A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 2

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A few days after that crazy afternoon I found myself sitting on his large porch, waiting for him to return from his skating. It was early afternoon of yet another hot and sticky day in sunny Miami… and he was over twenty minutes late, which was so like him! He’d tell me to show up at three and then come half an hour later. I was so used to it after all those years that it didn’t even bother me anymore. I was a patient guy, besides making a fuss was totally pointless. He had never apologized for it and sure enough he wasn’t gonna start now, let alone actually arrive on time! Oh well, that was Kieran!

The blowjobs had become a regular activity in our hanging out sessions which to me was pure heaven and I was pretty sure my good buddy was digging it too. The rest of the time our relationship hadn’t change much to be honest. We’d still hang in his room and I would watch him play his stupid video games (never liked them very much) and every now and then we would comment on movies or music… you know, normal kids’ stuff.

Yeah, nothing had changed. Except maybe:

“What’s up, fag!?” That. The ‘nickname’ had stuck. I saw him skate towards me, coming from the park.

“Not much…” I answered shrugging when he reached me “…waiting for you…” I added a bit shyly.

He smirked opening the front door:

“Can’t wait to do it, huh?”

I gave him a half-embarrassed smile. He snickered and let me in.

His crib was so large, compared to mine, and it was always empty during the day. His parents were both super busy lawyers and they were like never home, not before seven, anyways. The housekeeper only came three hours a day, really early in the morning so she was usually gone by the time our day as teenagers started (it was the friggin’ summer holidays!) which meant we could have all the fun we wanted there. We entered that filthy placed he called his room. He threw his skateboard in a corner, took off his t-shirt and threw it on the floor.

“Can’t believe how fucking sweaty I am…” he mumbled more to himself than to me. And sure enough his perfectly hairless torso was glistening with perspiration alright! I licked my lips in eager anticipation. He caught me doing that, though:

“Wipe the fucking drool, fag! Hahaha!!” he teased while taking off his red Vans.

I smiled a little self-consciously. That was pretty much my usual reaction to his continuous verbal abuse. He clearly enjoyed it a lot and I guess it didn’t really bother me all that much. I mean, it’s not like he was saying things that were untrue, right? Ok, maybe he was just a little too honest? Maybe? Whatever…

He finished taking off his clothes and I remember my mouth watering like crazy, gawking stupidly at his sweaty naked slim body. What a turn on that sight was to me… I’m not sure I can put it into words cause frankly I have no idea why that was. He was a normal kid, pretty cute, yes but not a model or an actor. He was definitely fit and athletic but he wasn’t all muscles, you know what I mean? He didn’t have huge guns or even a six pack to fawn over! Yet, every single fucking time I saw it, that body of his gave me an instant boner!! I had thought about it long and hard and arrived to the conclusion that it was something I had no control over. Zero! Zilch! I felt… I don’t know… I guess powerless is the word I’m looking for? Yeah, that’s it, I felt powerless every time I lay my eyes on his young body and the strong pubescent masculinity it emanated and the scary part was that I didn’t really mind.

He went to his desk, sat down and started browsing his iMac. He had one of those tilting office leather chairs, you know the ones that let you kick back and chill while you’re watching a movie or something?

After a few seconds he turned to me with his eyebrows raised.

“Dude, are you waiting for an invitation?” he asked sarcastically “Come on! You know where your spot is!” he added turning back to his 27-inch screen.

Of course he was right. I knew exactly what to do. I moved quickly, went towards him, bent over, knelt down, squeezed under his desk and turned around to face his lower half, from his perfectly flat stomach down. His legs were opened and his clammy, mesmerizing cock was resting on his big balls. His overpowering smell was once again lowering my inhibitions at an alarming rate. Without thinking I threw my face in his crotch and started lapping up what my mind had labelled as ‘his delicious straight boy sweat’.

“Hey, hey! Who said you could start licking?” his face appeared from above, grinning. I swallowed.

“Sorry Kieran…” I said embarrassed again “It’s just… you’re like… super sweaty down here and I just… you know, I wanted to…”

“Have a little taste?” he prompted.

I nodded, smiling guiltily. He shook his head laughing at me.

“Jeez, man! You’re fucking shameless!!” he chuckled “You’re totally hooked, aren’t you?” it wasn’t a real question, it was more like a statement filled with… what was that? Mock pity?

“It hasn’t even been a week yet and you’re already addicted to my fucking cock! Hahahaha!!” he said it slowly and firmly, I don’t know if he wanted to emphasize his words or something, the point is he was right. Again.

I didn’t know what to say to that. I decided to go with something resembling an apology with a touch of defensiveness.

“I can’t help it, ok?”

“No shit you can’t…” he snorted “…not that I’m surprised…” he added boldly “…I mean a fag’s a fag, but that’s gotta be a record even for homos, right?”

It sounded like a real question which I didn’t really have an answer for. I hesitated.

“I… hum… I guess…” I replied in a small voice.

He looked at me in silence for a few seconds then:

“Fuck, man! A cock-addict…” he mused then added “I’d never wanna be you…” with his usual brutal honesty, smiling with a voice that carried a hint of demeaning undertone. It was faint, but it was unmistakably there. He didn’t give me the time to answer, not that I would have known what to say. He just shrugged, unconcerned.

“Oh well, good for me, I guess! Hehehe!” looking back up at the monitor. What could I say?

“So…” he continued amused, with that same undertone that was becoming a little more evident “…all that sweat makes my dick extra yummy, huh?”

“Yeah!” I answered biting my lips and using all my willpower not to jump him. I wanted to lick his cock so bad I was scaring myself a bit.

“Well, you’re in for a real treat today! You’re one lucky fag, you know that?! You should be grateful! Hehehe!” he said cheeky as hell.

I know that sounds insulting and bla, bla, bla (not to mention 100% true) but he was just being Kieran! Always goofing off and making fun of everyone. I know I said this before but I don’t think he purposely wanted to hurt me. The guy was a little too self-absorbed to care about unimportant things like other people’s feelings. He wasn’t even looking at me. He never did! Like EVER!

I smiled a little bitterly and answered in a whisper.

“I am…” not entirely sure he heard me.

He didn’t comment on that, he just had a satisfied expression on his cute face.

“Found it!” he informed me after a minute or so and I started hearing girls talking. It was one of his porns. He fast-forwarded it to the scene he wanted, turned up the volume and lay back in his chair, lifting his legs up and putting his feet on the desk. All without looking at me, not even once.

“Awright fag, do your thing and make feel reeeeeeeeal good!” he said cheerfully. His spread legs were right in front of my face and I had permission to ‘do my thing’. How could it possibly get any better.

“Yes Kieran!” I said a little overeagerly and started servicing him. Not a glance in my direction. He was obviously too interested in the girl-on-girl action in front of his eyes.

I licked his balls like I was famished (which I was) for a little while, then I took his awesome cock in my mouth. This time I wanted him to acknowledge that I was at least there with him, so I did all I possibly could to make him reach frigging nirvana!

I massaged the tip with my tongue, pulling back his foreskin and licking off all the shit underneath it. The taste would have probably made any normal person throw up on the spot instead my reaction was a pretty considerable bulge in my crotch area.

“Yeah… that feels good…” I looked up. His wet hair was partially covering one of his green eyes but still no budging from the screen.

I couldn’t suppress a smile. I kept doing it for a few more seconds. I was literally bathing his cockhead in my saliva, swirling it around in my mouth like it was a fucking mouthwash and softly caressing his piss slit with my tongue. When I was positive I had cleaned him thoroughly, I swallowed. Man, all of my senses tingled.

But I was just getting started. I began to suck it gently. Up and down, up and down, happily slavering on that thick meaty shaft, very slowly, pressing my nose to his pubes, then coming back up. I was sure I was doing a pretty good job but:

“Suck it harder! Come on, bitch!” he said with that light yet demanding tone he always used during that… activity. It was his way of letting me know that I wasn’t doing such a great job after all. No sweat! I started moving my head faster and adjusted the suction on my cheeks to make my mouth a tighter hole for him.

“Yeah, that’s better…” he told the screen, smiling to himself. Damn, he was so fucking butch and smug and although I knew it was wrong I felt like I would have willingly jumped through hoops for him, almost literally!

But he was liking it now, he got hard within two minutes. Fuck, I loved the shape of that cock. Kieran had been teasing me every single day, saying that my mouth seemed to have been made specially for it and I was starting to think he was right!

He was filling my brain with his pungent boy smell and my head was starting to spin.

“Check out that ass…” I heard him comment big and boastful, like he was sharing that with a good buddy of his, the way he’d done with me a hundred times before my little confession. Yet, somehow I was dead sure he was NOT talking to me. Not this time, not ever maybe. Not anymore.

I couldn’t take it, I unbuttoned my shorts and started touching my hard dick. It felt so fucking worthless compared to his. I wasn’t particularly small or anything, I guess it was all in my head, it just felt that way!

“Stick it down your throat.” he ordered after a while and I immediately obliged.

That wasn’t easy, though. Even if I’d gotten better at it, I still gagged every few thrusts which made me slower. He tolerated that for about a couple of minutes, then:

“Come on, keep up the pace!” he said grabbing a fistful of my hair “Here lemme help ya!” he added playfully and pushed my head unceremoniously down his smutty crotch burying his whole rod into me.

That wasn’t good. Again it meant he wasn’t happy with what I was doing. And that hurt because it felt like I wasn’t good enough to satisfy him which I sooo wanted to be! Am I making any sense?

Anyhow… He started moving my head up and down relentlessly, pushing quite hard every single time and hitting the back of my throat repeatedly with his cockhead.

“Oh, yeah…” he commented “Fuck yeah! That’s how you give decent deepthroat, cunt! Learn!” he cheerfully told the screen, probably pretending he was talking to Jenna or Maya or Katie or whatever those whores’ names were.

Yeah… but the message was for me alright! And it was loud and clear! Although I tried my best, something like that always happened. The closer he got to busting a nut the more aggressive he’d become. It was like an escalation. It’s kinda normal I suppose. I mean straight guys do that, right? When they have to cum, they have to cum, nothing else matters, which is understandable! Besides he just wanted me to learn how to service him better, what’s wrong with that? After all I was relatively new at this and there was definitely large room for improvement!

Now the name calling, that was something that couldn’t be helped. I hadn’t even tried to put a stop to it but somehow I was sure I would have bummed him out if I were to mention it or maybe even embarrassed him and that was the very last thing I wanted. What I truly, truly wanted was for him to enjoy those moments at his heart’s content. Cause I was enjoying myself so bad! I mean who cared about a few bad words here and there, it was just the heat of the moment!

Both his hands were firmly on my head, he was pushing me down faster and faster, gagging me, probably thriving on it and moaning contentedly but not once he lowered his gaze. My eyes were watery as my nose was now slamming on his smelly pubes and I was inevitably puking up buckets of spit and snot that were copiously soaking those pubes and slowly dribbling down to his mighty balls. But he couldn’t care less about that, he was too busy pleasuring himself with my mouth. Besides he knew all too well that I was gonna lap it up willingly till the very last nasty drop, until he was perfectly clean again. That also had become part of our routine.

I was struggling to breath yet I came in my hand with his dick shoved down my throat. Can you believe it? He was almost choking me… and I came. He didn’t even notice of course, the volume of his porn was too loud to hear my moans.

And a good porn it must have been because it wasn’t too long before he threw his head back with a liberating grunt.

“Ahhhh yeah…. here it comes, bitch!” and fed me yet another dose of what to me might as well have been the most powerful and destructive drug on the planet. His hot, thick, sticky, slimy cum. No matter how many times he came that stuff was always so perfectly gooey and creamy and had such a strong, savage taste.

Now I know I’m repeating myself but it was so different from my own. Mine didn’t even fucking compare! I had never tasted it but I could tell his was definitely more… well just better I guess… way better! Definitely more masculine. I also know that sounds stupid and fucking sick but I couldn’t get enough of it and it was getting worse. To me it was… precious … yes, precious and I wanted to keep drinking it forever! Yeah, you’re right. I should’ve been sent to a shrink but I didn’t make such a big deal out of it, I was fifteen!

I gulped it down gratefully like I was a starving dog and he was saving my life. Then I kept his dick in my mouth for a long while after he had let go of my head. He was

panting a little and he was even sweatier than before but the expression on his face was one of bliss. Pure, selfish, arrogant bliss. He was so fucking hot!

“Fuck, yeah! That felt good!” he exclaimed before finally looking down between his legs “Your throat is such a nice cock sleeve, fag!” he complimented me with that devil-may-care grin of his.

I gave him a ‘thanks-dude’ kinda look as he noticed the tears on my face from all the gagging, tears I was quickly trying to wipe off with my hands still keeping his now softening dick in my mouth, cleaning it with love and care.

He smiled to that, almost pleased with himself.

“How was your fag-snack?” he then asked mockingly.

I sucked the last drops out of his cock then with a loud ‘pop’ I reluctantly let go of it. It bounced once on his balls.

“mmmmmm…. awesome, as always… I needed that…” I said to him thankfully. He snickered.

“Bet you did, cocksucker! Hehehe!!”

Then he took a deep breath and exhaled, sliding a little lower down his comfy seat. I started cleaning him. It was hard to tell if the shit I was licking was my drool or his sweat, there was so much of it! It didn’t matter I guess, I was gonna swallow it anyways. I decided to give his ball sack some attention. His nuts were so big and manly and beautiful and…

“I like it when you worship my balls like that, fag…” he said amused. I stopped for a second and thought about that.

“Wor… worship?” I asked meekly. He smirked.

“Yeah, worship.” he repeated “Isn’t that what you’re doing?” he asked with his eyebrows raised as if he dared me to contradict him. I swallowed.

“Y… yeah… guess I am…” I agreed hesitantly then resumed licking. He snickered, looking totally self-satisfied.

“Why don’t you ever look at me when we do this?” I blurted out. He frowned at me, he clearly wasn’t expecting the question and looked a little taken aback.

“Look at you?” he asked confused “Dude, why would I ever look at you while I’m jerking off? I’m not a fag!”

Ouch! Jerking off!?! Fuck, that hurt!! I was blowing him, damn it!

“Of course you’re not! I know that!!” I said quickly like I was apologizing for even remotely suggesting the possibility, which I obviously wasn’t. He was looking at me like he wanted to say ‘I don’t really understand where you’re going with this!’.

“It’s just that…” I started “…you… you ONLY ever look at your porn like I’m not even here…” he gave me a you-gotta-be-kidding-me look but I wanted to finish what I had to say “I kinda feel like I’m your personal… fap toy…” I whined. His expression changed and he roared with laughter.

“Hahaha!! My fap toy, huh? Hehehe! That’s a good one, I sure like the sound of that! Hehehe!!” he said touching his stomach. I made a face.

“Kieran!” I protested. He laughed some more then:

“I’m sorry dude but come on, let’s face it!” he said widely amused “You suck me off twice a day…” he started recapping, “…when I tell you and how I tell you…” he stressed “…and if I get horny at night all I gotta do is text you and after like five seconds you’re in my garage kneeling down for me and letting me use your mouth to empty my balls a third time!” he spread his hands like the thing was obvious “And…” he added “…you do all this knowing that I’m never gonna do ANYTHING sexual for you in return!” after a little pause for effect he concluded “You kinda are my fap toy!”

I wanted to reply but what could I say? Was he wrong? Huh? Was he? I just lowered my eyes and mumbled:

“If you say so…” he sneered.

“Yep, I do, fag! You’re my fap toy!” like that settled the matter “And while we’re on the subject…” he added as an afterthought sounding cockier than ever “…I think you should also consider yourself my cumdumpster! What do you say to that?”

Ok, he was clearly pushing it. Now I could have said ‘Drop dead, asshole!’ and walked out of there, leaving him baffled and he would have probably run after me and apologized and shit. Yeah, I could have. But do you think I did that? Of course not. He was probably testing me to see what my reaction would be and it’s pretty safe to say that he wasn’t disappointed. I just murmured

“Ok…” he snickered then:

“Oooohhhh!! Come on! Why are you pouting?” he asked with an impish grin on his boyish face “Aren’t you happy that I’ll let you swallow gallons of my tasty spunk?” he asked boldly.  Although I didn’t want to, I smiled at him and nodded.

“Of course I’m happy, man… I just…”

“Shush!” he stopped me raising his hand “Less talking, more worshipping, come on!” he grinned at me insolently, like a little boy that you really wanna scold but as hard as you try you just can’t bring yourself to. I rolled my eyes upwards and all I could do was simply stick my tongue out and get back to cleaning him. He ruffled my hair.

“Good fag! Hehehe!”

I licked his massive balls for a while thinking about the conversations we’d just had. His words were sinking in quite fast and (fuck me!!) they were making sense. He had been dumping every single one of his loads into me for almost a week now, damn it! That surely had to make me his cumdump, in a way!

His head was resting on the seatback and his eyes were closed. Down I followed the trail of drool under his ball sack. His asshole was completely exposed to me and I notice that a lot of spit had dribbled down between his cracks and had collected on the edge of the leather seat of his chair. What do you think I did? Yep!

“Kieran… I…” I hesitated. He opened his eyes and looked at me “I think you got some of my spit on your ass…” I told him kind of ashamed.

“Ew! Gross!” he said amused “You should lick it up, fag!” he looked at me. I frowned a little.

“I should?” I asked. He looked at me like it was such an obvious thing.

“Well yeah, it’s your spit, fag!” he said. Totally missed what he was doing there, pushing it again, testing me. Frankly I thought his reason was flawless. So I smiled a little awkwardly.

“You’re right… sorry Kieran…”  I apologized diligently before tasting his sweaty shithole for the first amazing and fucking unforgettable time. He cackled.

“Hahaha!!! Man, you’re unbelievable!!! I took a dump not three hours ago and now you’re fucking licking it! Hahaha! You’re licking my shitter! That’s just awesome! Hahaha!!!” he was having his fun and rightly so I might add.

I stopped and looked at him and it slowly dawned on me. Now that he was laughing his ass off I could see myself though his eyes. I was pathetic! Plain and simple! But I didn’t feel bad about it. More than that: with one taste my gullible self was already in love with another nasty part of his awesome body. One little taste and now I wanted to lick it, I wanted to taste it again and savor it good.

So while he was still laughing I decisively put my hands on his hairless cheeks, spread them a little, took a breath and gave a long, slow, hungry lick between his cracks, pressing my face as hard as I could and looking at him snicker. There was a nice little tuft of chestnut hairs just behind his balls that smelled, well… like shit. And the taste…

“Oh, fuck! Hehehehe!! That’s just fucking sick, fag! Why are you doing that?” he asked me, shaking his head, half laughing, totally amused and entertained by my behavior. I gave that little tuft of hairs another small lick. I was afraid to answer his question but I did it anyways.

“Well… you said I should do it…” I answered earnestly not daring to look him in the eye. He grinned.

“That’s right, I did!” he said cockily, then added “And you like doing what I tell you, don’t you?” that’s what I was afraid of. I knew he was gonna figure it out but I hated the fact that he was so damn quick! Not that he needed to be, seeing my behavior but…

We looked at each other for a long instant. Then, another fragment of my dignity went out the window when I slowly nodded. The smug look on his face was fucking priceless.

“Well, it sure is good to be me, fag, hehehe!!” I smiled and started licking again while he was enjoying the thrill of power he must have felt over me.

“Is my ass tasty?” Lying was totally pointless.

“Yes Kieran… very!” I answered sincerely.

“Then thank me, bitch!” he replied in that demanding tone he could whip up at will.

“Th… thank you Kieran…” I stammered getting hard again.

He had just pushed me again and my reaction had again been to his liking. He jeered, shaking his head in what was almost amused disbelief.

He let me tongue his ass, for probably ten or fifteen minutes, wash his filthy hairs and clean everything with care.

“You know, having you do all this for me feels so fucking right, faggot!” he confessed blissfully with his eyes half-closed. I didn’t answer but I saw him smile contentedly and I was happy.

Then, he put his feet on the ground and stood up.

“Alright, that’s enough, for now!” he said “We need to get ready if we wanna catch that movie!” he said in his old buddy-like tone, completely changing the subject and setting me off for a second.

“Right! I forgot!” I replied.

“I’m gonna take a quick shower and…” he looked down at his chair. The seat was completely covered in his sweat. Leather against skin on a sticky summer afternoon in Miami. Do I have to say more?

“That’s fucking gross!” he made a disgusted face. I smiled at him because I had just had another one of my brilliant ideas.

“Why don’t you just go take your shower? I’ll clean it up…” I suggested evasively. But he smirked at me.

“If you wanna lick that shit up just ask me, fag!” he said arrogantly looking down.

I smiled guiltily and once again took him very seriously.

“Can I? Lick it up I mean…” I said. He suppressed a snickered.

“Sure! Hehehe! Go on, I wanna see you do it!” he said looking down expectantly.

My answer was an enthusiastic “Yes Kieran!” and I heard him laugh again while my tongue got to work.

“No way, man! You’re actually doing it! Hahaha!” he said “Oh fuck! I’m gonna have so much fun playing with you!” he said playfully “You’re like ten times more entertaining than a lame video game!” I looked up at him and smiled.

“I am?” I asked amused.

“Fuck, yeah!” we looked at each other then we both burst out laughing like our two old selves.

That felt good. Real good. Although from the look on his face I had the slight impression that maybe, just maybe part of him wasn’t entirely laughing with me, but more at me.

But how could I blame him, right?

To be continued …

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