Today we’re exploring the nature of a slave with a British boi who started with sessions but he has also had experiences as 24/7 in young years.


1995 | 165 cm | 65 kg
London (UK)

Hi boy. You call yourself a slave. In the kink world there are so many different kind of slaves and everyone defines it a little (or a little more) different for themselves. What makes in your eyes a boy a real slave in the kink world?

A very good question Sir, and like most things I think there is no right or wrong answer. Labels can sometimes be unhelpful, but I use the word ‘slave’ because it conveys that I am the property of alphas/Masters.

To me, being a slave is showing that I am a lesser being to those alphas/Masters, and that I am available for use by any of them 24/7. A real slave accepts that their bodies, holes, choices, rights, freedom of movement, are the property of real men, and not their own. Other words which I identify with would be ‘object’ and ‘faggot’.

Are you owned atm?

No Sir – I’m a free use slave who serves all Masters.

But then you don’t fulfill your own definition that you’ve got to be owned to be a slave. So it has to be something different which makes you a slave. I’ll ask you again: What makes you a slave?

I don’t believe you have to be owned by a singular Master to be a slave, I consider myself to be owned by all alphas/Masters.

Oh that sounds less that ownership is a criterium but more to be a slut is important. I like good slave sluts but is it really the important point? Let us talk a little about the slave’s nature. How would you characterize a slave?

I suppose it’s more that I think ownership should be worked towards over a period of time – not for my sake, but for the potential Master’s sake more than anything. There are a lot of online Masters who think they can ‘own’ a slave without having ever met them – that’s not the same as being able to take ownership of a slave that you have met and restrained and enslaved.

Not sure I’m articulating myself well on this point but I will try my best Sir hehe.

I think a slave’s nature should be naturally submissive, obviously. And I think to that end you either have to be a natural slave or not. It’s not something that can be forced. A slave should be submissive 24/7, not just in the bedroom, and should work on getting rid of any rebellious streaks – or else a competent Master should come along and forcibly correct those misbehaviours.

A slave should always keep themselves in good shape, and keep their body groomed in the way Masters desire it most.

A slave should be respectful, deferential, honest, and eager to please and serve always. A slave should also, most importantly, accept that they have no rights or choices, and that a Master will punish and correct any defects without mercy.

Oh yes, now we are exploring the nature of a slave. In my eyes to be naturally submissive is the most important factor. That doesn’t mean just to be a cum dump or a bitch, a guy who is just willing to take all dicks but not to serve in other aspects. How important is for you the need to be useful for a Master? And can you tell us what kind of services a slave should provide?

Yes Sir I agree with that – for me, I am a naturally-born submissive. Not only do I naturally feel submissive to alpha men, but I also take deep enjoyment from being submissive to them. That’s the mark of a true slave I think. Being a slut or a cumdump is just part of slavery, but not what defines a slave. It’s vitally important to me that I am useful to a Master in whatever way they need, otherwise I am not fulfilling my purpose in life. The kinds of services I provide to Masters can be wide and far-ranging, from being used as a throat to fuck, an ass to fuck, a urinal, a footstool, a pain pig, an object to beat, a toy to offer to his friends. The list depends entirely on the Master’s wishes.

So is the slave’s usability limited to sexual and sexual related activities?

Not at all Sir. I once served a Master who ran a gay bar. Part of my servitude was to serve in the bar – sexually and non-sexually. I would serve drinks, take orders, or just chat to the patrons – especially the doms and the alphas. The Master would make sure they all knew I was a slave – sometimes I might even just be dressed in a harness, jock and boots. Sometimes just a jock and nothing else, bare feet and my chastity cage showing through the jock. Whatever Master ordered. The master would let them know I was there for them to touch, penetrate, grab, order around, and to take care of their needs.

What makes to be useful a satisfying feeling? Can you explain us about what you get if you feel useful?

It’s a hard feeling to describe. I guess I would liken it to a warm, satisfied feeling, in the pit of my stomach. I get that feeling when I am being used by a Master/Masters and I am not being given any choice but to please them and serve their needs. That feeling tells me that deep down my slave nature is fulfilling its purpose. For example, when I am tightly bound, gagged, and having my balls beaten savagely by a Master. While I might not be enjoying it – I still get that deep warm feeling inside me because it feels right that I am getting used in that way, against my pleasure, for a Master’s enjoyment.

I say often that a real slave gets his satisfaction by satisfying others. Do you agree? And can you tell us about the importance of your own sexual satisfaction?

I fully agree with that Sir yes. A slave’s satisfaction should come from being used by others for their satisfaction – end of story! My own sexual satisfaction is of zero importance to me. That’s one of the reasons I’m in permanent chastity. A slave like me should never achieve sexual satisfaction unless a Master allows it, and most Masters recognise that I am the sort of slave who is at his best when he is permanently denied it. Being in chastity has changed my ability to be sexually satisfied to the point that all of my pleasure now comes from my holes.

Such needs are not coming from one day to the other. How old have you been as you have realised that you love not only to serve but also to be restricted?

I was 11 years old when I first realised I was gay – pretty young, but as soon as I learned what ‘gay’ meant, I realised it applied to me. A year later I had what I guess you would call my ‘sexual awakening’ and shortly after that started doing what any teenage boy does – looking around for porn! I remember coming across BDSM videos and being immediately transfixed on the role of the slave. Something inside me resonated with the slaves on a level that I couldn’t describe or understand at the time – I just knew I wanted more! It also helped explain why I enjoyed playing cops and robbers with my male friends so much – and why I always insisted on being the robber, letting them tie me up!

I think that’s when I first started to realise that bondage was an important part of my fetishes, even if I didn’t know it was a fetish at the time. And that only grew the more I gained experience in it. I was desperate to put my desires into action and serve my first alpha Master, and was fortunate enough to find a fantastic Master who helped me first explore my slave nature. He was firm, in control, but took things slowly. He made it clear that he would be having his way with me, but that we would do it at a pace. I was given no choice but to submit to the training – which I did, and I loved it immensely. I knew then that my nature was not something I could, or should, ever ignore.

It wold be stupid to ignore these needs and desires because if the kink is part of your personality you will never be totally satisfied without living it. Can you tell us how your slave’s nature is remarkable in your regular life (also in the non-sexual) even as a non-owned slave?

All of my friends know I am a slave – gay and straight – and even if they don’t realise it sometimes even they end up ‘using’ me as a slave. For example, it’s not even a question that when we are hanging out as friends, I will make people drinks and serve them, even if it’s not my house. My friends will tell me to take their boots/trainers off for them. Or tell me to fetch things for them. Sometimes I think they are doing it without realising it, but it feels natural to them to order me around.

I think if it is natural then it is real bdsm slavery. I’m definitely not a friend of role play because to live my kink nature means to live what I am, and not what I pretend to be. How does a guy have to be so that you recognize a real superior in him?

Dominant men can be very different and it’s hard to describe exactly what qualities make a dom. Some doms are loud and outgoing – some are quiet and unassuming but turn out to be ruthless and sadistic once they’ve got you tied up in their dungeon! I think an alpha’s superiority over me comes across on a much deeper level, one that perhaps surpasses speech or physical actions. More like a presence. Does that make sense?

That said, the easiest way for any man to put me into an immediately submissive mindset in their presence is to be commanding, degrading (calling me ‘faggot’ or ‘slave’ or ‘slut’ will certainly get me obeying you in short order), not afraid to grab what they want, to take me by the scruff of the neck and have their way.

You’ve described the easiest way to show dominance. But in longterm lived slavery I think that the subliminal and unnoticed dominance, which is much more difficult to do, is even more important because it allows you to live the hiearchy in all situations of daily life. This way you can direct a boy even in moments others shouldn’t really realize the nature of the relationship. How do you see that?

I think that makes a lot of sense Sir, and as you rightly say sometimes those things will just happen naturally without either person realising. For example one Master I serve noticed that any time we pass each other in a hallway, I would automatically step to the side and wait, allowing him to pass before I continued wherever I was going.

Little things like that just cement the slave’s position as an inferior, and ultimately help the slave fall deeper into servitude.

What are in your eyes important rules and rituals which helps you to live a daily slave life?

I have a few rules and rituals that help me keep myself in top condition as a slave.

  1. Fitness – I work out every day, paying particular attention to exercises like squats which help make my ass muscular. It’s important for a slave to keep his body in desirable shape.
  2. Diet – Diet is important for keeping your body looking good, but also to help you be prepared for bottoming at any moment. You never know when an alpha may want to use your holes. A good diet helps you prepare. As a slave I don’t eat for pleasure – my diet is boring and functional, it’s all about eating for the right body.
  3. Body – kept smooth, clean, regularly trimmed/shaved unless an alpha prefers a hairy slut.
  4. Mindset – remain humble, remain subservient
  5. Hole training – if there is no alpha available to train your holes, do it yourself. Use dildos and other toys to keep your gag reflex suppressed and your slave hole ready for cock.

A lot of guys love to be slave in action, but in my eyes a good slave has also to be able to handle non-action time, for example while he is stored away in a cell or cage if not needed. These can be extremly boring times. How do you handle them?

Those are some of favourite times Sir! I don’t find them boring at all. Being stored away in a cage or cell, blindfolded in strict bondage is how a slave like me should be stored when not in use. Holes plugged. No escape. I use those times to clear my mind and fall deeper in to servitude.

How important is for you as slave the sexual action if you compare it with all the other aspects of a slave life?

Quite important Sir, I see myself as a slave whose primary use is as a sexual slave for alphas/Masters. But it’s not the only important element of course.

As an unowned slave you have a bitch life, you serve wherever it is wanted and needed. How important would be this slutty aspect if you find an owner?

I don’t know Sir, that would depend on the owner.

That’s true but it seems that you really like to serve other men. If you get the order of your owner to satisfy a guy how important is it if you like him or if you’re in the mood for it?

That’s of no importance at all Sir. It certainly shouldn’t be of any importance to the Master. For example, I am regularly tied down and whored out to groups of men. Sometimes anonymously – I am blindfolded and cannot see them. Sometimes I am not blindfolded and I am left to see who is using me. Either way, I never get to choose who they are. They can be young, old, in shape, out of shape, hung, not hung.

During one of those meetings – early in my training with this particular Master – I asked if I could take a break from having any more men fucking me as I needed a rest. His response was to gag me and invite another five tops. He took a belt to my ass for even daring to ask.

And while I felt my heart sink because I was not in the mood for more cock, that warm feeling of slave contentment washed over me because it felt right that it would happen that way.

Another Master used to train me to be better at taking dick when I wasn’t in the mood. This was before I was in chastity. He would edge me for hours, get me close, and then milk me to a powerful orgasm, draining me of all energy … then he would fuck me. Knowing that I would no longer be in the mood.

It seems we have also to talk about your own limits? Do you have any?

I only have one fixed hard limit Sir, which is scat. Everything else I either enjoy, or don’t enjoy at all, but accept that as a slave I don’t have a choice.

If you would be owned do you think that a total slave has the right to have own limits?

No Sir, the limits would belong to the Master.

To become a slave has to be a free decision out of a position of strength. I don’t like slaves in a “nothing-to-lose situation”. Do you think that it is a right of a slave to stop the action or even more to stop his slavery?

No Sir I don’t think a true slave has the right to do either of those things. As a slave you agree to sign over the rights to such things the moment you submit to a real Master. The Master(s) is going to take what they want from you either the easy way or the hard way, but either way it will be happening.

Accepting that, and choosing to become a slave anyway, is the most important thing about making sure you have the right mindset to serve.

Yes to have this mindset is important. What you’re describing is the consent to non-consent. That is really a heavy step and definitely not something for everyone. Even more it is also not so easy for a Master as he becomes vulnerable in front of the judges. But, tell us, what is the attraction of such a life?

That’s right Sir – consensual non-consent underpins my approach to slavery. I can’t really describe the attraction – it just feels right, when you are a natural born slave. You instinctively know it’s what you should do. It feels good, and right, and fulfilling, to have alpha men take that level of control over you.

Arent you afraid to lose the liberties you enjoy now as free man?

Not at all Sir. As a slave I try not to take too many liberties anyway – I dedicate as much of my life as I can to serving alphas/Masters. The liberties I do have – freedom of movement, freedom to not be in bondage stored away, freedom to speak, to dress in clothes etc. I enjoy losing.

In talks with other natural born slaves we’ve realized that they find their freedom in losing liberties. Can you tell us a little more about your daily life as unowned slave and how you try to take your liberties away?

I might be ‘unowned’ in the purest sense, but I am used by a variety of Masters regularly, and therefore have a lot of my liberties taken away. But on the days when I am home by myself or in my own company, and there are no Masters in need of my services that day, I will try to spend my spare time doing things which make me a better slave. Working out, preparing my body, submitting to online tasks, making plans with Masters to serve them at future dates, etc. I eat a simple diet, dress in fetish gear or nothing at all. All sorts of things really.

What do you think are still things you need training and what are fantasies you would love to realize in the future?

There are a few things that a slave like needs trained constantly – my throat and hole being the two most obvious. I have a naturally tight hole, and it needs constant training to keep it ready for the biggest of dicks. My throat has had its gag reflex suppressed to a degree but again without regular merciless throat training – with hands, dildos, and dicks – those skills could be lost. So I think those are important, along with things like pain training.

I think my #1 fantasy is to be kidnapped. Grabbed, stripped, bound, thrown in the back of a van and taken off to be forced into a lifetime of slavery with no escape!


  1. great interview! Wish it lots of luck and well, it got the right attitude, one can learn from that! Hope, it will find a ltr Master in time, cause that being relatively free will become harder over time, when not being this cute any more. Good luck, boi!

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