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Bluzee | 1992 | 5’8” | 130 lbs | Canada

It’s almost like you become something else.

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Seven: Hello Bluzee. Welcome to our little talking session….Right, you’re here because of, uhm, how you call it? Latex addiction, yes 😉 How did that all start out? When did it begin to interest you?

Bluzee: My Latex addiction started a while ago back when I was around 7-8y/o, when I first watched the Spider-man animated series in the 90’s and when I first saw the symbiotic living suit/ Venom, it got to another level. To this day Venom is by far my biggest fantasy, merging between a human and a Alien might sound weird but to me it’s a really big thing and I’m sure im not the only one with that fantasy. I think that idea of a black living suit made me look at spandex and latex, because it’s pretty much the only materials that can achieve such a look and feel at this point!

The first time I tried a spandex suit was in 2010 when there was a morphsuit trend going on at that time. After buying a few more zentai suits and other tight garments I bought my first Latex suit from Latex Catfish in 2013. I choose a neck entry with attached toes socks. I really wanted a seamless look for my first suit. Since then I’ve been spending between 500$-2000$ a year in Rubber gear and other kink related products, it’s crazy I know! XD I can honestly say that I’m addicted to Latex!

Seven: There are worse addictions I think. And quite a lot of people probably like the results. What were some of the sensations that you experienced when starting out in spandex and latex? And what made you fall in love with it?

Bluzee: I’d say the transformation aspect of wearing a tight fitting suit made me fall in love with it. It’s almost like you become something else. Also the big hug sensation that tight latex gives is really amazing, even more when every single inches of your body is covered by it. Full coverage gives me a good boner every time haha even when I’m just thinking about it. 😛

Seven: Oh like about now? ;P That becoming something else is quite an important part apparently. As for example when going gimp. What do you feel when you’re doing that, are that?

Bluzee: When I’m in my gimp outfit I gets in a either Dom or submissive head space depends on the person I’m with at that moment. When feel more submissive I just want to get used by the other person, almost like I become his sex toy.

Seven: What would you say is more true for you? That the rubber enhances or triggers? Or is it a mix of both?

Bluzee: I’d say it’s a mix of both. Like most of the time when I wear full coverage rubber it makes me feels more sub because I kinda become like a gimp but sometimes when Im a rubber/neoprene pup I makes me feel more like a dom with a soft side, Also I’m not like most of the Dom, I’m definitely more a top than a dom that’s for sure. As a switch It’s makes it hard for me to lock on a specific mindset, which I think it can be a good thing because you’re confine into a certain position. I think that being switch opens a wider sexual world to me.

Seven: It certainly allows you to go more with the flow during a session 😉 Thanks for taking some time for us Bluzee, and I hope we’ll talk again soon.

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