CM7wS4VWgAAc7rI[1]I know it isn’t really a fetish subject but it is one of the sexiest crowdfunding projects in the world. OK, probably it is kind of sportswear fetish theme but without wear, so it is just sports. Important is, all the hot rowers are naked and if you aren’t into rowing after seeing the guys you will become a rower at least in your fantasy.

The WARWICK ROWERS are collecting money with their charity project SPORT ALLIES money to fight against homophobia. I think that is something we really have to support and believe me, you’ve never get so much satisfaction by making a donation. But at latest when you find the calendar in your postbox you will realize how horny you can get by being do-gooder!

Now you can order different calendars for the next year on their homepage.

[kad_vimeo url=”″ maxwidth=800 ]


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