A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 4

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I was putting away the iron board after pressing his last pair of shorts. Yep, you got that right. A couple of days before, when Kieran had come back from hanging out with his friends while leaving me to do his laundry, I had proudly shown him all the clean clothes I had dutifully washed for him. He had smiled approvingly.

“Good job, bitch!” he had praised me. “Hey, listen, I was thinking: if you’re gonna do my laundry you might as well take care of the ironing.” He had told me like it was NOT a big deal and even kinda obvious “I mean I can’t wear wrinkly clothes, right?”

Do I really have to tell you what my answer had been? Anyways, like I said I was putting away the iron board and sadly getting ready to go home and leave him when downstairs the front door opened.

“Kieran! I’m home!” I rushed back into his room.

“Dude, it’s your mom!” I said agitated. I was stupidly nervous as if she could catch us doing something terribly wrong.

“I know, I heard.” he was leisurely texting, cool as hell and he looked at me with his eyebrows raised as to say ‘what the fuck’s your problem?’

“We’re up here!” Kieran shouted back to her. “Calm down, bitch!” he then told me in an amused undertone which, believe it or not, did actually calm me. There was obviously nothing to worry about, I was at his house, hanging like always. Nothing out of the ordinary.  “Get over here and sit down!” he added.

“Yes Kieran!” I sat down next to him while his mum was coming up the stairs.

“Oh, hi Finn!” she said to me with a nice, warm smile as she entered the room. She was a very elegant lady and also quite good looking for a forty-something, with black hair and the same piercing bright green eyes she had passed down to her son.

“Hi, Mrs Jackson!” I answered.

“Hi, mom!”

“Ooohhh, honey…” she said looking fondly at the perfectly tidy bedroom “I can’t believe you’re actually keeping your end of the bargain!” then she looked at me “Finn, be honest, isn’t it much nicer to hang out in a clean place, for a change?” I smiled.

“Sure is!” then she looked at the bed with an expression that showed almost disbelief.

“Are those…? Did you do your laundry and actually pressed it?” she sounded so shocked it was actually funny to watch.

“Yep!” replied Kieran with a smug look on his cute boyish face.

“What did you do with my son?” she said with an over-dramatic tone. We both chuckled even if she wasn’t exactly a stand-up comedian. Then she turned to Kieran.

“Thanks for doing this honey, I know I was hard on you but it’s for your own good!” she said lovingly. He shrugged.

“It’s ok, I understand… besides…” he looked at me with an imperceptible smirk “I don’t really mind doing that…” she couldn’t have looked more proud even if he had just won a nobel prize.

“Well spoken, young man!” she said solemnly “And since you’re being this mature about it I’ll cut you a deal.” Now Kieran was all ears.

“What deal?” she smiled mysteriously and crossed her arms, no doubt to create a little suspense.

“I’ll double your allowance if you also start cleaning that filthy bathroom of yours.” Shit!

“You are SO on, mom!! Hahaha!!” he jumped up happily. Shit! I didn’t like the sound of that.

“But you’re gonna have to clean it at least three times a week, are we clear?” she warned. He snorted.

“Sure! I’ll clean it every day!” he offered carelessly. After all he was not gonna be the one doing it, so why the hell not?

SHIT!!! SHIT!!!! I definitely did not like the sound of that!

“And you promise you’ll cough up twice as much dough?” She rolled her eyes.

“I see your vocabulary hasn’t improved… oh, well, one thing at a time I suppose…” she commented then, “…IF you do a good job, then yeah, sure!” she finished.

“Hahaha!” he laughed excitedly “You got yourself a deal, mum!” he said impishly and she shook her head amused.

“Alright! Your father will be home soon, I’ll get dinner started. Finn, sweetie, do you want to join us?”

“Thanks Mrs Jackson but I have to get going.” I answered politely. She smiled and left.

“Hahahaha! That’s fucking awesome! Hahaha!” he just couldn’t contain himself. He was doing his silly happy dance he used to do when we were kids and I couldn’t help but laugh with him. “I’m gonna be fucking loaded” he sang tunelessly under his breath, goofing around, excited by the news while I was watching him still on the ground. Then,

“Hehehe!!! You’re gonna make me rich, fag! Hehehe!”

My laughter died down but I still answered, “Yes, Kieran.” He came towards me and pressed my face to his crotch. God, his smell!

“I know I’m being hard on you…” he said in a mocking tone, mimicking his mom “…but it’s for MY own good, bitch! Hahaha!” I looked up and smiled at him. Hey, gimme a break, he was a funny guy!

“I’m happy to do it Kieran…” I said rubbing my face on the outline of his junk.

He snickered. “Hehehe! Of course you are! Why wouldn’t you be? You’re a fag!” he stated “Besides it’s a way for you to repay me, I mean I’m doing you a favor here, don’t forget that!” he said playfully. It certainly was one way to put it. But he was probably right, I mean, he was straight and he was letting me suck his cock anyways. I don’t know how many guys would have done the same for me.

“I know Kieran! And I thank you for that!” I said and he grinned.

“You’re done for the day…” he pulled down his shorts and boxers “…Here, kiss my cock…” I happily obeyed, humming softly “…Now go home and beat that tiny pecker you got between your legs thinking about the real thing! Hehehe!”

“Mmmm… Yes Kieran… Thank you…” I said trying to kiss it as many times as I could.

But he pushed my head away after a few seconds and put it back in his pants.

“Beat it, homo!” he said smirking and sure enough, five seconds later I was gone.

A week after that, I found myself on my knees scrubbing his shower floor. I had googled ‘how to clean a bathroom’ and found dozens of interesting tips on how to make it extra-shiny. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna share, the point is that I wanted to do it properly, you know? For him. I was becoming the ideal maid, I still couldn’t fucking believe it myself that I had spent a whole evening teaching myself how to make a bed perfectly. I swear you can find vids on anything on YouTube! And the ironing? Same thing! If I had put that much effort into studying now I would probably be the best student in school. Not exactly the case, but to my defense I wasn’t exactly as motivated now, was I?

It was just past four and he was out skating with his friends, as usual. I felt so jealous every time he wasn’t with me but I understood that he couldn’t spend all of his time in my company! I wasn’t his girlfriend or anything, I was just one of his… friends? Part of me was still foolishly clinging to that naive idea. I felt pretty lucky though, I mean, I got to spend part of the morning with him and a couple of hours in the afternoon, after he was done skating and before his mum would come home. It wasn’t always like that but just to give you an idea. And anyways, when I wasn’t with him I was cleaning or washing or ironing for him so I guess you could say, in a way, he was always with me? I know: way beyond pathetic but I swear that’s what I felt.

At about 4:30 I heard the front door open. I was almost done cleaning the basin.

“Yeah, I guess she’s fuckable! I mean her face is ok but her tits are huge, man! Hehehe!” he entered his room and threw his skateboard in a corner “Well, we might be able to feel her up if we keep trying!” he got in the bathroom. On his red t-shirt large dark stains on his back, armpits and neck stood out: he was drenched in sweat. He didn’t acknowledge my presence in any way, went straight for the toilet, whipped it out and started taking a glorious leak.

“Who? Jen Reed? Dude, get real! She’s never gonna put out for ya, she’s totally out of your league! Hahaha!!” he was on the phone with one of his friends. I resumed cleaning the basin while listening to his powerful stream of piss hit the water and gurgle. I could smell his pungent boy sweat even from where I was and it was starting to affect me.

“Why don’t you give it to rat face, instead?” I smiled to myself. I knew who he was talking about. She was this classmate of ours, her name was Anne… something… but very few kids called her that. To the rest of us she was just ‘rat face’. The reason was quite obvious. I mean I felt sorry for her and all but boy, was she ugly!

“I’m not saying you gotta go out with her but you could at least let her suck you off every once in a while…” he said finishing up “I mean, I swear man, she starts drooling every fucking time she so much as look at one of us guys!” he shook his dick a few times “She’s clearly starving for some meat! Why don’t you take one for the team and face-fuck her already?” he put it back in his pants “Oh, come on man, don’t be like that! Who knows, maybe if you start feeding her cum she’ll turn pretty!” I heard him snap his fingers. I turned to him. He was pointing at the toilet I had cleaned not twenty minutes before, now all splattered with yellow piss drops. He hadn’t even flushed. The smirk on his face clearly said ‘Clean it, bitch!’ and one of his eyebrows was raised, expecting my usual answer. I started nodding enthusiastically and whispered “Yes Kieran!” He started laughing.

“Hahaha!! I hear you, bro! I wouldn’t do it either! Hehehe!” and he left the bathroom.

I followed his back with my eyes and saw him throw himself on his freshly made bed after grabbing his iPad, get real comfortable, then take off his sneakers and let them drop on the floor at the foot of his bed. God I had missed him! I hadn’t seen him in four hours and I had missed him so damn much! His conversation with his friend slowly turned to video games and I went back on my knees to clean his piss from the toilet. Up close and personal it smelled so strong it almost made me cough.

“Alright bro, I’ll see you tonight!” he ended his phone call after a few more minutes. I held my breath for a second waiting for him.

“How’s it going, fag?!” my insides warmed up instantaneously, he had thought of me!

“Great!” I said happily “I’m almost done!” I turned my eyes and looked at him from where I was, but he wasn’t returning the courtesy.

“Good! Make sure it’s spotless!” he said playing with his iPad.

“Yes Kieran, don’t worry!” I said adoringly and I saw him smirk. I turned back to the toilet that was once again clean, now all I had to do was mop the floor and…

“Yo, bitch! Get me a bag of chips!”

“Yes, Kieran!” I sprang to my feet and hurried out of the bathroom. I had a quick glance of him relaxing on his bed. He had taken off his sweaty t-shirt which was now lying on the floor and I took a mental pic of his lean hairless torso glistening with perspiration. Not even a look in my direction. I ran downstairs, got the chips from the pantry, ran back up, and handed him the bag. One of his hands was behind his head, the other was holding his iPad. He looked at me with his eyebrows raised.

“You dumb or somethin’? Can’t you see my hands are busy? Open it for me, bitch!” he said with that amused, patronizing tone he loved using with me.

“Yes Kieran, sorry!” I answered immediately and obeyed, setting the open bag next to him on his bed. I was embarassed but:

“Don’t worry, fag, you’ll learn!” he said smiling encouragingly and grabbing a handful of chips.

“Yes Kieran…” I said while he was stuffing his face.

“Now go finish.” he replied with his mouth full.

“Yes Kieran!” and I went back to the bathroom.

From what I could hear he was watching porn again, this time though, it wasn’t a lesbo flick. I could hear serious gagging sounds coming from his iPad and a dude’s voice saying stuff like ‘yeah, choke on it bitch!’

I turned to him while I was mopping the floor. He had a wide smile on his cute face. He noticed me and probably seeing the worried expression on my face, he snickered.

“This looks fun, bitch! Hurry the fuck up and finish, can’t wait to try it on you! Hehe!!” and went back to the screen.

“Y… yes Kieran…” I said starting to move faster and carefully making sure not to leave any footprints. You know when you feel really excited about something but a little scared at the same time and you got like a gazillion butterflies in your stomach? Well, that’s what I was feeling. I wasn’t sure of what was coming but I was horny as hell so, obviously, I was done in three minutes. I rushed downstairs to throw away the dirty water and put away the bucket and mop then ran back up, taking three steps at a time.

“I’m ready!” I said a little out of breath.

“Good, c’m here!” he said and I went to him “Take my pants off.”

I got onto the bed, between his legs. The waistband of his Calvin Klein boxers was sticking out of his Nike shorts. He was so damn hot!

I started pulling them down while he was still looking at the screen. They were damp and so fucking warm. He didn’t even lift his ass up to help me remove them but what did it matter? His cock was out again. The object of my affection was there in front of me, nothing else mattered.

He had a chubby and I couldn’t take my eyes off it, as usual, completely mesmerized.

“Move it, bitch!” his voice brought me back to earth.

“Sorry Kieran…” I freed him of his clothes and got back onto the bed.

Still looking at his iPad, “Suck it.” He said and I pressed my face to his crotch, happily breathing in the violent smell of his ginger pubes. God, at this point, it was like oxygen to me! He was so fucking sweaty like every single time he got back from skating. His lower abdomen was heavily beaded with moisture and so was his ballsack. I started lapping at his big balls, enjoying my afternoon treat.

“I said suck it, bitch!”

I looked up and this time he was looking back a bit annoyed. “I’m… sorry Kieran… I thought…”

“Who cares if you’re sorry, just fucking pay attention to what I say!” again. He wasn’t angry, he used that arrogant, cool calm of his.

“Yes Kieran! I will, I promise!” I said.

He smiled, stuffed his mouth again with more chips.

“Good, now get me hard, faptoy.”

And as his eyes went back to the screen, with an eager “Yes Kieran!” I stuffed my mouth with his tasty cock. The tip was still wet with some of his piss and I got to taste it, hot, acrid, pungent, just like its smell. I swallowed, then started sucking.

“Wow! She’s puking her guts out, that’s awesome! Hahaha!” he said cackling still looking at his tablet. The sounds I was hearing were definitely worrying but I knew Kieran wasn’t gonna hurt me or anything. He was my friend and I trusted him completely.

I kept slobbering over that fat cock that by now I knew way better than my own. I am proud to say that I had guessed its length correctly. It was exactly 6.9 inches of hot, hard, young, masculine, tasty meat. I knew that for a fact, he had let me measure it, a couple of days earlier, just for the fun of watching me confess, in all candor, that I was smaller and that my balls were tiny, compared to his, which they kinda were. Of course he knew that already, he had seen me naked after all. But I felt compelled to tell him out loud.

“Don’t worry, bitch! It’s ok! Fags don’t need balls! Those are for men only, hehehe!!” is what he had said, laughing his ass off. A little harsh maybe, but I was starting to love that about him. Like everything else! I mean what was there not to love? He was the perfect guy, period! Why he didn’t have like seventeen girlfriends lining up for him it was beyond me. Not that I was complaining!

“That’s enough…” he said sitting up after a while. He smiled at me and put his hand on my head “Now the real fun begins!” he said pretty excited “Lie on your back.” he pointed at the floor.

We both got off the bed and I let him guide me. He kneeled down. My face was right under his junk and the hairs on his low hanging ballsack were brushing against my nose which was filled with his overpowering boy smell. I was more and more convinced that I was gonna like this a lot. He set his iPad on my stomach.

“Alright, listen up, bitch…” he said then looking down at me “…your job is easy, all you gotta do is keep that fuck hole on your face open for me…” he explained. I nodded enthusiastically but he added “…no matter what!”

I frowned slightly: “Hum… what do mean ‘no matter what’? What are you…”

“What the fuck, bitch! That’s not what you’re supposed to say!” he said amused rubbing his dick on my face. Right on cue, my guilt kicked in.

“I’m… sorry… yes Kieran…” I replied promptly and he smirked.

“Now open up and make a nice tight hole for me!”

“Yes Kier…” but he lowered his hips cutting me off and in one slow thrust he went balls deep in my mouth.

He didn’t move for a few seconds, lazily resting most of his bodyweight on my face. He was probably searching for another video.

“Well this is pretty comfortable!” he commented “I said it before, bitch, couldn’t ask for a better cocksleeve! hehehe!” What a feeling! My heart was pounding as I was concentrating to keep my windpipe open but I was so full of him. His rod was in my throat and his smelly balls were pressed against my nose. I couldn’t breathe very well but it didn’t matter, I was loving every instant.

“Now this is probably gonna get a little rough…” he said conversationally “…but you’re gonna be a good little bitch and let me fuck your throat as much as I like, right fag?” he ‘asked’. I wasn’t sure how to answer. I mean I knew the answer I wanted to give him (so did he, by the way, and at this point I’m pretty sure you guys do too), I just didn’t know how to communicate with him. I made a guttural sound and nodded slightly.

“Good.” he commented half laughing. After two seconds I heard the sounds of the new video playing.

That’s when he put his hands on my chest and after lifting his hips a few inches, he impaled me for the first time and I started realizing that maybe, just maybe, this thing wasn’t gonna be as rad as I thought… or at least not for me.

The first time I gagged he completely ignored me. No, that’s not entirely true. He commented with a satisfied “Yeah…” and continued to fuck my face. It was so hard not to throw up, my body tensed every time he thrusted:

“Take it all, bitch…” he said after a few seconds. Out of habit I tried to answer ‘Yes Kieran…’ but all I managed to do was choke myself. Letting out another weird guttural sound I started to gag pretty hard and he took out half of his cock from my mouth.

“Didn’t your mom teach you that it’s rude to talk with your mouth full, fag! Hehehe!” he teased while I was trying to catch my breath. I coughed a couple of times then he pushed his dick back in, forcing me to open my throat for him.

The facefuck resumed. His balls bumped repeatedly on my nose and his sweaty pubes roughly brushed on my lips as I felt the head of his cock ravage my throat relentlessly, push after push. My head was a mess. There was nothing I could do, I just laid there and let him do what he wanted. The whole experience was hard and painful and I gotta be honest, I thought I was gonna die any second! But that’s not what you wanna know, right? What you wanna know is ‘did I like it’? Well, my answer is: Fuck yeah!

Completely unintentionally I started producing the usual freakish amount of saliva. Of course he noticed.

“Oh, yeah! Puke out more spit, bitch!! Make it even more slippery! Show me how good my cock tastes! Hehehe!” my answer would have been obvious and I decided not to speak this time. It didn’t taste good, it tasted fucking awesome, as always and although I was gagging every three or four thrusts, oozing spit from my mouth like a fucking dog I was hard as fuck.

Desperate for some air, after a while I put my hands on his thighs, gently pushing him away. He gave another couple of thrusts then slid his cock out of my mouth. I gasped for air, I thought he was gonna give me a breather but he leaned forward a few inches and sat down heavily on my face. I didn’t even have time to think I was in survival mode, I needed to breath and I tried to do so with what little of my nose was coming out of his crack. Once again I was smelling a pungent cocktail of dried shit, sweat and testosterone. My mind went blank.

“Why the fuck aren’t you licking my ass, bitch?” I got my wits back and immediately stuck out my tongue and started washing his filthy shitter.

“That’s better, hehehe!” he snickered.

Ten seconds passed as he was resting his whole weight on my face. Then:

“Look at that fucking boner you got there, you sick fuck!” he noticed “You like it that much when I slam my cock down your throat?!” he said amused. I just moaned.

“You do, don’t you?! You masochistic homo!” he laughed as I could feel him lift up from my face “Here! Let me help you! I’ll choke you real good! Hehehe!” he promised pointing his dick at my mouth again. I hesitated for a second too long “Open up! Break’s over, you stupid cum tank!” I obeyed and he shoved it right back in.

Boy did he keep his promise! This time he was going considerably faster and made sure I couldn’t breath at all. With every thrust it felt like my eyes were gonna pop out. My face was covered in spit, phlegm and sweat that were dribbling down to my hair, cheeks and ears and I was making weird high pitched noises through my mouth and nose.

“Hahaha! You’re squealing like a fucking pig! I like that! hahaha!!” he commented as my body was moving on its own. I started arching my back like crazy, contorting under his facefuck.

“Stop squirming so much, bitch! I can’t watch my video!” he said giving me a couple of seconds to rest, then he plunged it back in.

I did my best to please him but it was probably the most difficult thing I had ever done! I couldn’t control my muscles, I wasn’t ready for this! His dick was so hard it was like having a metal rod destroy my throat. But I resisted. I don’t know how, but I did. I let him skullfuck me and tried to be as quiet and still as I possibly could. I didn’t do a great job, I mean, it was my first time, but when I finally heard him say:

“Aaaahhh… It’s feeding time, cum whore!!” I felt so fucking proud of myself.

Without thinking twice he buried his cock in my throat, pushing like crazy and spewed his ball juice directly into my stomach.

I flexed my spine one last time and as I was guzzling down buckets of his precious cum my grunts were sounding less and less human.

“Aaaahhhhh…. good job fag! That felt pretty great!” he praised me after dumping the last of his orgasm in me. Very slowly, he pulled back and I started coughing, gasping, wheezing, spitting shit out of my mouth. My throat hurt bad this time, way worse than ever before.

“You’re not gonna die on me are you, bitch?” he asked, a slight hint of genuine concern in his voice which was almost unexpected but definitely appreciated.

“No… cough… no Ki… cough… Kieran… cough…” I managed, looking up at his upside-down grin “…I’m… cough… alright… cough…’.

“Aren’t you gonna thank me for my cum?” he asked. I smiled gratefully.

“Sorry Kieran! Thanks so much! It was so tasty!” I said happily. He shook his head.

“Here, clean me up, faggot!” he said. I was totally exhausted but I took a deep breath and I swallowed his softening cock once again. My tongue went to his piss slit to suck out every drop of his slimy spunk.

“Well, we’re gonna do this a lot from now on, bitch!” he informed me “This definitely beats normal blowjobs! It almost feels like I’m fucking a pussy!” he said happily, I kept licking without answering “You gotta learn not to move so much, though! It’s fucking distracting!”

“Yes Kieran… I will…” my voice was hoarse and I was still trying to catch my breath but my resolve was strong.

“I like hearing you choke, though, it’s fucking entertaining!” he chuckled “It makes me wanna thrust even harder! Hahaha!!” he sounded playful but he wasn’t kidding, I could tell. I kept sucking to please him.

“I’m so happy it felt good Kieran…” he simply snickered.

He stood up after a while and scratched his ass looking down at me. Then snorted.

“You drool a lot, fag.” he commented amused.

“I know, sorry…” I apologised, kind of ashamed “Can’t help it man, every time your cock is in my mouth I just… start drooling… it’s so fucking tasty!” I said. He grinned:

“You say the same thing about my shitter.”

“I know!” I admitted “They’re both… delicious!” I said half laughing which made him  laugh.

He shook his head.

“Talk about pathetic, hehehe!” he commented then “Lap that shit up.” he said looking down, somewhere over my head and I turned around to see what he was talking about. Right between his socked feet some of my spit had dribbled down creating a small puddle.

“Yes Kieran!” I said and I started licking his floor clean. He watched me for a few seconds then he threw himself on his bed again, satisfied and content. After a few more seconds I lifted my head and looked at him. He smiled.

“It’s clean…” I said.

“Good! Now go wash your face, you’re fucking gross!” he told me amused.

“Yes Kieran!” In the bathroom I looked at my reflection in the mirror. He was right, I was disgusting. My face and hair were plastered with spit and what little of his cum I hadn’t managed to swallow. But you wanna know what I did? I scooped it up with my finger and ate it while looking at myself. You think I felt ashamed or revolted? Nope. Not even close. I was just… happy. Ok the throat fuck had hurt, I’ll admit that, and I was totally spent, but hearing him say that it had felt so good… I don’t know, it’s like it made me realize I had enjoyed it too. Does that make any sense? Fuck that! All I knew was that my dick was rock hard and my stomach was once again full of his delicious cum. What more could I ask for? How does the saying go? No pain, no gain, right?

I washed then dried my face and I could see plain old Finn again. I went back into his room and sat myself down on the floor not knowing what to do. He was completely naked except for his dirty white ankle socks. My eyes couldn’t stop staring at his lean, athletic body. He opened the drawer of his nightstand and took out a joint, gave me a mischievous smile and lit it up.

I smiled back “Where did you get that?” I asked excitedly.

“Connor…” he said predictably. This guy was one of his skater friends, an over-privileged, obnoxious, rich kid who knew where to find marijuana and other shit to sell his friends and make a profit he didn’t really need.

Ok, confession time. That wasn’t the first time I had seen him smoke a joint. It had happened more than a few times and, to be completely honest with you, every single time, I had done a little more than just watch… Hey, don’t judge me, ok! That was like the only thing out of the ordinary I ever did! I told you I didn’t wanna be a goody-two-shoes! Besides, I was fifteen for fuck’s sake! Who hasn’t smoked a little weed when they were teens?!

Anywho… I was looking forward to a nice happy buzz to share with my best bud but when I held out my hand he frowned, then snorted.

“Dude, don’t be ridiculous! You’re not smoking my joint…” he said amused. I must have looked a little taken aback because “…Jeez bitch! I just emptied my balls in that fag mouth of yours!” he continued like that explained everything, which kinda did.

“Oh…” I said “…I didn’t think of that…” I continued, touching my lips, understanding spreading all over my face “…wow… you’re right… even the thought of it must make you wanna barf, huh?” I blurted out. He gave me a shit-eating grin and after a couple of seconds he said:

“Pretty much, hehe!” I smiled apologetically.

“Sorry man!” he took a long puff and exhaled.

“Make yourself useful instead…” he told me matter-of-factly then “My feet are all sweaty, why don’t you take my socks off for me?” I hesitated for a second.

“Go on, bitch!” he encouraged me pointing at his feet with his chin. I swallowed.

“Alright…” I said and kneeled down at the foot of his bed. I started pulling off one of his socks but:

“Ah, ah, ah…” he interrupted “No hands! Just use your mouth!”

“My… my mouth?”

“Yes bitch! Your mouth.” he repeated.

“But… why?” I asked stupidly. He frowned a little annoyed.

“What’s with all these fucking questions?” I felt guilty again and tried to reply.

“I just…” but he smiled, as cool as ever.

“You want an answer, bitch? I’ll give you one!” He said amused “Cause I said so.” He told me simply “That good enough for you?” I looked at him with adoring eyes and immediately answered.

“Yes Kieran, sorry…” I managed before biting the edge of his sock at the ankle and started pulling.

“Hehehe! Thought so! Hehe! What a good fag you are, hehe!” he praised me while laughing out the smoke from his lungs even more amused than usual.

I pulled his sock off little by little. My nose and forehead were rubbing against the damp cotton while my lower lip and chin were sliding over the sweaty skin of his bare sole. The sock should have been white, but it wasn’t, or at least not the filthy sole and it smelled awful, truly, truly awful. The foot was even worse! It was so revolting the hairs at the base of my neck were standing up. Of course that didn’t stop that manly stench to make a number on my poor screwed up brain. It was scary how fast I would succumb to anything this cute skater boy put me through.

“Well done! Now throw it in the hamper.” he said wildly amused. I took the sock but:

“Hey, I said no hands, bitch! Put it back in your mouth!” he ordered and I obeyed. I bit the edge of the sock hesitantly but:

“All of it! Come on! Don’t be shy! Stuff it in!” he said and watched me do it until he couldn’t see his sock anymore.

“Hehehe! That’s right! Yummy, huh?” I nodded and he cracked up again.

“Hehehe! Now crawl over to the bathroom and throw it in the hamper.” he said a second time, like he was training me. I obeyed again and went to the bathroom on all four savoring that filthy piece of cloth.

“Hahaha! That’s fucking hilarious! Hahaha! Good doggy! Hahaha!” he doubled over. It was so fucking degrading and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why the hell it felt so good being treated like that by him. To be completely honest I would have laughed too if my mouth hadn’t been full. I would have laughed at myself, at how pathetic I was!

I lifted the lid of his hamper with my nose then opened my mouth to drop the sock in it. I went back into his room, still crawling.

“Now do the other one bitch…” he said still laughing so hard his eyes were a little watery. I did as I was told and as the second sock came off he started curling up his toes enjoying the fresh air on his nasty feet.

I made another trip to the bathroom while he was watching me totally entertained.

I crawled back to the foot of his bed and I looked at him.

“Aaahhh! This feels pretty good, bitch…” he said content and I smiled at him then he added, raising an eyebrow “Wanna know what would feel even better?”

“What?” I asked so eager he grinned.

“Your tongue washing my feet while I enjoy my spliff.” he said after taking another long puff. I grimaced. Now that, I didn’t wanna do.

“You… you want me to… lick your feet?” I said probably showing a bit of disgust on my face.

“You catch on fast, bitch!” he teased.

“But they’re…. they’re really gross Kieran and…” he snickered.

“Well, duh!!!” he said amused “Of course they’re gross you dumb queer! Why the fuck would I want you to lick them if they were clean?!!” he asked with his eyebrows raised. He had a point. I hesitated, I didn’t know what to say but he obviously did.

“Come on, fag, you know you’ll do it.” he said ever so cockily “Just stick your tongue out and get licking, I don’t like waiting!” he finished in a low, amused but commanding tone that sent an electric shock to my spine.

“Yes Kieran!” I replied zealously and starting from his heel I tasted the whole sole for the first time.

“That’s it! Lick ‘em real good. Hehe!”

I gotta say, the taste wasn’t as bad as the smell. It was a bit salty and sour from all that sweat. To be honest it wasn’t bad at all. Not when I got to look at his cute face and his cheeky smirk.

“So what’s it like fag?” he asked curiously. I considered it for a second.

“It’s… humiliating…” I said. He laughed.

“Hehehe! Good! It should be! Hehehe!!” he took another puff then added keeping that cocky tone I was loving “You keep licking them until I say you can stop, got it?” my dick was actually hurting.

“Yes, Kieran…” I moaned horny as hell. He smirked again.

His skin was so smooth and pink and also quite soft. No calluses whatsoever which surprised me a little. He looked at me for a long while without speaking, enjoying my wet tongue wash the filth off his soles and between his long, nicely shaped toes. I won’t lie to you, his feet looked cute. I know it sounds weird but as far as feet go, his were pretty damn hot. Don’t get me wrong, they were fucking gross, and doing that for him really did feel ever so humiliating and degrading and embarrassing and a bunch of other things but at the same time my dick was even harder than before! Then completely out of the blue he went:

“You know what? I really don’t get all that fagbashing shit people talk about!” like it was something that had been on his mind for a while. I frowned a little.

“How do you mean?” I said sticking my tongue between his toes.

“Yeah, you know, straight morons who beat the shit out of homos like you…” he explained “…that’s just fucking wrong, man…” he said “…and it doesn’t make any sense at all!” as I listened to his words his feet were starting to taste better and better.

“I mean, look at us!” he pointed at me “Why would I ever wanna kick your ass just ‘cause you’re a fucking queer? It ain’t your fault right?” he took a puff and I shook my head putting more effort into licking.

“Besides, the way I see it: you make my life a hell of a lot easier, fag!” he said conversationally “You’re practically at my beck and call 24/7…” he started recapping “…you wait on me hand and foot, you do all my chores for me, you let me use you whenever I got a boner, you let me call you names and bully you just for the fun of it, you humiliate yourself just for my entertainment…” every word was like a kick in the balls that was making me hornier by the second “…you fucking worship me, dude!” he finished the list with the usual smirk on his face as I was nodding in total agreement.

“Why do you even do that? I’m certainly not forcing you!” he never got tired of hearing my answer to that. My dick was gonna explode any second now. I looked at him and moaned in pleasure while my tongue kept cleaning his feet.

“Because it feels good Kieran…” he smiled.

“Yeah!” he said satisfied then he pressed on “It feels good to SERVE me, right bitch?” my mouth started watering like crazy as he emphasized the ‘serve’ part.

“Yeah…” I said almost in a trance “I don’t know why but it feels so fucking good!” he snickered so smugly and full of himself it should have been annoying if only it didn’t make me even hornier. He took another puff.

“You know, I did a little research the other night and I found this website about BDSM…” he told me, one of his arms behind his head “…pretty sick stuff for the most part, but there was this page where a guy explained a lot of shit about masters and slaves and how some submissive fags see us straight guys as superiors and think that they were born only to serve us, and the only thing that matters to them is to make sure that we feel good…” he paused taking another puff. I was listening so closely.

“Is that what’s going on here, bitch? You think I’m superior to you?” I hesitated.

“Hummm… I don’t know Kieran… I never really thought about it…” I said and he smiled.

“I think you do know.” he said. I lowered my eyes and mumbled.

“I guess…” he snickered and looked at me with an expression that clearly said he already knew the answer but had gotten a fucking kick out of making me say it.

“So I’m superior to you simply because I was born straight, huh?” he went on totally teasing me, mercilessly but it was like he was explaining to me what was going on in my mind.

“Kinda… yeah…” I answered uncertain.

“And that obviously gives me the right to make you do stuff, right bitch?” God, why did he have to be so good at reading me!

“I… uhm… I guess…” I said in a small voice.

“Well, no complaints here, fag!” he said self-satisfied. “Besides I think you might be onto something here…” he continued happily “I mean, I’m chilling on my bed and you’re down there licking my stinky feet just coz I told you to, for fuck’s sake! In what universe could you ever be considered my equal?” he sneered. I tried to smile while I was sucking on his toes, now so tasty, it was scary.

“Anyways, now that we cleared that up I say it’s high time I started properly treating you like an inferior, don’t you think?” he added and I simply nodded, so hooked on his feet now I had to start touching my dick.

“Now that you make me think of it you look just perfect on all fours, you know? I bet it feels real good down there, doesn’t it?”

“Hu-hu…” I agreed confused by his cocky words. He took another puff:

“Yeah… that’s ‘cause an inferior fag like you shouldn’t be standing in front of me! You should crawl around like a bitch.” He continued with the same cool and amused tone.

“Yes Kieran…” I moaned licking his feet like there was no tomorrow “I will, I promise…”

“Good…” he laughed “…you can be my pet, then!” I started shaking with pleasure “My rents never got me a dog but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be much more fun to train, hehehe!!” he said. That was too much. I flew to heaven and came while touching my dick through my pants.

“Oh… yeah…. your dog… I’ll be your dog…. Kieran… aaahhh…” I moaned softly stuffing my mouth with his toes again. He laughed shaking his head.

“You just came, didn’t you?” I was ashamed but I nodded slowly, swallowing spit mixed with sweat and toejam. He laughed:

“Hahaha! Was it something I said? Hehehe!!” he teased. I nodded again.

“Do you wanna be treated like a fucking dog… or worse?” he asked then wildly entertained. My head nodded again, while I was trying to catch my breath, still licking his feet with so much passion I was probably ridiculous. He snickered “stupid faggot” and watched me amused for a few seconds.

“Well, I don’t know about you bitch and frankly I don’t care that much, but this is gonna be a hell of a summer for me, hehehe!!!”

“mmmmm… yes Kieran…” I agreed, still slobbering.

“Kieran…” I said after a while.

“What do want, cunt?”

“Mmmmm… your feet taste so good…” I moaned. How could I go from disgust to adoration in like 5 minutes it was beyond me.

“I’ll take your word for that, hahaha!!” he teased and I smiled.

“From now on will you please let me wash them for you every time you come back from skateboarding?” I asked adoringly. He gave me an evil grin.

“Well, that depends on how good a pet you’re gonna be, fag! Hehehe!” I gave him a complicit smile.

“I’ll be the best, you’ll see!” I reassured him.

“You better…” he replied coldly “…if you don’t want me to throw you out.”

I froze. He was looking at me with such a strangely serious expression that was giving me the creeps and for the first time ever I was scared of him… big time. Why would he be so mean as to say something that hurtful? And how could I ever live without all that.

“No… please…” I stammered, panicking but he burst out laughing.

“Hahahaha!!! You should see the look on your face, fag! Hahahaha!!! Priceless! Fucking priceless!! Hahaha!!” was… was he…?

“Relax, bitch, I’m just messing with you!” he said and my heart skipped a beat, relief washing all over me.

“It’s one of the tricks on ‘how to train your fag’ I learned from that website…” he told me, boldly then grabbed his iPad and quoted “Tip number 8: fags need to be threatened every once in a while. Not only it’s a lot of fun but they will serve you better!” he finished amused, then commented “This is pure gold! Hahaha!!”

I must have had a pitiful expression because the tone he used next was that of someone explaining something really easy to someone really stupid.

“Don’t worry, fag. You’ll lick ‘em every day from now on, happy?” I nodded “And if you keep me entertained I’ll make sure my feet are always as nasty as today, deal?” I nodded again, this time almost laughing, I felt so relieved!

“Yes Kieran! Thank you! Thank you so much!” I said delighted. He took another puff. Held it in for a couple of seconds. Then exhaled, smiling at me.

“My pleasure, faggot, hehehe!”

To be continued …

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