Here we pesent kinky VLOGS we can really recommend. The guys are doing a real great video entertainment! Enjoy it and have a good time.

SHUT THE WOOF UP is a funny vlog for pups by pubs. The guy behind, Volka, says that it is an absudist comedy vlog for pups and kinksters.

Andy, aka THE PADDED PUPPY has created his own space to bring ABDL and Age Play lovers together. A funny vlog and real good entertainment.

WHITEOUT RUBBER, a real rubber lover and kinkster offers you good entertainment and tutorials for other rubber lovers.

The most famous kinky vlog! Pup Amp and Christopher Weston provide good shows, entertainment, comedy and tutorials. That’s WATTS THE SAFEWORD!


PODCASTS are like radio shows. It is fun to listen to kinky people to talk about kinky topics. Here we present such shows we can really recommend.

SHUT THE WOOF UP has also his own comedian podcast which is real fun. A podcast for puppies, puppy lovers and other kinksters.



There are many kinksters in the world wide web producing great entertainment for you. We as sadOsam team think that cooperation is better than competition and we are proud to promote the work of other kinksters on our blog. Hope you will enjoy it!

Btw. If you run an own vlog or podcast or if you can recommend some other media please contact us. This way we can make sadOsam even more interesting for all of us!


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