Art is very important for every subculture. That is the reason why we present frequently kinky artists on sadOsam. We really like their artwork and what they are doing for us fetishists as subculture. Not only is it sexy and horny to look at, but it also shows the essences of our community, our dreams, fantasies, needs and desires. With their art the creative guys can manifest and live their fantasies, even if it is not possible to live those in real life cause of the circumstances they are living in.

For some of the artists who we think that definitely deserve more attention and you should know about we publish kinky archives of their artwork on sadOsam. A gallery in which you can see their opus collected and visible on one site. Today we are proud to present you two new kink archives:

Kinky illustrations by Nicky

Nicky is a young kinkster from the UK. Probably you know him as Pup Squirt or with his old nick Nickyshole. To draw is just his hobby but he does some extraordinary work we really love.

The first time I became curious about his work was on tumblr. I really loved his “good boys swallow” illustration which looks like an advertising of the 50ies.

Afterwards I surfed around to find more of his work and I tried to contact him. The result of this first contact we’ve had you can read in the interview with him: “To cum or not to cum, that is the question

Now we’re proud to show the whole collection of his kinky illustrations in his new archive here on sadOsam. If you want to visit it, just click on the banner.

Kinky author Max Potter

Today we are also proud to present you the first ever archive of a kinky storywriter. We have been surprised to see how many of you readers are spending time on sadOsam reading kinky fiction. To be honest I was always more a guy of kinky fiction than of porn. Fiction animates the fantasy and the pictures you create in your head, including all the things you really like for yourself as you are not limited by the setting and the actors like you have it in (porn) movies.

I first came across one of Max Potter’s stories on nifty and thought that I just had to talk with this American author and to ask him if he would be up to publish his upcoming stories, and also the ones he has written in the past, on sadOsam. Let us ask Max some questions:

Hi Max. I really love to have all your kinky stories on one site and with shortcuts. I think that helps people to find their good night or wanking lecture. How do you like your new archive?

I love it. I send people to sadosam on a regular basis for all the articles as well as my stories. Having a single place is convenient. The quick shortcut tease can really draw someone in. 

Can you tell us your about your motivation to write kink stories and where do you find all the ideas?

I am motivated by wanting to read more stories with unique situations. I’ve read a lot where the players are just moved around, I wanted to have what is done inspire real life. Don’t just spank a boy, spank only one cheek. For inspiration, I start with whatever comes up and say to myself “how can I change this? What else can I do?” I pull from other sources, like non-BDSM books. I like to add incongruities. What can deliver great comfort and discomfort at the same time. Or pain and pleasure. 

In fiction you can also live things in your fantasy you would never do in real life. Do you have also such fantasies and can you tell us about?

In real life, I never go against consent and will of the submissive. It is hot to me to fantasize about. In real life, I’ve done the ‘cruel issuer of commands’ for limited time with subs, as a scene (even extended scenes). And it is a thrill to see your slave inflict things on himself at your order knowing it is only you that makes it possible. The line can be narrow, but never crossed.

Meanwhile also he started to write articles for sadOsam. “Consent” has been the topic of his first article. Have you read it? Btw. this upcoming wednesday we will publish the second chapter of his kinky story “Nick’s Account”. If you want to see all stories he has published yet and also read some shortcuts so visit his new archive by clicking the banner.

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