A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 11

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I got the texts one after the other that same night. I was to start with Topher the morning after at 10, which, in case you’re wondering, I thought it was a pretty good way to begin my day. I mean he was such a nice guy, not to mention the fact that he was crazy hot! Then Kieran at 11 which was making me even happier, of course. My gorgeous, cocky, overconfident, fantastic master. The reason I woke up every day and… sorry. It’s a little too early in the chapter for that, I know. Back to the story.

What I was a little afraid of was my afternoon. Three o’clock at Seth’s and then four thirty at Jacob’s. What the hell was gonna happen to me with those two? I mean… alright, Seth was an insufferable prick who pretty much hated my guts, I think I made that clear, right? But at least I figured he had enough common sense not to kill me or hurt me permanently (or at least I hoped he did). Jacob on the other hand… well, I wasn’t so sure about that nasty little brat. I mean with Kieran there to keep him in check maybe, but unsupervised… Shit! How could I not be afraid? I was shitting in my pants. Shit! Shit! Shit!

I mean don’t get me wrong, I was grateful to Kieran and all for taking me back. Oh, what am I saying? I was so fucking happy about that! I knew that I would have been forever in his debt for granting me this huge and I mean huge honor. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m at it again! Hey, I’m fucked up, ok?! Big deal! If you’re reading this you’re probably just as bad! Anyways.

Like I said, Topher was awesome, I mean I was so glad I didn’t have to stop servicing him, it would have sucked! Like big time! He was just awesome, what else do you want me to say? But those other two? Man, why did they have to be part of the deal? Again, I’m not complaining at all, I want this to be clear! I’m just saying: knowing those two I was scared of what was gonna happen to me, that’s all.

Anywho, after tossing and turning for about an hour, that night, I managed to fall asleep.

I woke up as sore as ever. My muscles hurt, my legs, my back, my arms. I must’ve underestimated the strain my whole body had taken the previous afternoon because I pretty much felt like a ninety-five-year-old would after running a friggin marathon. And then my balls still hurt a bit of course. Well, maybe hurt isn’t the right word for it. More like they were a bit tender. Ok, they were very tender but no surprise there, considered everything.

I couldn’t help thinking back of what Kieran had said to me about a couple of weeks earlier: “I really don’t get all that fagbashing shit people talk about. You know, straight morons who beat the shit out of homos like you, that’s just fucking wrong, man and it doesn’t make any sense at all!”

Now, I know what you’re gonna say: ‘Isn’t that what had just happened the day before? Four straight morons ganging up on you and beating the shit out of you?’. Well, you’re wrong, let me tell you that! What had happened had been entirely my fault. If I hadn’t been such a colossal fuckwit, Kieran and the others wouldn’t have had to punish me like that. I actually felt grateful for teaching me. I was never gonna screw up that badly again, that’s for sure and it was all thanks to them, because they had taken the time to teach an inferior faggot like me what I had done wrong. They had actually been incredibly generous I mean, straight boys’ time is precious to say the least and wasting it on me… well, that’s why I was grateful. Besides what had happened during my ‘punishment’ made everyone wonder if it could be considered a punishment at all. Of course I’m talking about me cumming all over the place while Kieran was merrily kicking my balls. Don’t get me wrong, it truly had been hell, I mean it, the pain had been almost overwhelming. But I think by now there’s no point denying the fact that I am… well a masochist. Guess it’s pretty clear to all of you, huh?

Anyways, I took a quick shower, got dressed, then jumped on my bike (ouch!) and cycled to Topher’s house. At 9:57 I knocked, more as a symbolic gesture than anything really. Then I opened the door, which was unlocked as usual, and got in. I knew I would find him asleep and I knew his folks were at work, even his mom. She had just started working as a waitress in a restaurant downtown and she often got the breakfast shift on top of lunch and dinner. They really needed the extra money which was nothing to be ashamed of, but looking around the house even a kid like me could tell that whoever was cleaning it, well… didn’t really have that much time to do a proper job. I wouldn’t say it was messy but, you know, just not as tidy and clean as my house or Kieran’s. Of course, that was nothing compared to Toph’s room. Shit man! Even for teenage standards that was unbelievable. It was like it had never been cleaned. Like ever! I know I’ve already described it but, c’mon! The smell was overpowering as usual, jeez, did that guy ever crack a window open? I sighed. I felt a little sorry for him. Like I said, his family was underprivileged and they lived in this small old house with pretty cheap furniture… you know what I mean? But then I looked at that sixteen-year-old boy, sound asleep in that mess of a bed. The blinders were shut but there was enough light in the room for me to see every detail I needed to see. He was lying on his back, one of his arms was held back, under his pillow, showing me his armpit. His other hand rested on his flat stomach. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and his chiseled torso was simply a sight for faggy sore eyes. I could see the waistband of his grey off-brand boxers but unfortunately the sheet was covering his groin and legs. His chestnut hair was such an adorable mess. His mouth was opened, just a little and he was snoring. Not too loud but still. He was fucking gorgeous, and right there and then I realized that someone like ME most certainly should NOT be feeling sorry for someone like HIM. I mean it was just wrong! He was straight, smart and handsome, what was there to feel sorry about?

“You stupid faggot!” I reproached myself and went down on all fours, like I was trying to atone for that sinful thought or something. Now that immediately made me feel so much better. It was right, it felt right and proper to humble myself like that in his presence, and my whole body and mind knew it. I was almost content.

One of his legs was peeking out of the sheets at the bottom from the shin down so I crawled over till I pressed my face to the sole of his perfect foot. Aaahhh… that strong, masculine, funky teenage foot smell was better than anything I could think of. Best morning treat EVER! I moaned ever so softly then I stuck my tongue out and started to lick it, greedily, dutifully, happily. It was salty and pretty disgusting and there was quite a lot of shit stuck on it, as usual, seeing as he was always barefoot around the house. I eagerly ran my wet tongue all over his sole, lapping the filthiest bits over and over again and feeling so proud to see that they were going back to its original skin color. It felt so good to swallow all that shit for him, man, it was fucking heaven and my mouth couldn’t help producing gallons of spit to make the process so much more productive.

He started stirring after a few moments, moving his foot, then scratching his stomach until he finally raised his sleepy head from his pillow and squinted down at me, frowning, like he was still trying to realize what the hell was going on.

“Morning Sir!” I said all chipper. He didn’t speak, he just grunted and dropped his head back on the pillow. I kept licking without making a sound. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I think it bears repeating: Topher Edwards was NOT a morning person. A few seconds passed. I couldn’t tell if his eyes were open or not. Then he turned around, lying on his stomach and hugging that pillow I was getting a little jealous of! I started licking his sole again and after a few seconds I saw him moving his other leg, deliberately kicking off the part of the sheet that was covering his other foot and presenting it to me, four inches from my face. I looked up. Man, that was the kind of thing only he could do with so much spontaneity. He hadn’t spoken a word but that was his way of telling me loud and clear:

“Lick ‘em both, faggot and lick ‘em good while I go back to dreamland for a while!” I wetted my lips and smiled.

“Thank you Sir, you’re always so generous!” I said happily but softly, I didn’t wanna piss him off. He didn’t answer me but I’m positive he had heard me. As soon as I started licking his other foot clean I distinctly heard him take a deep breath then exhale, the way you do when you’re totally relaxed, you know? I couldn’t see his face but I was prepared to bet he had a serene smile on his lips. And that made me happy, of course. I licked and licked both his feet with a contented expression on my face, making sure to clean them thoroughly and swallowing all that dirt that by the way was tasting better and better by the minute. The only sound in the room was his breathing. And my tongue of course, working like crazy.

It was probably about fifteen minutes later that he started to toss and turn a few times, stretched and yawned pretty loudly. Then he scratched his head and turned on his back again. He was moving his feet a bit but was keeping them totally accessible to my tongue work. He yawned again while scratching his pit then grabbed his phone from the nightstand and started checking his messages with one arm behind his head. Still not a word, not even a look to acknowledge my presence. I started sucking on his toes and clean him properly between them. Still nothing. I wasn’t sure if he was being mean on purpose but I doubted. I guess by now you’ve figured that Toph’s reactions were usually very natural and spontaneous. Whatever the case I felt so used and belittled by him which obviously made me horny as fuck and the fact that he was doing it so casually made my dick predictably hard! I started licking with even more greed while he idly flipped through his Facebook account or whatever, wiggling his spit-covered toes every so often.

When he was done he put his phone down on the bed, stretched and yawned again, then finally looked down at me:

“Sup, faggot!” he said with a raspy, sleepy voice.

“Hello, Sir!” I answered.

“You enjoying yourself down there?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, I love licking your feet!” I gave another couple of good licks as he grinned, then added “They were so dirty, Sir… and stinky…” he laughed his quiet morning laughter.

“I’ll bet.” he answered crossing both his arms behind his head. Then after a couple of seconds he added now smirking cockily “You’re welcome, hehehe!”

I smiled too and actually laughed a bit which felt good. I liked this guy so much, man! “Oh Sir, I feel so lucky to be able to do this for you, thank you so much for letting me!” and I started licking again.

He snickered. “Yeah, no problem.” He stretched again and went back to ignoring me for a few minutes. I saw him grab his phone again and after a couple more yawns I heard the unmistakable sounds of a porn video.

I didn’t speak, I kept licking, like a good little faggot bitch.

I saw one of his hands disappear between his legs, and then he looked down at me. “Hey, why don’t you get under the sheets and blow me.” it wasn’t a real question, of course. He was telling me to do it; his tone left no doubt whatsoever; that was an order.

“Yes Sir!” I answered and immediately did as I was told. I crawled between his powerful, masculine legs in semi-darkness, till my face touched the warm cotton of his boxers. His hand wasn’t there anymore and I started rubbing my nose and my lips on that smelly, damp piece of cloth. Man it smelled so strong, but, I mean, no shocker there, right? The kid didn’t shower that often. To be honest I seriously doubted he had since I had first blown him. Which was a good thing in my twisted mind, of course.

It was hot down there too, I was already starting to sweat and I couldn’t see much.

All of a sudden, “C’mon, suck it, fag!” he grunted with just a tad of annoyance in his voice.

“Yes Sir!” I immediately lowered his boxers, stuck my tongue out and licked his balls up to his semi hard dick till I found the head and quickly put it in my mouth. I peeled back his foreskin with my tongue and… oh my god! The taste was as pungent as ever. It was pure and unmitigated sweaty teenage boy funk, mixed with dick cheese and other shit. It was so strong I can hardly believe I didn’t choke.

“Yeah…” he breathed as I started pumping his meat the way I knew he liked it.

Now, as you may recall, taking breaks to breathe was not an option with him. He didn’t like it, he had clearly said so and there was no way I was gonna give him a shoddy service. He deserved to enjoy every instant of that precious morning ritual like nothing else and it was so important to me that he should feel like the king he was. Of course, that meant I had to breathe with his dick shoved down my throat and my nose buried in his pubes which were by far the most intoxicating part of his whole crotch. Not to mention that, after a while, the oxygen started to run low under there. All in all, I wouldn’t say that whole thing was particularly comfortable for me. Humiliating, sure! Enjoyable, duh!, Sexually arousing, you bet! But comfortable–not really. Which of course mattered less than nothing, I mean faptoys don’t have that kinda luxury because they obviously don’t deserve it. All they need to do is pleasure real men, straight boys like Topher who take the time to use them, in every way possible, regardless of their own personal comfort. I know this is basic stuff but I felt like sharing.

Anyways, having all that in mind I gave it my all, as I always did, pressing my lips down to his pubes, sucking like a vacuum cleaner, gagging myself a little in the act but I never stopped pumping, not even for a second. My neck was starting to hurt and I was so fucking sweaty and so was his junk which made the air, if possible, even more pungent. He kept moaning with pleasure which of course made me happy. It took maybe about seven or eight minutes for him to press a hand on my head, start pumping even faster and dump his load inside me. You know, his cum was very similar to Kieran’s in the taste, maybe just a tad more gooey. Now, I wasn’t an expert yet but I was pretty sure that I could recognize it in a test. I knew I could recognize their foot smell easy!

I took the liberty of holding that precious gift in my mouth for a few seconds, tasting the reward I had work so hard to get. Fuck, that was the best. It was so fucking tasty! Mmmm… But then I had to swallow it like my master wanted me to. His dick was still in my mouth when I did and I started pumping it very, very slowly, sucking out all the cum I could get.

“Oh, fuck man!” he said as the sounds from his porn video suddenly stopped “Your queer mouth feels so fucking good!” I mean, come on! Wasn’t he the best? I gave his meat another powerful suck then, regretfully, I let go of it just long enough to answer him.

“I’m so happy Sir!” my voice was a bit strained and I sounded out of breath.

He chuckled. “You still alive down there?” He lifted up the sheet on my head just enough to get a look at me. He was grinning and I felt cold air on my sweat covered face.

“Yes, Sir!” I answered “Thank you for your precious cum, Sir! It was delicious, as always!” I added smiling gratefully then stuck my tongue out again and sucked his dick one more time, still panting.

“Sure!” he snorted then asked “Need a breather?” how could I not be totally in love with this guy?

“No Sir! I’m just a cumdump, remember? I don’t need to breathe!” I told him reminding him of my blatant statement I had given him the first time I had blown him. I was smiling to him.

He chuckled again.  “Right, of course! Hehehe!” He covered my head with the sheet again “Then lick my fucking balls, bitch!”

“Yes Sir!” I answered eagerly and started working.

“Wait. Take my boxers off.”

I realized then that I probably should have done it before the blowjob.  “Yes Sir!” and I pulled them down till I took them off, which gave me time to actually take that famous breather. The second his legs were free he spread them widely in what probably was a much more comfortable position for him. “Retard! You definitely should have thought of that!” I told myself while throwing his underwear on the floor never once getting out from under the sheet.

I lowered my face again and started to lap at his huge, manly balls. Although his chestnut pubes formed a beautiful, mighty, smelly crown-mane-thingy right above his awesome cock, his ballsack was almost hairless which made the whole experience all the more pleasant for me.

I heard him get a cigarette and light it. At this point it was pretty much a given: it was only my fourth day serving him but I knew that was coming. Like I said before it was a must and he must have liked smoking quite a lot which I didn’t get, quite frankly. Sure, I’ve already confessed to smoking pot in a few occasions but I wasn’t really into it. I couldn’t stand that foul smell. Of course, I was licking sweaty teenage balls that smelled like ass so I’m not sure my opinion counts for much, but you get my drift.

After a few minutes in which he pretty much ignored me again, his phone rang.

“What’s up, man?” he answered. “Yeah, he’s here…”  “Right now?”…. “Licking my balls, hahaha….” “Sure, hang on…” “Go on, man!” Topher slapped my head to get my attention and then laid the phone on the bed.

“Hey faggot!” Kieran’s voice almost made me jump. Topher must have turned on the speaker.

“Yes Sir!” I answered from under the sheet.

“Listen up! My mom’s home cause she needs to take me to a dentist’s appointment that I forgot about…”, he told me “So don’t come before 12:30…” “Make it 12:45…”  “…Hey queerboy! I’m talking to you!” he barked. He was clearly trying to keep his voice down so his mom wouldn’t hear him, but his tone was as demanding as ever.

“Yes Sir! I’m sorry, Sir! I understand!” I replied immediately.

“Then fucking answer me, you retarded homo!” he snapped.

I was about to apologize again.

“Dude, he’s too busy tasting my crotch sweat! Give him a break! Hahaha!” said Topher. and they both laughed mercilessly. Had he just saved my ass again?

“Alright! Clean my room and do my laundry when you get here, then get the fuck out, got it?” Kieran said, still half laughing.

“Yes Sir!” I answered.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” he added with a big, cocky smile on his face (couldn’t see it but I knew it was there) “I’m gonna take a shower in a minute but I didn’t wanna leave you without a present! The boxers I’m wearing right now… I’ve been wearing them for a couple of days.” He said “I skated in them and you know how much I sweat, right?”

“Mmmmm… yes Sir!” I said breathing in Topher’s pungent smell and imagining Kieran’s.

“They have piss stains and skid marks all over them…” he snorted amused “…totally fucking gross, hehehe!”

“Yes Sir…” I said going back to licking Toph’s junk completely unable to restrain myself.

“I’m gonna leave them on the floor for you and when you get here I want you to crawl to them, stuff them in your queer mouth and wash them while you clean, got it?”

My mouth was watering even more now.  “Oh, yes Sir! Thank you!” My faggy voice was out again “Thank you so much!”

They both started chuckling. “Hahaha! My pleasure, slave!” Kieran continued “And don’t forget the dough you owe me!”

“Uhmm… yes Sir!” I told him and thanked God he had reminded me because, truth be told, I had forgotten about it!

“Good bitch!” he praised me “Alright Toph, I’m done talking to him.”

“Hang on…” Topher took him off speaker. “Hey man…” “Yeah, I know, right? Hahaha!”

I heard the sound of Kieran’s voice go on for a while, but I couldn’t make out the words.

“Yeah, sure! I’ll meet you there…How bout 12:30…? Ok, cool! Later man!” He hung up.

I kept licking with a huge hardon.

For the whole length of that call Topher had not even considered lifting the sheet. He had left me under there to sweat like a pig. Again, had he done it on purpose? I don’t think so. “What do you owe him money for?” he asked suddenly shaking me out of my thoughts “You paying him now?”

“Uhm… no Sir!” I answered quickly “That’s the 100 dollars I owe him for not cleaning his bathroom for a day…. His mom got mad at him and didn’t give him his weekly allowance.” I finished, then went on to lick his pubes.

“He gets 100 bucks a week from his rents?” he sounded almost outraged “Son of a bitch!” he commented, snorting.  His voice had an envious touch to it. I didn’t reply, I kept licking his pubes.

“Are you as loaded as he is?” he asked then curiously.

“Uhmm… no Sir… I mean, my parents have good jobs… and we live in a nice house…  but we’re not rich…” I told him earnestly.

“Then where are you gonna get the 100 bucks?”

“Well… I have about 200 saved up…” I confessed “I had more but…” I hesitated. I didn’t wanna be rude.

“But what?” he pressed.

“Well… I… I bought you guys lunch… the other day…” I said almost embarrassed of mentioning it. I probably shouldn’t have and I wouldn’t have with Kieran. But Toph was…

“That’s right, you did…” He paused for a few seconds like he was considering the whole thing “Well he’s using you alright!” he commented in a rather businesslike way then “But that’s what you wanted, right? You only have yourself to blame for it, so don’t go bitching about it now!” his answer was maybe uncharacteristically blunt and uncaring for him but I guess it was part of his being so practical about things. Of course, he was one hundred percent right.

“Ye… yes, Sir, of course!” I stuttered a little then answered promptly “I’m… I’m so sorry Master! I didn’t mean to bitch about it, I’m really happy to be allowed to do all this for superior straight boys like you, Sir! I really am!” I told him “Please forgive me, Sir!” I finished going back to licking like a pro.

He snorted.“Man, you’re fucking spineless!”

“Yes Sir, I know, Sir!” I answered.

He snorted yet again.  Then he was silent for quite a while. He moved his legs a bit and yawned a couple of times. I guess he was probably checking his phone again. I kept licking. Balls, pubes, meat, inner thighs, everything I could get my tongue on. Man, the air was so ripe my head was starting to spin.

“Yo, fag!” he said then “You better get out of there, I need to fart biiiiiig time.” he informed me. I know, right? He was the sweetest! I mean, c’mon!

“Oh Sir…” I said gratefully “Let me stay right here and keep licking! Please! Fart as much as you like, I’d be honored to smell it, Sir!” I must say my voice kept going back to that girlish/faggish kinda tone every single time I begged.

I heard him laugh out loud, then he lifted the sheet and looked at me.

“Dude I’m serious, I AM gonna fart!”

Despite Topher’s warning, I was on a roll. “Yes Sir, I understand, please, don’t worry about me!” I answered “I’m just a stupid faggot pig who doesn’t deserve anything more than your…” but he had already started rolling his eyes. He dropped the sheet on my head again while I was till speaking and went:

“Yeah, yeah, whatever! Suit yourself, you sissy freak!”  And without further ado, he farted, shutting me up for good. A big, long, loud, stinking fart that filled my lungs instantly. It was so fucking nasty, man!

I only coughed a couple of times but managed to say, “Thank you… [cough]… Sir!”

I heard him laugh a bit. “Hehehe! How did that smell?”

I lowered my lips as much as I could so that I could get as close as possible to the source, taking big whiffs and making sure he felt where my face was, which made my answer totally unnecessary.  “Mmmmm… It was so nasty Sir!” and I started licking the spot between his balls and ass, lovingly.

“You actually enjoyed that! You fucking loved it, didn’t you, you queer-for-brains?” he went on, a little surprised, like every time my pathetic behavior went a step further down the path of non-return.

I took in another whiff of that foul, pungent smell.  “Yes, Sir! I did! Mmmm…” I moaned “It is so degrading, Sir! Mmmm…” I kissed him under his ballsack “Thank you so much for that!”

“Un-fucking-believable…! Was that the first fart you smelled?” There was definitely some curiosity in his tone, although he was amused as fuck and, understandably, somewhat disgusted.

I needed to be honest with him, he hated liars and I had hurt him enough already. “Uhm… no Sir…Master Kieran farts in my mouth every now and then, usually while I’m licking his ass clean…”

“Dude, that’s fucking gross!”

I smiled bitterly. “Well, not for me Sir… You see, everything a straight boy’s body produces is a precious gift for a faggot like me!  I am so much more inferior to you that even your farts are worth more than me, Sir!”

He chuckled.  “Hahaha! Oh man!”

“That’s why I should be happy… honored actually to sniff, lick, eat and drink anything you guys decide to give me…” I kissed his balls “And I am Sir! I’m so grateful!”

“Hehehe! Did Kieran teach you all that?” He kept on chuckling.

“Yes Sir!” I replied now licking shamelessly.

“Man, that guy!” he said somewhere between impressed, amused and slightly annoyed. Although if he was annoyed by the fact that Kieran was too nasty with me or because he simply wanted to be the first one to have ever farted in my face… now that I couldn’t tell.

Anyways. He didn’t speak again for a while and I kept licking. I heard him light another cigarette. Man, this kid smoked way too much!

Now I knew I should have kept my trap shut and let him chill but there was something I needed to talk to him about and it was quite pointless to put it off any longer. It was hurting me because I was carrying the guilt of what had gone down the day before. Besides my tongue was beginning to get a little sore so I took a chance to rest it and went: “Sir?”


“I uhm… I just wanted to thank you for yesterday…You know… for being so kind to me…”

It took him a couple of seconds to answer and I’m sure he was frowning a little when he did. “You think I was kind?” he asked, definitely entertained.

“Well yeah… you totally were, Sir!” I replied super enthusiastically “You let me smell your feet instead of kissing your shoes, remember?” I told him “That was kind!” I went on listing the nice things he had done for me “And you didn’t wanna take part in that little game… and then you told Master Kieran that I couldn’t possibly stay quiet while they were…” I hesitated.

“Kicking your balls?” he prompted.

“Yeah…” I said in a small voice “…and then you stuffed your dirty socks in my mouth… and then you covered my face with your perfect feet, Sir, so I could smell your straight boy sweat and take my mind off the pain… that was very kind of you Sir, thank you so much…”

I heard him laugh a bit, softly, but still. “Hahaha! You gotta be kidding me!” he said to no one in particular. Then with a very amused tone he told me “Alright, sure! Why the hell not! No problem, faggot!”

Good. I couldn’t help smiling a little. That was one thing. But there was something else I had to say. “And I also wanted to apologize for what you saw in the video, Sir…” I told him in a voice so heavy with guilt it was palpable “Stop serving you was the last thing I wanted to do… I swear… but… Sir… I was so scared…” I told him and I was too afraid to hear his answer so I went on “And you know I’m a stupid faggot! I always say the wrong thing and I thought that was what Master Kieran wanted to hear from me and you know I can’t live without him, Sir, I’m sorry if I offended you I didn’t mean to but…” that’s when he cut me off.

“For fuck’s sake will you shut up?!” he said exasperated.

I did. Immediately. “Yes Sir… Sorry…” there was an awkward silence. My heart was pounding. I was so nervous. Had I messed things up even worse? Then, after a few seconds he got up and left me under the sheets. I heard him close the bathroom door and start to piss. I was still unsure if he was accepting my apologies or not and my head and my heart were still so heavy with that same guilt. I wanted to make things right with him again. I wanted it so bad! He was such a nice guy after all and I needed to find a way to fix it! Damn it! How could I do that? How could I? And then it hit me.

“Sir!” I caught him while he was coming out of the bathroom.

“What do you want now?” he said, this time distinctly annoyed. I untangled myself from the sheets and of course I had to fall off the bed like an idiot. I got up on all fours again and smiled apologetically at him.

“Sorry Sir…”

“Dude you’re starting to get on my nerves.” he said “I’m this close to kicking you out!” I crawled over to him.

“No, no, no, please, hear me out, Sir, please!” I begged him kneeling on the floor in front of his naked figure. Man he was so fucking hot.

“What is it?” he barked.

I gulped before speaking. I was actually a bit scared now. “Well, Sir, I… I really wanna make it up to you for what I said on the video so…” he rolled his eyes but I didn’t let him speak “…I was thinking it would be such an honor for me if you wanted to use me… in other ways, Sir!” I didn’t know exactly how to put it but the annoyance on his face slowly vanished and after a few seconds he was smirking down at me:

“What? You wanna be my fart-eater now? Hehehe!” he snickered.

I smiled too, a little embarrassed. “Well, yeah, I would love to do that Sir…” I replied half laughing “…but I was thinking something more… uhm… practical?” he frowned slightly.

“Like what?”

“Well, Sir… I could maybe uhm… clean up your room and your bathroom…” I told him “…and I could do your laundry, Sir!” he looked at me like I was from Mars.

“Are you serious?” he asked me somewhere between surprised and amused.

“Oh yes, Sir! Absolutely! Please let me do it, Sir, please!” I bowed down and touched my forehead on the floor between his feet. You know, to beg better. And then in his next question his voice sounded somewhat different.

“But how do you mean it?” his tone was now curious, like he was pretty interested in what I had just said “Like a one time thing?” he asked. Can you get any more practical than that?

I looked up at him.  “Well Sir, that depends on you…”

His lips arched in a big, cocky smirk. “Then how bout a coupla times a week?” he asked like a little kid who mischievously wants to get something from his parents.

I beamed at him, positively happy. “Yes Sir!! I would love to do that for you, Sir!”

He laughed and shook his head.“Hahaha! No fucking way!” he exclaimed in a self-contented way. “Man, you never cease to amaze me…but I guess you already do it for Kieran so I shouldn’t be surprised….” He smiled again. “Alright cumtank, you got it!”

“Really?” I replied in my faggish squeaky voice.

“Sure!” he replied even more amused by my excitement “You’ll clean my bedroom and my bathroom and you’ll do my laundry from now on…” he said.

“Oh thank you Sir!” I said bowing my head down to kiss his feet, gratefully, happily, stupidly. “Thank you for letting me Sir, you won’t regret it!”

He snickered. “You know, Kieran was totally right about you…” he said after a while “I couldn’t believe it at first but man, he was right!” he repeated “You’re not just a cock hungry fag whore, you fucking love being treated like this…” he said.

I looked up at him for a second, a little confused.  “Well… yes, Sir… I told you myself, Sir… the first time I ca…”

“Yeah I know…” he cut me off “…but I thought you were mostly doing that to kiss my ass to get Kieran back, but that wasn’t it, was it?” it wasn’t a real question “You fucking dig all this shit! This can’t be just his doing, you really WERE born for this! You totally NEED to be fucking used and… and abused and bullied, right?” he continued while I was still kissing his feet “Can you even live without it anymore?” he asked dubiously.

My dick was getting harder and harder with every word.  “No Sir… you’re so right…” I started licking the top of his feet “I can’t… I can’t…” I repeated almost in a trance.

“Hold on, up on your knees and look up at me,” he suddenly barked.

His sudden command shook me out of my trance. I practically jumped from my position on my hands and knees at his feet. Well, you can’t really jump from that position, but I did obey him instantly.  I could tell that he was clearly pleased by his reaction.

“And you’re so eager too which is really convenient! Hehe!” He was looking down at me with a smirk on his handsome face and I got lost in what my eyes perceived like pure godly superiority. I barely saw him draw his hand back, but I didn’t expect what was coming until he actually landed the blow.  My face stung a little. He hadn’t hurt me all that bad but he had slapped my face maintaining such a cocky expression. I kept gawking at him, lovingly and couldn’t help my lips:

“Thank you Sir…”

His smirk widened noticeably which told me that my answer had been right on cue. “Nice…” he snickered mostly to himself. Then, the practical boy he was,  he simply said, “Well, faggot, the bullying and abusing part is pretty fucking entertaining for me to be honest, so no problem there, hehehe!” He laughed.  “And I’m totally fine using you for all sorts of shit on top of the blowjobs…” then he added vastly amused “…and the foot licking! I’m starting to dig that part too, hehehe!” Gawd, I loved this guy!

“I’m so happy, Sir!” I said for the umpteenth time, laughing a bit myself and bowed down again to resume cleaning every inch of those dirty, dirty feet.

“Nice way to wake me up this morning, by the way!” he continued “Your tongue on my soles feels pretty damn nice, hehe!” he said and every trace of annoyance had disappeared from his voice, he wasn’t even particularly mean anymore, I could tell that he wasn’t mad at me. I wasn’t entirely sure that he had ever been to be honest and I had just gotten myself an additional weekly shitload of work just to fix something that maybe wasn’t even in jeopardy. But that didn’t matter. I really was happy to do it for him.

“Thank you for letting me do it, Sir!” I said again “Am I allowed to do it everyday, Sir? Please!” I begged and he snickered.

“Hehe! Sure are, cumpig, hehehe!” I moaned a little and licked some more. He let me continue only for a few seconds, then:

“Alright, get off me, bitch.” He pushed my face away pretty decisively with one of his feet “Get started, come on!” he said and I looked up at him “This shithole ain’t gonna clean itself!” he was smirking, pretty self-satisfied “And you only have an hour before I gotta leave to meet up with Kieran.”

I gave him my happiest, most grateful smile. “Yes Sir!”

It took me quite a while to sort out that mess. I started the way I always did with Kieran. Rubbish first, dirty clothes afterwards. And there were A LOT of dirty clothes in that room, that frigging armchair in the corner was completely buried under them. T-shirts, shorts, boxers and socks by the fucking dozen!

He had breakfast in the kitchen first, then came back to his room and lay on his freshly made bed, played with his phone for a while, made a couple of calls and got a couple more. Every now and then he would look at me and smile his perfect smile as he watched me work.

It was humiliating as hell, but I managed to smile, grateful that he was allowing me to do all that for him and for giving me so much attention. It really and I mean REALLY felt so good. Almost as good as it felt doing it for Kieran.

After half an hour he said he was still bored so he got up, put on a pair of dirty shorts.  “I’ll be in the backyard shooting some hoops.” Then he left me there.

I straightened his bed again and continued cleaning. Another half hour passed. I had just finished loading the washing machine a second time after putting the first load in the dryer when he came back completely drenched with sweat. He went into the bathroom to freshen up a little. He came out drying his torso with a towel.

“You’re pretty good at this fag!” he said passing the towel under his pits.

“Thank you Sir!” I said happily and he smirked again carelessly throwing the damp piece of cloth on the floor in front of him. I instantly crawled to him, picked it up and bent over to kiss his foot lovingly a few times. He was texting, standing right there over me, half whistling absent mindedly and I’m totally positive he realized exactly what I was doing but completely ignored me. Guess he was adjusting pretty well to the new situation.

“I gotta go meet Kieran” he said carelessly walking away “You can finish this up some other time.” I was a little surprised by that, to be honest.

“Uhm… ok Sir, but…”

“What?” He said getting his sneakers.

“Well, I can finish it now if you don’t mind leaving me here.”

He frowned a little.  “Alone?” he asked.

I shrugged. “Well, Kieran does it all the time…But I understand if you don’t trust me in here alone, Sir!”

He snorted at that.  “Yeah, like you’d steal any of this crap!” he vaguely gestured at his old console.

“Oh no, I would never do that!” I felt the need to tell him that while he sat on the edge of his bed “Besides…” He looked at me with an expectant expression. I smiled a little guiltily at him. “You see, cleaning after you while you’re here watching me feels good, Sir…but the thought of you leaving me here all alone while you go out and have fun…” I almost had chills “…it’s even more humiliating, Sir…” I said that in a small voice.

He smirked. “No shit it is, faggot!” he looked at me for a few seconds and I lowered my eyes embarrassed, then he raised an eyebrow “Alright, bitch! Since you’re nothing more than a stupid fucking homo you stay here and finish up while I’m out with my straight buddy having straight guys’ fun, happy?” he asked, purposely stressing the ‘homo vs straight’ part a little too much probably just for my amusement. Well, more like my excitement and his amusement, actually.

My dick was starting to get really uncomfortable in my pants. “Oh yes, Sir, thank you!”

“Yeah, yeah…” he said already looking around “Where are my socks?” Then he seemed to remember “Hey I gave you my last pair yesterday!” He said to me.

And that’s when I remembered “Right! Yes Sir! You did!” I said and out of my shorts pocket I produced the socks I had chewed on the afternoon before “Here Sir! I washed them, you know… I mean actually washed them… with soap…” I added.

He started laughing.  “Hehehe! Good job, bitch!” he said taking them and he was about to put them on.

“Oh, but Sir!” I just couldn’t resist.

“What now?” he asked a tad bemused.

“Well… your feet are all dirty again!”

Needless to say, he had gone out to play in the backyard barefooted, like he always did. He looked at me for a couple of seconds, then smirked.

“They sure are!” he said “Good thing you look reeeeeal hungry, queerboy! Hehehe!” he said ever so cockily and lifted both his feet sideways so his soles were visible to me. With a new found defiling look that spoke volumes he snickered “Go on, dig in, bitch and make it quick!”

And I super eagerly threw my face on the floor to lick them clean again, saying, “Thank you Sir! You’re always so generous!” with my most grateful, submissive, faggy tone.

He simply snickered and answered cockily, “Yeah, I know! Hehehe!”

To be continued …

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