180 cm

67 kg



sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

nackedslave6:  When I was about 14 years I found out, that I like, if somebody tied me up. During a camp we had a little game where I was tied up to a tree half naked. Some of my schoolfriends found me, instead that they escaped me, they torn up my pants. I was naked and my dick was hard. That enjoyed my friends. They kicked into my balls and masturbed on me. After this they cut of the rope and left me alone. I had to go home naked and full of cum. First I felt very shamed. But than I got horny and hopped it will happen again.

When we were back at home they invited me to their parties and I always have to put of my cloth right on the door, even I didn´t know who is there. First when I was naked I may go into the room and had to serve naked. This time instead that I felt bad, I was asking for more. They spanked me and hit me with a belt. I also like to show the signs from the games. And I love to be naked.

sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

nackedslave6: Trusting the master. That is the most important thing. He has to know when it is enough or he could do something more. When you are tied up is not a lot what you can do against things what happen to you. Ten years ago when I was searching for a new one, I broke up often a session, because he didn´t exept the rules. So for me branding, blooding extrem or signs for ever.

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

nackedslave6: To be naked is what I love most. First of all I have to be naked. The master should be still in cloth. He has to punish me first. Well I love CBT. Hit the balls or the head of my dick is absolutly great. Also hanging on my balls is fantastic. Spanking or get hit with a belt is a plessure. Than a few years ago I found out streching of my ass makes me horny too. So in the moment we try different sizes.

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

nackedslave6: I prefer slim guys with no body hair. But their should be apple to talk because the bdsm is only one part of the life. I like to serve him naked. But we should be apple to drink a glas of wine and talk just normal. So my master is not slim but everything else just perfect.

sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

nackedslave6: I met a guy in the chat. He said he would be just split from his friend. After we found out that he loves to be a master we got a date at his home. As we said I took of my cloth and he tied me up on the table in the kitchen. Lying on my stomach, my legs on each leg of the table and my arms on the other legs. So he took of his belt and started to hit my ass, masturb my, hit my ass, I got really hot, he put his finger in my ass and he put his cloth off too. Than suddenly we heard a key in the lock. His fried came home. He saw me naked on the table took a cane and spanked me hard and his friend too. I couldn´t move and it hurt really bad. Than he fucked me and later his friend.

After this they told me it was a game they like to play. It was still nice for me because I learned that I can take more than I thought. We meet still today.

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

nackedslave6: Yes I want to try only to hang on my balls. But we tried it a few times and till now it hurts to much. At least I hope I can do this what I do now for a long time.

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