna be mad at me for… I don’t know… disrespecting his friend or something.

But Seth smirked so deeply it was almost scary, saying “Oh, I think fagface here got the message…” Then he turned to me. “Didn’t you, cunt?”

I was quick enough to respond. “Hum… yes Sir, I did!” I answered promptly, then added, “I’m so sorry about the other day, Sir!” and rubbed my face shamelessly on his sneakers the way I had done with Kieran the day before, you know like a cat, alternating words with kisses. “I will never disrespect you again, Sir!” and I heard their laughter.

“Hahaha! You better, bitch!” Seth answered. It was fucking hard to be like that in front of him but if that was what I had to go through to get Kieran back there was no way I was gonna let my meaningless, irrelevant personal feelings towards this guy get in the way! I mean the sheer fact that Kieran knew about Seth attacking me and that he was perfectly fine with it, pretty much meant I was gonna have to suck it up and kiss my nemesis’ ass with a frigging smile on my faggot face. Not to mention those videos! Fuck! I really didn’t wanna think about those.

I looked up to see if it was ok for me to proceed to the next one. The boys were still laughing and I decided it would be a good time so I crawled over to Kieran who was sitting three feet away. He was barefoot as usual and my dick started to harden.

“Master, may I please have the honor of kissing your perfect feet, Sir?” I said loud and clear.

“Sure, queer!” he said smirking and I touched his smelly fair skin with my lips again. Fuck, that felt good. I had missed those feet so fucking much! I moaned a little and he snickered.  “Better make sure you enjoy that…” he said amused “…this just might well be the last time I let you do it…” he continued almost singing the last few words.

Fuck that hurt. I kissed his feet a few more times before looking up at him and saying,

“I will prove myself to you Sir, I promise!” I sounded damn proud of it and they all laughed.

“Did you fucking brainwash him or what?” said Jacob, snickering almost uncontrollably.

“Hahaha! Pretty much, yeah!” answered Kieran wildly amused. “But it was so fucking easy, I’m telling ya, man!” he bragged while I was planting kiss after kiss on his stinky teen feet. “I hardly had to do anything! He was just waiting for me to take over!” he said, then put one foot on my head and pressed my face down on the hardwood floor. “Weren’t you, pig?” he asked me.

“Yes Sir! I was!” I replied with my mouth and nose half pressed on the floor. “Thank you for taking charge of my life Sir! I didn’t understand the reason I was born till you showed it to me, Sir!” I said while trying desperately to reach his other foot with my stretched lips. Obviously that sent them into hysterics.

“Hahaha! Good answer, bitch! Here!” With his left foot still pinning my head firmly to the floor he pressed the dirty sole of his right one to my lips.

“Mmmmm…. Thank you, Sir!” I said kissing it lovingly. “You’re always so good to me, Sir!” A little over the top, you say? You betcha! But it was pretty clear at this point that the more they laughed the better chances I had to pass this frigging test. And so far it wasn’t going too bad. The only one I could see in that position was Topher and he was laughing his ass off which was saying a lot. It still hurt to be laughed at, I’m not gonna lie to you, it was not pleasant. But it made me so fucking horny, it was an irresistible turn on. Plus Kieran’s feet were on my face. Incapable of containing myself I stuck my tongue out and licked his heel. He slapped my mouth with his foot.

“Hey! Who told you you could fucking start licking, footfreak!” he said over the others’ snickers. Fuck, he wasn’t gonna go easy on me, was he?!

“I’m sorry, Sir! I’m so, so sorry!” I started. “I couldn’t help myself, Sir! They are so dirty, I need to lick them clean for you, Sir!” I finished, they laughed again which told me that had been a nice save.

“Hahaha! You’re gonna have to earn that honor, fagpig! Hahaha!” he told me.

“Yes Sir! Of course Sir!” I answered.

He let me give his feet a few more wet kisses then said, “All right, that’s enough, bitch! Toph’s next, move!” He lifted his foot and gave me a decisive nudge on the back of my head. I got up on all fours again and crawled to Topher.

Topher was smirking.  “What up, fag?” he said to me and I looked at him a little awkwardly. It’s not like I resented him but I didn’t expect him to lie to me. I know he wasn’t my friend but still. I guess it showed a little on my face and probably in my voice too.

“Sir, may I please kiss your shoes to greet you properly?” I repeated somewhat unenthusiastically. He raised an eyebrow.

“Dude, don’t look at me like that,” he said a little amused, but trying somehow to justify himself. “I didn’t know about this little shindig till like two hours ago!” he said, shrugging.

“What’s this about?” Kieran’s curious voice arrived at my back.

Topher looked at him and explained, “The fag asked me about it this morning…” he started, then looked down at me with a huge smirk said “…right after sucking me off…” He got quite a few snickers out of them which was clearly what he was looking for, then continued. “He wanted to know what you were gonna do to him,” he went on. “Guess you texted him before us, but now he thinks I didn’t tell him on purpose…” he finished, pointing at me. Being honest and open with his friends was obviously important to him. Again, not that I’m including myself in that group of course, I’m just saying.

Kieran snorted. “So what? Does that bother you?” he asked his friend. Topher shrugged, sincerely unconcerned.

“Not really. It’s just that I didn’t do it and I don’t want people thinking I’m a liar…” he said simply,  then sneered in my direction, “…not even him.” They laughed again and Topher joined them.

“Hahaha! I hear you bro!” Kieran said, still chuckling. “Well fag, Toph’s telling you the truth. I told everyone last minute because I thought it was gonna be much more fun…” he smirked “…for us, that is, hehehe!” They all snickered at his words. I looked at Kieran. He was getting a kick out of the whole situation like he always did but I could tell that he was being honest. I felt so ashamed. Of all that group I had decided to doubt Topher, the only sort of decent guy there. What a colossal idiot. Of course he was telling me the truth. I looked at him but my cheeks were red with shame.

“I’m so sorry about ever doubting you, Sir!” I told him. “You’re always so good to me and I… I…” I was unable to finish. “I’m so sorry, Sir!” There was silence in the room for a couple of seconds. It was like everyone was waiting to see what he was gonna answer me. My heart was racing again.

Topher finally smiled at me.  “That’s all right bitch!” he said, and I relaxed a bit. The other boys booed at him playfully.

“C’mon, Toph! That ain’t no fun, man!” little Jacob said, disappointed.

“Well, you know me, I’m a good guy!” Topher replied half laughing and the others joined in the fun. “The bitch apologized and besides I kinda feel sorry for him!” he said pointing at me. The others all looked at him like they were waiting for the punchline (needless to say in their minds it had to be a joke). He smirked visibly, then added, laughing, “I mean, he’s so fucking pathetic!” receiving enthusiastic cheers from his audience.

“Hahaha! Amen to that! Hahaha!” said Zuckermann.

“Hear, hear!!” joked Kieran. I bowed my head in shame.

Topher laughed with the others, then turned to me and said, “I’m even gonna do you a solid, fag…”  I looked up at him again, he was grinning widely. “Why don’t you take my shoes off before ‘greeting’ me?” he asked cheerfully. “That way you get to kiss my stinky feet!” The boys definitely liked that cause they all cackled again.

“Oh, yes Sir!” I answered eagerly. He really was doing me a favor and as much as I liked being humiliated, putting my lips (and tongue for that matter) on their shoes wasn’t my favorite. So without waiting for a second I lifted one of his worn out sneakers and took it off. The color of his ankle sock got my attention even before the stench reached my nose. They were the filthiest pair of socks I had ever seen, and believe me that’s saying a lot. I’m sure they once had been white but the soles were now black. Not blackened. Fucking black. Then the smell hit me. Oh my god! It was so fucking nasty, man, I almost coughed. He noticed that and snickered.

“Smell good? Hehe!” he asked me.

“Yes Sir! I love it Sir! Thank you for the honor Sir!” I answered with a croak but my words were totally honest and my tone adoring and I’m pretty sure he got it all judging by the perfect smirk on his handsome boyish face.

I was taking off his other shoe when Seth’s voice came from behind me. “Wow! Dude! What the fuck?” he said totally entertained “Don’t you ever change your socks? Hahaha!!” my throat was closing up but I lowered my face to the floor in the most submissive way I could muster and started kissing those disgusting socked teenage feet with so much love and devotion.

“Shut the fuck up rich boy! It’s not like I have a housekeeper, you know!” Topher told Zuckermann half laughing while lifting one of his foot sideways so I could press my lips and nose to those gross, masculine soles. “My mom does everything around the house and lately she’s been a little busy, that’s all!” He was maybe a little hurt by Seth’s comment but it was crystal clear that it was all in good spirits. “So no clean socks!” he finished cheerfully while I was moaning happily. With my face pressed so hard to his socks my nose was starting to hurt.

“Man, they fucking stink!” said little Jacob. “How long have you had them on?” he asked, totally amused.

“Bout a week…” Topher answered, then being unable to suppress a chuckle he added, “Maybe longer, hehehe!” They all laughed.

“That’s fucking disgusting man! Hahaha!” Kieran said, laughing so hard.

“I know!” answered Topher “The bitch loves it, though!” he said and I started whining and whimpering pretty loudly like an actual bitch in heat, rubbing my face to the soles of those filthy socks, licking, kissing and that of course sent them into hysterics which was what I wanted. God it felt so good being their laughing stock. I know, I know, I already said that it hurt as well. And it did. A little. But my dick was hard now, so fucking hard and you know what happens to me when I’m hard, right?

I couldn’t help myself. “Mmmmm… Master Topher! Your socks are so warm and damp and nasty! Mmmmm… I love ‘em so much!” I moaned again and they laughed harder but I wasn’t done. “Thank you so much for letting me rub my stupid… stupid queer face in them… and… and kissing them, Sir!” I kissed them “…and leeeekeeeenndeeemm.” I tried to say ‘licking them’ while actually licking them which of course was hilarious to them and made my dick stone hard.

Someone kicked my ass a couple of times and made me bump my head on the bed frame which contributed nicely to their wild entertainment. It was Kieran. I knew it even without looking. He didn’t comment though, he was too busy laughing his balls off. “Thank you, Sir! This means so much to me!!” I finished adoringly, loud enough so they could all hear me over all their guffawing.

“Hahahaha! Oh man!” said Topher, trying to gain back a little bit of composure. “You really are a hopeless fucker, aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir!” I answered, loud and clear. “I am Sir! I’m, I’m like an animal, Sir! No, no! Even lower than an animal, Sir!” More laughter.

“No shit you are, footbitch! Hahaha!” Jacob chimed in with his usual bravado.

“All right, you got another one of us to greet, go on!” Topher ‘gently’ told me to stop.

I got back up on all fours and went to Jacob who had a shit-eating grin on his young face. I gulped. This kid made me nervous. He meant trouble, there was no denying it. “Sir, may I please kiss your shoes to greet you properly?” I asked a fourth time.

His smirk got even wider and he waited a couple of seconds to reply. “No faggot, you can’t,” he told me in his boyish voice. I frowned. I didn’t know what to say, honestly, but he didn’t give me the time to figure it out. He simply went, “But you can lick the bottom of my shoes clean for me!” he said with so much contempt and cockiness it was almost unbelievable in one so young. The boys cheered him on of course.

Kieran went, “Yeah, he’s an expert at that, you know! He did mine yesterday! Hahaha!” Jacob laughed and held out his leg to ‘offer’ me one of his soles.

“All right then! C’mon bitch!” he said to me. “Show me what ya got! Hehehe!” His sole was so damn filthy. I mean I don’t have to tell you that, right? A pair of shoes that had been worn for five years straight by the two brothers. How clean could they have been? I swallowed hard.

“Yes Sir!” I said after a fraction of a second’s indecision. I stuck my tongue out and started from the bottom.

“That’s it, c’mon! Heel to toe!” He added almost singing with delight. My tongue was collecting filth that tasted… no, I don’t have a word for it. I’ll let you choose one. But I didn’t stop. I couldn’t, Kieran was watching my every move. I went on till the end, I licked his entire sole while the boys were making puking noises mixed with snickers. And the entire time I was looking at his arrogant brown eyes. He was so cute, with his delicate features and long dark hair hidden by his ever-present worn-out baseball cap and he was enjoying that moment enormously. They all went “Yeaaahhh!!”  when I got to the tip of the toes. I was about to lick it again but he put his foot down and grabbed a fistful of my hair.

“Show me your tongue!” I obeyed instantly and he burst out laughing. “Hahahahaha! That’s fucking gross! Guys, look! Hahahaha!” he cackled, turning my head forcefully towards the others so that they could see. It must have been hilarious judging by their reaction. I looked at Kieran hoping to find an approving look in his eyes.

He was cracking up with the others but he managed to say, “Come on faggot, give us a biiiiiig smile!” He laid back against the chair back and put his hands behind his head smirking ever so cockily. “That’s pretty much the only reason you were given a tongue in the first place, ya know? Hahaha!”  He added and I nodded enthusiastically with my tongue still out and a foolish, adoring smile which made them laugh even louder. I guess he was pleased so far.

“All Right now taste it, cunt!” Jacob ordered me pulling my hair back towards him. I obeyed again. Man, it really was ‘fucking gross’, as he had put it. It was different from licking my mom’s cake off Kieran’s snicker. At least the taste of the cake was sort of covering it up a little. This tasted like… dirt… from the bottom of a shoe… truly fucking gross, trust me. But what do you think I answered when he cockily asked, “Well? How does it taste?”

If I had a penny for every single time I’ve been asked that! I swallowed, grimacing visibly but then put up a grotesque smile. “It’s delicious, Master Jacob, Sir!” I said going out of my way to make him feel important “Thank you so much for letting me taste the bottom of your shoe, Sir!” I touched my forehead to the floor in front of him totally in worship mode and absolute devotion, which of course he loved. Everybody did, quite frankly. You know, strangely enough all of a sudden I realized this test wasn’t gonna be that hard.

I mean, sure, it was inhumanly humiliating… but I loved that shit. Pretty much all of it. My dick was rock hard and they were laughing their balls off at my expense. I mean… fuck, that wasn’t bad at all.

“Hahahaha! Man that’s fucking awesome! Hahaha!” commented Jacob, then he said. “Lay on the floor!” I looked up and I immediately obeyed. He kept smirking down at me. “Stick your fucking tongue out, you stupid homo!” he ordered, and I obeyed again. He snorted, “I’m gonna use it as a doormat, happy?” he laughed as did the others. I didn’t have time to answer, I just nodded as he placed the shoe I had already licked on my tongue and started… well… wiping it… like he would have on a real doormat. It hurt. He wasn’t exactly being gentle about it.  “Hahahaha! There you go, you fucking loser, clean that shit! Hahaha! All of it, c’mon! Hahaha!” he cackled.

“Man, Junior, you’re fucking brutal!” Topher’s voice said, way more amused and entertained by his buddy’s eagerness to show off in front of them than actually worried about his ‘brutality’ towards such a dumb queer like me. I could understand that. He might not have been pure evil like little Jacob or Ace but he was totally, one hundred percent, one of them and he was having fun with his friends.

“That’s what this fucking pussyboy deserves!” Jacob answered aggressively. “Just for being alive!” he added through gritted teeth wiping his sneakers so forcefully on my tongue he made me whimper and this time not with pleasure. They laughed some more and he lifted his foot just the time he needed to press his other sneaker on my face which was enough for me to gain some saliva in my mouth, wash my tongue a little and stick it out again for him to use. And boy did he! He went on mercilessly alternating one shoe with the other. When he finally decided his soles were clean enough he stomped both his feet on my naked chest and barked, “Go on! Fucking swallow it bitch!” I did and I was almost sure I could taste a little blood from my bruised tongue. Nothing major of course but it did hurt a bit.

“Thank you Sir, It tastes so good!” I told him in the most subservient way I could (and trust me I was a pro at that). He liked it of course and lost a smidge of aggressiveness and simply laughed with the others.

“You’re welcome, cunt! Hahahaha!!” he cackled  for a few seconds after kicking my chest once more. “That’s how I want you to ‘greet’ me every fucking time you see me from now on, got it?” he added all tough and butch despite his voice being still a little childish.

“Yes Sir! I understand!” I answered immediately knowing nothing about what was gonna happen to me and not even sure if I was actually allowed to make that promise. “It’s a great honor, Sir! I’m such a lucky faggot, thank you!” I really wanted to put up a great show for them and remember what the number one rule was? Making them laugh. I was only hoping I could keep it up long enough.

“Hahahaha!! All Right fag! Not bad!” I heard Kieran’s voice after a few seconds “Now, get over here!” he said still chuckling. I got up from the floor and took a few dog-steps towards him. I stopped at about four feet from him, sitting on my hind legs in the middle of the room, surrounded by the four boys. They all looked so handsome and masculine. They were just a bunch of cute boys of course, like a billion others but to me they simply looked… well, superior. Yes, even Seth. As much as I hated him I wasn’t blind. His superiority was unquestionable. I was pretty much in awe of all that oozing teenage testosterone. Without a doubt that it was so right for me to be kneeling down in front of those boys. It felt right, I honestly don’t know what else I could have done if not prostrating myself to their feet. They had the right to own my ass. He did anyways. Kieran. My beautiful, perfect god.

“So!” he said expansively clapping his hands together the way you do when you get down to business “What do you say we show Toph and Junior here what happened in your queer room when Seth and I stopped by yesterday?” he said brightly. “I mean we pretty much told ‘em but I’m sure they wanna see it with their own eyes! It was fucking entertaining! Hahaha!” they all cackled.

“Hell yeah, I wanna see it!” said Jacob with that mixture of childish impatience and aggressiveness.

“Sure, why not!” echoed Topher.

“Awesome! This is gonna be so much fun, bitch! Hehehe!” said Kieran while Seth was already hooking up his phone to his huge TV.

“Yes Sir!” I answered “I can’t wait…” I added trying to sound psyched and he snickered. I kept looking at him, his gorgeous piercing green eyes always had that same hypnotic effect on me. He had a huge, cocky, cold and uncaring smirk on his cute face while staring down at me. I got shivers down my spine just being in his presence. I had missed him so much. For a second it was like the rest of the world didn’t exist, it was only me and him in a perfect moment. I’m not so sure he felt the same but it didn’t matter because it was only a fleeting instant, then someone’s voice said:

“Cable’s too short, Zuck, you’re gonna have to stand.”

Kieran got distracted and lost eye contact and immediately after that Zuckermann’s voice barked, “Get your ass over here, faggot!” and I was shaken out of my reverie. I turned around and crawled over to Seth.

“Yes Sir, how can I aaaahhh…” I moaned in pain as he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled to position me where he wanted me which was right in front of the screen.

“Shut up, cunt!” he said snickering. Then he sat heavily on my back receiving laughs of approval by the boys.

“That’s better! Good doggy! Hehehe!” he said cockily slapping my face “Alright, here we go!” and all of a sudden I could see myself up on that 60-inch Full HD screen starring in a pretty educational documentary that might as well have been titled “The Shitty Life of a Fagboy – Part 1.”

And as those four straight teenage boys were laughing their balls off at how pathetic I was, I watched myself cry hysterically, beg shamelessly for forgiveness on my knees, in front of another boy my own age. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was educational. It was for me. It was almost like I was watching someone else yet I was painfully aware of the fact that the shameless queer making a complete ass of himself was none other than me.

I watched myself throwing a fit while begging him not to call me by my first name because I didn’t wanna be his friend, I wanted to be his slave. Pretty pathetic. I watched myself apologize a million times and more in the most self-degrading way possible. I watched myself tell that cute, smirking boy he was my god and prostrate myself in front of him. I also watched myself carelessly suggest the boy he should kick my balls twenty times as a punishment for my behavior which, I’m not gonna say that I had forgotten about it but hadn’t thought about it that much and which I was now starting to regret big time.

The room was filled with fit after fit of uncontrollable cackles. They were commenting my pleading words, my girlish voice, my groveling tone, everything about me was source of hilarious entertainment to them who, having been blessed with heterosexuality, were so naturally vulgar and butch and extremely offensive in every single look, every single word, every single smirk. Just the way I liked them.

Seth was still sitting on my back and my knees were starting to hurt but then the worst part of the video came.

“Where are you gonna find the time to be my slave and Toph’s cumdump?”

“I… I won’t see him anymore, Sir, I promise!” and the boys went “boooooohhh!” again, Seth slapped my face a couple of times saying:

“What an unfaithful cunt! Hahaha!” but I wasn’t listening to him, I was looking at Topher with a look of utmost pain and regret. He was snorting and being all “who the fuck cares” while the other boys teased him a little in a friendly manner, of course. I started to shake my head and said:

“Sir, I am so sor…” but he cut me off.

“Shut the fuck up faggot! Let me watch!” in a pretty damn mean tone that was a little uncharacteristic of him. The boys laughed, congratulating him. He smirked all self-satisfied and I hung my head down. I felt terrible. Truly terrible. I had probably hurt his feelings which of course had not been my intention. Fuck! First I had first doubted his honesty then I had completely forsaken him. I really was as stupid as Kieran had always told me. There was no denying it, I mean did I need more proof? I shouldn’t have been allowed to make any decision at all because most of the time they were stupid anyways. That’s how bad I felt in that precise moment. All that derision was making it hard for me not to nut in front of them but what I had done to Topher was making me feel actual pain in my stomach. How was I gonna make it up to him? I had to somehow. I wanted to.

When the video ended Seth got off me and unplugged the cable from the TV while the boys were still enjoying a few more digs at me.

“Shit, that was fucking hilarious! Hahaha!!” little Jacob said standing up from the bed “I still can’t believe how much of a loser this fucking fairy is! Hahaha!!” he added and kicked me pretty hard on the side, throwing me on the ground. I groaned.

“Save your kicks for the fun part, Junior!” Kieran told him.

“What fun part?” Jacob asked.

“Didn’t you hear him? He wants us to kick his balls, doesn’t he? What was that bitch? 20 times?” I was still on the floor and I swallowed hard before nodding miserably. I felt my body stiffen.

“You actually gonna do that?” I heard Topher ask a little surprised.

“Course we are! I’ve been waiting for it since yesterday!” said Seth all excited as I was getting back up on all fours. My heart had started to pound. What the fuck had I done? Why had I suggested that? Fuck! Why don’t I ever think before opening my stupid, stupid, mouth?

“Hahaha! That’s so fucking cool!” said little Jacob delighted as I crawled past him. I looked up with a truly miserable expression on my face. Topher didn’t comment, he just shook his head at me, smirking.

“All Right, on your back bitch!” Kieran ordered. I looked at him and felt my heart start beating even faster. It was all becoming so real now, not just a foolish promise made in the spur of the moment. I obeyed though and found myself looking at all their smiling faces up there, where my fag snout was not allowed. And rightly so. Topher was the only one still sitting.

“Spread your legs, c’mon!” Kieran barked kicking one of my knees sideways. I suddenly thought back of the first time he had done that to me, a couple of days earlier. It had been my first punishment ever, the first time my master had been disappointed with me. This was gonna be so much different, he wasn’t gonna trample me a little. They were gonna use my junk as a frigging soccer ball and I was afraid. Shit I was terrified. I obeyed him but I started shaking a little. Of course he noticed.

“What is it bitch?” he said teasingly “Not so chipper anymore?” the boys snickered.

“N… no… I just…” I tried to explain myself, or better yet cover up my discomfort but he continued.

“You don’t wanna give up now, do ya?” he asked with a such a sadistic smirk on his face.

“What? No, no, I…” I stuttered.

“Because if you do…” he spread his arms “you just say the word and you’re free to go…” he said showing me the door as calm, cold and amused as ever. Naturally I panicked again.

“No, no, Sir! Please don’t do that!” I begged ready to turn on the waterworks “Don’t kick me out Sir, please!” the boys laughed.

“Oh, but we don’t wanna kick you out faggot, we just wanna kick your balls, hahaha!” said Seth and Jacob fist-bumped him.

“Fucking-A-right, dude! Hahaha!”

Kieran snickered “Well, yeah, that would definitely be a lot of fun!” he said then arched an eyebrow “But no one’s forcing you to do anything…” he added with that cocky tone knowing all too well how to push all my fucking queer buttons “…you can leave if you want, you know?” and that was it.

“No! No, please, Sir!! I don’t wanna leave, please!” I cried desperately spreading my legs ever so wide in front of him “I wanna stay, Sir! I really wanna be punished, I beg you Sir, kick my balls, please Sir! Please, kick them! Kick them! I can’t… sob… live… sob… without you… sob… Sir… sob… please!” and as panic stricken tears ran down my face the boys doubled over yet again entertained by my desperate, pathetic begging that had nothing and I mean nothing normal about it.

“Hahaha! Oh fuck, man!” Kieran said pressing his foot on my hard dick and balls “I cannot even begin to imagine how much it must suck being you, faggot! Hahaha!” he exclaimed and the others laughed again at his perfectly true and honest statement. How could he imagine my internal turmoil. The pain and the masochistic pleasure I felt every single time they so much as smirked at me. He couldn’t and shouldn’t have to. He was no faggot, he was straight. A rich, handsome, healthy, athletic, confident, happy-go-lucky straight boy who didn’t have a real problem in the world and when I got lost in his hypnotic green eyes again I could feel how completely just and right and fair it all was. So as he smirked triumphantly down at me I found myself even lifting my ass a couple of inches almost doing the splits for him, willingly pressing my most delicate parts against the sole of his foot with a feverish look in my eyes, to show him how eager I was to receive that first, well-deserved, painful kick in the balls.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!!” I shouted balling up and holding my junk.

They all went “Yeeeeaaaahhh!” and then laughed of course. It was painful, I’m not gonna lie to you. Well, to be completely honest with you he hadn’t kicked me all that hard. Don’t get me wrong he had stomped on them and it was fucking painful, what I meant to say is that he could have kicked me much harder, that’s all.

“Hey, faggot!” he slapped my bare ass a couple of time with his foot “What do you say every time a straight boy kicks your balls?” he asked cackling.

“Thank you Sir…” my voice was very soft and a little higher that usual.

“Hahaha! Fuck, I wanna try, I wanna try!” little Jacob said childishly as usual.

“C’mon fagboy! Break’s over! Back in position!” Kieran said and I almost cried:

“Yes sir…”

How the hell was I gonna keep it up for nineteen more times. Reluctantly I rolled over and gingerly opened my legs again. Jacob was in front of me this time waiting for his turn. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I so did not wanna open my legs for him but I had to keep in mind what was at stake there.

“Well, well, look at his little dick all hard! Hahaha!” Seth said to the others pointing between my legs. I looked down with an incredulous look on my already pain stricken face. He was right. My dick was still hard. I was looking at it and I couldn’t believe it. How? How was that possible?

“You actually like being kicked in the balls you fucking homo? Hahaha!!” asked Seth mockingly. I tried to shake my head no as I was trying not to think of the fact that my nuts still hurt and I was gonna get kicked again in a matter of seconds. It didn’t work very well.

“You pathetic piece of shit!” cackled Jacob.

“Un-fucking-believable!” commented Topher shaking his head incredulously. He had done that a lot since he had met me. I get that he couldn’t understand me because frankly even I had no rational explanation for it. Kieran had hurt me. He had kicked my balls for fucks sake, that’s gotta be a turn off. But it wasn’t. Not completely anyways. The fact that I would willingly let him kick my balls, that I would eagerly spread my legs for him and that he was taking advantage of it, and that the whole thing was so fucking entertaining for him… well, that was a turn on for me. Maybe not the actual pain per se but the power I was giving him.

Right. Well, of course it was easy for me just now to give you this nice little explanation in retrospect but right there and then I had no time whatsoever to come up with any of that shit. I was kid, being kicked in the nuts by other kids and I was getting a boner from it. Weird? You betcha. On the other hand I think it’s safe to say that the definition of weird has been stretched incessantly along the course of this story, but still…

“Let’s see if you like my kicks as much as his!” little Jacob said conceitedly jerking his head towards Kieran and when I saw him lift his leg to kick me, incapable of restraining my human instincts, I closed my legs a little.

It didn’t help much. I screamed when his sneaker smashed my junk. I screamed like a fucking banshee. This one was beyond painful, I balled up again and screamed at the top of my lungs a second time as waves of pain were making my whole body shake. I couldn’t breath.

“Shut the fuck up, you cunt!” Kieran slapped my ass again with his foot “The neighbors will hear ya!” his tone was actually a little worried.

“Hey you fucking tried to close your legs right before I kicked you! It’s not fair you dumbfuck!” Jacob said petulantly like we were playing hide and seek.

“I’m… sob… I’m… sob… sor…sorry… aaahhhh!” I sobbed as tears were running all over my face but the pain… oh the pain. I was lost, why did my life have to be so… shitty? Why? Did I really deserve all that? I found myself thinking desperately. Sure I was a stupid, inferior fag-cunt but was all that pain really necessary. I know, my feelings change at the drop of a hat but would you want me to lie? That’s what I felt.

But then, all of a sudden.

“Dude, hold back a little will ya?” Kieran said to Jacob “He’s just a queer and he doesn’t need his balls but I don’t wanna have to take him to the hospital, all right?” he wasn’t being rude, but he wasn’t asking him either. He was kinda telling him. Now I was in so much pain that I barely heard his words but the boys weren’t laughing so much anymore.

“What, you’re protecting him now?” Jacob snorted with such defiant tone.

“I’m just being practical, you dumbass!” Kieran replied fiercely “How is he going to explain a serious injury to his parents? And if they find out, what do we tell our parents, huh?” he told him in a leveled tone. Jacob snorted again.

“Tsk! My mom does what I tell her!” he was so overbearing, damn, that kid!

“Well, mine doesn’t!” said Kieran with a final tone “And she’s a friggin pain in the ass, all right?” he added somewhat nastily. They snickered a little. I thought that was a little unfair. I liked his mom. Not that it mattered.

“Hey, fagboy could still tell his parents that he fell off his bike and smashed his balls on the crossbar, like Orowitz did, remember?” Seth said to Kieran.

“Yeah! Hahaha! He walked funny for like a week! Hahaha!” They were talking about a kid in our grade who had been brutally made fun of for a while just for being unlucky enough to have had a freaky accident “Well, he’s gonna have to tell that story anyways once we’re done with him, believe it! Hahaha!” he continued a bit cruelly, laughing with his friends. Then he looked at Jacob again and said “Look, I don’t give a shit if this fucking homo…” he pointed at me with an amused disgusted look “…gets hurt but I don’t wanna be blamed for it, got it?!” then he snorted and finally looked down at me “I’m protecting us, not him!”

I was still clutching my balls and trying to convince my diaphragm that it was ok to start functioning again. But I had heard his words. Loud and crystal fucking clear. My god, my hero, my knight in shining armor had come to my aid to protect me from the evil kid. Sorry, a little overdramatic as usual but I can’t help it. And yes, you’re right, my brain had selected only the words I wanted to hear, that 10, maybe 15 percent that was partially concerned about my wellbeing (and for reasons that were… well let’s just say a little selfish…). Go figure.

“Awright, I get it; chill dude!” Jacob finally grumbled, raising his hands and rolling his eyes at Kieran.

‘Serves you right you little fucker!’ I thought wildly, looking through watery eyes at my beautiful Kieran who suddenly looked down at me again.

“And you!” his foot slapped my ass again and he had an angry voice that perfectly matched the marked annoyance on his face “Keep your faggy voice down, you hear me?!”

“Aahhh… yes master…” I whimpered, shaking like a leaf “…so…sorry…”. I suddenly had the need to barf and my head was spinning. I groaned again, pretty loudly, incapable of keeping it for myself and I sobbed a few more times.

“I said shut up, you stupid queer! You deaf or summin’?” Kieran barked and I closed my mouth sobbing in silence. The pain was still there. Maybe not as intense as the moment Satan’s offspring had kicked me but it was so there.

“Dude, c’mon, how can you expect him to keep his voice down? You’re kicking his fucking balls!” that was Topher. I know right? For such an inferior subhuman creature I was so lucky to have both of them on my side. I wanted to kiss him so bad. His feet of course!

“So what do you suggest?” Kieran asked him shrugging. It was kinda weird listening to their words. They were basically trying to find a way to play with their toy that was totally entertaining but not too risky so that it wouldn’t accidentally ruin their fun with stupid nuisances like… oh I don’t know, my death for example. I don’t know how I felt about it but not even being part of a conversation about my safety, or lack of it, was definitely making me even hornier. And my cock was still pretty much hard despite the kick (or maybe because of it). There had to be something profoundly disturbed in me, right? I’m sorry I keep asking you guys these kinda questions over and over but I mean, come on! Sorry. Let’s just continue.

“I got an idea!” this time it was Seth’s voice “Yo Toph, I think it’s time you had those nasty socks of yours washed!” he said chirpy as hell “An hour or two in the cunt’s mouth should do it, what do you say?” That’s when the boys laughter filled the room again and that layer of tension, that had cooled the atmosphere a bit, vanished.

“Hahaha! You know, that’s actually not a bad idea! They do need to be washed!” Topher said standing up from the bed and sitting in the armchair right in front of my head.

He peeled off his socks while giving me a pretty mean smirk. “Open up, faggot!” he said and watched me in amusement when I immediately obeyed despite my face being covered with tears.

“Hahaha! He’s fucking chomping at the bit! Hahaha!” said Seth making everybody laugh again.

“Fucking faggot!” little Jacob said hatefully.

Topher shoved his filthy socks in my open mouth. “There you go, all nice and tasty for ya, hehehe!” he said. They were so rancid, my god, it was a new low, even for me. “Mmmmm… yummy, huh?” he added mockingly and I made a lustful nasal moan while nodding almost on purpose to make them sneer. My body was almost on autopilot and my dick twitched again which hurt considerably this time.

“Here!” I heard then Seth’s voice and saw Topher look up and catch an incredibly and I mean incredibly providential roll of large duct tape “Make sure they stay in there!” said Seth.

Topher looked down at me and smirked a little before saying, “It really sucks to be you, fag!” and taped my mouth. I moaned, I don’t even know what I wanted to say but he simply snickered down at me and said: “Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome!” and the boys laughed.

“And while we’re at it…” Kieran said then to him “Gimme the tape.” Topher handed it to him “Roll over, bitch!” he ordered pushing my side with his foot. I obeyed and saw the curious looks on the boys faces “Put your hands behind your back.” was the next order and as he started to tape my wrists together Seth and Jacob cheered him on.

“That’s a fucking great idea, buddy! Hahaha!” they commented cackling like chickens.

“You’re such a mean bastard, man…” Topher said half laughing in a low voice to Kieran, right over my head and he just smirked at him.

“Nah! The bitch is gonna fucking love it!” he said as he was finishing tying my hands “Aren’t you faggot?” and he forced me on my back again. I nodded but I was terrified. I think they both saw that in my eyes and I could tell Kieran was loving the power rush so fucking much. He snickered and ruffled my hair roughly as he always did.

“Good faggot, you ain’t doing half bad you know?” he said to me and flashed me his beautiful, perfect, smile. And I was in heaven. A compliment. He had just given me a compliment. I couldn’t even remember when the last time had been. I swear I could see a godly light surrounding his face, you know what I’m talking about? Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a lunatic, whatever!

I smiled back at him with my eyes. Adoring eyes that tried to convey all my gratitude for the kind words he had just spoken. He snickered again.

“Hehehe! Fuck, you’re pathetic!” he said, then “Now listen up, queerboy! I want you to let us kick your balls as much as we want…” he started with that same patronizing, arrogant tone you use with little kids or with someone really dumb, the one he always used when he was explaining something to me “…with your legs open…” he added then thought about it for a second “Hang on!” he exclaimed as another one of his brilliant ideas were lighting up his face “This is fucking perfect! Face to the floor, bitch!” he said to me and I obeyed.

“Guys, help me out!” he said and I felt him grab one of my ankles and bending my leg backwards till my feet were touching my bare ass. My heart was pumping blood so fast it was scary and I was breathing so heavily. They grabbed my other foot and started taping both of them to my hands. Wrists and ankles tied together. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Was he serious? I heard them snickering and exchanging comments on how much more fun this was going to be.

“Now that’s more like it!” Kieran said after finishing and turning me up with the help of the others. I was whimpering and my eyes were wide as a terrified animal. He gave me a cold grin from up there.

“You comfy?” he said mimicking a caring tone that was so fake it was actually pretty funny. I moaned again for their entertainment. “Hehehe! Alright faggot…” he continued getting to business “…now the first two kicks were just a trial, so we’re starting over!” he informed me sneering and Jacob and Seth went wild covering up my muffled cries.

“Yeah! You rock man! Hahaha!!” Jacob said.

“We’re gonna take turns…” he said to the others “There’s four of us so that’s five kicks each.” he said.

“Nah, that’s ok, man! I’m just gonna watch.” said Topher right over my head and I have to say I was not too surprised to hear that. But totally relieved. This guy actually didn’t want me dead, I think I was in love with him. Of course my enthusiasm wasn’t shared by someone.

“What the fuck, man! You’re such a wimp!” Jacob protested teasing him for the second time, which was once too many.

“A wimp that’s so gonna kick your ass if you keep this up, squirt!” Topher said scowling at him with so much confidence and pride that spoke volumes. He wasn’t gonna take shit from anyone, not even Ace’s little brother.

“I’d like to see you try!” was Jacob’s snotty retort as he was already balling up his fists.

“Woah, woah! Guys c’mon! We’re all friends here!” said Seth trying to calm them down “Well, I mean the four of us up here, hehehe!” again he managed to break the tension and make them smile. He was pretty good at that, I had to hand it to him although I would lie if I told you I wasn’t grateful for these little squabbles. They were giving me precious seconds to get the pain under some sort of control before the real game began.

“Yeah, c’mon Junior!” said Kieran “What the fuck do you care if he just wants to watch?” Jacob rolled his eyes again.

“All Right, fine! I was kidding, whatever!” he said with a little bit of attitude but he was smiling.

“Cool!” said Kieran “Then we’re good to go!”

“And don’t call me Junior…” Jacob said petulantly, the response to which was the dismissive “Sorry Junior!” he always got from his older friends.

“Hey Toph, you can hold my phone then! Get every second of it, all right?” Seth handed him his phone and I know I should have been worried about them shooting yet another compromising video but, you see, the fear I was experiencing was just a tad overwhelming.

“Got it!” and he started shooting right away pointing the phone right between his feet, where my terrified face was.

“Alright faggot!” Kieran said with a booming voice “Is it true that you came here today because you wanna be kicked in the balls?” he asked me, shrewd as ever. The camera was still on my face. I nodded convincingly. They laughed.

“And that you specifically asked us, begged us even, to tie you up like that?” the boys snickered and I frowned slightly but Kieran, who was off camera, nodded, suggesting the answer I was supposed to give. I nodded again, compliantly. What difference did it make at this point? They laughed.

“And you’re doing this because you wanna show me how desperate you are to be my personal slave?” I nodded again as they laughed a third time. I was admitting all that shit on camera and he was totally saving his ass making it seem that it had been my idea. Well, it kinda had been to be honest but regardless I should have been way more worried about the consequences.

“Awesome, so 20 kicks! You ready?” he asked me and I nodded again, this time with even more dread in my heart. He snickered then added as a cruel afterthought “Oh, by the way, you can scream as much as you want now, no one’s gonna hear ya!” and I nodded again, I probably would have even said ‘Thank you’ if my mouth wasn’t being used as Topher’s personal washing machine. But my eyes were wild, I kept lifting my head up to see what they were going to do to me as if seeing it was gonna give me some kind of control over it. Yeah, right!

Kieran got into position, then, “Here comes number one, bitch!”  I watched his foot stomping hard on my crotch. And as the boys cheered I realized how foolish I had been. So the test wasn’t gonna be that hard, huh? Think again, you dumb faggot!

I screamed and hit my head backwards on the hardwood floor as my body tensed up like never before.

“One down, nineteen more to go!” said chirpy Seth. God I hated him!

“All right Junior, you’re up!” said Kieran hitting his friend on the shoulder. I lifted my head up again to see what was coming. And with terror I saw the cold-blooded smirk Jacob had on his face. My legs weren’t gonna close this time, fuck it! And then he kicked me. Maybe not as hard as before but still harder than Kieran. I howled in muffled pain and my eyes were full of tears again. Theirs were full of laughter, as per usual. I was squirming and twitching, my body clearly wanted to get out of there but couldn’t. And it wasn’t just because I was tied up. I needed to be there. My goal was still clear in my head. I wanted to be Kieran’s slave, period!

“Hey Toph, why don’t you hold him down while you’re at it!” Kieran said and I saw a smirk twitching Topher’s lips.

“Sure!” he said right before lifting one foot and pressing it down my face. “There! He ain’t going nowhere now! Hehehe!” The smell was incredible. It was so fucking nasty. I know I’ve used this word before but it’s the only one I can think of that can give it justice! It was strong, masculine, musky, sweaty, clammy and utterly repugnant and I loved it, just as I was loving his yucky socks in my mouth. As much as I was in pain I started sniffing his foot and whimpering at the same time. It was pleasure and pain.

“Yeeaahhh! That’s what I’m talking about, man!” said little Jacob approvingly “Show that fucking queer who the boss is! Hahaha!” it was maybe his childish way of sort of apologizing for being such a handful all the time but they all laughed at that heartfelt statement and Topher put his other foot on the rest of my face turning off the light completely.

“Yeah, sniff it, faggot!” he said “At least you got something to enjoy down there!” he laughed a little and the other boys followed him “You can thank me later.” he said rubbing his feet on my face. I wanted to lick them so fucking bad and my mouth had already started to produce huge quantities of spit, the way you do when you got something you can’t wait to taste, you know? His socks got soaked in it almost at once.

And then a third kick arrived. Fuck it was more and more painful. I screamed again and tensed up, realizing that now I really couldn’t move. My jaw tightened though, Toph’s socks got wrung and all the spit they were soaked in went straight down my throat, forcing me to swallow. Fuck, I really was a washing machine!

“Does it feel good queerboy?” Seth asked me after his kick. I sobbed a couple of times fueling yet again their never-ending laughters.

“Your little dick is still hard, you must like it! Hahaha!!” he continued and I moaned again “Hey Toph, take a shot of that!” and I felt a foot nudging my sore balls. I tensed up again and moaned. At this point even a caress would have been painful. Of course they laughed.

“What a freak!” I heard Topher said “I wonder what’s making him so hard: your kicks or the smell of my sweaty feet? He’s rubbing his fucking face in them like there’s no tomorrow!” He was telling the truth of course, I was doing that and the answer to his question was probably both of them.

“Who cares! He’s a fucking queer, that’s all you need to know! Hahaha!” Kieran’s voice said boastfully. Someone pressed his bare foot down on one of my thighs. It had to be him because Seth and Jacob were still wearing shoes. The thought of his soft, smelly skin touching me made me even harder.

“Yeah, you’re right, man, but it’s still fucking sick!” Topher said and he rubbed his feet on my face even more forcefully and I swallowed another load of disgusting sock-spit.

And so the game went on. Now I’m not gonna bore you with all the excruciating details on how painful it was, I’m just gonna give you the highlights.

Four, five, six, seven.

“Keep your fucking legs open, queer!”

Eight, nine, ten, eleven. I was screaming so hard I was losing my voice.The veins on my neck were ready to explode every second. The pain was so intense I cannot even describe it. And it wasn’t just my balls. My back, my legs, everything hurt like hell.


I swallowed some more dirty spit but this time it went down the wrong pipe and I started to cough. They had to stop playing and let me roll over on one side for a few seconds so that I could expel some of that spit from my nose. Of course untaping my mouth and let me take a real breath didn’t even cross their minds, on the contrary they were pretty annoyed by that pesky interruption.

Thirteen, fourteen.

“The bitch is crying like a fucking pussy! Hahaha!” said Jacob after one of his hardest kicks yet.

“No shit! My feet are all wet!” said Topher who was still shooting this gruesome and grotesque movie yours truly starred in.

“Hahaha! Someone’s gonna have a lot of licking to do later! Hahaha!” Kieran chimed in.

“Yeah, he should be so lucky, hahaha!” replied Topher.

Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.

“He’s still fucking hard, can you believe it?” Seth said. How could they? Hell, I couldn’t. I swallowed another mouthful of dirty spit.

“Fucking faggot freak!” said Jacob. How much did he like calling me names with that childish voice of his.

“Think we can make him cum?” Seth asked them playfully as my mouth was already filling up again with new spit to keep washing the socks.

“What?” asked Topher half snorting. My tears, my sweat, his sweat, his smell, his toejam had formed such an awful concoction it was way beyond describable.

“Shit, that would be fucking hilarious! Hahaha!!” that was Kieran of course “Hey bitch? You still alive down there?” he kicked one of my sides and I moaned. An inhuman high-pitched sound came out. My voice was almost gone at this point and I pretty much sounded like a pig at the slaughterhouse. Topher lifted his feet from my face and they all burst out laughing. I couldn’t see them, my vision was way too blurry with all that concoction I was telling you about. But they were totally busting a gut.

“Hahaha! Fuck, you should see your face, faggot! Hahaha!!” I had no idea what was going on around me I could only see vague shapes and there was a black, rectangular one three inches from my face. Great; so they were shooting a close-up. Awesome.

“So, you having fun, cocksucker?” asked Kieran still laughing pretty hard, slightly crouching down, with his hands on his knees. I sobbed a few times but I nodded slowly, desperately. Don’t ask me how I found the strength to do that.

“Hahaha!! Oh, man!” he mocked me “Good, so are we, right guys?” they all snickered.

“So, listen up.” he said “We want you to cum from getting your balls kicked.” he simply informed me “And we want you to do in on camera so we can laugh at how pathetic you are every time we watch it!” he said as I was starting to make out his perfect face again. His beautiful green eyes, his ginger hair.

“Hey! Can you even understand what I’m saying? Or does this feel too good? Hahaha!” they all laughed again and I nodded, whimpering like a wounded animal. I was in so much pain, you have no idea. I had never experienced anything like that and I really doubt any of you have.

“Awesome, hahaha!” he sneered at me “Tell you what, then: we’re gonna keep going till you come, all right?” he continued cheerfully and they all laughed again “We don’t have to stop at twenty, you know! We still got plenty of energy!” he said flexing his biceps, goofing off like a typical fifteen-year-old would and they all doubled over at the look of sheer terror that must have deformed my face. They were sadistic, you say? Of course they were. But most teenage boys are. Or at least the ones I’ve encountered in my life.

So, on they went, mercilessly. Eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two- twenty-three. I couldn’t even feel my lower body anymore and still the pain was unbearable. I have no idea how that’s even possible but that’s what was happening. The boys were counting the kicks out loud and cheering after every single one of them. My dick was still hard but I couldn’t come. My masochistic screwed up libido was still missing a little incentive apparently. And that’s when Kieran got impatient.

“Come on you fucking homo, cum for us or I swear I’m not taking you back!” he said loudly, half laughing as he started to kick me. This time he kicked me repeatedly, one after the other, without even giving me the time to feel the pain of each kick. He was going up and down with his foot, once hitting my balls with the tip of his toes, then coming back down like a hammer and slapping them hard and loudly with his sole.

All my muscles were so tensed I thought my spine was gonna snap it was so arched upwards. I was screaming like a swine, much to their entertainment and my vocal chords were all bruised. But I couldn’t lose him. No, not after all that. Those words sent me into a crazy state. I had to come for them. For him. As much as my brain was pretty much gone that little light of mine was still showing me my goal. You probably won’t believe me if I tell you that I came. And yet I did. I came buckets with my eyes rolling backwards and the foam that was starting to get out of the loose tape on the side of my mouth. Naturally that sent them into hysterics.

“Hahahahaha!!! Jesus Christ! Hahahahaha!!!” was pretty much all they could muster since they were totally cracking up. If the success of my test really depended on how much I was making them laugh… well, you see where I’m going with this, right?

I lay there. A broken mind, a broken spirit, a broken body with no strength left, none whatsoever. Whimpering, crying, sobbing uncontrollably but also silently since my voice was pretty much a memory. I had been kicked a total of 27 times. 29 if you count the first two kicks that were ‘just a trial’. I was completely worn out.

“Hahahaha! Did you get it all Toph?”  Seth asked.

“You bet! It’s all here!” he answered taking a final shot first at my cum-covered stomach, then at my devastated face. They were having so much fun. It was genuine, I could tell. They weren’t just trying to be cool in front of each other by being mean and tough on purpose, no. They were actually having a fucking blast.

“Well, that was pretty entertaining, bitch! Well done!” Kieran said slapping my face playfully with his foot. Topher’s smell had ravaged my lungs for the past fifteen minutes or so but I could recognize Kieran’s even if I couldn’t see squat. It was the only thing that gave me enough strength to simply whimper, very, very weakly. Kieran snickered “Are you a happy faggot, now?” he asked me softly and wildly amused. I whimpered again and nodded slowly, receiving a snicker and another couple of foot slaps on my face. Then he shook his head, looked around for a pair of scissors that were on his desk and crouched down next to me.

“Here.” he said rolling my limp body on one side, helped by Topher. It was painful. He freed me. It was painful. My legs slowly stretched back to normal. Even that was painful. I was trembling visibly, shaking like a defenseless leaf.

“It’s almost 3:30, what do you guys say we jump in the pool before we head to the ramps?” Kieran suggested.

“Sweet!” Jacob said.

“Awesome!” echoed Topher.

“Yeah, why not?” I heard Seth voice right behind me. I was still on my side, trying to understand what parts of my body still functioned and I felt the sole of a sneaker on one of my ass cheeks. It was him I knew it instantly. Stupid Zuckermann! He pushed me forcefully till I heavily rolled on my stomach bumping my sore junk on the floor. I groaned loudly, trembling but he didn’t give me time to recover he simply climbed on my ass with both feet. Now I had something like 150 pounds of arrogant teenage masculinity to press on my already destroyed (and at this point nonexistent) manhood. Needless to say it hurt like hell.

“What time do we have to be at the movies?” he asked the others like I wasn’t even there.

“Hang on.” said Kieran grabbing his phone and checking the time. Seth, apparently bored of waiting, started bouncing up and down on my ass, squashing my junk even more. I started grunting in the same animalistic way, almost rhythmically, every time he bounced. I almost felt my eyes were popping out every second now as new tears were adding to the mess my face already was. If I wasn’t in so much pain I guess it would have even been kinda funny. Of course it was plenty funny for them.

“Movie starts at 5:30.” Kieran said half laughing.

“Well, we got time then!” Seth said stopping the bouncing and putting one sneaker on my neck and one on the small of my back. Still uncomfortable but bearable.

“Do we already have the tickets?” Topher asked.

“I didn’t get them.” Kieran shrugged.

“Zuck was going to!” little Jacob said as Seth stepped directly on my head. I groaned again. It was completely useless but… you know…

“Relax you guys! We just need to get there ten minutes earlier!” he said confidently finally stepping off my body. I gave a final whimper.

Topher looked down at my cadaver-like form “Is he gonna be ok?” he asked to no one in particular.

“Who the fuck cares?!” said Jacob boastfully kicking my poor ribs with the tip of his worn-out sneaker. I gave yet another cry but I wasn’t even producing any sounds anymore.

“Yeah, he just needs a little break, don’t you faggot?” said Kieran. I sobbed again and slowly nodded.

“Besides he still needs to chew on your dirty socks for another… what… 90 minutes?” said Seth checking the time on his phone and everybody laughed.

“All Right, let’s go guys!” said Kieran and they all disappeared from the messy room leaving just a lingering smell of ripe teenage sweat.

One of my ears was on the floor and I could hear them running down the stairs loudly and cackling and horsing around like ordinary teenage kids. Yeah, I used to be one of those. But it felt so long ago. And it felt weird. Against nature in some ways. Hey, again, I’m just being honest here, guys!

Anywho… I couldn’t move a muscle. My breathing was slowly going back to normal, as was my heartbeat. The pain was still so intense. I asked myself if it was ever gonna go away. I heard their voices coming from the backyard and soon after that the unmistakable sounds of water splashing around and the shouting and the laughter of people who are having a lot of well-deserved fun.

The socks in my mouth were once again soaked in my saliva. I moved my tongue, wrung them yet again and swallowed. Fuck it was disgusting. And my throat hurt like hell. I decided to try to move. I gingerly pushed myself up keeping my knees quite spread apart. There was not one muscle in my body that wasn’t sore as fuck. I got up on all fours very slowly, moaning and wincing at every painful movement and once again assessing the damage to my body.

I crawled around a bit, trying out that position. Ok, it was doable. I shakily crawled over to the window and sat myself down with my back propped against the wall, right underneath it. I ran my hand over my face and realize I was sweating all over and my stomach was all plastered with cum. I was pretty disgusting. I looked down, between my legs. My balls were puffy and red and even looking at them hurt. I took a deep breath and tried to relax a bit.

I could hear their voices coming from outside the window. I looked up and pushed the window up till it slid open so that I could hear what they were saying. I have no idea why I did that. I guess I felt like their cocky, teenage voices soothed me. Somehow I didn’t wanna be without them. They had just put me through hell and I didn’t wanna be without them. You see how fucked up I was?

“…like he was about to pass out!”

“I know, and when you walked all over him at the end, that was fucking genius man! Hahaha!” of course they were talking about me. Not surprising. Still I kinda felt proud of myself for being the topic of their discussion.

“Fuck! Can you believe what he went through for you, man?” it was Topher’s incredulous voice.

“Yeah!” Kieran laughed “That’s fucking awesome, dude! I mean, I can totally make him do whatever the fuck I want! No limits!” he boasted so full of himself. No news there.

“Yeah, especially when you threaten him like that!” Topher said.

“Yeah, right!” said Seth sarcastically “As if you’d ever pass up the chance to have a fucking slave at your feet!”

“Of course not, but he doesn’t know that!” Kieran answered. “I so totally OWN him! No fucking going back!” then added almost like he was realizing it himself “He really is my fuckin slave now! Hahahaha!”

“Man, he’s so fucking stupid!” said little Jacob and the others agreed “Hey, I wanna use him too, though! On my own I mean!” continued the youngest of the group “How come Toph gets to use him for blowjobs? It ain’t fair, man!” he went on as petulant and immature as ever.

“Hey, the bitch came to me and begged me to become my cumdump, it’s not like I forced him!” said Topher truthfully.

“Yeah, and don’t worry Junior, we’re all gonna use him in turn!” granted Kieran.

“We are?” asked the kid happy as hell “That’s awesome!” I could actually picture him clapping his hands delightfully like an eight-year-old on Christmas morning. It made me smile a little.  “But… like… how often?” he kept pestering Kieran with that childish curiosity that was so typical of him.

“How bout, whenever the fuck we want? How’s that sound?” laughter and cheers of approval from the other three. Then the conversation slowly moved to Connor’s latest conquest, a huge-tittied sophomore the boys graciously referred to as ‘Fuckhole number 12’.

I kept still, trying to make sense of everything I had just heard. I mean nothing earth shattering for the most part. I knew he was gonna make me serve Jacob as his slave too on top of Seth and Topher and as for all the name calling… well you know I love that part. No, the bit that had hit a nerve were Seth’s words. Kieran had never intended to give up on me. He had been planning to take me back all along and had played me like the fool I was. I smiled bitterly. Classic Kieran. I mean, I had always known he was good at pushing my buttons, sure! But this time I had cried myself to sleep thinking my life as his slave was over. I had genuinely felt terrified, lost, desperate. I mean it’s not unheard of that two friends simply stop hanging out because of a fight. Ok, we weren’t friends, I’ll grant you that, but still. Ah, what do I know about relationships, right? The socks were soaked again. I took a deep breath and swallowed the spit.

I started to think about the last… what? Five weeks? Or was it six? Shit, I had lost count. He had completely changed me. I would have never thought my life would have gone down this road. Six short weeks, that’s all it had taken him to turn a shy, insecure, overanxious, closeted gay kid he had been hanging out his entire life into… this. And he was right. It had been easy. It had been so fucking easy because I had let him. Hell I had even helped him because I had realized pretty soon that it was something I wanted so bad. And now there I was. What the hell was gonna happen to me?

After about twenty minutes or so the boys got out of the pool. I heard them chatting some more while they were quickly drying up and getting dressed.

“C’mon guys I wanna hit the ramps before the movie starts!” Kieran said getting back inside the house with the others. I heard them come upstairs and they found me on all fours, still shaky but ready to serve them.

“Hey faggot!” Kieran shouted expansively and ruffled my hair like he would a dog. He clearly loved to do that just as much as I loved receiving it. I looked at him lovingly. His ginger hair was wet and roughly combed backwards.

“He’s still chewing on your socks Toph! Hahaha!” said Seth. I looked at Topher and nodded proudly with a thankful expression on my face. He snickered.

“If you like ’em so much you can keep chewing, dude! Hahaha!” he said while Kieran was picking up a pair of dirty looking black socks from the floor “Just bring them back to me when they’re nice and clean, all right?” Topher said then, smirking and I nodded even more energetically. So he wasn’t that mad with me, after all.

“Yeah, so…” said Kieran sitting down on my back to put on his socks and sneakers like he had always done that, like I was nothing more than a stool “Congratulations!” he said “You made it, I’m taking you back as my slave, well done!” he complimented me as the boys cheered mockingly. I turned my head back till my neck almost hurt, to make sure I could give him my most thankful smile.

“You’re fucking welcome, homo!” he snickered “Also Junior here said he wants to spend some quality time alone with you just like the rest of us so…” he left it hanging as the boys chuckled “Just try not to break him all right?” Kieran said to little Jacob in a sort of brotherly way “He’s MY toy, don’t forget! I’m just lending him to you! Hehehe!” he continued probably more to humiliate me then to actually warn his friend.

“Yeah, yeah! Whatever!” the youngster answered with a hint of that overbearing smirk he always wore.

“All Right, let’s get outta here!” Kieran said, standing up after finishing with his shoes. Topher had meanwhile put his sneakers on without socks obviously.

“Clean my room and make sure it’s spotless.” Kieran said to me with his beautiful, natural authority “Then go home when you’re done.” God how much I loved him “You’ll get a text from each of us later telling you what time we want you to show up tomorrow and where, got it?” I nodded looking at his cute boyish face. He grinned and slapped my face a couple of times, another favorite of him “Good faggot!” he said to me then turned to the others “C’mon guys!” and they were gone.

It was almost six when I heard the front door open. I jumped out of my skin. Shit, his mom was back! I was just about to finish but fuck I was still stark naked, on my hands and knees. I started panicking and quickly reached for my clothes. I got dressed in like eight seconds wincing visibly every time I moved too fast. How the fuck was I gonna explain the fact that I was in his room? I heard her coming up the stairs and regardless of the pain I threw myself under Kieran’s bed as silently as I could, hoping to God she wasn’t gonna find me. My heart was beating like a drum as I listened to her loud and heavy steps. Wait, that was kinda weird. Kieran’s mom was like… so sophisticated and shit; she didn’t make heavy steps like that.…

And then I saw his black sneakers walk into the room. I closed my eyes for a second, taking a deep breath to calm myself down. Fuck, I had almost shitted my pants. Why was he home? They must have been too late to get the tickets. Typical, Kieran was always late for something. He came towards the bed and sat himself down heavily. His started kicking off his shoes and all at once I got an impulse I simply couldn’t restrain, a very childish one. Trying to be as silent as I could I reached out and suddenly grabbed both his ankles, horror movie style, you know?

“What the fuck?!” he jumped up, scared as shit then immediately looked under the bed and found me, smiling at him. A different kind of smile than the one I had been giving him since he was my master. The smile of a kid playing a dorky prank on his good buddy. He closed his eyes relieved for a split second then.

“What the fuck are you doing down there, you stupid queer!” he barked “Get the fuck out!” I obeyed instantly, crawling from under his bed “Fuck, you scared the shit outta me!” he said looking at me like he was waiting for an explanation. But I had started to laugh. I was giggling uncontrollably which sounded so weird considering I was voiceless and I had a tape over my mouth.

“Are you laughing, faggot?” he asked with his eyebrows raised “Are you fucking laughing?” looking somewhat outraged “Just shut the fuck up, you cum whore!” he pushed my face with his foot and I lost balance, falling on my ass but I could tell he wasn’t really mad. He was actually a bit amused by the situation himself, and I gotta be honest, it felt so good. I hadn’t laughed with him in weeks and all the tension of the past few days was finally draining out of me. I continued for a few more seconds while he was looking at me with that same look.

“You stupid fagpig! Are you done?” he asked then and I nodded, still smiling though.

Then I tried to go ‘I’m really sorry, Master’ but of course all that came out was a very feeble “mpfmpmfpfm!”

He snorted and said “Take that stupid thing off, haven’t you had enough?” then he added almost mumbling to himself “Dumb homo!”

I untaped my mouth, gave a final wring to Topher’s socks, swallowed, then spit them out on my cupped hands. They were actually much, much cleaner than before, which immediately made me think of all the shit I had gobbled.

“That is so fucking gross, faggot!” he made a disgusted face but he was so amused “I’m gonna have you do that to my dirty socks every time you come here! Hehehe!” he said cockily and I looked at him.

“Of course, Sir!” I was so hoarse “It would be such an honor for me, Sir!” I told him and he snickered.

“No shit it would, slave!” he kept that same arrogant tone and I just couldn’t restrain myself anymore. I prostrated myself in front of him, with my face right between his socked feet.

“Oh… Sir…” I started adoringly “I cannot thank you enough for giving me a chance to … you know… to show you how much I love you, Sir!” I was pretty sure he was smiling ever so triumphantly now “And thank you for kicking my balls too, Sir, I… I deserved it so bad!” I went on “And then for taking me back as your slave.…” I finally whimpered “Thank you, Master, thank you so much!” he snickered and put his right foot on the back of my head.

“Hehehe! So you learned your lesson this time, bitch?” he asked enjoying the moment so damn much.

“Oh yes Sir! I did!” I said moving my face a couple of inches and starting to rub it on his left foot which was still on the floor “I know what a lucky faggot I am to have found you, Sir, I understand it now! And I’m so, so sorry for what I did!” his socks were predictably damp and warm after training and of course they smelled terrible “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you, Sir!” I continued with that same shamelessly adoring tone “From now on I’m gonna be the perfect slave Sir, I swear!” I was on a roll. My dick was hardening again “I’ll… I’ll do anything you say, Master, I promise, ANYTHING!” I said to him. It was something I had already promised him the day before and I felt the need to refresh his memory on that. Like he needed to be given any more bright ideas!

“Hahahaha! Well that’s so good to know, faggot!” he sneered “Cause the boys and I are gonna have a lot of fun with you, hehehe!” he hit the back of my head with his right foot a couple of times. I rubbed my face on his left black ankle sock even harder.

“Oh, yes Sir!! I’ll be honored to serve you with my all, Sir!”

“You’re gonna obey them like they were me, understood?” he said with the same imperious arrogance, pressing his foot down on my head.

“Yes Sir!”

“If I hear one of ‘em complain…” he left it hanging, threatening me again.

“You won’t Sir! I will do anything my straight Masters tell me, Sir!” I told him and then I felt like adding “No limits, Sir…”

“Hahahaha! No limits, huh? Good faggot!” he hit my head again. I knew that was exactly what he wanted to hear “You are so gonna regret what you just said, bitch!”

“No, Sir! I won’t!” I said almost proudly covering his sock with loving kisses. He laughed. He was having fun again, I could tell by his beautiful voice.

“You’re gonna be working like a fucking dog from now on…” he started “No days off, no breaks…” he informed me while letting me worship him “You’re on call 24/7, got it?”

“Yes Sir!” I answered

“If one of us texts you in the middle of the night, what do you do?” he asked.

“I… I answer, Sir and… and do whatever you or they tell me to, Sir!” I replied.

“Good answer, bitch! Hehehe!” he praised me snickering.

He didn’t speak for a few seconds, then “Are you done cleaning my room?” he asked me then.

“Almost, Master!” I said. “I was just about to empty your trash can.  It was all that I had left when I heard you come up the stairs. I thought it was your mom, so I jumped under the bed.”

“Did you clean the bathroom?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Good!” he said then added “Oh by the way, my mom bitched about it for the last couple of days and said she’s not gonna give me my allowance this week so you owe me 100 bucks, faggot.” he informed me like it was nothing. It took me a couple of seconds to answer.

“Uhm… yes Sir… you’re… you’re right Sir…” I said a little uncertain “…it’s my fault Sir…” my guilt was overwhelming and I really would have done anything for him.

“Damn right it is, queerboy!” he looked at me with a huge, triumphant sneer of his face, totally happy with himself. He had just tested me on a new level and I had obviously crumbled to his selfish whims which is what I was supposed to do. I was his slave, right? It was just…

“Well, if you’re done with your chores I should just kick you out then after you bring the trash can back,” he said.  “But you see, I feel really generous today, so I think I’m gonna give you a nice reward.” I immediately felt like a little kid who’s been promised the best treat ever.

“Yes Sir, please!” I whimpered.

“Turn around!” he ordered. I did and I saw his beautiful, perfect smirk looking down at me in such a degrading way as he sat down on his swivel chair. From my position flat on my back he appeared over me like a king on a throne.  He peeled off one of his socks and put his bare, soft foot on my face, the top part of the sole resting right on my quivering lips. Oh my god. I wanted to slobber all over it like crazy but didn’t. 29 kicks had taught me a little lesson. I didn’t move, I simply lay there, breathing in his masculine foot sweat, waiting for his orders.

“Well, well, well! I’m impressed bitch! Hehehe!” he snickered as he peeled off his other sock and pressed his other foot down on my neck, choking me just a bit. Then he simply said, “Lick.” He held my gaze, and I started feasting on his nasty, clammy boy feet as he smirked down at me and laughed in my face. I licked up his foot slime and ate it like I was starving, moaning shamelessly like an animal and repeating “Thank you Master” over and over again and, most importantly, feeling happy. Truly fucking happy.

To be continued …

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