A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 7

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I was almost finished cleaning the bathroom when my phone rang.

‘Shit! It’s my mom!’ I thought. ‘I told her I wasn’t gonna come back for lunch, didn’t I?’ I grumbled as I walked back in the bedroom and took the phone out of my pants.

“Kieran?” I murmured, almost in disbelief. Quickly I called out, “Hello?”

“Hey fag! How’s my slave doing?” he said cheerfully.

“Hum… I’m great, Master! I was cleaning your bathr…”

“Yeah, don’t give a shit,” he deliberately cut me off. “Listen, bitch. I’m at the park with the guys and we’re hungry so I want you to go to Burger King and get us lunch,” he told me. “I’ll text you what we want, got it?”

“Uhm…” I was a little flustered. He was with his stupid buddies and I was supposed to bring lunch to everyone? I was not feeling comfortable. What were they gonna say?

“Ok sir…” I started but there were like one hundred objections that were popping in my mind. I hesitated to bring out one that was bothering me the most. “But…” I started.

“What is it bitch?” His voice was already a little annoyed.

“Uhm… sir…. where… uhm… where am I… like… supposed to… you know… get the money to… like…  pay for everybody?” My voice was shaky as hell and I hesitated so many times it took me forever to complete the question. He didn’t answer for like three or four seconds and I panicked. “Sir? You there?”

Then he spoke with a voice as cold as fucking ice. “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you, bitch,” and he hung up.

‘Well done, you stupid fucktard! You managed to piss him off again’ I said to myself.

I should have seen it coming, why did I even ask? Was I a glutton for punishment or something? I was gonna have to make it up to him, yet again. Fuck!

I was fuming as I very quickly finished up the bathroom then got dressed. As I was tying my shoes I got the text. Holy shit! How many were there? There was food enough to feed ten people and he was expecting me to pay for all it out of my own pocket? I mean at this point I didn’t mind doing it for him but those moronic thugs he called his friends? I sighed. What else could I do? I had screwed up twice in two days, and probably had just done it a third time. I wasn’t gonna let him down again, I couldn’t, I had promised that.

I went out, hopped on my bike (now that was a little painful, my balls were still kinda sore) and started pedalling like a madman towards my house.

“Oh hi sweetie, I thought you weren’t coming back for lunch!” I had to convince my mom that I had only forgotten a game Kieran and I wanted to play and tried and dodge the six or eight customary questions I always got whenever she was around. Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly but I really wasn’t in the mood for that!

I hurried upstairs to my room, opened my closet and took out the jar where I kept my savings. There were 238 dollars and 37 cents. Now I was probably gonna spend about 40 bucks, maybe more, so I took a fifty and hurried back downstairs.

It was about twenty past one when I got to Burger King and I was all sweaty. It was like 120 degrees outside and the air was so damp I had trouble breathing. I placed the order, paid for it ($42.85 that I really didn’t wanna blow like that) and watched the guy put all the food and drinks into two huge bags. Then I left. When I went to get my bike I got a text.

“Where the fuck r u, bitch?” Shit, he was getting impatient. I texted back.

“Sorry! On my way!”

“Get your queer ass here! Now, slave!”

“Yes Master! So sorry!” I put my phone in my pocket, loaded my bike with the bags and started towards the park. I couldn’t go too fast or the bags were gonna fall off but I made it in less then ten minutes.

There were about ten kids gathered around the few ramps in that part of Shenandoah Park. Some of them were skating but a smaller group was saying goodbye to the others. I locked up my bike and saw them leave, there were six left. I gulped, took a breath then started walking towards them. None of them was wearing a shirt and I couldn’t blame them, the sun was scorching. I stopped about forty or fifty yards away but I could recognize each and every one of them. Kieran and his skater posse. My heart was beating pretty fast, I was fucking nervous. What was I gonna say to them? I hated talking to them. I stood there for a few seconds. Waiting. Thinking. Watching.

There was Connor Douglas of course. He was the oldest and by far the richest kid in the group. Hell, he was probably one of richest kids in Miami. He was 18, just graduated from this super-expensive private high school and was ready to start college in the fall. He had gotten into this ivy league university up north, can’t remember which. I was pretty sure he wasn’t that great a student but no doubt the fact that a whole wing of the library in that school was named after his grandpa had helped him quite a bit. He lived in a friggin’ mansion in Miami Shores. Well, apparently it was more like a palace. I had never seen it but Kieran had once told me he even had a butler and a few maids in those slutty French uniforms. He drove an 80-grand super cool pick up truck and every single piece of clothing he wore was fashion designed. Spoiled? Yep, you betcha! But how could he not be, really?

Tall, blond, broodingly handsome face, crazy hot swimmer’s body, he was undeniably a heartthrob and boy did he know it! He was dating this filthy-rich, stuck-up chick who was maybe a year younger than him. But that was just to keep appearances, everyone who had even met him even once knew he could bang pretty much every hole he laid eyes on. And guess what? He totally did. He was cheating on her so often it had almost become a sport. Charming, huh? He was also the one who was hooking everybody up with weed and other shit cause he ‘knew a guy’.

Right next to him, talking with a cig between his lips, there was a chestnut haired boy of about 16. That was Topher. Topher Edwards. He was gonna be a junior in the fall but he went to a different school from ours. His family was what you would call a bit underprivileged. His dad had an ok job and his mom, a French Canadian former beauty queen, had never really worked to take care of him and his two little sisters. They weren’t stone-broke but definitely not wealthy. He had a nice, lean body and a clean boy-next-door kinda face. I noticed his cheeks were kinda red from all the sweating. He didn’t have a girlfriend that I knew of and he was probably not getting any action, like most of us, but even I had heard of the famous Cindy, his twenty-something cousin who lived in Boston. Apparently this chick was a total slut and, according to him, she had given him head on her last visit to Florida. Well, the way he told the story, he had spent every waking moment of the week she had stayed at his house “pounding that mouth pussy of hers and shooting load after load with my cock balls-deep down her throat cause, man, she just couldn’t get enough of my cum!” to put it in his own words. Now, maybe I was wrong but I figured the truth was probably something more like a couple of pretty awkward blowjobs in the toilet while his parents and siblings were out but he kept banging on and on about it which, if you ask me, made him kind of a douche. But I guess he wasn’t too bad. I mean, come on, which teenage kid wouldn’t boast about something like that, right?

Then there was Seth Zuckermann. Now he was the one I knew best because he was in the same year as us and we shared most of the classes. He was one of those computer whizzes, you know? Apparently there was nothing he couldn’t do if you gave him a mouse and a keyboard. He wasn’t a geek, though. Or at least he didn’t look it.

I had known him since junior high and I’ll be honest with you, I kinda hated his guts and I was pretty sure the feeling was mutual. I mean he really was an overconfident jerk who thought he was so much better than anyone else. His parents were big-shot lawyers like Kieran’s and were just as well off, swimming pool and all. Maybe not Connor Douglas level but still pretty enviable. I had never seen his house, he had never once invited me over, which was ok. Like I said we hated each other’s guts, so…

He was Jewish, with short dark hair, a light complexion and always wore a pair of black shades to go with the cocky attitude. The features of his face were a little child-like and that’s why you might have mistaken him for a slightly younger kid. He wasn’t bad looking though, he was slim and athletic but, like Kieran, didn’t really have a six pack and he wasn’t exactly six-foot tall. He wasn’t dating anyone and I was dead sure he was still a virgin: he talked way too much about pussy to have gotten any.

Ok, confession time. There was one thing that I hadn’t failed to notice: how big he was. Yeah, you got that right, I’m talking about his crotch area. I had seen him change after gym class dozens of times, taken countless mental pics and wondered about it so often. I mean, the guy either stuffed his boxers or packed a really big piece of meat between his legs. I knew I was probably the only one who had noticed that and it was obviously just because I was this huge filthy faggot perv, so I had never mentioned the thing, not even to Kieran. I knew he would have teased me about it, besides, why talk about someone I couldn’t stand? But despite my personal feelings towards this guy I couldn’t deny the fact that… Well, lemme put it this way: to say that his crotch had just caught my eye was a huge, huge understatement. Almost as huge as his cock probably was.

And then there were the Cooper brothers, Ace and Jacob. Man, their story was so friggin’ depressing it sounded fake. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t. Let me start with the fact that they were poor. And I’m talking dirt poor, here, like living-in-a-trailer-park poor. Their house was a straight-up dump in Opa Locka, one of the most down and out parts of town. Their dad had been the biggest loser ever and had never been able to keep a job. However he had been really good at beating the shit out of his wife and kids. He had taken off five years earlier leaving them with debts that they were still paying off. Now, their mother I pitied. She was a miserable piece of work. She was like thirty-two, which meant she had had Ace at fifteen. Rumor had it she had gotten knocked up at a party she couldn’t even remember cause she was completely wasted. Anyway, after dropping out of high school she and her boyfriend had gotten married. Unfortunately for her, Prince Charming was completely unable to keep his dick in his pants. Now, that hadn’t exactly come as a shocker to her but the first time she had tried to nag about it he had beaten the living daylights out of her. That time and every single time after that. So obviously she had ended up becoming pretty much a doormat and let her teenage husband walk all over her, something which he was more than happy to do. After three years he had knocked her up again and little Jacob had come along so now the twenty-something Mr Cooper had three people to beat up whenever he was pissed and that happened pretty often. Needless to say that the kids had learned how to defend themselves, especially Ace who had taken upon himself to protect his little brother at any cost. They both hated him so much it was scary. That part I could totally understand.

The part I didn’t get was how the hell was it possible that Ace had turned exactly into his father and little Jacob was looking up to his big bro so much the similarities were uncanny. I mean I get that jerk had been the only male example they had ever had, but geez! Anywho, little by little after they had gotten rid of him and seeing as their mother was such a weak person, the two boys felt pretty much entitled to take their old man’s place and treat her like shit simply cause she totally let them. I mean not that I’ve actually seen them in action but people talk, you know? The poor woman worked her ass off as a waitress in a shitty diner and at home she was basically their maid. They did nothing at all to help her and they kinda expected her to… well, obey, I guess, is the right word.

And since their family unspoken motto must have been something along the lines of ‘men are in charge and women must serve them’ obviously Ace had found himself a few girls he could be a jerk to anytime he wanted cause he was positive they would still open their legs or kneel for him whenever he had a boner.

Needless to say he was kind of a hero for the rest of the gang, of course. Legends of his conquests were told by the members of that little posse. Apparently he had had his first blowjob at thirteen and had fucked his first cunt a year later which was like unheard of. I don’t know if it was one hundred percent true or not but different from Topher (the guy with the slutty cousin) I felt this dude was totally legit. At seventeen he was a high school dropout and worked in a garage and although Connor was older than him, Ace was definitely tougher. He had been in countless fights and had a few scars to prove it. He was kind of a dangerous kid and that’s why everyone else respected him.

Physically? Well, he was maybe 5.9 and his lean body was so damn ripped. Very short brown hair, tanned skin, green eyes and a small scar on his right eyebrow, a parting gift from daddy.

His brother Jacob was fourteen and was basically a smaller version of him, the only difference was his hair. It was longer and I had never seen him without his worn out cap. He was a cute kid who loved working out and always had that defiant look on his face, like he dared you to go against him, no matter how old or big you were. Of course he knew Ace scared off pretty much anyone so he had discovered how much fun it was to bully his schoolmates who, he knew, were never, EVER gonna fight back, terrified as they were by that thug he had for a big brother. Quite frankly I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the fact that he was gonna be a freshman in our school in a couple of months, because he was definitely on the right path to becoming a juvenile delinquent, just like his beloved idol.

Now, I know what you’re gonna say. For a guy who didn’t hang out with them I knew a hell of a lot about their lives. You’re right, I mean I had seen the gang together a total of maybe ten times or so but, you see, I had heard Kieran talk about them for years so…

And let me be perfectly clear about one thing: the fact that I didn’t like those guys (and God knows I didn’t) didn’t prevent me from finding them smoking hot. Every single one of them had been in my lewd, perverted fantasies at least once over the last couple of years.

Sure, like I said at the beginning, they had that little problem, you know, the I-never-shower-coz-I-like-stinking-like-a-caveman problem. Ok, all except Connor. That guy was too rich for that, I’m not saying he wore cologne but you could tell he found the time to pass a bar of soap under his pits a couple of times a week. But the rest of them, really gross, just like Kieran.

But I mean everything is relative, right? Two months before that moment I had been a different person. Now, after everything Kieran had put me through, I couldn’t help gawking at their sweaty, hairless chests, admiring their acrobatics on the ramps, stuff I could have never done and yeah, all of a sudden I was realizing that even their smell didn’t really bother me anymore. Man, they were fucking hot! Go figure, huh?

I was still standing still, completely unnoticed by them with those heavy food bags in my hands and trying to work out some sort of excuse for why the hell I was bringing them lunch. I mean it was totally weird by anyone’s standard but although I was kinda nervous I was dead sure Kieran was gonna say something they would have believed, no problem, he was so good with words! I mean, true, he was my master but it was our secret and I knew I could totally trust him to keep it. Yeah, I just said those words, but I swear it’s what that naïve, hopeless kid I used to be, felt. Guess Kieran was right to call me stupid, huh?

Anyway, I had just started walking towards them again and it was when Seth noticed me that I suddenly knew maybe, just maybe, I had been slightly wrong. He smirked at me, behind his Ray Bans, so cruelly he gave me shivers. “Yo, Kieran!” he shouted “Your fag’s here!” he said with an ever-so-cocky expression. Everyone turned to look at me and I froze in my tracks, twenty feet from them, in pure horror. He had told them.

“What the fuck, bitch! Do you want us to starve or somethin’?” Kieran asked me, annoyed, getting off his skateboard and started to walk towards me. The others did the same thing. As they were getting nearer I suddenly felt like they were all looking down on me, quite literally, like they were standing on much higher ground (which they weren’t) and I was some sort of attraction (which, let’s face it, at this point I must have been).

“Humm…” was all I could muster. My brain was completely refusing to process the information. It simply couldn’t be true. He couldn’t have betrayed me like that. Period!

Kieran snorted. “Sorry guys, I’m still training him! But I told you he was dumb!” got a few laughs.

“So that’s him, huh?” Ace asked, using his balled up t-shirt to wipe the sweat off his chiseled chest. The look he gave me scared the shit out of me. I’m not sure how to describe it. It was so belittling and demeaning it was almost like he thought I belonged to another species. With those few words and that look he had made it crystal clear where he stood.

“Yep!” said Kieran, as cocky as ever.

“Oh, now I get it!” Connor said cheerfully “Didn’t recognize him in the photos!”

“Yeah, me neither!” said Topher blowing out the smoke of his cig.

Then little Jacob snorted and said with such a well practiced overbearing tone, “Maybe cuz he was covered in piss? Hahaha!” and they all laughed.

“Hahahaha! Yeah, that might be it!” answered Connor.

“So when did he come out of the closet?” asked Topher.

“Bout a month ago.” Kieran answered.

“I always knew he was a fag.” Seth commented with such a satisfied expression on his face. None of them were addressing me personally, they were talking about me like I wasn’t even there. No, it was even worse, it was like I was there but wasn’t allowed to join the conversation.

“And you waited like three whole weeks to tell us?” asked Connor kinda petulantly.

“Had to train him a little first!” said Kieran “He was confused at the beginning! You see, Miss Fairy Asswipe here thought he was my best friend!” Everyone snickered but Seth and little Jacob were particularly enjoying this.

“Ooh, that’s cute,” commented Connor with deep sarcasm. “Pretty delusional, but cute. Hehehe!” he finished chuckling.

“I know, right?” answered Kieran totally amused, then he looked back at me.

“You get it now, slave? These are my ‘friends’…” he stressed the word “…straight guys, like me. No fags here except you,” he explained with a million dollar smirk on on his terribly cute face. I was too stunned to say anything. I had a hundred emotions storming inside of me: panic, sadness, fear, shame and even a tad of anger.

“Is he even listening?” asked Topher frowning slightly.

“Yeah, he’s just in shock cuz I told you guys about him.” Kieran explained to them, once again hitting the spot.

“Poor son of a bitch.” commented Topher shaking his head. He was smiling but maybe a little less cruelly than the others. I even could have sworn there was a hint of pity in his eyes.

“Hey! Cumbreath! I’m talking to you!” Kieran’s voice shook me back to reality.

“Yes sir…” I answered more out of habit than anything. My body was almost acting on its own. They all snickered at my submissive answer. Kieran was obviously enjoying himself.

“Do you really think it’s appropriate for you to be standing in front of us?” he told me after a few seconds. His look was penetrating as hell. I swallowed, then slowly shook my head no. I didn’t trust myself to speak.

“Well then, show the guys what faggot bitches like you should do in front of superior straight boys like us!” he said, clearly showing off for the guys. I swallowed hard again. My heart was pounding and my eyes were slowly filling up with tears. I gently set the food bags on the ground and went down on all fours, cause I knew that’s what he wanted me to do. All of them laughed.

“Hahahaha! That’s fucking awesome, man!” said Seth who was enjoying my humiliation a little too much.

“Stupid faggot! Hehehe!” That was Jacob’s voice. I was looking down at the grass. I couldn’t bring myself to look at them.

“Well, since the ‘stupid faggot’ bought us lunch, let’s eat, I’m starving!” Ace said. He had a deep, kinda rough voice, and like I said, he scared me. “Why don’t you get those bags lil’ bro?” he continued and I looked up to see Jacob coming towards me. When he was a foot away he smirked down at me, bent over just enough.

“I’ll take these, bitch,” and spat point blank on my forehead. Everyone laughed and actually clapped their hands at him. Even Topher. I mean he didn’t clap but he was entertained.

“Hahaha! Nice one!” Connor cheered the little bully on. “Hey Ace, Junior here’s getting tougher by the minute! Hehe!” I heard him continue while Jacob’s spit was slowly running down my nose to wet my lips. The first tear came down and I looked down quickly so that they wouldn’t notice.

“Hahaha! Of course! I’m teaching him good! Hehehe!”

You know, it’s so stupid. I don’t know why but I felt a strong urge to correct his poor grammar. Go figure! Of course I didn’t. I didn’t have a death wish just yet.

“Connor, don’t call me Junior!” Jacob whined a little childishly. Connor smiled.

“Sorry, Junior!” he repeated, half snickering, and Jacob rolled his eyes, somewhere between annoyed and amused.

They started to walk towards a huge palm tree a few yards from there. My heart was still pounding as I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that Kieran, the boy I loved and worshipped with all my heart and who had promised me he would never sell me out… Ok, well, maybe ‘Yeah, whatever…’ wasn’t exactly a real promise but still! He had totally betrayed me. That naïve sense of protection his cute smirk always gave me was so gone.

I mean, I obviously had it coming and right now I still can’t believe how stupid I had been to actually believe he wouldn’t sell me out. The fucking writing was on the fucking wall and it was so flashy and bright even a fucking blind man would have seen it. But I didn’t. Of course not, no matter all our speeches and my words of total submission I still considered him… well, maybe not a friend but surely someone I could trust. I felt so bad, my stomach hurt.

All of a sudden I realized Kieran was standing in front of me. Before I could even react he grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked it back so I was looking up at him with my teary eyes and sunken face.

“You better snap out of it, bitch,” he whispered dangerously. “Don’t you dare embarrass me in front of my friends or else!” his tone was really pissed “Got it?” He was uncharacteristically scary and I nodded instantly.

“Yes sir…” I mumbled. He relaxed a little and let go of my hair. Then he turned around and followed the others.

“Hey, dude! Bring him here, he can keep us company.” It was Ace’s voice again. Kieran turned to me.

“You heard the man. Crawl behind me,” he said and I nodded again. I started following him and I could tell they were all looking at me and commenting with snickers and digs I couldn’t really hear properly.

They sat down on the ground, in a semicircle under the shades, opened the bags and started sorting out the various burgers, fries and drinks I had gotten them. Then, like every normal teenage kid, they started wolfing them down. I was in front of them, still on all fours, feeling like the most miserable person on earth.

“Hey bitch! You hungry?” Seth said throwing a couple of fries at me. I looked at him for a couple of seconds but couldn’t sustain his cocky smirk. God I hated this guy so much! I swallowed, thinking of Kieran’s words, then lowered my head.

“Thank you sir…” I mumbled before eating the fries off the dirt in front of me. They all laughed and someone followed his example.

“Here’s another one, fag!” it was Jacob. I thanked him too and saw his cute little smirk.

Then Kieran chipped in: “Guys, guys! We can do much better than that!” he announced with an air of mysterious suspense, then with his beautiful smirk he continued. “Have you ever had your feet licked?”

I looked at him so fast I thought I heard my neck snap. I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me. The boys laughed but Topher gave voice to what they were all thinking:

“That’s so fucking gross, man!” he exclaimed.

“Totally!” answered Kieran half snickering “But you’re not the one doing it so who the fuck cares, right?” he said cockily.

Topher shrugged, then said amused, “Well, guess you’re right, but it’s still gross!”

That was our sacred thing! Me worshipping his feet. His perfect feet. It was our thing. I kept repeating that phase in my hopelessly naïve mind as I was desperately trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to come out any second now.

“You guys up for it?” Kieran asked the others. Some of them nodded enthusiastically.

“You betcha!” said Seth sneering.

“Sure, why not! Show us how you trained fagboy here!” agreed Ace with his mouth full.

Kieran turned to me. “Well bitch, you gotta be the luckiest faggot alive!” he said among the snickers of the boys. “You get to taste all of our nasty feet!” he announced like he was hosting some sort of very, very sick tv show. Thank god the park was deserted. It was scorching hot and it was lunchtime, so… “Six… straight… superior… boys…” He continued, stressing every word, reminding me obsessively that they were, indeed superior to me, simply because they were straight. “That must register pretty high on your fagmeter, right? Hahaha!” They all laughed. I swallowed hard and gave him a miserable look, silently begging him not to make me do that. But his expression wasn’t hard to read.

“Yes… sir…” the second word came out almost like a sob which made them laugh again.

“Hey, why don’t you start with Seth?” he then said with a cruel smirk. He knew how I felt about him and he was making me do this on purpose of course, but he didn’t stop there:

“He’s the one you know best… and the one you’re always bitching about, right?” he said with fake nonchalance and I was even more embarrassed.

“What? Fag doesn’t like me much?” asked Seth a little bit surprised and I couldn’t really tell if he was fucking with me but I was pretty sure he knew I couldn’t stand him which of course was making the situation all the more entertaining… for him.

“Oh, don’t worry man!” Kieran reassured him (like there was any need) “He’ll start loving you the instant he tastes your stinky feet, trust me! Hahaha!!!” everyone roared with laughter.

“Well, come on, then, faggot! Hurry the fuck up and take my shoes off!” Seth told me and after giving a last pleading look at Kieran (which was completely ignored) I decided that obeying was my only option. So I swallowed hard, took a breath, crawled over to Seth and, although it pains me to say it, I obeyed him.

He had a pair of blue Vans that weren’t exactly new. When I took them off I wasn’t surprised at all to find that his socks were so dirty the soles were almost completely blackened. He must have had them on for like a week because, man, they smelled funky! The guys were all smirking and snickering at me while eating their lunch. I didn’t speak at all. I took off his socks, lowered my face to the ground and looked up at him for a second.

He was resting on his elbows while chewing rudely with his mouth open and grinning cockily at me: “Come on! Get to it, faggot!” he told me, wiggling his toes in front of my face.

As I got my face closer the smell got overpowering. It was so fucking strong, at least as strong and masculine as Kieran’s but kinda different. I don’t know how to explain it but somehow I could have told he wasn’t Kieran even without seeing him. And that’s not even the crazy part! I swear I could instantly tell he was straight. Ridiculous, right? I completely agree, but you see what was happening in my brain was that unconsciously I was already working to change the little tag I had mentally put under his face years before from ‘insufferable son of a bitch’ to ‘cute, straight, superior boy’. I know you guys are gonna go, “Come on! You’ve been saying you hated his guts, now you like him?”

I know! And you’re right of course. But what can I tell you? I tried really hard not to let that happen. But you see then I stuck my tongue out, among their amused “ewe”s, and slowly licked his entire sole, from heel to toe. And that, unfortunately, did the trick.

The boys exploded in laughter again. “Hahaha!!! Shit man, that’s gotta be tough even for a faggot bitch! Hahaha!!” commented Connor, as I was going back down on Seth’s heel to lick him again.

“Bullshit!” Kieran exclaimed. “He fucking loves it, look at him!” They all laughed again.

He was right of course. I did love it. They were sweaty and fucking nasty and disgusting and I was loving every inch of those boy feet. Nothing I could do about it.

“So how does it feel, man?” asked Ace to his buddy.

“Pretty good actually, could get used to it, you know?” answered Seth as I licked his sole a third time.

“I know, right?” said Kieran with a voice that was telling me he was having the time of his life which, in all my misery, I couldn’t help but finding slightly comforting.  “Last night he licked mine for like two hours straight,” he happily informed the others. “Said he couldn’t ask for a better dinner! Hahaha!” They all laughed again.

“Man, that’s fucking sick!” said Topher. He was amused like the rest of them but… I don’t know, the tone of his comments wasn’t necessarily as nasty as the others’.

“What a fucking loser,” commented Ace with so much distaste in his mouth he gave me shivers.

“You know, last year I made that sissy wimp Ken Thomas kiss my feet after gym class, in front of everyone!” said little Jacob, his young voice oozing self-contentment.

“Hahaha! Yeah, I remember when you told me!” said Ace proud as fuck of his little brother.

“Way to go, Junior!” said Connor, insisting on using that nickname.

“Yeah but, I mean, at least he did it cuz two of my buddies were holding him down and he knew we were gonna beat the shit out him if he didn’t obey!” Jacob explained “He fucking hated it!” then continued pointing at me. “This bitch here is totally digging it!”

“Yeah, he totally is!” confirmed Seth. “I can feel the love in his faggy tongue! Hahaha!” he continued as I was licking between his toes, with such a hilarious mocking tone that sent the others into hysterics.

“He probably has a boner right now, you know?” Kieran said when the laughter had calmed down a bit. God he knew me so well. Seth looked at him frowning slightly, trying to understand if he was serious.

“You’re kidding, right?” Topher asked almost incredulously.

“Ask him!” Kieran shrugged.

“That right, faggot?” Seth asked me. “Is licking my feet giving you a boner?” he said out loud.

Like I said, I was so grateful the park was deserted. I looked at him, my tears were ready to come out again but my dick was rock hard. My expression was one of total shame and misery and so was my voice when I murmured, “Yeah…” They cracked up once again.

“What kinda freak is he?” asked Topher.

Then Ace’s rough voice barked, “Show us bitch!”

I turned to him, scared as hell. He was snickering and looking at me with the same distaste. My heart started pounding again.

“But… here?” he smirked coldly.

“Fucking do it, homo!” Kieran ordered sharply and I recognized the danger in his voice.  “Drop your fucking pants and show us how much of a freak you are, c’mon!”

I quickly looked around, terrified of being seen but my hands went to my pants, unbuttoned them and my cock was out, as hard as a rock, for all of them to mock.

“Hahaha! Un-fucking-believable! Hahaha!” said Connor, holding his stomach.

“That’s just fucking awesome! Hahaha!” continued Seth.

“You know man, I was starting to think you were totally shitting us!” Ace told Kieran between laughter. “I had to see it with my own eyes to believe it! Hahaha!” Kieran was positively glowing.

And right there and then was when I simply couldn’t hold back the tears any longer which was probably the only thing I could do to make matters worse. I was on my knees, showing them my outrageous boner and sobbing like a little girl. Of course that made them laugh even more. I had never felt so humiliated in my entire life. I felt all their eyes on me, mocking me and judging me for the pathetic faggot pig I was and the fact that I was aroused by that made me feel so incredibly guilty, I thought my chest was going to explode. I was their laughing stock and I was liking it. I was a freak, no question about it. They were right!

After a few seconds, though, Connor said, “There, there, bitch…” while he was gesturing me to crawl over to him. I went down on all fours again still sobbing. “We didn’t wanna hurt your feelings!” he said with so much mockery in his voice I felt sick to my stomach but I went to him and let him pet my head while watching him take off one of his shoes. “Here, I got something real tasty for you, ya know?” He finished the sentence while peeling off his sock then pushed my head down till my nose was pressed to his sole.

I only had time to fall in love with his masculine foot smell before my tongue automatically got out and started giving it a wet, well deserved, passionate bath. They all laughed again but I calmed down a little. My pants were down and I was licking some boy’s feet in a public place with a major hard on. But it didn’t really matter all that much while I was doing that. Because, like I said, I loved it.

“Like the taste, fagboy?” Connor asked cheerfully. I nodded, almost in a trance.


“Hahaha! Good bitch!” he complimented me, ruffling my hair. “You get to lick my other foot when you’re done with that one! Hahaha!”

His voice was somehow soothing and I did lick that foot for a couple of minutes before he shoved his other one onto my face.

“You’re right, man! It does feel good!” he said to Seth. “Think I’m gonna have one of my maids do that to me every morning while the other one gives me head, hehehe!”

They all laughed at that but I’m pretty sure they were all asking themselves if Richie Rich there was just bragging a little or not. Whatever the case, the way I saw it, the guy was so hot it was an honor to lick his feet or give him head. But I guess I wasn’t the most neutral person in the world, now was I? His foot smell was forcing my poor brain to love him so damn much, so…

As I was looking adoringly at his handsome face, though, somehow I got distracted by Topher’s expression. He was right next to Connor and was looking at me very intently with a mixture of disgust and pity. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was pity. Well, don’t get me wrong, there was also amusement in his eyes, and quite a lot of it, no question about it!

“Hey, you cheating on me, bitch? Already?” Connor’s entertained tone brought me back to reality.

“What?” I mumbled “No, no I…”

“You totally wanna taste Toph’s feet, don’t you?” he said with a smirk on his face. I didn’t answer.

“Well, I’m deeply hurt!” he said, mocking me. They laughed.

“What do you say, Toph? Will you let fagboy here lick your feet clean?” I looked at him and he shook his head at me as to say, ‘Man, you’re pathetic!’. Then the amusement won and he shrugged.

“Well if he likes it that much, sure! Why the hell not?”

He was smiling and watched me suck on Connor’s toes one last time before moving in front of him. There was something about this kid that, sort of, unsettled me I guess. Maybe it was just my impression but I was positive he wasn’t as big an asshole as the others. I mean as far as their attitude towards me they all pretty much acted the same way: Kieran and Seth were loving every instant of my humiliation, Ace and little Jacob were nothing short of sadistic maniacs and Connor… well I think he was way too rich to even acknowledge the existence of someone like me. And that was fine. I mean, it totally wasn’t because Kieran had betrayed me and shit but that was exactly what I expected from them. I’m not gonna say that Topher wasn’t enjoying the little show I was putting up for them cause he was laughing with the others, but I guess, maybe, just maybe, he also felt slightly sorry for me. Ok, sorry is probably pushing it, but you get my meaning, right?

I took off his sneakers as I heard little Jacob’s boyish voice. “Hurry the fuck up, faggot! Can’t wait for you to lick mine! Hehe!” He hit me on the face with a piece of half eaten burger that landed on the ground right in front of me.

I flinched a little, looked at the young delinquent and nodded, scared as I was of him but more importantly of his bodyguard. He smirked cruelly, I looked down and suddenly realized that I was actually pretty hungry. Can you believe my brain? I hesitated for a second, torn between the masculine stench coming from the two nasty-as-fuck socked feet I was about to clean and the dirt-covered piece of meat, not ten inches from them. Then looked at Topher and asked with a pleading voice that came so easy at this point,

“Can I please eat that, before I start?” My natural submissiveness was pouring out of me with every word, every gesture, every look I gave them. The boys laughed their asses off. Topher looked at me with a bit of disgust but he was pretty amused.

“Sure! Fags gotta eat too, right?” he teased.

I lowered my face and started hoovering the disgusting piece of burger. Topher didn’t move his feet at all, so I was smelling them while chewing on the meat. I swallowed while listening to their nasty comments. God I was so hard. It was awful to admit it to myself but I loved their name calling. And their feet! But I guess I’ve already mentioned that like a hundred times, so…

After swallowing it my lust-controlled, submissive mind decided it was appropriate for me to show my gratitude to the person who had fed me, so I turned to Jacob and simply said “Thank you…” Which made him laugh even harder.

“You’re welcome, you stupid faggot!” he said between giggles.

I turned to Topher and said “Ok, I’m ready… I’m sorry about that…” My body and mind were acting on their own, I wasn’t in control, my dick was and my dick was telling me that I really wanted to be their lowly faggot slave because it made me feel good. Topher snickered at my apology but didn’t say anything. I peeled off his dirty socks and tasted my fourth pair of straight boy feet. As per usual my mouth was producing a lot of spit which I was starting to believe it was because I was born for that. I mean their feet obviously needed to get washed, right? And my spit seemed to be exactly what they needed from me so my body was producing it. If you think about it, it makes pretty good sense.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I loved the taste of his sweaty feet, but that was a no brainer, he was cute and straight, right? They were masculine, of course, big and strong but the skin was so pink and soft and my tongue cleaned carefully, savoring the grime that covered them.

After the initial excitement, the boys weren’t teasing me as much anymore. They were talking about what to do in the afternoon but even though Topher was an active part of their conversation he kept his eyes on me.

“Do you like it, man?” Connor asked suddenly. Topher smirked.

“Well, beats showering, that’s for sure!” he said amused and they snickered.

“I’ll say!” Kieran agreed. I turned to look at him. He had such an evil smirk on, he gave me chills. He was loving every minute of it and, being the smart master he was, knew that, against my better judgment, I was too.

“Hey man! Do you have some tools in your pickup?” I heard Seth’s voice “One of my trucks is a bit loose.” It was Connor who answered.

“Sure, in the trunk,” he said and I heard the jingling of keys being thrown and caught, right over my head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my classmate getting up. He walked behind me, kicked my bare ass pretty hard, pushing my face against Topher’s spit-covered sole.

“Hahahaha! Nice one, dude!” laughed Kieran. I looked at Topher and felt like I needed to apologize.

“Sorry…” He shook his head, smirking quite smugly this time.

“That’s enough, fag. They’re clean.” he said to me “Why don’t you go lick someone else’s?”

“Hum… ok…” I murmured. Then my mouth worked of its own accord again and “…thanks…” came out.

“Careful Tophs, I think Faggy McFaggot here’s in love! Hahaha!” commented Ace. They all laughed again and I looked away, totally embarrassed.

Topher was laughing with the others but then he stated generously, “Hehehe! Well he can lick my feet anytime he wants.”

“Nah, man, you’re getting it all wrong!” Kieran corrected him amicably “He doesn’t get to chose a thing!” he exclaimed “This bitch does what he’s told, right cocksucker?” I felt my cheeks getting all red as I was nodding promptly but silently.

Topher snickered at his buddy’s comment on me “Gotcha!” he answered “I’ll keep that in mind.” And little by little the ‘feeling-sorry-thing’ was fading from his eyes, which was to be expected quite frankly.

Anyways, I didn’t have time to dwell on that, my insatiable lust was telling me to continue. I turned around and saw Jacob smirking like hell. So I decided to crawl over to him. As I was getting closer I was glancing sideways at Ace who was watching my every move, like he always did with anyone who had any kind of interaction with his baby brother. Overprotecting much? Like I was gonna attack the kid or even look at him wrong, for that matter! Oh, well…

“Finally, bitch!” he told me while eating fries. “Ready for the main course?” he sneered. I looked down at his shoes which were not exactly pretty to look at. A pair of really cheap knock-offs that were so worn out there were practically holes in their soles. I nodded. He smirked, took off one of his shoes (and I got shivers down my spine when I saw he wasn’t wearing any socks) grabbed a fistful of my hair and shove my face into it.

“Here! Smell that shit, homo!” he said and pushed my head down so hard my nose hurt, pressed as it was against the damp insole. I took a breath and couldn’t help but cough a little which made them laugh. It was nothing like the rest, the stench was so strong my throat was closing up.

“Hahaha! What’s up fag, don’t you like it?” the kid teased. I tried to answer but my voice was covered by their snickering.

“You know, those babies were mine before he got them!” I heard Ace’s voice “So you’re breathing in like five years of Cooper’s extra special foot fragrance! Hahahaha!”

It made sense. They were poor after all and those were likely to be the only pair of shoes little Jacob owned, but holy shit, those things had never been washed, not once, believe it! I coughed again.

“Hahaha! He’s fucking digging it! Look at his clit! Hahaha!” said Kieran.

“Fucking foot freak!” I heard Seth rejoin the group.

Then my head was yanked back and Jacob’s little smirk appeared before my eyes.

“Smell good?” he asked me.

I nodded miserably even if my dick was totally hard. He laughed with delight, took off his other shoe and shoved my face in it. “Fucking choke on it, bitch! Hahaha!” he said.

After he had had his fun, he let go of my hair, laid back, leaning on his elbows and pressed his feet on my face. He didn’t even have to order me to lick them, before he could open his mouth my tongue started working on those sweaty, disgusting boyfeet that needed to be washed so damn bad, and I put so much enthusiasm into it of course they all noticed.

“Told ya, he loved it! Hahaha!” my sadistic master said. They were all laughing and Jacob was enjoying himself so fucking much, happy as he was to see someone almost two years his senior, do something like that for him.

“Are they tasty, faggot?” the kid asked me. I earnestly answered.

“Yeah… very tasty…” which sent him into another fit of giggles.

I kept looking at his cocky, smug expression, for the whole time, licking one foot, then the other, then going back to the first. They were smaller than the others, maybe a size 8 or 8.5 which was normal for his age, and they were nicely shaped. It felt so good licking them.

After a few minutes his brother’s voice barked, “Hey, fagboy! Come here and lick mine!” Now that was a direct order given with so much authority it literally gave me chills. I immediately stopped what I was doing and turned to face him.

“Hey, I’m not done with him!” Jacob protested petulantly. I stopped, uncertain.

“Come on lil bro! One of my lady friends is already waiting for me, I don’t wanna be too rude! Hehehe!” The way he said ‘lady friends’ made it crystal clear that he meant cumdumps. “Besides I gotta get back to work, squirt!” he continued hitting his brother’s flat brimmed baseball hat affectionately.

“Fine!” the kid said reluctantly. Then Ace looked at me with pure revulsion.

“You fucking deaf or summin’?” I shook my head terrified and hurried to take off his tennis shoes which were covered in oil spots and grease. After peeling off his sweaty socks I lowered my face and started licking. No one was speaking now. They were all looking at me with smug expressions, I could tell, but for a second it was like they were all waiting for ‘king Ace’ to release his verdict on… well, me. I carefully licked one of his soles, then stuck my tongue between his toes. His feet were exactly like his brother’s, but quite bigger, size 10 I guess. My heart was racing just like when the teachers at school call your name for some reason that cannot be good. Little by little I saw his handsomely brutish face break into a smirk and he snickered.

“You’re right, feels pretty good! Hehe!” everyone sort of relaxed and laughed out loud. Even I felt stupidly proud of myself. I started suckling on his big toe.

“Go deeper, fag!” he said amused. I frowned for a second but obeyed. I went down on his big toe. “Good!” he said “Now put all of my toes inside your fagmouth.” he ordered. I stretched my mouth a bit but managed to do it. “Now deepthroat my foot,” was the next order, which was a much harder thing to do.

I tried to do so but my gag reflex kicked in. Despite all the training I had received I wasn’t used to something that large. I choked. They laughed. But Ace wasn’t particularly amused, he put his other foot on the back of my head and pushed down as hard as he could.

“I told you to fucking deepthroat it, you stupid piece of shit!” he spat through gritted teeth.

I thought I was gonna pass out. He shoved his foot so far down my throat I couldn’t breath. I started wheezing and gasping, but he stopped pushing almost immediately. Instead he slid his foot out of my mouth for a couple of inches, then shoved it back in hard. In and out, in and out. The guy was brutally foot fucking my throat now.

“Hehehehe! Bitch likes it rough, huh?” he said, hitting the back of my throat with his toes and hurting me over and over again. The boys laughed at my torture, at my desperate choking sounds, at all the tears my reddened eyes were oozing, at all the spit I was vomiting as Ace continued to remind them why they all sort of considered him their leader. Ok, maybe leader is the wrong word, there was nothing to lead, they were all clearly alpha boys who didn’t take shit from anybody but he was a little more alpha than the others I guess. Whatever, he was the most respected of the pack, that I can tell you. I know it makes it sound like I’m talking about animals but judging by the look in that guy’s eyes and the brutality of what he was doing to me at the moment I kinda failed to see the difference to be honest.

There was snot coming out of my nose, I couldn’t see a thing, my vision was so watery and my throat had never hurt this bad. I had never been so messed up in my life, I had even stopped struggling, I remember I even thought for a second, ‘Well this is it! I’m done for!’ I know, I know, we’ve already established that I’m a drama queen. I could still hear them laughing and pointing out that my dick was still rock hard so I must have liked it a lot. The point is I did. I did like it. Fuck me, I wish I could say no, but I would be fibbing!

Right after I’d said my last prayer, he pushed my head back with a kick and I collapsed limp, face on the ground, wheezing, spitting, gasping, desperately trying to breathe.

“Hehehe! You got yourself a nice toy, man!” Ace said cheerfully, getting up. “But you’re way too soft with him!” he was clearly talking to Kieran. “You gotta break him in or he’ll turn on you,” he said with a patronizing tone.

“Who? That bitch?” answered Kieran “Nah! He’s broken in just fine!” he assured with a hint of pride.

They were quiet for a couple of seconds, probably watching me cough and gasp. Then suddenly the side of my face hurt. Ace had kicked me hard. I whimpered, not understanding what I had done wrong this time.

“Lick your fag drool off my foot, homo, it’s fucking gross!” he said in a harsh voice. My cheek and nose and ear stung pretty badly and I was still trying to breath regularly but I wiped the tears off my eyes so that I could see his foot and lick it. He was right, it was covered in my spit and I stuck my tongue out to clean it. They snickered.

“Maybe you’re right,” Ace said over my head “He looks pretty broken, hehehe!” they all laughed, relaxed and totally unconcerned about my situation.  After a few seconds Ace used the back of my shirt to wipe off the rest of my spit and dry his foot, then put his shoes back on.

“Well, I’m outta here. Go enjoy the stupid beach, you motherfuckers!” he joked and they all went, “See ya later, dude!” or something like that.

You know what they say about trusting your instincts? That you should! I knew I was right to be afraid of him. The guy was a fucking lunatic! He was sick! Yeah. And I was sicker! My boner was still there, harder than ever. Fuck my like! Fuck my fucking life!

“Hey bitch! You done dying, already?” Seth’s voice made me jump slightly.

I was like a freaking wounded animal, damn it! I looked at him and tried to regain my dog-like stand. He was smirking widely with his shades pulled up on his brown hair.

“Look! My feet are dirty again!” he said and I noticed that his soles were blackened. He had obviously walked barefoot in the parking lot when he had gone to pick up the tools he needed.

“Man, you totally did that on purpose, didn’t you?” said Connor. Seth gave him his best smug grin and said.

“Course I did! Haha!” he laughed, then he turned to me, snapped his fingers in the most insulting way possible and said, “Clean ‘em, bitch!”

I swallowed and winced from the pain. Then I went to him, lowered my head and for the second time obeyed the boy I hated so much. This time, though, without hesitations. It took me only a couple of minutes to lick off all the filth, they weren’t too bad. But he enjoyed the power he had over me, his eyes were so filled with delight it was so hot to watch.

Then it was Kieran’s turn. I only had to look at him to feel my dick harden even more if possible. He was my god, he really was. I know I’ve said this before but I think it’s worth mentioning again. He was my god. He was perfect. His ginger hair, his bright green eyes, his cute face, his hairless body. My whole being felt ready and happy to serve him and worship him forever. That’s how screwed up I was. I got near him and actually smiled at him. He laughed at that.

“You can’t live without me, can you bitch?” he asked amused. I shook my head.

“No sir…” I answered dreamily and the five boys laughed.

“Take my shoes off.” he ordered and I obeyed immediately, and when his feet were free from his socks, my mind went blank. It was like finding home again, after roaming endlessly in the fucking jungle, or something. His smell was… well, his smell, it’s as simple as that. There was nothing like it. I moaned delightedly and started kissing his bare soles.

“Please, may I please lick them, Master?” I begged shamelessly. He smirked, pleased.

“Sure slave!” he said cheerfully.

“Oh, thank you, Master! Thank you!” I mumbled with my tongue already out. And there I tasted them again. Pure joy. And the best part was being able to look at his smug expression.

“Wow! Is he THAT into you?” I heard Topher’s voice.

“He’s not just into me, he worships me! Literally, hehe!” Kieran answered nonchalantly “I mean look at him!” he pointed at me with his hand as to show them how pathetic I was, as if they didn’t already know. I started moaning louder and louder.

“He’s gonna come, you know?” he told them “He usually does when he licks my feet.”

“No fucking way!” Jacob said matter-of-factly. Kieran smiled at him, then looked at me:

“Heard that, slave? Come on! Show them how much you love your master!” he told me and I doubled my efforts “Cum for us faggot!” he pressed and I moaned even louder.

“Oh! Master! This feels so good!” my girlish voice came out and they burst out laughing.

“Un-fucking-believable!” Connor repeated, holding again his stomach, he was laughing so hard.

“He’s not even jacking off!” commented Topher.

“Doesn’t need to!” answered Kieran. “Fagboy here gets off on being humiliated,” he explained “Right, slave?”

“Yes, Master!” I moaned. “Thank you so much for letting me lick them!” I sniveled. “They taste so good… mmmm…” You know when in texts they write ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off)? Well, in their case it was pretty literal!

“Haha! Fucking queer!” Seth chuckled.

“Stupid cunt! Hehehe!” added Jacob, giggling.

My asshole was opening and closing rhythmically, my balls were about to explode, I was drooling and foaming at the mouth like an actual bitch. I had no rational thoughts whatsoever.

“Come on, you fucking pig! What’s taking you so long?” Kieran bullied me. “Do you want me to find another queer and replace you? Huh?” he threatened and that was it.

“No! No! Please Master, nooooo!” I came there and then. I came shooting like never before, moaning like some sort of subhuman beast, still slobbering on his boyfeet and obviously sent them into hysterics.

Completely spent, I collapsed on the ground, my tongue still trying to lick one of his heels and laid there breathing heavily.

“Hahahaha! That was fucking hilarious!” I heard Seth saying.

My dick was slowly softening and for a few seconds I was able to enjoy the pure bliss Kieran, my beautiful, god-like master had given me.

“Nice freak show, man! Hehehe!” Topher chuckled, now definitely more at ease with the situation. I could hear their voices and their laughter and little by little the fog that always seemed to cover my mind when I was horny was lifting and some other feeling were rearing their ugly heads again.

“I’m kinda jealous, though!” commented Connor. “He didn’t cum licking our feet!” he complained.

“That’s cause he ain’t your slave, man! Hahahaha!” answered Kieran with so much cockiness it flipped a switch in my head. All of a sudden I remembered how fucking angry I was at him. His stupid friends laughed.

“Well, not yet, anyways!” chimed in that little punk, Jacob and everyone laughed again.

Like hell that was gonna happen! I was feeling something I had never felt before, I was furious. Totally furious. He had done the unforgivable. He had sold me out to his friends and made me humiliate myself in front of them, in a public park! I could have been arrested, for fucks sakes! God-like my ass! He was a fucking asshole!

They got up. “All right, guys, let’s get outta here, fagboy can clean this shit up!” Connor said referring to all the food wrappers they had left on the ground.

“Yeah, you guys go ahead…” said Kieran. “I’ll put my shoes back on and catch up with you in a minute.”

“Same here!” said Topher. I still hadn’t moved a muscle.

“All right, lighthouse?”

“Cool, see you there.” answered Kieran.

“Bye bitch! Hehehe!” Connor snickered. I didn’t answer.

“Stupid fag!” Jacob said for the umpteenth time. Seth stepped on my hand before leaving. I did not react, it wasn’t smart.

I could hear their skateboards getting farther and farther away. That’s when I looked up. Kieran and Topher were tying their shoes. I slowly pulled my pants up in silence still looking at the ground.

“Dude, you’re one lucky bastard, you know that?” commented Topher.

“Hehehe! I know!” chuckled Kieran.

“You said this bitch blows you off, right?”

“Yeah, like three times a day.”

“Awesome! Hehe!”

“Yeah, and swallows every fucking time! Hehehe!” They both laughed and I looked up at him. My tormentor, my nightmare, the cause of all my problems.

“How could you do that?” I said ever so softly with a broken voice and I realized I was crying again.

“What did he say?” Kieran didn’t even look up, it was Topher who had asked.

“Dunno! Speak up, queer!” this time he heard me all right.

“How could you do thaaaaat!” I shouted so loud they probably heard me in Kansas!

They were completely baffled by it but Kieran got his wits back almost instantly.

“What the fuck was that, bitch?” he asked angrily, getting on his feet. I did the same thing.

“Get on your knees, faggot!” he barked.

“No!” I shouted.

“I said, get on your fucking knees, you stupid homo!” he said more aggressively inches from my face.

“No!” I stubbornly howled in frustration.

To my utter astonishment, he calmed down. He even smiled at me and crossed his arms behind his head, stepping back a little.

“Fine.” he said raising his eyebrows “Wanna call it quits, fag?” I was trembling violently and didn’t trust myself to speak. “Huh? That what you want?” he pressed, smirking. Topher was watching the scene without speaking.

“Tell you what: I’m gonna pretend this little outburst of yours didn’t happen.” Kieran said “I’m gonna go to the beach and have fun with my friends. When I get back home you can either be there, waiting for your master, like the stupid little bitch you are…” he paused “…or not, it’s up to you for once.” he said with his best devil-may-care attitude.

“But if you’re not there that’s it, got it?” he continued  “No more me. Ever.” he threatened again.

I still couldn’t speak, I was shaking like a leaf and tears were running down my cheeks. I was so fucking mad at him, nothing mattered.

“Let’s go buddy.” he said to Topher. “Fagboy has a tough choice to make.” he mocked me and they started walking past me.

I couldn’t hold my breath any longer. I started sobbing uncontrollably and once again without even remotely thinking about the consequences, I said three little words I was gonna regret big time:

“Fuck you Kieran!” and I bolted.

To be continued …

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