Sev: Hi Vic Sidious… Ah no, sorry, that isn’t your name anymore, you changed it, right? So, what can we call you from now on? And what’s the reason for the namechange?

Vic: What the..? Looks down Ohh, come here puppy. At least rest in my lap and let me nuzzle you while we do this. Scratches ear. Better, right?

One year ago, I took a leap into a more explicit version of myself on Twitter, and at the time I still cherished anonymity. As the wordplay-fetishist I am, I constructed a name that in itself was a play on words. Vic Sidious is thus a nod to the name of the bas player of The Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, who somehow reminds me of my teenage self. But that’s a whole other story.  Time passed, my values matured, and I just plain simply felt disconnected to the name. In addition to that, I’ve been excessively curious about doing some sorts of porn-ish things, and knew already that if I took the leap, I wouldn’t want this name with me.

With that in mind, it came down to wanting a last name that has the same quality of my real name – which is a reference to a video game character (yup) – while also being a name I could see myself use for a variety of things. Having discussed this a lot with my cherished roomie and pornee Michael Duncan, I chose to wait for a good reason to actually do the change – which I find that this interview is. I therefore thank you for this opportunity, pup.

So, to finally introduce myself… Hi. I’m Vic Valentine. Profoundly pleased to pet you.

Sev: Haha yahoo, Scratches and pets hops in lap. Pleased to nuzzle you too Valentine 😉 I must say, as a Star Wars fan your former last name always confused me, since Sidious was the name of the emperor. But you don’t seem that evil. Or are you just hiding your extreme sadism like him? What is Vic Valentine all into? And how did you get drawn into the “dark side” of fetish and kink?

Vic: Oh, a nuzzle-back? Horsegrins and pleasureful guttural sounds. Yeah, I kind of discovered that too. That specific comparison didn’t bother me, but you’re on to something else that did – that it sounds very dark. And although I have my share of darkness, I quite oppositely perceive myself as very… Goofy. And in general, I think I’m more of a masochist – but that’s another story (A rather elaborate one, but let’s save that for some other time). I love what it does to my head being asked what I’m into, mostly because I’m not always that certain or can’t point my finger on exactly my kink.

I’m relatively new to the kink/fetish scene, and see it like I’m standing hungrily by a buffet of savory sins, but I’ve been pinching the curiously appetizing hors d’oeuvres for a while and am… Indecisive.

And all that aside, I like to tune in on different frequencies with different guys. It’s all about the click. I have a wide range of taste, all the way from “tie me up and (ab)use me” over “I lost my gag reflex, wanna help me find it?” to even “don’t be afraid, it’s not gonna hurt you.. much”.

I’m pretty flexible; I’d almost say I’d try anything once… A flexisexual? (You know, ‘cause trisexual is SO 1998).

I do have a few, hard limits, but other than that I’ve learned that many of my limits over time, given the right circumstances, have seized to be limits. I choose to see that as a positive extension to my already curious personality.

So as you might guess, it’s not a specific list, although I can mention a few things that I probably wont stop craving anytime soon: Roleplay, puppy-play, assplay, fisting, bondage/suspension (I blame The Puppeteer), blindfolding, leather, masks, and of course sunsets and long walks on the beach.

As to how I got in to all this… Well. Coincidence and curiosity, probably. Of course I got in touch with a lot of stuff partially because of my more experienced roomie, and partially because I felt misplaced in Copenhagen and moved to Amsterdam, where I now work in a gay fetish store. So I went from being embarrassed and silent about my kinks to now somewhat making a living out of it – and embracing it even more by also doing some fetish photography.

It has had a price, but I’ve never felt more liberated. I wish for everyone to get the chance to feel that in their own way.

It’s awesome. Hears snores … Puppy! At least stop drooling on me! Tickles

Sev: Ahhahaha nooo, I’m sorry, it was just soo comfortable… But really, that’s a big personality change you had then. Especially when you describe yourself as “relatively new”. And as a fellow gourmet and liker of many things, I totally understand your viewpoint. So when you’re browsing through the different frequencies, whats gets you on a good tune? And what are some of the things that make you “click” with someone?

Vic: Aw, that’s perfect, pup. I love making people (and pups) feel comfortable. I’ve been told that it’s easy around me, let’s hope that’s true!

To be honest, I don’t think my personality changed, I just think I finally found a way to let out a part of me that has “always” been there, but that I for different reasons never had the opportunity to nurture. I sometimes talk to people who use a phrasing like “I wish I had the guts to do that”, which just confirms me that a lot of people are holding back on themselves. For some, it is necessary – I totally understand it, I’ve been there. An image just came to mind writing this, it’s an image of circle, an inside it there’s a text saying: “Your comfort zone”. Then, somewhere far away from the circle, there’s a little dot and a text that reads: “Where the magic happens”. I’ve found that to prove itself right on many occasions.

So to Segway that into your question, that’s why I like to try different things with different guys. I like experimenting, discovering, learning (about myself and others).

First of all, I have to say that what get’s me in tune also wary depending on what mood I’m in. Some days I just feel like an easy fuck, instead of going through the (not so) elaborate process of matching sexual chemistry with someone over either text or through pounding music. I’m guessing most people has that almost careless itch sometimes to just get anything, as long as it has a pulse.

But good sex comes from good connection. And as you know, connection can happen on many levels, so it’s really not that difficult. (Even though getting past the “Hi, ‘sup” can be).

One of the things that catches my interest instantaneously, is humor and social skills. I was going to write “intelligence”, but I find that so demeaning as there can be tons of ways to be intelligent that won’t come across in text. But nonetheless, I appreciate it when people are wordjugglers as well. I tend to say the best guys can talk themselves into my pants.

The reason I’m not giving away what “type” that might be, is because it honestly varies a lot. As I mentioned earlier, I like to try/do different things with different guys, depending on their kinks, attitude and looks. And dicksizes. Yes, I’m going there. It is plain simply that if I bottom, I feel slightly odd if I’m larger endowed than the top. Mind you, this is not set in stone, but it’s an interesting notion to discover about oneself. When I top, I prefer guys that are smaller in frame than myself, because I like to feel like I have some sort of physical advantage. And I do like (taking) advantage…

Which I also like on myself… But yes, that’s the masochist story we can talk about some other time… Pup? You’re drooling again. With your eyes open.

Sev: Huh? Oh uhm, yeah, I was just focused on your, uh, “lap”. So, you’re easygoing and calm, so thats difficult to achieve I guess, but have you had experiences where you got completely out of tune or out of the zone when playing with somebody? Why? And how did you handle it?

Vic: Cheeky puppy. You’re a mouthful. Or you can get one. bellyrubs

Hmm. This is actually a pretty good question. I actually had to think pretty hard on that, because strangely enough most of my encounters are either amazing, less amazing or, sadly, unmemorable. But of course, there are exceptions. Ugh, I feel awkward just thinking about it.

So this isn’t that long ago, as ’twas an autumn night in the bloom of my fetish exploring.

I was chatting with this guy on one of the many apps available, specifically about wanting to explore the dom/sub energy. The guys stats looked promising, pics were hot, he looked young (there was no age), but somehow also… dark minded. And I kinda liked it. So after a whole day of chatting back and forth (I was at work) we agreed to meet later that night.

So, come that night, and at some point the moment comes where the doorbell has rung, the guest buzzed in and you almost shiver of antici….pation. I’ve already opened the door ajar; my vanity bids me to awkwardly check myself one last time before meeting… my guest.

My guest was a very… young man.

21, he confirmed when I somehow managed to ask, inconspicuously.

Like, he definitely had some really good pictures that made him look young. But now I understood that they’d made him look much older. (Yeah, yeah, before the whole internet points out the obvious mistakes I could have avoided by implementing equally obvious actions, rest assured, I already know. Now. Hindsight is hell). This situation hasn’t happened to me before; that someone appeared to be someone completely different to what I imagined. And although I like surprises, unfortunately, this one put me instantaneously out of the mood. He was definitely sexy, it’s not that at all, it was just… I didn’t feel I could live in to a sub role with him. It was just a gut feeling, and I couldn’t change it.

But I also didn’t have the guts to say anything until the very last moment, where he took on his role and threw me on the bed, mounted me slowly, kissing my chest, neck, and lastly, my mouth, that greeted the kiss with tonight’s buzz kill: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.” Then the awkward part being the aftermath where I told him the reason and he left, quite dramatically. Silent, but dramatic.

So I handled that situation awfully, in my own opinion, but I also feel that I did learn from it… Just not what I initially thought I would. But hey, how’s that for a… tickles pup… surprise! … Who’s a good boy, huh? scratch-and-rub-attack

Sev: Hahaha no why? I didn’t sleep this time! – Hehe  “nuzzles” you are. Thanks for telling us so much about yourself Vic. It was very nice to have you here and I am already looking forward for the next time when you tell more about that promised masochist story 😉

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