Label: Blake Mason
Actors: Tommy Skylar, Adam Everhart

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It was an obvious pairing we knew had to be done, and we were proven right when Adam and Tommy were brought together for this video. The guys met before in Holland, so it’s clear there’s plenty of lust there right from the start. Tommy gets the fun started with his talented mouth, sucking and licking his friend and getting a taste of his juices. Adam is soon eagerly showing us that he can deliver the same in return as he performs on Tommy’s long and slender cock. But who will get their hole fucked” Well, both will! Tommy goes first, sliding his cock into Adam and fucking him hard. The boy loves it, looking at his sexy top as he slides in and out of his arse. Then it’s time to flip as Tommy takes a ride on his pal and gets every throbbing inch deep in his pucker. It’s the spooning that really has the boys ready to blast. Adam humps his buddy’s hole until he can’t take any more and pulls out to spew his cream, with Tommy soon following!

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