A kinky story written by Naughty Bard | Chapter 9

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I was in a wistful mood. My tongue was running furiously all over Topher’s massive balls. I was on my belly, with my torso lying on the lower part of his bed and my face eagerly glued to his musky crotch. My mouth was salivating like crazy and his almost hairless ballsack was completely covered with my spit. His limp cock was resting on his abs, I had already cleaned it thoroughly after he had dumped his sticky morning load straight down my throat.

He was smoking his cigarette (which apparently was a must right after cumming) with one arm under his head and his legs widely spread, chilling out without really looking at me. I figured his mom had to know about the smoking since he didn’t seem to take any kind of precaution whatsoever to hide it. I mean, Kieran did smoke in his room sometimes but he also made me spray gallons of deodorant to cover the smell, right afterwards. Shit, his parents would have skinned him alive if they had found out.

Sorry about the digression. Back to the story.

So I was cleaning his balls from the sweat but the thoughts of what had happened the night before were making my head heavy. I hadn’t really slept very much (yet again) which wasn’t exactly surprising. I’m talking about Zuckermann trashing me like that, by the way. Of course I am, what else could I be talking about? I mean he had treated me like a filthy piece of garbage, forcing me to do something I didn’t wanna do. I know what you guys are gonna say: I had already done the same stuff with Kieran. True, but you see there was a huge difference there. In my mind Kieran had never forced me to do any of that against my will. Every step of the way it had been him opening my eyes and showing me the meaning of my existence and me, well… understanding it. I had had such an awesome teacher and had loved every minute of it, every disgusting, degrading, defiling and excruciatingly humiliating minute of it.

The bully that had attacked me the night before? Now, that was altogether different. And all the things he had said. Man, he hadn’t held back one bit, had he? There was one thing in particular that had unsettled me.

“And I thought you were fucking worthless! Total waste of space, ya know? Guess even faggots are good for something after all, huh?”

I don’t know why but he had completely destroyed my already very fragile balance. I kept seeing his cocky smirk and hearing his annoying voice. But the worst thing was that as much as I hated him and what he had done to me (and believe you me, I absolutely did) I had jerked off to him right before leaving that filthy toilet where Topher had used me and I had come shamelessly, kneeling on the piss-covered floor of that stinking stool in the public restrooms of Shenandoah Park. It was so fucking annoying and irritating that I would find even him attractive and hot and shit! Seth Zuckermann, for fuck’s sake! I hated his guts.

Hang on, now that I think about it I guess I never told you why, right? I mean, he’s a dick and that’s why I hate him but I never told you about the moment I started hating him. All right, here we go. Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick.

So we’re in seventh grade, right? It’s 4:05 on a Thursday afternoon. Most of the kids have already left and I’m taking a couple of books from my locker as I’m getting ready to go home. That’s when I notice him walking down the hall, whispering and snickering like crazy with Tommy Sanders, one of his classmates. They don’t even notice me when they pass me by but they look really suspicious for some reason so now I’m curious, of course. And what do I do? I obviously follow them because I’m totally dying to know what they’re up to. They get out of the building but instead of leaving the school premises they turn left and disappear behind a corner in a part of the schoolyard that is now deserted. I follow them and spot them near the toolshed where Bill, the janitor keeps all his equipment. They’re looking pretty furtive now as they’re fumbling inside their backpacks. They take out a couple of paint cans and they start writing stuff on the school wall.

I, being the righteous busybody that I am, march straight up to them and go, “Guys! What are you doing?” They jump.

“Shit man! You scared us!” Seth says to me.

“They’re gonna kill you if they find out!” I warn them. Why do I even care, you ask? Beats me.

“They’re never gonna find us! Get lost, Conrad, and forget you ever saw us!” Seth replies, cocky as hell, totally brushing me off.

“Just stop doing that! It’s stupid and you’re not allowed! Let’s get out of here!” I insist matter-of-factly.

“I told you to get lost, didn’t I?” We go on bickering like a couple of twelve-year-olds.

To cut a long story short: we get caught of course, brought to the principal’s office and I’m furiously trying to explain that I was just there to stop them and that I had nothing to do with it and all of a sudden that cheeky little fucker goes, “Conrad what are you talking about? It was YOUR idea!”

Needless to say the other boy backs his friend up and we all end up getting two weeks worth detention. And that’s nothing compared to the four weeks of serious, and I mean SERIOUS grounding I had to put up with at home. I can still remember the look of satisfaction he had in his eyes the entire time we were cleaning that friggin wall that THEY had written on during detention.

So that’s when we started to hate each other. I thought he was an obnoxious prick and he thought I was an insufferable goody-two-shoes that had tried to ruin his fun which, let’s face it: I kinda was, or had been in that particular occasion. But I mean, come on! I was right to hold a grudge, wasn’t I?

But anyways, back to what he had said to me. I know he was probably being arrogant and conceited on purpose just to degrade me and make me feel small, I mean after all the things Kieran had been telling me over the last five weeks I should have been used to it. But that word, that one word: worthless. Was I really worthless? I mean, that kinda mattered to me. I didn’t wanna be worthless.

But then again maybe I was, maybe that’s why Kieran didn’t want me back, cause I was worthless and, consequently, totally useless to him. Maybe everything I had done for him hadn’t been enough, I should have done so much more while I had had the chance. Damn it, was he ever gonna forgive me and give me another chance? I kept asking myself that same question over and over, obsessing over that same boy that had changed my life so utterly and completely.

“You really love licking that shit clean, don’t you?” Topher asked me all of a sudden and shook me out of my obsessive daydream.

I looked up at his handsome boyish face, giving his ballsack another hungry lick.

“I’m sorry Sir,” I apologized. “You smell so strong down here… mmmm…” I inhaled “…so masculine…” I moaned and inhaled again “…and you taste so dirty…” I added licking him obscenely. “When was the last time you showered?” I asked curiously. He shrugged, amused.

“A few days ago…” he answered and I moaned lustfully breathing in his overpowering smell.

“Mmmm… it’s so good…” he snickered.

“Faggot…” he mumbled, sneering. I went on.

“And then your balls are so big and manly and… so superior…” I gave them another lick. “I just can’t help myself, Sir… it feels too damn good…” I said and started suckling gently on one of his nuts, almost purring contentedly.

I watched him snicker again. “Dude, I’ve never seen anyone like you.” he said with his cigarette between his lips. I looked at him, to show him that I was listening.

“I’m serious! Not even in porn!” he added. “I bet not even street whores do that for a guy!” he told me, then chuckled, “Not for free anyways, hehehe!”

Maybe his tone wasn’t as arrogant as Kieran’s but still he was pointing out how low I was and the smile on his face was telling me he didn’t mind me doing that for him, not one bit.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you are completely addicted to cock, were you?” It wasn’t a real question, just a statement, but I answered anyways.

“No, Sir! I wasn’t. I’m a lowly, cock-addicted faggot!” I went back to sucking on his balls and he laughed softly to himself.

“Thank you for letting me be your cumdump, Sir…” I added after a couple of seconds, looking up at him, sincerely grateful. He flashed me another one of his smiles.

“Yeah, no problem,” he said.

It was funny to see how, although they were different people, his reactions to my perverted behaviours were very similar to what Kieran’s had been at the beginning. Surprise mixed with amusement. Maybe he was a nicer guy than Kieran but, to be frank, I would have never guessed my old ‘friend’ could ever become so dominant.

Again, not that I’m complaining, you know I loved everything about him and worshipped the ground he walks on, almost literally, I’m just saying that given time who’s to say Topher wasn’t gonna turn out just like him?

After all, although he had clearly noticed the fact that I had automatically started calling him ‘Sir’ the second he had given me his first ‘order’ the day before, he hadn’t even tried to stop me. He hadn’t mentioned it, not even once and that’s because he obviously enjoyed it. Just like Kieran.

I moaned and I sounded content but I actually felt a pang of remorse and guilt and total despair right here in my stomach. I had thought of him again. Damn, I missed him so fucking much. Kieran, my beautiful Kieran! My master, my god. I suppressed a sigh.

You know that thing people do when they have a problem? Talk to their friends about it? Well, apparently, I didn’t have any friends and for some weird reason I felt this guy here was probably the closest thing to that and believe me he was NOT my friend, he knew it, I knew it, it was crystal clear. He was a good enough guy, though, and I felt like talking to him could maybe help me a little.

“Sir?” I asked.

He looked down at me.

“Do you think I’m a good faggot?”

He frowned a little, then snickered.

“What?” he said half laughing like he found the question funny.

I tried to explain myself.

“What I mean is, I know I’m nothing but a stupid, inferior, queer bitch…” I paused slightly but he didn’t contradict me so I went on “…but am I completely useless?”

He looked at me amused like he was deciding if I was serious or not.

“Is this another one of your weird fag turn-ons?” he asked me. “You wanna hear that you’re useless?” he smiled.

“No, no! That’s not it!” I assured him “It’s just that yesterday… remember when I told you about Zuckermann?” I asked, in a pained voice.

“Yeah, so?” he replied casually, choosing to miss my tone.

“Well… he said some things…” I started.

“Like what?” he asked, not knowing exactly where I was going with this.

“He said he thought fags were totally… worthless…” I told him a bit hesitantly.

“So?” he asked again frowning “Don’t you like being humiliated and shit?” He was a little annoyed and I could see how he just couldn’t really understand my feelings. Shit, I hardly understood them! Besides he was right, wasn’t he?

“Yes, Sir! I do, yeah…” I said. “I… I know I’m stupid and inferior and I’m like… not even a person…” I continued quickly, then made a face “…but worthless…” I left it hanging.

He frowned again, this time pretty entertained.

“So let me get this straight…” he started recapping. “You’re fine with being called a dumb queer and a fagpig and all that shit but you don’t wanna be called ‘worthless’?” he asked, trying not to laugh. “Is that it?” he finished, this time snickering.

I thought about it for a couple of seconds before answering.

“Well… uhmmm… you see… I understand now that my purpose in life is to serve superior straight guys like you and to be treated like an object… because it’s just the way I was born…” I started dishing out some more of Kieran’s teachings “…and I love it, Sir! I really do!” I added immediately like I wanted to point out that I was not complaining at all. “But like I said yesterday what really makes me feel happy is to see you guys… like… take pleasure in using or… abusing me… I guess…” I continued explaining as he was looking at me. “But if I’m worthless…” I went on, “it’s like you have no use for me…” I finished, “and that makes me sad… Sir…” I added.

He looked at me with his eyebrows raised.

“Wow, I still can’t believe how fucked up you are…” he commented then. I lowered my eyes in shame but said nothing. He took a puff, then, “Well, I don’t think you’re worthless,” he said and I quickly looked up to him. He was smirking a little.

“Really?” I asked “So… so you think I’m good for something?” I know I was kinda asking for it and boy did he deliver.

“Sure, you’re good for sucking my cock and licking my balls, I’ll tell you that!” his tone a little more arrogant than usual and his smirk said even more than his words but I smiled gratefully again.

“Are you being serious?” I politely asked. I wanted to be sure he meant it.

“Yep! That’s why I let you do it, fag!” he said “Best cocksucker I’ve had so far!” he said exhaling, still with a noticeable grin on his face. I smiled.

“Thank you for saying that…” I answered before starting licking again. He smiled even more broadly.

“You actually feel better now, don’t ya?” he asked me reading me pretty well. “Just cause I called you a good cocksucker?” I looked at him embarrassed but nodded.

“Yes Sir…” I said in a small voice. He laughed a bit and I felt so self conscious.

“That’s pathetic, isn’t it?” I asked.

“You have no idea, man! Hahaha!!” he exclaimed finally cracking up and for some reason I smiled too for a couple of seconds. But my new found cheerfulness didn’t last long because THAT other thought crossed my mind.

“But maybe I am worthless after all. That’s why Master Kieran doesn’t want me anymore,” I said in misery.

He rolled his eyes, still laughing a bit.

“He’s just mad, let him cool off,” he said, vaguely encouragingly, and I was kinda surprised by that. Only hours before he had told me not to keep my hopes up and now he was giving me hope? What was that about? Had there been some changes? I started obsessing over nothing, like I always do.

“You… you think so?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah…” he said, not really giving a shit. I dared.

“Would… would you speak to him again?”

He made a face for a second or two, like he was considering it. My heart was racing a bit.

“Nah, I gave it a try,” he said then, taking another puff.

I couldn’t resist.

“But… but maybe if… if you did he’d…” I tried but he cut me off.

“I said no, fag. Drop it and go back to work,” he said calmly but firmly. And that was it.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir!” I said apologetically and went back to using my tongue the way it was meant to be used.

“Yeah… lick my balls, bitch…” he muttered, stifling a yawn.

He let me work for a few more minutes, without speaking, enjoying the last of his cigarette, then he gave me a decisive nudge on the back with one of his feet.

“Awright, that’s enough” he said and, regretfully, I stopped licking.

He grabbed his boxers and put them back on, depriving me of the sight of his awesome fuck stick.

“I got an unfinished game of Call of Duty so you can go now,” he said in a very practical tone, getting up from the bed and turning on his console and TV set which was not even remotely as fancy as Kieran’s but still did the trick.

I felt so sad all of a sudden. He was dismissing me. And rightly so, I might add. That was exactly our deal, right? I had served my purpose, emptying his balls so he obviously didn’t need me anymore. But I really didn’t wanna be alone. My life sucked like never before! I had no one to see, nowhere to go, I didn’t wanna leave his house. There I felt… well maybe not good but less bad, I guess. I don’t know exactly but I didn’t move and he turned around to find me exactly in the same spot.

“Did you hear me?” he asked.

I swallowed before speaking.

“Sir…” I started uncertain.

“What?” he answered looking at the screen again “…may I please stay for a while?” I asked as submissively as I could.

He turned around to look at me again and frowned.

“And do what?” he asked spreading his arms.

“W-well I uhmm…” I stuttered then it hit me. “I could lick your feet for you, Sir!” I blurted out as the music of the video game was starting to fill the room “I’m sure they’re all dirty and smelly, Sir…” I tried to convince him while he was already loading the game he wanted to finish. “May I please lick them clean for you while you play… please, Sir. It would mean so much to me… ” I begged.

And right there and then he did something so perfectly degrading I almost nutted in my pants. He lifted one foot and checked his sole to see if it was dirty or not. His practicality was so incredibly hot, damn it! It was like he was actually checking if I could be of more use to him, it wasn’t a question of taking pity on me and letting me do it anyways, no Sir! He was checking his feet to see if they needed to be licked, and the best part was that he wasn’t doing it on purpose, to hurt me or defile me, he was acting so naturally. Then, apparently deciding that they were gross enough, he shrugged.

“All right, fine, you can lick my feet while I play!” he said, throwing himself on the bed, and hardening my already massive boner.

“Oh thank you, Sir! Thank you so much! You’re so good to me, Sir!” I said sliding down, knees on the floor and I started licking.

He didn’t answer, he was already playing. His feet smelled pretty bad and since he always walked without his shoes on his soles were covered with the same black stuff I had tasted the day before. Like I said, they were gross enough to require some tongue action from yours truly.

“Mmmm…” I couldn’t help myself after a minute or two “…Sir, your soles taste so good…” I started moaning but again he cut me off.

“Yeah, look, I gotta concentrate now so I don’t wanna hear any of that fag shit, got it?” He didn’t even look at me. Fuck that was so hot!

“Yes Sir! Sorry, Sir!” was my quick reply.

“Just lick ‘em clean and be quiet, ok?” he told me.

“Yes Sir!” he smirked at my tone, still looking at the screen. Then he said, “Good bitch.”

But Topher didn’t indulge me for very long. Despite all my begging, after pretty much ignoring me for fifteen minutes or so he checked his soles a second time to make sure they were pink and clean again, then kicked me out rather unceremoniously saying the usual “I’ll text you later, fag” I always got from Kieran.

And I was back on him. Kieran, my obsession. I know, I know, you get it. But please don’t get mad if I keep repeating it over and over again. I couldn’t imagine going another day without seeing him. No, wait, it was more than that. I had the physical need to be treated like a slave, like an object, like an animal, by him. My whole body was yearning to see his cocky, arrogant smirk while he humiliated me in every possible way again. And at the same time I was blaming my stupidity for what I had said to him. I kept torturing my mind and soul with overwhelming guilt, reliving that horrible instance in which I had spoken those foolishly proud words. It hurt too damn much and it was getting worse by the minute. When I was alone I was constantly on the verge of tears and… well I’m not gonna say that I had started considering suicide because that would be unrealistic and untrue but the strength of the words Seth had said to me were crushing me like I couldn’t breath. Never felt anything like that. I don’t know if you guys can relate. Probably not. Or at least I hope not, for your sake.

My moments with Topher were a godsend because they sort of, kinda let me… like… forget about him and everything I was missing… maybe… just a little. But it was only for a short time and anyways even while sucking on his dick or licking his awesome balls my screwed up brain couldn’t help thinking about Kieran on and off… I was hopeless.

I cycled aimlessly around the city, thinking of him and feeling miserable. I was getting to a point where I couldn’t remember how it felt not to be, you know what I’m saying? I needed to go back and apologize again and beg and grovel like never before. Yes! That was exactly what I had to do!

But what if he was gonna get even madder at me because I was being too insistent? I mean I could totally see him do that, easy. And maybe Topher and Kieran’s mom were right, maybe I needed to give him a little space just to let him cool off. But what if he saw that as me not caring about him?

What the fuck was I gonna do? My head was spinning.

It was almost 12 when I gave up trying to find a way to fix things and went back home as mopey and gloomy and anguished as can be. I threw my keys in the jar on one of the shelves in the entrance hall and dragged myself to the living room.

My jaw dropped. Almost literally. Seth Zuckermann was comfortably sitting on my damn couch. Pretty bold of him, considered everything, right? But, you see, I didn’t even have the time to feel sick, looking at his insufferable cocky smirk. Wanna know why? Because sitting right next to him was Kieran. Yep! In the flesh. His green Nike t-shirt, black shorts and black skate sneakers. He was looking at me with his perfect green eyes and sweaty ginger hair. Fuck, my beautiful teenage god was right in front of me! Finally!

“Sup, Finn,” he said casually and extremely friendly like the last six weeks had never happened.

I was gaping at him… at them, like a total idiot and I would have liked to respond somehow but my mom came in from the kitchen.

“Oh, hi sweetie! Kieran and… Seth, right?” He nodded, smiling politely. “They just got here and I knew you weren’t gonna be long so I told them that they could wait,” she continued, while giving each of them a plate with a generous slice of her famous chocolate cake. “Here, boys!” she said “Don’t tell your moms though! I wouldn’t want them to think I spoiled your lunch!” she added with a guilty expression.

“Don’t worry, Mrs C.” Kieran assured politely, smiling with a very, very informal and warm tone, the one he always used with my parents, seeing as he had known them for years, as I his.

“Thanks, ma’am,” said Seth.

“You’re welcome, darling,” she told that dickhead of a bully with her sugary tone. Then she turned to me and said, “I’ll get you one too, hon,” winking at me and disappearing into the kitchen again, probably remembering the conversation we had had the night before, about the ‘little squabble’ between me and the gorgeous boy sitting not ten feet from me.

Again I was too stunned to reply.

“Uhm…” I tried “Kieran I… uhm…” They both looked at me and I froze. My mom came back and handed me the plate.

“Mom, can we go to my room?” I finally snapped out of it and she smiled gently.

“Sure.” Then she added as an afterthought, “Do you boys want to stay for lunch?” They both smiled but declined politely.

“Thanks Mrs. C, raincheck?”

“Of course, sweetie,” she told him affectionately and the three of us climbed up the stairs.

“Nice crib you got, Conrad,” said Seth with that usual arrogance in his voice that I hated so much and which told me that there wasn’t an ounce of sincerity in his words.

“Thanks…” I mumbled. My heart was pumping so fast and hard I thought it was gonna explode. For the life of me I couldn’t foresee how that conversation was gonna go! I closed the door to my room and Kieran sat on my bed like he owned the place as usual, stuffing his mouth with my mom’s cake while Seth sat on the chair at my desk.

“Mmm… man this stuff’s so good! My mom can’t make this,” Kieran said wolfing down another piece. I was still speechless.

“Aren’t you gonna eat yours?” he asked me so naturally.

“Uhm… I’m… I’m not hungry…” I stuttered, setting the plate aside on my nightstand. “Kieran I…”

“So!” He said like I hadn’t even spoken “Toph said you wanted to talk.” He stuffed his mouth with another piece. Seth was copying him, smirking, with his stupid shades up on his black hair.

“What’s up?” said Kieran, looking directly into my eyes.

And that was about as much as I could take. I lost it and completely broke down. I dropped to my knees in front of him.

“Kieran… I’m so, sooooo sorry…” I whined with such a pained voice. He frowned.

“Yeah, my mom said the same thing…” he started. “She said you were so upset…” He continued playing dumb, then shrugged. “What are you sorry for, Finn?” he answered, staring down at me with his piercing bright green eyes, deliberately using my name, I was sure, just to hurt me. My eyes were tearing up.

“For what I did!” I sobbed. “Please, you have to forgive me, please…” Again he shrugged with his cocky smile in his eyes.

“But there’s nothing to forgive, Finn!” he continued, teasing me so much with that tone of his that was pointing out how obvious his words were but at the same time full of amused sadism. “I was a dick and you just told me to fuck off, it’s no big deal!” he continued, with such an impudent face. “Seth and I do it all the time, right man?” he said to Zuckermann, who answered with his mouth full.

“Hell yeah! All the fucking time!” he snickered.

“Right!” Kieran went on “It happens between friends…” then he added slyly, “and I mean, we’re friends, right? Finn?” he said my name again, this time even more deliberately than before. I heard Seth chuckle.

“No, we’re not!”, I cried in frustration, panicking, crouching down so low my forehead touched the floor in front of him and this time they both laughed.

“We’re not? Hehe!” he continued his mind game with that fake surprised tone which was oozing sadistic amusement.

“Nooo…” I cried desperately.

“Ouch, you’re hurting my feelings, Finn! Hahaha!!” they laughed again. Every time he used my name it was worse than a kick in the nuts. It was unbelievable the way it hurt to hear him say my name.

“Please, stop calling me that! I beg you!” I sobbed hysterically and I heard another snicker.

“Stop calling you what, Finn?” he replied sadistically.

“That! Just that!!” I sobbed “Stop using my name, please!” I sounded so desperate I couldn’t really blame them for laughing. I was ridiculous.

“Well, what am I supposed to call you then?” he asked me wildly entertained. God, all that was so mean… and so Kieran! I looked up at him and almost prayed:

“Fag, bitch, cunt, queer, cocksucker, stupid cumpig! Anything, but please don’t use my name!” I pleaded.

“Hahaha! That’s just fucking awesome, hahaha!” I heard Seth say but I didn’t turn around to look at him, I wanted to pretend he wasn’t even there, I only had eyes for Kieran.

“Oooh, but that’s not very nice, is it?” he said mockingly with his cocky smirk. “Now, why would I call you that?” Tears were running down my cheeks and I couldn’t help sobbing a few times before I answered him with a broken voice.

“Because I’m your slave…” and I sobbed some more, “I’m your stupid, inferior, faggot slave!” I told him, hitting my fists on the hardwood floor of my room, stubbornly, silently begging him to stop what he was doing. His answer was like a cold blade through my heart.

“No, you’re not,” he said dismissively, swallowing the last of his chocolate cake. I looked at him desperately.

“No… no please don’t say that…” I begged, getting near him and touching his knees. He simply shrugged, setting his now empty plate on my nightstand.

“Well, you were but you’re not anymore,” he said like it was the easiest thing to say. My world was shattering.

“I gave you a choice, remember?” he continued, and I had already started shaking my head in disbelief “And you CHOSE…” he stressed the word “…to walk away which tells me you don’t wanna be my slave,” he finished, shrugging so carelessly.

Now that, right there, was probably the lowest, saddest, most desperate moment of my entire life. I mean, when you’re done reading my whole story I’m pretty sure you’re gonna disagree with what I just said and that’s because of all the things that happened to me which I still haven’t told you about. But hearing him say those words. It was horrible. It was pain. Pure and utter pain in my guts.

“No! No! No!” I said shaking my head like crazy “I’m so sorry about that! I made a mistake!” I tried to explain, between sobs. “Of course I wanna be your slave! Please!” I went on, “I need to be your slave, Sir, please!” I bowed my head down again, right in front of his feet hoping to convince him.

“Nah, I don’t think you do,” he said dismissively “In fact I think you couldn’t wait to get rid of me so you could run off to Topher and become his bitch!” he said, stabbing me again with his icy words. I looked up at him with horror in my eyes.

“Isn’t that what you did?” he asked, relentless. I was shaking my head in disbelief as my heart was pounding. Was he wrong? How could I blame him for thinking that? Hadn’t I done exactly that? My lips were trembling.

“I’m so sorry…” I muttered ever so softly.

“The second I’m out of the picture you go and find yourself another master…” he continued, ignoring my sobbing apologies. “That’s not very nice, now, is it?” He was using that kind of tone teachers use with dumb children and I was silently weeping in front of him.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” I kept repeating but he went on.

“Truth is you don’t care who your master is, am I right?” he asked. “Just so long as you have one.” He was merciless.

“Nooo!! Nooo!!” I almost shouted, grabbing his ankles, in desperation.

“Your mom will hear you,” he sang back, totally amused.

“Nooo! Please, Sir!” I lowered my voice a bit but my utter desperation was still very much present in every panicked word. “Please, you have to believe me!” I pleaded.

“These… these last couple of days have been… total hell for me! I have never… EVER felt so… so bad and… and desperate…” I cried. “I was completely devastated!” I tried to explain to him but realizing that words couldn’t really express it all. I went on. “I need to be YOUR slave, Sir! YOUR slave and no one else’s! I can’t sleep anymore, I can’t eat, I can’t even breathe sometimes! You’re the only thing I can think of, day and night, you’re…” I hesitated for a second “…you’re my god, Sir! I worship you, I literally worship you!!” I sobbed pouring out all I had and only got cold and derisive snickers in return.

“Hahaha! Well, that’s new! Hahaha!!” He said, “Hear that, buddy? I’m his god! Hahaha!” he said to Seth and they both laughed.

“Fucking-A-right, dude! Hahaha!!” answered the other, but I kept my eyes on Kieran who wasn’t even looking at me, he was enjoying my humiliation with his buddy. So I started pleading again.

“Please Sir! You have to forgive me, I don’t know what to do with my life! Please, I need you!” His eyes were back on me as he was cracking up. The things I was saying and the way I was speaking to him would have been hilarious… actually scratch that, it kinda was… to them anyways, judging by the way they were laughing.

“So you wanna be my slave that badly?” he asked me, still laughing. I answered so quickly I almost bit my tongue.

“Yes Sir, absolutely, please! Please!!” They laughed again.

“And what are you willing to do to prove me that you’re serious about it this time?” he continued mercilessly “I mean, why should I give you this… honor…” Seth laughed and so did Kieran, before resuming “…after what you did?”

“I’ll do anything, Sir!” I said shaking my head trying to convince him. “Anything you want!” He raised his eyebrows, amused.


“Yes Sir! Really! I’ll… I’ll take any punishment you want to give me, Sir!” I told him and he laughed with his friend and I felt like I had to go on. “You… you…” my mind was racing. “You wanna kick my balls, Sir?” I asked much to their amusement. “Please kick my balls, Sir! Ten… no, no, no! Twenty times, Sir!” I said not thinking about the consequences as per usual, “Please, Sir! I deserve it!!”

“Hahahaha!!! Oh, fuck, can you believe this bitch? Hahahaha!!” Kieran said to Seth.

“Hahahaha!! Fucking loser! hahaha!”

They were both laughing their balls off but the good thing was that for the first time Kieran had called me a bitch. I looked up at him stupidly happy, but again, he was laughing with his friend.

“Well, why not? It’s definitely a start! Hahahaha!” he told me.

“Yeah, and it sure sounds like fun! Hehehe!” commented Seth.

“Oh, it is man, you’ll see! Hehehe!” Kieran replied.

A start? A fucking start? What was he gonna make me do? My stomach hurt again, for fear this time. But I didn’t have time for that, I needed him to take me back, no matter what! And I was so close. I knew I was!

“Please, Sir! I’m begging you, I’ll do anything you want, I swear!” I told him earnestly. He ran a hand through his long ginger hair before answering.

“Well, your word doesn’t count for much, now does it?” he said, cocky as hell. “I’ve heard it all before, remember?” he said, referring to my previous empty promises not to ‘screw up,’ promises I had miserably failed to keep. I looked pained.

“I know Sir! I’m sorry!” I said, “but this time is gonna be different, I swear!” I pleaded with everything I got. He looked at me for a few seconds with his perfect grin.

“All right, let’s just say for a second that I’m considering taking you back…” he said, and I was all ears.

“Yes Sir?” I said impatiently.

“Where are you gonna find the time to be my slave and Toph’s cumdump?” he asked, ever so amused, and I looked at him helplessly.

“I… I’ll…” he was expecting an answer and Topher’s handsome face popped into my head. I knew what I had to do. It was hard and I was gonna miss him, no question about that, but Kieran was right. I knew that being his slave was definitely time consuming and I had the feeling that if he was gonna take me back he was gonna give me so much work that I could have never been able to find the time for anything else. Besides, as much as I liked Topher, Kieran was my whole world.

“I… I won’t see him anymore, Sir, I promise!” But as soon as I spoke I knew that was not the right answer. He snorted.

“Fuck no! See what I mean?” He said telling me off in that same arrogant tone. “Toph’s a buddy of mine and a pretty good one at that!” he continued. “You gave him your word and now you’re already going back on it?” he said with fake outrage. “How am I supposed to trust you?” He loved torturing me and I didn’t know what else to do to convince him.

“You’re right Sir, I’m so sorry!” I apologized for the umpteenth time. “You know how stupid I am, Sir! I’m just a lowly queer, Sir! Inferiors like me are not as smart as you straight guys are, not even close!” I told him. “That’s why we were born to serve you and be walked over by you, Sir!” I continued “We shouldn’t be allowed to make any decision whatsoever, because we’re dumb!” I said to his smirking face. “So dumb the only thing we should be allowed to do is obey your orders, Sir!” I said and he looked almost impressed, but in an amused kind of way.

“Can’t argue with that, can you?” he commented, turning to Seth.

“Nope! Fag’s got a point! Hahaha!” Still I didn’t turn to him, I was hoping to have finally succeeded in convincing him but Kieran turned back to me again.

“But what’s that got to do with you not keeping your word?” Damn, he wasn’t gonna let it go, was he?

“Well, that’s the reason I screw up sometimes, Sir…” I said, “It’s because I’m stupid and it takes me a long time to understand even the simplest things!” I don’t even know what the hell I was saying or where the hell was it coming from but I had run out of things to say to please him.

“But with your guidance and your training I will get better, I promise Sir! I’ll do my best, please take me back!” That was it. I had nothing else. He looked at me, smirking, for a good five or six seconds before speaking.

“You know what?” he said, raising an eyebrow. The tension was killing me. “That was actually not bad,” he said, and I felt a little relieved all of a sudden. “So what about Toph?” he asked again. This time I didn’t flinch.

“I will find the time to serve you both, Sir, I promise!” I said and he smiled cruelly.

“Another promise,” he said and I felt a chill running down my spine.

“Hey! What about me?” Seth chimed in. “I want in too!”

This time I turned around and my heart sank. His phone was in his hand, recording me. Again. Kieran snickered before I could react.

“Hehe! Of course you do!” Everything was happening so fast and I had no control whatsoever “So that makes three of us!” He continued so casually, like we were simply discussing where to eat. “Something tells me you’re gonna be pretty busy from now on! Hehe!” he finished cheerfully. Again, what choice did I have? None!

“I… I…” I stuttered, “I’ll manage, Sir!” I finally said showing maybe a little more confidence than I had. He smiled.

“Well, you better!” he said and I felt another chill. I swallowed hard. He looked at me for a few seconds, then frowned slightly, the way you do while a thought has just crossed your mind.

“So!” he said, then, “You said you’re not hungry, huh?” he said, taking my plate from my nightstand. “That’s a shame!” he said, smirking. “Let’s see what we can do.” And he spit on the cake. I didn’t move or make a sound. He did it again after hocking up a pretty big loogie. Seth laughed.

“Hey! Can I help? Hehehe!” he said and Kieran laughed too.

“Sure buddy! Here!” He passed him the plate. “Give your contribution! Hahaha!” I watched my nemesis spit three times in a row on the cake still recording every second of my well deserved humiliation. I was nauseated.

“Awesome!” said Kieran, getting back the plate and putting it on the floor between his feet. I looked at it and sure enough, their mixed spit and snot was basically covering the whole thing making it… well… fucking gross.

“Mmm…” he mused. “That’s definitely an improvement!” he said, “but there’s still something missing…” They both snickered. Then his face brightened. “Oh, I know!” And he pressed his foot hard on the disgusting dessert.

“Fuck yeah! Hahahaha!!” Said Seth keeping his voice low enough not to be heard downstairs. Kieran happily stomped on it quite a few times, making sure to reduce every bit of it to a revolting squishy mush.

“Let’s see…” he raised his foot to my face. “Hungry now?” He said looking at me with his superior cockiness.

I was disgusted but my answer was a shaky. “Yes Sir… starving…” They both sneered.

“Lick my fucking shoe clean, you stupid homo,” he said with his calm, arrogant authority, the one I had missed so much. He was back. My god was really back!

“Yes, Master!” Was all I could manage before starting to lick the bottom of his sneaker.

God, it felt so fucking good! And I know you’re probably not gonna believe me but it mostly tasted like chocolate. Sure, the texture was slimy and there was quite a lot of dirt mixed up in it but all in all… oh who am I kidding? It was fucking nasty, by anyone’s standards, period!

“Yeah, that’s it, bitch! Hehehe!” Kieran said, pleased. “Lick that shit!” Seth in the meanwhile, had gotten up from his seat and was now holding his phone a foot from my face.

“Is he doing a good job?” Kieran asked his friend.

“He’s all right!” was the conceited answer. “I’d like to see a little more passion!” said ‘Steven frigging Spielberg’ and they both laughed.

“Got that, pigboy?” said Kieran. “Give him passion, c’mon! Hahaha!!”

“Yeah, c’mon! I wanna see you lick the whole thing!” Seth instructed me. “From heel to toe,” he said, pointing at his friend’s foot and giving me instructions.

I stuck out my tongue and obeyed. Very slowly I licked that sole from bottom to top looking at the camera with the most ecstatic expression I could manage. I remember I could totally taste the dirt I was sloughing off. Gross is a huge understatement.

“Yeah! That’s right! Haha!” Seth said to me with his phone on my face. “Taste good?” I nodded while swallowing that filthy sludge. They both doubled over with laughter.

“Hahaha! Fucking cumbreath! Hahaha!” said Seth, then pressed on. “Do it again, c’mon!” and he slapped the back of my head.

“Yeah and hold my leg while you’re at it, faggot,” Kieran ordered me.

“Yes Master!” I answered, gently taking hold of his ankle and felt the weight of his leg rest completely on my arms. I simply couldn’t help myself.

“Are you comfortable, Sir?” I had to ask, He laughed.

“Yep, pretty comfortable, cunt! Hehe!” which automatically made me smile. Of course Seth got it on camera.

“What the fuck is he smiling for? Hahaha!” our movie director said to his leading man.

“Hehe! Cause my happiness is all that matters to him,” Kieran explained “Isn’t that right, fagboy?” he said then to me.

“Yes Sir!” I said gladly. So damn happy that the person who understood me better than anyone (including myself) was finally back into my life.

They made me do it several more times, till his sole was spotless, laughing at me and verbally humiliating me in every possible way. After a few minutes Seth grabbed my hair and yanked my head back a few inches.

“Looks pretty clean!” he said cheerfully to Kieran, who snickered.

“Whoa, hang on!” Seth said, then “I think you missed a spot!” he snickered. “Here, lemme help ya!” and he spit on his friend’s sole. One, two, three, four times. Kieran was laughing his balls off. I was still holding his leg and my arms hurt. Five, six, seven times. Then Seth pushed my face against the slobbery sneaker sole saying, “Go on! Lick it off!” I hated him so fucking much but of course I did exactly as I was told, I mean what else could I do, right? Besides Kieran was having so much fun.

“Yeah, good boy! Hehehe!” Seth said as they were both laughing.

“How’s my spit, faggot?” he asked, wildly entertained. They never got tired of asking me questions like that. I guess they just loved to hear the answer.

“It’s good,” I said reluctantly.

“Then why the fuck aren’t you thanking him?” Kieran snapped at me with his amused teenage baritone.

“Thank you…” I said.

“Thank you what, fagpig?” Kieran asked me with a slightly dangerous edge in his voice.

I swallowed Zuckermann’s spit, then looked at the camera and said, “Thank you master Seth…” to which they both laughed.

“Feels pretty good when he calls you that, huh?” Kieran asked.

“No shit it does! Hahaha!!” and they bumped their fists.

Then I felt the weight of Kieran’s leg becoming lighter.

“Well, that was fun, bitch!” he said cheerfully, putting his foot on the ground, standing up from my bed and slapping my face around a couple of times, sort of playfully.

Seth laughed again, finally putting away his phone. I was exhausted. Mostly from the tension that, little by little, was finally dissolving. It was over, I was his slave again!

“I’ll let you know when I need you, ok?” he said and I frowned.

“Yes Sir…” I answered “…but I thought I was gonna have to come to your house and…” He cut me off.

“I didn’t say I’m taking you back, bitch.” He said looking down at me. “First I need to see how you take your punishment…” he informed me. “Then I’ll decide.” My heart started pumping again. Shit, it wasn’t over.

“Yes Sir… Of course Sir!” I answer promptly. He smirked.

“See ya fag.”

And as he was opening my door to leave I said, “Master!” He turned to me. My eyes were full of joy, as was my heart. “Thank you for giving me a chance…” I said tearing up again and lowering my face and rubbing it on one of his sneakers, the way cats do, you know? “You have no idea how lucky I feel right now, Sir!” I heard them snicker. “Thank you so much!” And I started licking it and moaning gratefully.

“Fucking bitch! Hehehe!” Seth said. At this point, that sounded almost as a compliment, even coming from him.

“Yeah, well, don’t you ever forget how it feels to live without me, bitch,” Kieran said, amused knowing all too well how to push my buttons.

“No, Sir! Never!” I assured him shaking my head like a crazy person. They laughed again, then Kieran pushed my face away, pretty forcefully.

“Got off me, queer.” I looked up at him from the ground. My perfect teenage god. I’m getting shivers down my spine even now, thinking about him. Giving me one last defiling smirk, they left me lying on the floor.

“Bye, Mrs C!” I heard Kieran’s voice downstairs.

“Bye, sweetie! Say hi to your mom for me, will you?”


Seth said goodbye too, nicely and politely. That irked me. And they were gone. My head was still spinning a little but again, I didn’t have time to process all the information that had blown me away in those last twenty minutes because my mom was coming up the stairs. Shit! I wiped my face with the first thing I found which unfortunately was my cumrag, then I pushed my plate with the mushy cake under my bed just in time for her to arrive.

“So? How did it go?” She said entering my room.

“Hum…” I said sort of inquiringly getting up from the floor.

“Did you two make up?” She pressed.

“Yeah! Totally!” I told her which wasn’t exactly a lie. She smiled fondly.

“Oh! I’m so happy! You seemed so worried about it!” She said starting to clean a corner of my mouth, no doubt from some loogie chocolate that I hadn’t cleaned off.

“Mom, stop it!” I complained half heartedly in a pretty childish way.

“Ok, ok, fine!” She said, “Then go wash up. Lunch is almost ready!” She finished before leaving me alone.

Wow! What a day! And it wasn’t even one! Ok so I was… what? I wasn’t his slave yet but all I had to do was pass some sort of test. I could do that, right? At least he was speaking to me! That was huge progress!

Was I happy? Was I upset? No, definitely happy. That much I knew. About Kieran that is. About Zuckermann, not so much. I definitely needed some time to think things over but right now, that mattered very, very little, I was gonna figure it out somehow. My god was back, that’s what mattered! He was back! He was back for real! I couldn’t believe it. And as a stupid smile stretched on my face I went for the plate I had stuffed under my bed, looked at it and, thinking of him, I started to eat up the rest of the cake on all fours, like the dumb fag bitch I was. Slowly, happily, lovingly. My god was back. My god was back.

To be continued …

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