A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 3

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Life was good. Real good, my friends! I mean, the summer holidays had just begun, I was a carefree teenager and my relationship with Kieran was like the best thing that had ever happened to me. Ok, I was his fap toy and his cumdump, we had agreed on that a few days earlier, but who’s to say that it was necessarily a bad thing? I mean… it wasn’t, right? What I’m trying to say is that I felt great, ok? And it was thanks to him, although I don’t think he realized how much pleasure he was giving me. Seriously, I had never been so fucking horny! All the damn time! I was beating off so often and so viciously, my dick was actually starting to hurt. But I didn’t care, he was all I could think about. Literally! His face, his body, his smell, his taste. Even thinking about the things he said would turn me on. I was on fucking cloud nine all the time, humming happy tunes in the shower or while I was getting dressed. My parents thought I was in love with some girl or something. Yeah, right!

That morning I got ready, went out and started walking over to Kieran’s, as usual. His house was like four blocks away from mine and I was enjoying the feeling of the sun on my face. I kept smiling and waving at the postman, at my neighbors, at random people who probably thought I was crazy. Again, I didn’t care! I was in such a good mood!

I got there in less than ten minutes. It was elevenish and if I knew Kieran he was probably still in bed. I let myself in and went straight to his room upstairs but, strangely enough, I was proven wrong. That smelly pigsty was empty.

“Kieran!?” I called.

“Kitchen!” I heard his voice downstairs.

I went down to him and when my eyes saw him my knees almost buckled. He was eating a bowl of cereals sitting on a high stool wearing only the same pair of blue boxers he had worn the day before.

“Hey!” I said cheerfully.

“Hey…” his answer was uncharacteristically grumpy as hell.

“You ok, man?”

“No I’m not!” he grunted.

“Uhm… ok…” I said tentatively “What’s wrong?” he was pouting, the way he used to do when we were little kids.

“It’s my mum…” he replied glumly.

Oh boy! If I’d had a penny for every time I’d heard that! I pretty much knew where that was going, so I just braced myself.

“Again?” I said sympathetically.

“Yeah! But this time she went totally ballistic! You should have seen her, man! You’re not gonna believe this!” he started angrily.  “She said if I don’t start cleaning my room ‘regularly’…” he made quotation marks, matching her high-pitched nasal voice with a disgusted expression  “…she’s gonna stop giving me my allowance!” He finished throwing the bowl in the sink.

“No way man, that’s totally unfair!” I replied trying to sound outrageously on his side.

“I know, right?!” he vented. “I’m not gonna clean it!” he stated “That’s the stupid maid’s job, not mine! I’m a dude!” he ranted on. “It’s degrading! It’s soooo beneath me it’s actually fucking humiliating! I won’t do it!” he concluded stubbornly.

Go ahead, you can say it! He was a spoiled brat. Correct. I guess spoiled rotten is probably even more accurate. But come on: rich parents, only child… what did you expect? But he was my best buddy so…

“I hear you, bro!” I said.

“But I need my allowance!!” he fumed. ‘Need’? Not really. ‘Want’ was more like it. But to be fair his ‘allowance’ was like four times mine and my rents weren’t stingy at all, so disobeying his mum meant saying goodbye to a pretty nice weekly income he could blow on useless shit he was probably gonna break or stop using after like a week. You gotta admit that’s tough!

“Well…  then just… clean your room… maybe?” I suggested with a polite rising intonation.

He looked at me like I was crazy: “No way! Weren’t you listening? I said I’m not gonna!” he snapped.

“Ok, ok, sorry, man! It was just a thought…” I said quickly with a tone that was becoming more and more submissive by the fucking minute. And there it was. It was like lightning had struck him. His face lit up as he was looking at me with a shit eating grin.

“I know! Why don’t YOU do it for me?” Ok, I have to admit I did NOT see that coming.

“What? M… me?” I stammered.

“Yeah! Can’t believe I didn’t come up with that sooner! It’s just perfect!” he congratulated himself.

“But… but…” he had took me completely by surprise “…you just said it’s degrading and humil…”

I tried but. “Yeah, for me, but you’re a fag!” he snorted.  “I’m sure it’s like second fucking nature to you or something! I bet you’ll even enjoy it!” he said boldly. Now would you believe me if I told you that he almost had me? For the life of me I couldn’t think of any real reason I shouldn’t have done it.

“Uhm… well…” I mumbled.

“Besides…” he pressed on, standing up from the stool and walking towards me. “I think it’s about time you started busting your ass a little if you wanna keep getting a piece of this!” He threw his hand in his boxers and started massaging his crotch. Panic.

“Are… Are you serious?” he smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“Pretty serious, yeah!” Total fucking panic!

“I’ll do it!” I said instantly “Of course I’ll do it!” he beamed.

“Awesome!” he put his arm around my shoulders in a buddy-like way “I knew you’d see it my way, fag! Hehehe!!” he snickered. “So you’ll clean my room for me every day before my mum comes back from work?” he asked, his face so close to mine. His long ginger hair was covering part of his cute piercing green eyes.

“Yes Kieran!” I said nodding manically. He grinned, then ruffled my hair, a gesture he liked.

“Cool! Come on then! I have a game to play and you got some pretty heavy cleaning to do!” he told me cheerfully exiting the kitchen and walking down the large entrance hall towards the stairs. I realized that I was breathing hard and my palms were all sweaty. He had just threatened to deprive me of my greatest joy, basically the only fucking reason I would get out of bed in the morning. I know. Drama queen, right? But that’s exactly how I felt.

I followed him upstairs like a little doggy.

“Alright fag! Everything you need is in that cupboard…” he pointed at a small door in the hall “…and the hamper’s in my bathroom…” he said entering his room “Don’t waste too much time sniffing my dirty underpants, though…” he turned to me half snickering. “You only have like an hour or so!”

He was right, we were gonna have lunch in that new pizza joint that had just opened. I know it was stupid but I was looking forward to that, I had even taken particular care in choosing what to wear that morning. I must have looked pretty down-hearted while I was taking in all that mess, though.

“Come on! Get busy! If you do a good job and you finish early I’ll give you a nice reward!” he told me and I looked up at him all excited.

“Really?” I said sounding like a kid on Christmas day. He snickered.

“Hehehe! Sure, fag! Now move it!” and he went to sit on the floor right in front of the 50-inch TV where his PS4 was hooked.

‘Now that’s what I call motivation!’ I thought. I was so pumped I could have cleaned his whole house!

I began with his clothes. God they were everywhere. T-shirts, top-tanks, wife-beaters, jerseys, shorts, socks and (luckily) boxers. They were all lying on the floor because their owner just couldn’t be bothered to pick them up and throw them in the hamper. Noooo, that was such a pain! Well, apparently that’s what I was there for, right? I piled them up in a corner after crawling under his bed to recover a couple of really nasty pair of socks. When I was pretty sure there was nothing left I lifted the pile up, went to his bathroom and before throwing it into the hamper I allowed myself to take a single, good, long whiff at my buddy’s dirty clothes. Even if it wasn’t fresh, his strong, masculine boy stench brought a blissful smile on my face. It was a little reminder, if ever I needed one, of why I was doing all that! Totally worth it!

I went back to the hall, got a garbage bag from the cupboard and started collecting the trash. His room was so friggin’ big my job seemed neverending. Chip bags, burger wrappings, a couple of pizza boxes, candy wrappers, water bottles, soda cans. I was on my knees picking them up one by one while I could hear the hip-hop music coming from his skateboard game together with the stupid cheers he would get from the stupid crowd every time he did a stupid double flip or whatever! Did I mention I don’t like video games?

Anyways, I moved to the part of the room where he was, sitting on the floor, cross-legged, his face screwed up in concentration while he was furiously pushing buttons on his joypad. Silently I continued picking up the trash all around him. Not a word from him. Well, that’s not entirely true. He was talking alright, but to the stupid game!

“You gotta be shitting me! A 7.2?! That was at least an 8, you motherfucker!”

I didn’t comment. I never did.

There was quite a lot of stuff in front of the TV but I didn’t wanna disturb him by blocking his view (it seemed rude), so I crouched down on all fours as low as I could to pick it up. Of course he had to notice that. He lowered his eyes for a moment and smiled at me:

“You look exactly like a dog!!” he said amused.

“Well, I didn’t wanna…” I started but:

“Quiet! I’m playing!” he was already back to his game.

“Yes, Kieran…” I said apologetically and went back to cleaning.

I got to his other side, next to his bed. There was a big tissue box on his bedside table and several balled up used tissues on the floor. Took me less that an instant to notice they were cum-crusted.

“Wow! Those must be pretty old!” he said and I looked at him. He was making a face. “Man, I sooo don’t miss that!” he continued turning back to the game “Cleaning my dick after cumming was such a drag! So glad I don’t have to do that shit like ever again!” he remarked pretty boldly. I smiled at him.

“Does my tongue feel better than a tissue, then?” I asked almost a little cockily, like I wanted him to admit that he had just given me a compliment, even if it was kind of a weird one. He snickered.

“Yes, fag! If feels so much better, wanna know why?” he teased “Because I don’t gotta do nothin’, I just chill the fuck out and watch you while you do all the work for me with a smile on your face and you even thank me for it! Hehehe!” he said with an overconfident smirk. “Now that feels pretty damn great, fag, hehe!”

I smiled and in a half joke I said, “Glad to be of service!”

He looked at me for a long instant with a knowing expression then he said,

“Oh, I know you are, fag.” he smiled and turned back to his game. It was kinda awkward for a second. I mean, I was kidding. He knew that right? Although… was I really?

I picked up one of the tissues and smelled it. It was definitely his cum, no question about it and I distinctly remember feeling a silly surge of disappointment because I hadn’t been able to drink it. All that precious cum wasted on a stupid tissue. No! Scratch that! There were like six or seven tissues on the floor!! It seemed so fucking wrong!!

I looked at him and found his eyes on me again. It was like he was reading my mind, he immediately understood everything I was thinking. He smiled totally self-satisfied:

“Don’t be sad, fag! I’m gonna make you swallow so much of my spunk it’s gonna start coming out of your ears! Hehehe!” he said. I swallowed.

“Thanks Kieran…” I muttered and he smiled turning back to his game. I resumed cleaning.

After about twenty minutes I had almost managed to pick up all of the garbage and I was back on the other side of the room when: “Hey fag! I’m thirsty!” he said looking at me. “Why don’t you go get me a soda?”

“Yes Kieran!” I said automatically and sprang up on my feet. I had a glimpse of his satisfied smirk before he turned back to his game. I went down to the kitchen processing what had just happened. Whoa! That was an order he had just given me. He hadn’t even tried to sugar-coated it and I had obediently done as he wanted. Now that was new! Ok, I know what you’re gonna say! It wasn’t the first time. True, but so far he had only done so during blowjob-time. This was a little different. Was I supposed to be angry at him? Should I have told him to get it himself? Was it a big deal?

I didn’t know what to make of it, frankly. Was it so wrong not to feel offended or humiliated by it? Was it so wrong not to mind it at all? Not even a little?

Probably yes, but what the hell!

Their fridge was seriously overstuffed. You would have thought ten people lived in that house. There were like a hundred different types of sodas: Coke, SevenUp, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, so I did the most logical thing I could think of. I grabbed one can of each brand, closed the fridge door, rushed up the stairs, entered his room, kneeled down next to him and let him choose. He looked at me with an amused smile. One of his eyebrows was raised, maybe even he wasn’t expecting that.

“Well, I didn’t know which one you wanted, so…” I said a little bashfully.

He gave me a shit eating grin. “Good thinking, fag!” He took a Pepsi, opened it, took a long sip, then looked at me with a mischievous smile.  “Now put those back.” he ordered.

“Yes Kieran!” was my answer and I heard him snicker right before I rushed out of his room.

I took out the garbage, cleaned up his desk, made his bed, dusted the furniture, hoovered the floor. Total cleaning time: about forty minutes. All in all I was pretty happy with the result. Ok, the bedspread looked a little crooked and you could still see some dust here and there but compared to the state it had been in!

“Kieran, I’m done!” I said stupidly excited to show him what a good boy I’d been. He paused the game, stood up and looked around. He inspected the room for just a moment, and I swear I could feel my heart beating faster. I wanted him to praise me but most of all I wanted him to be happy. Then with a surprised expression he exclaimed,

“Wow! Great job, fag!” I smiled. “Definitely much better than what I would have done!!”

“Really?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah! No straight guy could have ever done what you just did, fag! Hehe!” I was actually happy to hear his words even if I understood they were totally, completely, one hundred percent unfair, discriminating, demeaning and shit. But, hey! I was so fucking happy I could piss rainbows!

“Thanks, Kieran!” He smiled.

“No problem, fag!” He was totally amused. “I suppose you want your reward now, right?”

I nodded so enthusiastically I thought my neck would snap. He snickered. “Get over here.” I went to him.

“Lie down, face up.” he said pointing to the floor. I did, putting my feet closer to the TV but, “No, the other way.” he corrected. Now my head was closer to the TV. He had dropped his boxers in the meantime and I was already biting my lower lip. How could he have all that power over me?

“Put your legs up.” he ordered and I bent my knees, not really getting what he wanted to do. But I was completely captivated by his awesome cock, bouncing around while I was swallowing the excess saliva that was already forming in my mouth. He picked a large cushion from a corner and put it against my legs. Then, facing the TV, he placed his feet at both sides of my head. He looked down at me as I looked up at his body. I felt so insignificant compared to him; every single time I saw him naked I had that same strong feeling of overwhelming, crushing inferiority. An irrational feeling, sure! I couldn’t fucking explain it but most of all I didn’t wanna fight it! What I mean is: that was ok, it didn’t bother me, honest! I didn’t need to be as good as him to be happy, that much I knew for sure!

I smiled at him impatiently. I was actually trembling with excitement like a fucking junkie who’s missed his dose. He smiled then squatted on my face and sent me straight to heaven! I lifted my head up a couple of inches so that I could touch his filthy, disgusting ass. I moaned uncontrollably, rubbing my nose and mouth on his warm, damp hairless cheeks.

He laughed, “Hehe! Bet your dick is already hard, you freak!”

Of course it was! Rock hard!

He moved backwards a few inches, sat on my upper-chest, so that my lips were basically glues to his ass, put his back against the soft cushion and smirked down at me: “You’re pretty comfy as a chair, you know? Hehehe!!”

I must’ve had the dumbest expression on my face because he laughed and said:

“Hehe! You’re welcome, fag! Hehehe!!” I stayed still with all that awesomeness right in front of me, waiting, drooling stupidly and wetting my lips. He moved his hips slightly forward, pressing his hole to my face, adjusting the cushion and finding the perfect position on his human seat.

“Aaahhhhh… Twenty full minutes to worship my stinky ass…” he told me. “…Happy?”

I half laughed, totally boned up.

“You kidding me? It’s awesome! Thank you so much!!!” He shook his head amused. He knew perfectly well that I was waiting for his permission to do anything at all and he was purposely stalling, clearly enjoying my sweet torture. Then he smirked.

“Sniff it, bitch.”

“Yes Kieran!” I plunged my face into his filthy cracks and started sniffing, adoringly.

God, the smell was so nasty! I could tell he had definitely taken a shit, probably right before I’d gotten there (no surprise, it was the first thing he did in the morning) which meant the odor was pretty recent and I was getting it full force. And all that was perfectly mixed up with a colossal dose of his raging pubescent testosterone and ripe stale masculine sweat which made it so pungent and intoxicating and yet the most erotic thing on earth. Fuck, that was hot!  I heard the music from his video game starting again.

“So…” he asked conversationally “…did you have fun cleaning my room for me while I was totally kicking back and enjoying my well deserved game time, fag?”

“Mmmmm…. yes Kieran…” I answered completely high on his boy smell.

“Hehehe!! Told ya, you’d love it!” he snickered. “And like I said I can’t think of anything more fitting for a fag like you!”  he remarked contentedly. “You’ll also have that to look forward to, from now on! Isn’t it great?!”  My forehead was pressed against his massive ballsack and my impatient lips were caressing his shitter.

“Huh huh…” I agreed barely containing my lust. I was sniffing so hard both through my nose and my mouth causing his skin and mine to start perspiring.

“And being sent to fetch me a drink like a servant?” he pushed “Did that feel good too?”

“Mmmm… yes Kieran…” I would have said yes to practically anything as long as he would let me have all that! His smell was so strong, my mind was going numb.

“Hehehe! Thought so! You’re one weird fuck, you know that? Hehehe!” he snickered

“Well, I’ll make sure to remember that, fag! Hehe!!” I don’t know why but I knew there and then that he really was going to remember that. And boy was I right!

“Kieran…” I moaned.

“What?” he said without looking at me.

“Please, let me lick it…” I said “…come on, man, I can’t take it anymore…” I pleaded. He looked between his legs and smiled.

“You wanna lick my ass, fag?” I nodded impatiently biting my lower lip. “Why don’t you beg for it?” he asked cheeky as hell. I didn’t even have to think about it!

“Kieran please! Let me lick it! I beg you!” I started shamelessly. “I wanna lick it so fucking bad!” I finished sniffing it again.

“Why do you wanna lick it?” he asked me digging every second. He was driving me crazy:

“I dunno… ‘cause…” I started breathing even more heavily “…’cause it tastes so good and…” I managed.

“And?” he pressed with such an amused grin on his boyish features it felt so right to be  totally honest with him:

“Mmmmm… because it’s dirty and I wanna… mmmmmm… I wanna lick it clean for you…”

He burst out laughing. “Hahahaha!! Good answer, fag! Hahaha!!!” he cackled. “Go ahead! Lick it! Hehehe!! Lick it as much as you like! Hehehe!” I was so grateful.

“Thanks Kieran!” I managed to say before I opened my mouth and started making out with his asshole.

“You sick homo!” he commented. He was right of course, that was sick by anyone’s standard, ‘homos’ included, probably. Then why the fuck was I so happy? I was giving a tongue bath to the most disgusting part of his body and I was happy! So damn happy!

I don’t know how long I worked on his shit hole. I could feel it twitch, probably enjoying my tongue caresses (I certainly hoped so, anyways!). I had so much spit in my mouth I had to swallow every few seconds. It was by far the wettest, filthiest, most passionate French kiss anyone had ever given. And in my screwed up brain I knew perfectly well that was the only part of his body I was ever gonna French kiss. No. It was way more than that. What I knew without a doubt was more along the lines of ‘that was the only part of his body I deserved to French kiss’. Yeah. He hadn’t said it exactly like that but I knew that’s what he had meant and I knew that he was right. It felt so good doing that for him while he was drinking his soda, belching loudly and playing his game totally on easy street! I would’ve done it for a whole day!

He let me enjoy myself for a few minutes without speaking to me. I kept moaning softly, not to disturb his game. Then he looked at me with a devilish expression. “Hey fag!” he said and I looked at him.

“Mmmmm?” I said without stopping to slobber.

“I got somethin’ for ya!” he said cheerfully “Bet you’re gonna love this!” he added half laughing “See, I gotta fart real bad…” he went on “…and there’s no way I’m getting up, this is too fucking cozy…” he continued “…so I’ve decided I’m gonna fart in your face…” he finished grinning. I stopped licking for a second and looked at him still a little dazed from his smell. “You don’t have a problem with that, do ya?” he asked with a smirk.

“Uhm…” I didn’t know what to say but he answered for me.

“Of course you don’t!” he snorted “Why would you? You’re just a fag, right?” he asked stressing that ‘just’ like he wanted to test me to see my reaction. I hesitated, then nodded. He snickered approvingly.

“Good! hehehe! Keep tonguing my asshole though, you don’t wanna miss the taste, do ya?”

“No Kieran…” I immediately obeyed and he laughed smugly, shaking his head:

“Alright, here it comes, bitch!” and I felt his hole opening up as he let out a long, big, loud, nasty ass fart. It hit me full on and I got to experience it with all my senses. My lungs were suddenly full of that foul, disgusting gas, and so was my brain. I coughed a couple of times.

“Aaaahhhhh!!” he said satisfied “That was fucking liberating, hahaha!!” he laughed.

“How was it for you?” he asked amused.

I was confused. That smell was way stronger than what I had experienced so far. Which was exactly what I told him: “It was… so… so strong…” I said with an uncertain voice. He broadened his smile totally seeing through me.

“You loved it, didn’t you?” I didn’t answer “You fucking loved it!” he exclaimed in a mixture of surprise and amusement. I couldn’t hold his gaze and I fixed my eyes on his ballsack.

“Holy shit, man! You’re pathetic!” he said in a mocking voice “You just let me fart in your fucking face and you fucking loved it! Hahaha!!!” I stuck my tongue out and started licking again, anything to avoid his eyes. He was right of course, I knew that. “That is so fucked up, dude! You have zero dignity! Seriously! How can you look at yourself in the mirror?” I kept licking “I mean I couldn’t even get out of bed if I were THAT much of a loser!” he happily continued his verbal abuse. I felt my cheeks burning.

“You’re a pathetic, lowly, stupid faggot bitch, that’s what you are!” he said amused, slowly stressing every adjective. I didn’t answer.

“Hey, I’m talking to you, dickbreath!” he continued in the same tone. I looked up at him.

“I’m… I’m sorry Kieran…” I felt so completely ashamed, I didn’t know what else to say. All that happiness seemed to have drained away from me. Pouf! Gone, just like that! I wanted to cry. I really did. My emotions were a fucking mess! Was I fucking PMSing?!?!

But he shrugged devil-may-care style: “Well, it’s not like there’s something you can do about it! Can’t change what you are, can ya? You just gotta accept it!” he said. Then he smiled “Don’t worry about it, though! I’m still gonna let you do all this shit!” he assured with a grin. I looked at him.

“You… you are? Really?” I asked anxiously “You don’t hate me, then?”

He snorted. “Course not! You’re the nicest toy I got, remember?” he said with that arrogant face and I couldn’t help but laugh a little. He joined in.

“I guess…” I said feeling relieved already.

“But I want you to say it out loud!” he told me “Tell me WHAT you are.” he looked at me expectantly like a teacher who’s just taught an important lesson to his student… no, not exactly…  maybe more like a… dog trainer. Yeah, that’s more like it. I hesitated. “Come on! You’ll feel better!” he encouraged me. I took a breath.

“I’m a pathetic, lowly, stupid faggot bitch who loves smelling your farts!” I stated confidently.

“Hahahaha!!! Awesome! Fucking awesome!! Hahaha!!” he cackled “Well there’s plenty more where that came from, bitch!” he said then touching his flat stomach. I stared at him for a moment as he was looking down at me enjoying the very comfortable position I had put him in with such a smug, satisfied look. Then he said:

“Aren’t you glad you told me you’re a fag?” I smiled at him, a little bashfully.

“Yes Kieran… I am…” he shook his head, amused.

“Fucking loser…” he commented half snickering and turning back to his game.

I started licking his ass again, furiously this time, making sure to lap up every bit of filth and sweat his awesome body had produced (it felt) especially for me and clean him perfectly, between his cracks and up to his ballsack, even the parts of his cheeks I could reach. I was happy again. I felt so lucky. I know it sounds crazy but somehow I knew Kieran, in his own weird way, had my back. I could trust him, I was sure of that.

I went back to his tasty hole and started making out with it again. He suddenly grabbed my hair, pushed my face hard, bit his lower lips and… a bomb exploded in my mouth:

“Eat this, bitch! Hehehe!” my cheeks inflated so much it felt like his fart was coming out of my eyes. I had to swallow this time. “Aaaaaahhhhh! This is so much fun! I love doing this to you! Hehehe!!” he let go of my hair.

“Cough… cough… thanks… cough… Kieran…” I managed. He smirked but didn’t answer, he was too busy with his game.

At about 12:30 he put down his controller, stood up, stretched, yawned and finally looked down between his feet, where my head was:

“Alright fag, I gotta go.”

I was a little disappointed but: “Uhm… Sure… I’ll get ready, there must be like a hundred people in line…” I said sitting up. He frowned at me.

“What? I didn’t tell you?” he asked surprised:

“Tell me what?”

“We’re not going to the new pizza joint, I changed my mind and made other plans with the guys, sorry…” he said not showing a single ounce of remorse. By ‘the guys’ he obviously meant his other friends, his skateboard posse.

“Oh… uhm… ok…” I said glumly. That fucking hurt, I have no problem saying it. But don’t be too harsh on him, come on! It wasn’t his fault! He probably didn’t even notice how bummed out I was. He wasn’t trying to be mean or anything he was just being himself, I already told you that other people’s feeling weren’t very high on his priority list, didn’t I? He wasn’t even looking at me anymore:

“Shit…” he said looking back at his butt. Then he turned to me.

“Hey, gimme your shirt.” he said holding out his hand. I frowned but took it off and gave it to him. He grabbed it, balled it up, bent over a little and started drying up my spit from his ass. He did that slowly, moving his hand up and down for several seconds, smirking at me all the while. Then he rubbed it on his pubes and cock and when he was satisfied, he threw it in my face:

“Here! Little present for my stupid little bitch, hehe!” I smelled it and what do you think I said?

“Thanks Kieran…”

“Sure, hehehe!” He gulped down the last of his Pepsi, crushed the can in his fist, and threw it on the floor in front of me with an insolent burp. He then gave me another one of his smirks: “Don’t forget to pick it up on your way out.” he said.

“Yes Kieran.”, I said obediently. He laughed.

“Hehehe! You know I sure love it when you say that with that faggy, submissive tone of yours, hehe!!” he mocked “It’s totally appropriate, don’t you think?”

I considered it for a second. Everything he said was so dead on! How could he be so right all the time? I just smiled a little mischievously, bowed my head until my forehead touched the floor in front of him and said in a purposely excessively adoring tone:

“Yes Kieran!”

“Hehehe! That’s what I’m talking about bitch! It’s fucking hilarious! Hehehe!!” I looked up glad to see him having so much fun. I was being silly and he knew that but I could tell he was laughing at me, at how truly pathetic I was, no question about it, because he knew, as well as I did, that what I had just done wasn’t at all far from my true feelings towards him. Yet I was glad I could entertain him and I was actually smiling. He finished his laughter with delight then: “Oh, by the way…” he said scratching his balls “…I also want you to do my laundry…” he pointed his thumb back at the bathroom “…my mum wants me to do that too but come on!” he snorted “Let’s be serious!” he said it like the thought of it was so unreasonable it had to be a joke.

“Oh… uhm… ok…” I said maybe not too excited but still so eager to ‘help him out’. He was helping me after all. Big time!

“Cool!” he said grinning.

“But… like… how often?” I asked. He frowned:

“How the fuck should I know, bitch?” he said “I just want my fucking clothes to be clean when I need them!” he wasn’t angry, just surprised by the stupidity of the question. He was right of course. Yet again!

“Yes Kieran. Sorry I asked…” He snorted. “I’ll… I’ll come back and do it right after lunch, while you’re out.”

“Good bitch!” he said satisfied walking in front of me and patting my cheek a couple of times and going then towards the bathroom “Keep your phone handy, I’ll text you when I need to get my rocks off, ok?”

“Yes Kieran, thank you…” I said looking at the ass I had so passionately licked for half an hour.

“Later, fag!” and with his foot he shut the bathroom door loudly.

I put on my now wrinkly t-shirt, picked up the can and got out of his house.

I didn’t go home, though. Not yet. If I couldn’t have lunch with him I was gonna watch him from a distance. That’s how bad I wanted to spend time with him. I hid behind a mailbox and waited for him to come out. Pitiful, you say? You betcha! Also creepy, right? I know, but at that point, did it really matter?

Five minutes later his front door opened and Kieran was on his way. I started running after him. It wasn’t easy to keep up with him, I didn’t have a skateboard. From what he had told me I thought he was gonna go to the park with his friends but he wasn’t. He was going towards the beach and I could feel a nagging sensation growing in my gut.

I was panting heavily by the time he reached the parking lot in front of Luigi’s, the new pizza joint we were supposed to have lunch at. There he met his skater friends. I saw them saying hello, laughing, high-fiving each other and horsing around for a while. Then I followed them with my eyes until they got in. I was stunned.

He hadn’t made ‘other plans’, the plan was the same; I simply wasn’t part of it anymore.

‘That’s because THEY’re his friends, YOU’re just his plaything, you know that’s true!’ the voice inside my head kept repeating insistently while I did my best to fight back a couple of tears. A few seconds passed. Then I swallowed, took a deep breath inside and slowly I smiled, sure and confident.

“Yeah… I AM his plaything…” I said under my breath “…and I’m fucking proud of that!” just saying it felt so good. I was definitely gonna skip lunch and go back to his place to do his laundry. Who needed food? Licking his filthy ass had given me all the energy I needed.

To be continued …

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