A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 12

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I had to run home for a second to get the cash I owed Kieran. Thank god my mom and dad were out for the day. When I got to Kieran’s, I cautiously knocked to make sure no one was home, then got in and ran upstairs. I found the gift he had so generously left me, there on the floor, like he had said. I crawled over to it like I was supposed to and buried my face in his stinky, dirty underwear. Man, it was sooooo worth it! All of it! Every single humiliating second of my life, it was worth it. Period!

It didn’t take me too long to clean up Kieran’s mess and do his laundry. I left right after putting the 100 bucks in his desk drawer where I was sure he was gonna find them but I had almost an hour to kill before going to my nemesis’ house. Fuck, I was really not looking forward to doing that. Ok, that’s partly a lie. I think you can tell by now that my feelings for that boy were… well, confused to say the least. I hated him. There was no denying that. That’s when his feet weren’t on my face or when he wasn’t kicking my balls just for fun or pissing down my throat or calling me every nasty name in the book! Yeah, I know I’ve been complaining about all of the above but you know what I’m like! I can’t help it! He was a hot, cocky, straight boy. Do I have to say more? Which brings me back to why my feelings were kinda weird. I mean I knew that was exactly the kind of treatment I was gonna get that afternoon, so why the hell was I dreading it? Did I still have a smidgen of human dignity? It didn’t really seem likely, considering everything but…

I had never been to Zuckermann’s place, but he had texted me his address so it wasn’t hard to find his house. And a really, really nice house it was at that. In a really, really nice neighborhood too. My heart was pounding and my mouth was kinda dry.

For a second time that day, I had to remind myself why I was doing it all. It was kinda like my reality check, you know? Was Kieran worth submitting to a guy I had always hated? I think you know the answer to that so no reason for me to tell you that I would have pretty much submitted to half of Miami had he asked, right? Yeah, didn’t think so. Seth was Kieran’s friend and I had to make sure he had a great time using me. Of course, it wasn’t gonna be the easiest thing, but I knew I could do it. So I put on a brave face, and without any further ado, I rang the bell.

He opened the door and then smirked widely the moment he saw me.  “Well, well, lookie here, Faggot’s early!”

Was I? I hadn’t even realized it, lost as I was in all my thoughts. But I thought I’d take a chance to start kissing his ass right away.  “Yes Sir, I… uhm… I couldn’t wait to see you, Sir!” I said a little embarrassed, looking down.

He laughed. “Oh, I’m sure! Hahaha! Fucking bitch!” Man, he was so smug! “Get your stupid queer ass inside!”

“Yes Sir…” I mumbled and he let me in.

His house was predictably just as nice on the inside as the outside. Nicer and bigger than mine for sure, just like Kieran’s. Well, like I said, their parents were all big shot lawyers that made shitloads of money, so…

I followed him up the stairs and along a large corridor till he entered his room, which of course was big but, differently from Kieran’s (or Toph’s), it wasn’t the pigsty I had expected. It wasn’t tidy, mind you, just not as bad as his buddies’. Maybe his mom wasn’t as strict as Kieran’s and made the housekeeper clean his room as well.

He sat down on his desk chair and lifted his right leg till he put his bare heel on the edge of the seat. The childish features on his face made him look maybe a bit younger than his age. His eyes were pitch black, like his short hair. He was wearing a dark tank top that was showing most of his hairless chest, and sagging shorts. Do I even have to point out that he was hot as fuck? He looked at me with a huge, cocky smirk on his face, without speaking. And the battle between my head and my feelings had broken out:

my hate for him was now considerably less relevant than just five minutes earlier. Unsure of what to do, I held his gaze for maybe three or four seconds. Then, without him telling me to, I dropped to my knees and went down on all fours. He snickered but didn’t comment. I crawled to him and started kissing the bare foot that was on the floor.

“Oh Sir…” I moaned, taking in his smell. “I’m so happy to be here… mmmm… please, let me serve you, Sir!”

He laughed much louder this time.  “Hahahaha! Good faggot! Hahaha! You understand exactly how this works, huh?! If you wanna keep being Jackson’s ‘slave’ or whatever…” He made quotation marks with his fingers “…you need to keep the three of us reeeeal happy, hehehe!”  He was pretty quick, even though to be honest, reading me wasn’t exactly rocket science! He put his other foot down.

“Yes Sir!” I said between wet kisses.

He laughed a bit more. “But that’s not gonna be too hard for you, now is it, cum-breath?”

Fuck, my dick was already hard. I simply moaned and started kissing his other foot.

“Bet you want me to give you permission to lick those feet, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir… mmmm… I’d love that Sir!”

He snickered. “And what makes you think you deserve it?” he asked mercilessly, as you would expect from him.

“Mmmm…” I moaned, now so turned on by his foot smell and his attitude. “I’ll be a good faggot Sir! Mmmm…” more kisses. “I’ll do anything you want…”

“Really?” He looked totally amused.

“Mmm… yes Sir!”

“Hahaha!” He enjoyed his cold laugh. “Well too bad faggot! Not this time!”

I looked up at him a little disappointed.

He smirked ever so cockily. “I wanna play a little game today!”

“Yeah?” I asked half curious half scared.

He smirked even more cruelly. “Yeah! It’s called, ‘Choke the fag’! You’re gonna fucking dig it!” He snickered. “You excited? Hehehe!”

I didn’t know exactly what he had in mind, but even someone as dumb as me could work out what a game called that would entail. Now, Kieran had used my throat like a hundred times, and gagging and choking me was something he did on a daily basis, just because he said it was ‘funny’ to him. Topher also liked hearing me gag and choke myself which I happily did to please him, so I was pretty used to that. True, their dicks were not as big as Seth’s, which scared me a little but at the same time, despite my personal feelings for this kid, I was finally going to taste that incredible piece of meat I had dreamed about since seventh grade!  I nodded tentatively.

He could definitely tell that I was nervous. Of course he laughed. “Hahahahaha! Awesome! Let’s get started, shall we?” I nodded again. “First of all, you need to get acquainted with this!” he said taking off his pants and underwear. Like the first time I had seen it, my jaw dropped as he was sitting down on his chair again. Man, he was big. His cock was probably nearly 6 inches soft and pretty damn thick! He was predictably cut (you know, being Jewish and all). His balls were round and low hanging and his pubes were jet black like his hair which was a nice contrast with his pale skin tone.

I simply couldn’t help looking at it in total awe. It was my second time beholding it, and like I said before, I was no expert yet but still, it was plain and simple the biggest cock I had ever seen. “It is so… beautiful, Sir…” The words came out on their own. I felt like he deserved to know.

He smirked, digging the clear note of devotion and even sincere adoration I simply couldn’t hide. “Make it hard, you stupid queer,” he ordered me, leaning back on his chair.

“Yes Sir!” I started licking the shaft. He smelled of sweat and testosterone, a new variation of that perfectly disgusting mix of masculine teenage stench that would turn my brain to mush every single time. I inhaled as deeply as I could while licking hungrily. Then I took his dick in my mouth and started suckling passionately. Man, the taste was to die for and it was slightly different form the other two. Somehow, I could appreciate the subtle nuances that made each of their dicks unique. It wasn’t a matter of better or worse: simply put, each of them smelled and tasted differently. Now, let me say this again. That didn’t mean that I could necessarily recognize them without knowing who they were. I wasn’t there yet. I think I needed a little bit more practice for that. But for the moment, I simply enjoyed that new, strong, savage taste in my mouth. Oh, and needless to say, the battle was so over. He had won, yet again. I couldn’t even remember why I had ever hated him in the first place. It was totally irrelevant. I mean his cock was in my mouth for fuck’s sakes! I even moaned happily a couple of times with my eyes closed to better enjoy the moment.

“Look up, faggot!” he said and when I did, I saw his camcorder a foot from my face. I shuddered but just for a split second.  He had footage of me doing way worse things than sucking dick. What difference did it make, right?

“Smile for the camera!” he told me.

I tried which wasn’t easy with his dick in my mouth.

“Yeah, let me see how much you love that cock, hehehe!”

It was obvious that he wanted a show and I have to be honest: the thought of giving him one was, all in all, not unpleasant. After all, humiliating myself for guys like him was what made me feel alive. I swallowed his whole dick (which was still half limp) and buried my face into his pubes. Damn! That thing was already huge! Then I looked up at him and made peace signs with both my hands which I knew instantly was a great idea.

He cracked up. “Hahahaha! That’s fucking awesome! Hahahaha!!!” he cackled. I felt good and was about to resume sucking him when his hand grabbed my hair and pushed me back down forcefully.

“Nah, nah, stay right there!” He released my hair almost immediately, sure as he was that I wasn’t gonna budge “That’s right, now look up and say: ‘I’m a stupid faggot!’” He smirked like never before.

Now that wasn’t exactly easy. I tried but what came out was something like ‘gagagugigegog!’ which of course was pretty funny.

“Hahahaha! What was that, bitch?” he asked shooting a close up of my silly expression.

I tried again, louder, and with a bit of imagination this time you could maybe kinda make out a few sounds that sort of resembled what I was trying to admit on camera. My drool was starting to come out of my mouth and wet his pubes.

“Hahahaha! Yeah, you totally are!” he commented “Now say ‘I can’t live without cocks!’”

I did.

He made me repeat it a couple of times, laughing his balls off. “Hahahaha! I can’t wait to show this to the others! Hahaha!” he said. My spit had covered part of his balls now. He suddenly hit the back of my head.  “Keep sucking, cum whore!”

I did as I was told. I sucked that dick like my life depended on it, often looking up at the camera and giving him expressions of pure pleasure. It wasn’t hard to be honest. That dick tasted so good and little by little it was growing. He was looking at me, smirking cruelly but without commenting. I closed my eyes for a second, lost as I was in bliss and put my hands on his thighs.

He hit me on the side of the head, this time hard, and his cock slipped out of my mouth. “Don’t fucking touch me, homo!” he said angrily to me and I removed my hands immediately “Keep your queer hands to yourself!”

That took me a little by surprise. Neither Kieran nor Topher had ever really minded that. I guess this guy was

a little more homophobic than the other two which, in the state of mind I was in, gave me another screwed up

reason to love him. “I’m… I’m sorry Sir! I didn’t mean to…”

He didn’t let me finish. He grabbed my hair and shoved his dick back into my throat. I gagged. He laughed. “Hehehe! Yeah, that’s the sound I wanna hear! Hehehe!” his dick was still not fully hard but it was huge and he started fucking my face pretty roughly.

It was nearly impossible not to gag to be honest, even for me. He wasn’t giving me any time to breath and his dick was getting bigger and bigger with every thrust. My spit was dribbling copiously and he was filming everything.

After a few minutes he pushed my head away and I coughed a few times. His cock was hard now and I couldn’t believe it. It was easily 8.5 inches of spit covered, hard, masculine, stinky meat. It really was something.  “Alright, so here are the rules of the game!” he said cheerfully still holding his camera. I was still trying to catch my breath “You listening, bitch?”

I pulled it together.  “Yes Sir! I’m sorry!” and immediately lowered my face to lick his balls, resting his huge cock on my face.

He smirked.  “You can’t get enough, can you?”

“No, Sir! It tastes too good…” I used the most faggy tone I could muster.

He snickered as I smiled for the camera, looking happy as can be.  “Fucking cunt! Hehehe! Alright, so I’m gonna try and choke you with my dick. If you can manage not to gag for–say–five minutes, you win. And as a prize… you get to lick my stinky feet!”

I smiled delightedly at him mesmerized by his cock, his balls, his smell, his overbearing attitude.

“Yeah, that’s a happy faggot, right there! Hahahaha!” he said, amused as fuck as I was still licking his balls.

I laughed a bit as well completely lost in how superior this straight boy was compared to me.

“But if you can’t…” he said. “You lose and… you’ll have to drink my piss.” He continued smirking at me big time, as widely as ever. He knew I didn’t wanna do that.

I didn’t like drinking piss. I could stomach it now but as much as I tried, I didn’t like it. Of course part of me knew that the fact they’d force me to do it… well major turn on… I know. It doesn’t make any sense, not even to me, but like always I’m just being honest here.

“How’s that sound, fag?” he asked.

I answered almost in a trance, “It sounds fair, Sir.”

He laughed at that.  “Hahahaha! Alright, time to play!”  He stood up from his chair “C’mon, open up!” and he shoved his entire dick down my throat. What do you think happened?   “Wooops! You lost already! Hahaha!” he said after gagging me. “Let’s keep playing; every time you gag the clock starts over, ok?” He snickered when I nodded. “Good! hehe!” Without warning he started humping my face while holding my head down with one hand and recording everything with the other. After the third thrust I started choking again. But he didn’t stop, he simply smirked down at me and kept viciously hitting the back of my throat with his cockhead which choked me even more. Five more thrusts followed that.

My eyes teared up, and I started to cough up buckets of spit.

“Come on faggot! You’re not even trying!” He gave me a five second break with half his dick still in my mouth. “Say ‘I’m a happy queer’!” he told me holding the camera really close to my face.

I started saying, “Gagagegi…”

He started fucking my face again while I was ‘talking’ which gagged me more than ever. “Hahahaha! That’s fucking hilarious! Hahaha!”  He shook his hips back and forwards.

I made awful sounds. My throat started to hurt, and I vomited spit all over the front of my t-shirt.  “Wagawagawagawagawaga…”–that’s pretty much how I sounded like every time he thrusted his dick down my throat. And that’s when I wasn’t coughing or choking like crazy.

He laughed, ever so amused.  “Let’s try it again, c’mon!” He stopped for a second. “Say ‘I’m a happy queer’!”

As soon as I started making the first sound, he resumed fucking my face as hard as ever. Snot was coming out of my nose as well as my mouth. After a few more thrusts he stopped again.  “Alright, now say ‘Dicks are for chicks’!” he told me and the scene repeated itself.  “Hahaha! You’re so fucking pathetic!” he laughed. If I had a penny for every time someone had said that to me. This time though, he didn’t stop. He kept fucking my face for… I don’t know… a few minutes.

I was a mess. My throat was being destroyed and I was coughing so much spit and snot you would’ve believed I was vomiting lunch. Instead my stomach was empty. I hadn’t eaten since dinner, the day before… if you don’t count Topher’s morning load and his toe jam. There was no way I could resist ten seconds without gagging, let alone five minutes!  I coughed louder than ever.

For the first time, he took his dick out of my mouth.

I vomited more yellowish, gooey stuff.

“Do you like this game, faggot?” Seth asked.

I looked up at him trying to catch my breath. “Oh yes Sir… I love it…” I croaked and started licking his balls again “I feel so lucky…” I said then between breaths. Somehow it seemed appropriate.

He laughed.  “Hahaha! No shit you’re lucky, you fucking cumtank! Open up!” and his dick started massacring me again. It hurt, I can’t deny it. Every time his cockhead punched the back of my very sore throat, it hurt. And the continuous gag reflex and the choking sounds that came after every thrust, the continuous phlegm barfing and the massive amount of spit I was producing. It hurt, all of it. But I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that my dick was hard.  My vision was all blurred by the tears and the sweat but I could still see him. Cocky as hell, with that smirk of his on that childish face while he simultaneously pressed my face to his pubes and shook his hips as hard as he could, delighted to hear the animalistic grunts I was making.

“Fuck, I saw this shit in a vid last night. I didn’t think it was gonna be this much fun, hahaha!” he said and he let me take a short break which, I mostly used to cough up more spit “Are you having fun faggot?” he inquired on my well-being again. It was fake of course. He was only doing it for his own amusement and the mocking tone he was using didn’t really leave any doubt whatsoever.

“Yes Sir…” my voice sounded strained and feeble “Thank you Sir…” and I coughed some more as he laughed.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked it hard.

I groaned but took it as a sign he wanted to start humping my face again and I automatically opened my mouth , but he held me there, waiving his massive dick in front of my mouth. I hungrily stuck my tongue out to lick the tip. He let me graze it.

“You want it back down your throat, don’t you?” he asked still recording every second of it.

“Yes Sir, please!” I answered promptly.

He snickered.  “Alright, slowly now.” He started pushing my head towards his hips, feeding me that massive piece of tasty meat little by little. He hit the back of my throat but kept pushing hard till my lips were maybe an inch or two from his pubes. I couldn’t believe I could lodge almost all of it in there. It was huge!  I thought he was gonna start fucking my face again but he had other plans. He kept pushing me and held me down. Now there was a slight problem. I couldn’t breath. Literally. My windpipe was blocked by his monster cock. He was smirking at me ever so cockily and I started gagging. He snickered.

I gagged again, louder.

“Yeah, yeah, I know it tastes good, faggot! Hehehe!”

I could feel more tears running down my face and I gagged again, louder still. The veins on my neck must have been as thick as fingers. I was starting to get scared so I did something really, really stupid. I put my hands on his thighs again. I didn’t even do it willingly, my body reacted on its own. I guess I simply wanted to let him know that I was soon gonna need to breath, very, very soon or I was gonna die or something.

He didn’t like that one bit. He let go of my hair and hit me hard on the side of the head.  “Are you that fucking retarded? I said I don’t want you to touch me, faggot!” he shouted.

His dick was still 70% down my throat and I had to resort to some quick thinking. All of a sudden I realized that a nice way for me to make it up to him was giving him something he was gonna like. Another little show. So looking straight into the camera I tried to say, “Sorry Sir.…”  Of course, the result was hilarious, and it didn’t fail to bring his overbearing smirk back. That’s when I went for the kill. Still looking at him I pushed my face forward till my nose was grazing his pubes, skewering myself with his dick, forcefully, willingly, desperately.

“Hahahaha! What the fuck!”.  He laughed at my gagging sounds which were now louder than ever. “You like it that much?”

When I answered, my voice sounded pretty much like Donald Duck’s. That’s before I started choking again. When the first gag wave arrived all I did was to push my face even harder towards his hips which caused the second wave, much stronger than the first. I was puking up tons of spit and snot that was dribbling down on the floor.

“Hahaha! Yeah, come on! Choke yourself, cunt!” he said to me.

I couldn’t resist giving him what he wanted. I stayed right there, choking, gagging and vomiting disgusting shit.

He kept laughing and filming.  “More! Come on! Show me how grateful you are to be able to suck on my cock! Hahaha!!”

Boy, was he right! I was grateful! Big fucking time! I couldn’t breathe, but I kept pushing forward, gagging myself solely for his sick entertainment. When I was about to suffocate, my instincts took over again, and I pulled back a little, just enough to breathe.

But Seth had other plans for me. He grabbed my hair and pushed me down again. “Ah, ah, ah! Not yet, faggot!” he scolded. “Have some more, come on!” and he began to fuck my face.

Of course I started coughing and gagging louder than ever.

He cackled mercilessly. “Mmmm… yeah! Tasty cock, huh? Hahaha!” The more I gagged the more he laughed.

My throat was hurting badly now and what was killing me was the fact that I couldn’t breathe. I know I keep repeating that but breathing IS kind of important to… humm… I dunno, live? Anyways…

After a couple of minutes or so of continuous and relentless face-fucking, he let go of my hair and let me double over to vomit more yucky goo on the floor right between his feet.  “That is so fucking gross, hehehe!”

I heard his voice sneering somewhere above me. I tried to answer. “I’m sor…” but I started coughing again.

“What was that, homo?” he kicked the side of my head. Not too hard but still hard enough to give me the push I needed to answer much more clearly:

“Sorry, Sir!”

“Lap that fucking shit up!” he told me hitting my face again with his foot. God I loved that.

“Yes Sir!” I answered promptly and I heard him snicker at my eagerness.

I immediately stuck my tongue out and started licking the floor. Man, I was horny as fuck! The way he treated me was so damn hot. I kept glancing at his feet that were inches from my face and my dick was pushing against the uncomfortable fabric of my boxers.

Then he crouched down for a second to put his camcorder on the floor, pointing at the side of my face. “Got an idea! Hehe!” he said getting up again.

I followed him with my eyes and lifted up my head, getting a little distracted from what I was supposed to do. Wrong thing.

“Get your fucking head down, queer!” he said putting a foot on my head and slamming my face on the slippery floor. “Now stick your tongue out!” he ordered, and I did. He started guiding my head with his foot, back and forth, right and left. Of course I let him.  “Hahaha! Yeah, that’s perfect! Hahaha! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ‘the fagmop’! Hahahaha!” he said with a booming voice as he kept using my face to clean up that mess.

It was useless of course. It was just making things worse. I mean I could have licked it up if he’d let me but apparently that was way more funny.

“Alright, that’s enough! Get up!” he said after he got tired. I obeyed as he picked up his camcorder from the floor and I looked at him, still kneeling. He was smirking visibly. “Wipe your fucking face!” he said turning his back on me.

I obeyed him, using my shirt as a towel while I watched him put his camcorder on a small table, pointing it to the side of the bed.

He checked the framing on the display.  “Get on the bed.”

I got up and obeyed

“Lie on your back and hang your head down the side.”

I was starting to understand what he was about to do to me. I obeyed again and the room went upside down.

“Perfect!” He said smirking and checking the display again. Then he walked to the other side of the bed where his desk was. He googled something and suddenly a porn flick was on. I was so used to it by now it didn’t even phase me anymore. Those boys were straight and as good a cocksucker as I was, using my mouth to jack off while watching what really turned them on, surely felt way, way better.

Quite frankly, being used like an object definitely added to my excitement. I was staring at the camcorder, waiting and breathing nervously. I felt my heart racing. You know when you’re both psyched by something and scared to death at the same time? Yeah well…

“Alright here we go!” I heard him say while walking back to where I was. My face was right underneath his now half-limp dick and I saw him smirking like crazy. “The game’s still on, you know?” He said amused as hell. “If you wanna lick my feet you better not let me win, faggot! Hehe!” And with that he lowered his hips and slid his whole meat inside my mouth.

I have to say it is kinda easier to get skull fucked in that position. I don’t know why but there’s more space in the back of your throat for… well, cocks.

He started moving his hips and his big, low hanging balls bumped rhythmically on my nose. His smell was so masculine. Man it made me shiver! I actually did manage to last thirty seconds or so without gagging but that’s only because his rod needed to go back to all its glory which didn’t take long with the help of the slutty chicks he was looking at. As soon as he was hard again the gagging and choking resumed. I couldn’t help it.

“Come on faggot! You gotta do better than that! Hehehe!” He laughed without even the slightest hint of a break. He kept fucking my throat. I started twitching a little but he grabbed both of my wrists and held me down leaving me no escape. My head was trapped. The only thing I could do was move it sideways but he was fucking at full speed and there was no time even for  such a simple maneuver.

I kept gagging and coughing, arching my body upward while more spit was regurgitating from my mouth. Needless to say my cock was even harder than before.

He completely ignored my moans. No, I think it’s probably more correct to say that he enjoyed them very, very much. Every last one of them. “Man, you really are fucking pathetic, you know? I mean sucking cock is what you were born to do, it’s the ONLY thing you’re good for and you can’t even take mine without choking! You’re fucking worthless!” He used that word again in such an amused voice.

This time my feelings were even more confused than before. I mean I definitely felt a pang of guilt and sorrow in my stomach as he kept on pounding my throat but there was no denying it. I loved every single word he had just said. It was so humiliating and it was true. One hundred percent true! I puked up more spit. I was amazed by the amount of saliva and mucus my body could produce.

“Wanna know what I think?” he asked still skewering my throat at every thrust “I think you don’t really wanna lick my feet after all…,” he said as I exploded into another series of gagging fits that made me vomit even more spit and squeal and grunt like a desperate animal. “Is that it, faggot? Huh?” He pressed with that overbearing and patronizing tone I was so familiar with while his manly, stinky balls were repeatedly hitting my nose. He knew the answer of course, but how could he resist torturing me? His hips kept coming down like a jackhammer.

My vision was completely blurred by the disgusting stuff that was gushing out of my mouth and nose that was dribbling down. All I could do was gag some more and louder.

“OR…could it be that you’re doing all this on purpose just cause you wanna drink my piss instead?” He was basically talking to himself. I obviously couldn’t answer. I simply kept puking, twitching and arching my body which was, once again, so tensed I thought I was gonna snap in half. More squealing. “That’s it, isn’t it?” He continued trying to talk between snickers without much success. “You totally wanna drink my piss, don’t you?” he chuckled some more.

The noise I was making was not human anymore.

“Damn, faggot, that’s fucking nasty!” he commented, but his fake, surprised tone couldn’t fool anyone which is obviously what he wanted. “If I knew you wanted it so bad I would have given it to you straight away, hahaha!” He continued to fuck my face without rest. “But I guess it’s so much better to work for it, huh?” he gave a harder thrust.

I grunted and twitched even more evidently and puked up another mouthful of yellowish phlegm.

“Yeah, I thought so, hahahaha! Stupid faggot!” He chuckled. He humped my face a few more times, then all of a sudden, he simply abandoned his weight on my face and pressed his pubes on my chin and his ballsack on my nose and stopped moving altogether. His knees were on the bed and he was basically sitting on my face. The only difference was that his enormous cock was deep inside my throat. He puffed ever so ostentatiously.  “Need to rest…” he said casually. I was still gagging loudly but he ignored me as I kept perfectly still, my arms completely pinned to the ground by his weight “Aaaahhhh, this is great! I’m so comfortable right now…” he said then added “I gotta admit Jackson’s right: your throat IS the perfect cocksleeve, faggot! Hehehe!”

I was so grateful for his words but my eyes were about to pop out and my heart was pumping blood so quickly I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.

“How bout you, cumpig? You comfy?”

I gagged loudly again trying to free my wrists from his clutches without succeeding. I was about to panic. I needed air so badly. I squealed again.

“Hehehe! I know you can’t breathe down there but what’s more important: you breathing or me resting? Think about it!”

Another squeal and I starting twitching even more visibly.

“Yeah, I thought so, hehehe!” he said totally self-satisfied and didn’t move a muscle.

I tried moving my head sideways but over eight inches of hard meat kept me nailed down to the metal sidebar of the bed

“Besides, you’re loving it! Your clit’s all hard!” and on that very last word he let go of one of my wrists and punched me right in the crotch.

I curled up and twitched like crazy, like a wounded animal. I would have howled in pain if my wind pipe wasn’t blocked. The pain was back again, that terrible, unbearable pain. And in a flash the previous afternoon came back to me so vividly. I had to breathe. I was curled up in a vortex of overwhelming emotions and physical sensations that were causing my body and mind to ache. I was scared and I was panicking. I think I was probably about to pass out when he finally got up, slid his cock out my throat and let me breathe. It was, in a way, like coming back to life. I breathed in through my mouth like I had never done before, while holding my aching junk. I was coughing my lungs out and spitting out more snot. My head hurt from all the blood that was pumping through my veins because of the position I was in. Unfortunately my dick was still very much hard. I’m sick… I know.

“Make it quick, faggot! You’re making me wait!” Seth said amused lifting one of his feet and slapping me quite forcefully on the cheek a few times.

“Cough… cough… I’m s… cough… cough… sorry… cough… Sir… cough… cough…” I managed to say.

“I don’t fucking care if you’re sorry. Open your mouth pussy! I’m tired of this game. I wanna nut!” he said with his overbearing attitude. Man, how butch he was. It was unbelievably hot!

I rolled over and hung my head down again:

“Yes Sir…” I said before opening my mouth again for him to use me.

He snickered. “Hehehehe! Well, aren’t you an eager little fagboy? Hehehe!” He pointed his dick at the entrance of my mouth. “Happy choking, bitch! Hehehe!” Then he thrust his dick back into my throat. And choke I did, over and over again as he started fucking my face like a horny rabbit. No breaks this time. He wanted to nut so it was understandable. I know I’ve said this before but when straight boys wanna cum, nothing else really matters. I don’t claim to be an expert, but my experience told me so.

“Wagawagawagawagawaga…” my eloquent speech was back. I was coughing and gagging and choking at pretty much every single thrust. His hands were on my wrists again pinning me down. I twitched every now and then, not really willingly. What was the point? All I could do was stay there and take whatever he was gonna dish out for me, hoping to be useful to him. That was pretty much the best I could wish for. I knew it then and I still know it to this day. And while feeling sickened by the pain and choking my ass out, the realization of how happy I was to be there in that moment, doing exactly what I was supposed to do, came to me. Man, I was the luckiest faggot alive! I was going through hell to make this hot, cocky, straight boy happy. It wasn’t gonna get ANY better for me, that was just about it. And as tears and snot were plastering my contorted face, as my inhuman sounds were mixing with the moans from the porn and Seth’s grunts of pleasure, I started to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards this boy that I had once considered my nemesis which was now, not only laughable but completely outrageous! The first reason of course was that for him to be my nemesis, I would have needed to be his equal. I know right? I couldn’t even keep a straight face while writing it. No, this guy was my superior in every aspect and I know you’re gonna say ‘Duh!’ but right now, it was crystal clear. I didn’t have any right to judge him or have an opinion of him that was not godly. Man, I could see how generous he was being, just like Master Toph or Master Kieran, and how stupid I had been not to see it before. Sure I had always found him hot, but this was something else. I now completely understood that he was one of my gods.

“Mmm… yeah… aaahhhh… fuck yeah… mmmm…” was his way of telling me that he was having a good time which was all that mattered. He continued to pump my face for maybe five more minutes without breaks. Not one. Which was ok.

I wasn’t gonna die. I was suffocating and choking and gagging like never before, sure, but I wasn’t gonna die.

And then he exploded.  “Aaaaahhhhhh! Fuck!” he groaned blissfully.

His precious gift went straight down my throat and in my stomach which was sad for me of course because I didn’t get the chance to get a good taste. But obviously my pleasure didn’t matter, right? Besides, I got to have a little taste of his cum when he slid his cock out of my mouth and I made sure to squeeze every last drop out of his meat. One of the many perks of being a slave I guess.

“Pheeww!! Fuck, that felt good, faggot!” Seth puffed a little like Topher and Kieran had the first time they had used my mouth.

I don’t have to tell you that the thing made me so proud. I mean, I was actually doing my job well again which couldn’t make me any happier.

He got up and left me with a gaping hole on my face that, despite having just been filled, was still longing for his huge, delicious cock.

“I’mb zzoo habby zeer…” I said speaking like when you have a huge cold “Dank you for using be, zeer…” I went on. I couldn’t see a thing. My face was completely covered in spit and snot.

“No problem, cunt face! Hahaha!” he cackled.

I must have been even more pathetic than usual and hearing his laugh made me feel so good. There was nothing about this boy that I could ever hate. I have no idea what had possessed me before, but tasting his cock had probably hit a switch in me. I don’t know, that’s what I felt in the moment anyways.

“Get up!” he barked.

I obeyed instantly. I wiped my face with my t-shirt again and realized my hair was also all messed up. There was no time for that. I looked up and saw him.

His camcorder was in his hands again pointing straight to my face. “So how was it queerboy?” He walked towards me. He was so hot. He was still wearing his tank top but his huge dick was dangling down covered in my spit. And he was smirking ever so triumphantly.

I smiled too for the camera and shamelessly went, “I loved it Sir! Thank you for choking me with your huge, manly cock Sir! I really felt blessed, you know? So lucky…” but I couldn’t continue, he was laughing so hard at my words.

“Oh faggot, you’re so fucking pathetic! Hahahahaha!” Ok, it was official: ‘pathetic’ was their favorite adjective, no question about it. But what I was saying was true. Every word.

“But I mean it Sir!” I pressed “A stupid faggot like me is not even worthy of licking the dirt off a straight boy’s shoes let alone sucking his dick!” I felt like giving him the show of his life, using my most girlish voice. He kept laughing the whole time,

“That is so true, faggot! Hahahaha!” he said.

“Yeah!” I agreed “But Sir, now your perfect cock is all sticky and dirty, may I please lick it clean for you?” I was actually surprised at my own cheekiness if you will and I think Seth was too, a little. But I could tell he didn’t mind.

“Sure! Go ahead! Hehehe!” he chuckled.

“Oh, thank you Sir!” was all I said before I started lapping up all my spit and his sweat from that awesome piece of meat.

He let me clean him for a while. “Alright, since you obviously lost the game…,” he continued cockily. “It’s time for you to drink some piss, fagpig, hehehe!” he continued still holding the camera inches from my face.

“Y… yes Sir…”

He laughed at my tone, because he knew I was dreading that moment.  “It was supposed to be a punishment but since you said you like it so much…” he cackled in that arrogant tone he used all the time “You should be happy! Hehehe!” He raised one of his eyebrows.

“I… I am Sir… I’m… I’m so happy to drink your precious piss, Sir!” I said. What else was I supposed to say?

He laughed some more. “Hahaha! You’re fucking hilarious, fag!” he said “Alright, come here!” he said walking towards his desk. From one of the drawers he produced a metal bowl, the ones you use to water dogs, you know? Man, he had planned this! I was on my knees in front of him.

“Hold this.” he said and handed me the bowl. I held it up to his crotch. I knew what was coming. Without saying another word he started pissing in the bowl. The stream was strong and the piss was dark yellow, foamy and had such a pungent smell to it.

I had learned by experience that the color, the smell and the taste went pretty much together: the darker, the stronger, the nastier. But although I felt pretty much nauseated, having that beautiful piece of meat shooting piss five inches from my face was…. Wow… I didn’t wanna be anywhere else, quite frankly.

“Tongue out!” he said when he finished pissing. His dick was still dribbling copiously when he started wiping it on my tongue.

I let him do that then I dared sucking his cock head for a few seconds. He let me. When I reluctantly let go of his cock, I looked down at the bowl. It was practically full and there was quite a bit of foam on the surface. I knew I was in for something really nasty but I had to do it.

All of a sudden, something slashed right in the middle of the bowl, wetting my lips slightly. I looked up and I found him smirking. I quickly looked down again and I saw that he had just spit a huge loogie. I hadn’t even heard him hocking it up lost as I was in my thoughts, but sure enough he had. Cause there was quite a lot of snot bobbing on the foam.

“There, now that’s gonna taste real awesome, right fag?” he chuckled.

I swallowed hard but smiled up at the camera. “Yes Sir… it’s the perfect fag drink, Sir…” I quoted his own words from last time “…thank you so much…” he laughed some more then shook his head in an amused disgust.

“Chug it, queer!”.  There was no mistaking his commanding tone.

“Yes Sir!” I said and brought the dog bowl to my lips. I watched him snicker and cackle when I started drinking. As always, counting the mouthfuls was a good thing for me. It allowed me to concentrate on the fact that doing something so disgusting to entertain them made me feel good even though the taste was horrible. Once again, let me say this. The fact that I could stomach it didn’t mean I liked it. No. Far from it. And of course, seeing me struggle to gulp down his piss was an extra bonus for Kieran and most definitely for Seth. I couldn’t hide my disgusted expression, not even if I wanted to.

“Yeah… tasty huh?” he said between chuckles.

I nodded, trying to gulp down mouthful number four which was the lucky one, since it was spiced with super slimy straight boy’s snot, and he started laughing again. He was really having the time of his life humiliating me like that. He was more of a sadist than Kieran was. I could definitely tell but it all contributed to make me fall for him even more.

“Oh Sir, it’s so good…” I said to him after swallowing mouthful number 7.

“Then keep drinking, you stupid cunt!” he barked.

I simply swallowed the rest of his piss without saying anything more. It was so fucking hard but his continuous chuckles and snickers made it way more pleasant. When I finished, I made sure to stick my tongue out and lick hungrily the bit of foam left.

“Wow, you’ve really become a good fucking toilet, faggot! So much better than last time! Hahahaha!”

His words made me the happiest fag on earth. “Thank you, Sir! It was so refreshing” My throat and my voice were pretty much destroyed after his monster cock and all that piss that hadn’t exactly soothed my soreness.

He shook his head again and chuckled, “Stupid fucking faggot!” and he turned off the camera somehow taking us both back into the ‘real world’. We looked at each other for a few seconds:

“You know, I can’t tell anymore if you’re doing this only because you have to or…”

“I’m not Sir!” I cut him off but he didn’t look angry. Quite the opposite actually. He had such a huge smirk on his face “Well… maybe at the beginning Sir but after tasting your cock Sir.” I had to look down; I couldn’t hold his gaze. “I’m hooked” It was the truth, plain and simple, and I knew he wanted to hear it.

“Hahahaha! Un-fucking-believable! Hahahaha!” He laughed. “We’ve been hating each other’s guts since what… seventh grade. Then you taste my cock once and all of a sudden you’re happy to be my fucking slave?” His voice carried a mixture of amusement and disgust.

I nodded eagerly.

“What a fucking loser!” and without any warning whatsoever he kicked me right in the crotch. I wasn’t expecting it quite honestly, and I yelped and doubled over holding my very, and I mean very sore junk. Man he loved hurting me, didn’t he? I was out of breath and my head was right between his feet. He lifted one of them and pressed it hard on the side of my face.

“You think I’m gonna go easy on you, now, just cause you’re in love with my dick, sissy boy? Huh?” he said through gritted teeth.

I didn’t know what I had done wrong and my heart was starting to race again.

“Don’t you wish that you had never crossed me?” he asked me all of a sudden. I was a little surprised but I managed to mumble.

“Yes, Sir!”

“You should have gotten down on your fucking knees and begged to kiss my ass back in seventh grade.”  He smirked again, I could hear it in his voice. “Think of all the fun that I would have had using you all these years. Instead, you pretended to be what? A normal kid? Like all the rest of us?” he stressed those  words with so much arrogance that it was unbelievable “I’m sure deep down inside you must have always known that you were just a stupid faggot, right?”

“Yes Sir!” I answered barely moving my lips now.

“And that straight guys were fucking better than you?” he went on.

“Yes Sir!” I repeated. The question wasn’t if they actually were superior or not cause that was pretty obvious.

What he was getting at was if I had always been aware of that fact. And once again, I had to admit that he was kinda right. I had already had to fess up to Kieran regarding that.

“So, tell me honestly….”  He lifted his foot off my face.  “Are you my slave now just cause Jackson told you to do that, or would you beg to be my slave if he wasn’t in the picture?”

It was a tough question.  I had to pause but just for a second.  He was so right.  He was so cocky, dominant and hot. Our little spat didn’t matter in the least now. I really wanted to submit to him completely. “I would beg,” I confessed.

Right way, his foot came down the way he had it before. “That’s because you’re a fucking loser, faggot!” he repeated to me, stressing every word with a raising pressure on my face “The only reason you’re around is for guys like me to take advantage of you! You should repeat that to yourself like a hundred fucking times a day, you stupid homo!” he was almost crushing my skull.

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry…” I started whining but my mouth was half covered by his toes.

“And I am so gonna take advantage of you! You have no idea, bitch!” he added “I’m gonna fuck you up so bad that what Jackson did to you so far will seem like child’s play, you hear me?!” Another very strong push.

I was scared now. Again. I only managed to answer a very shaky, “Yes Sir…”

He could tell I was panicking. I know he could cause I heard him snicker.

My eyes teared up as a lump was forming in my throat.

“Hehehe! Yeah, that’s right queer. You pissing in your pants yet? Hehehe!” he cackled.

“Yes Sir…” I sobbed.

“Hehehe! Good! I already told you last time that it’s gonna be fun. You’ll see! For me that is! Hehehe! I’m gonna destroy you!” He pushed his foot down harder still on my face.  “And you’re gonna be fucking thanking me every step of the way, cunt! Do you understand me?” It felt like all his body weight was on my face.

“Yes Sir… sob… sob… I will… sob… I promise… sob… sob…” I was crying now. Not that loud but I was crying.

He seemed to enjoy it.  An evil laughter echoed in the room, a laughter that would actually have been quite overdramatic (and a little ridiculous) in one of those second rate low budget movies where the villain thinks he’s about to win. Except this was reality. And the life on the line was mine. “Ooohh, the poor little fag’s crying…,” he said with an outrageously mocking voice. “What can we do about it? Oh, I know! Do you wanna lick my feet? Would that make you feel better?”

I tried to calm down just enough to say, “Yes Sir…”

He snickered.  “Here then…” he lifted his foot from my face.

I turned on my back while trying to follow it with my outstretched tongue. I was already anticipating the strong and masculine taste I was gonna enjoy, but he kept moving his foot away.

“Come on! You wanna lick it or not?” he asked with that phony, sugary voice so I stretched my neck some more “Almost there.” he said and I got closer and then he slammed his foot down on my face and my head hit the ground.

“Hahahaha!! Oh man, you’re so fucking stupid! Hahahahaha!” He laughed his balls off.

My nose hurt and so did one of my cheekbones, not to mention the back of my head. But my face was pretty much still there.

Then, he simply walked away.  “Alright, I’m bored. Clean that fucking mess on the floor. I’m gonna take a shower.” he said pointing at the two poodles of spit I had vomited during his ‘masturbation sesh’ “You better not be here when I get out.” and turning his back on me he slammed the bathroom door leaving me there, a crying, broken mess.

To be continued …

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