Sizes: One Size

Material: Rubber, Metal Funnel

Gag: Inflatable

Tube Length: 1m

Funnel: Includes removable drainage filter

One of the Piss/Liquid funnel gags. Lets your sub no choice but to swallow.


Alright. I have to say I like this toy. But it’s very specific in its use. I don’t mean the piss swallowing. But the way you use it. You need the sub to be some way lower than the dom for him to be able to swallow. And you need a clip to fasten the gag somewhere after use if you don’t want to drag it after you, if you intend to move him. If you consider those things, it’s definitely a good toy, and quite comfortable with the gag…as long as your dom isn’t in a sadistic mood with the air pump 😉

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