1991 | 193 cm | 102 kg
Rogaland (NO)

When have you felt, that you’re interested in the ABDL fetish and what have been your first steps into the ABDL and diapers world?

It started with bed wetting issues in my childhood which meant I needed to wear diapers at night. That stopped when i turned 10, but the desire to wear diapers came back again shortly after – I wasn’t able to buy any so I got creative, the occasional makeshift diaper now and then, using towels, extra layers of boxers, and other silly solutions. Fast forward to me being 19 years old though, and I met up with another local ABDL on a Norwegian website. Together we decided to try buying some adult diapers (you can only buy them in pharmacies in Norway, and you have to ask over the counter, a “fun” experience indeed.) And from there on I’ve bought diapers since, explored the adult baby part of ABDL, and wearing diapers 1 to 3 times a week, a couple times a month, etc. And recently; going for the 24/7 diapering lifestyle.

What is for you the attraction of being in the baby headspace?

There’s just something about it that I find quite calming. It puts my mind at ease, it lowers my stress levels, my anxiety levels, and it puts me in a happy spot. Diapers are of course a part of it, but over time I have acquired quite a few related items, pacifiers, baby bottles, onesies, footed sleeper pajamas, stuffed animals etc. All of these mentioned can contribute a lot to the feeling of being in little headspace.

Combined with other hobbies of mine such as retro gaming, there’s very few things that are better than laying on a blanket on the floor surrounded by stuffed animals, in a diaper, dressed in “jammies”, with a pacifier, and a nice bottle of milk. While playing my favourite games.

Unless a daddy is involved of course, but I don’t live with one, I do have the occasional local ones that visit, and some around Europe that I visit though!

What is for you the turn on when you’re wearing diapers? Can you tell us more about the emotions and sensations you have by wearing it?

Oh heck, where to start… Since I wear diapers every day now, all the time, I’m not really turned on by them all that often, they just feel natural to me at this point. Using them as they’re intended does feel pretty nice though, and just adds to the feeling of being little, be that if my diaper is wet, or if I’ve done a “#2”. Especially the “#2” part of it has the ability to send me straight into little space, there’s just a feeling of helplessness to sitting in a loaded diaper that i just love about it. Now and then I get changed by daddies and caretakers, that just adds to the experience. As for the naughty stuff, magic wands, and rubbing the front of my diaper can be quite fun!

Can you tell us a little about the action of the adult baby game? What happened there and what are the points which are giving you satisfaction?

I’m really more of a toddler when in this role, so I like a little bit of being independent too, playing with toys, being a little brat now and then, and trying to escape when daddy wants to change me, even though I most likely need a fresh diaper… That’s toddler logic for you!

But back to more serious points, when I’m on my own I just do things that make me feel happy, and little. I dress in little clothes, watch cartoons, play video games, play with lego, duplo, toy cars, draw, colour, and drink from a baby bottle. I change myself when needed, and go back to what I was previously doing.

The times I’m with a daddy or caretaker, things get a little more involved. Routine things like diaper checks happen. They’ll change my diaper when needed, and when they do, it’s a bit more authentic in a way, I’m mostly occupied with holding a stuffed animal, or they give me a pacifier, while they do the work of undoing the diaper, cleaning me, and applying a new one.

They interact with me in other ways as well, such as having me sit on their lap, feeding me a bottle of milk, and reading me stories when it’s bedtime. Basically all the typical child care things happen. Having such happen during a weekend can do wonders for my mood. It is like being at ground level, and suddenly soaring to cloud 9! it puts me in a really happy and floaty mindset.

Can you tell us a little about the sexual aspects of your fetish? Is domination and SM also part of it?

While it usually isn’t the case for me, I do play with people in this way yeah, if I misbehave for example, I can get spanked during regular AB-play. And on occasion they’ll diaper me, but with a plug, or vibrator inside, quite fun!

I’ve been exploring other sides of BD/SM the past two years as well. While I haven’t had the chance to have any sessions of it yet, rope play, where I’m tied up for instance seems quite tempting. And might be something I’ll explore in the future with any of my daddies. I’m generally pretty open to trying new things, as long as it isn’t way over the top, haha!

Was it difficult to out yourself as ABDL? Have you had problems with it, how do you find your daddies and other abdl lovers and do you have any advices for other abdl newbies?

I haven’t really outed myself as ABDL as such, I’ll happily tell people if they ask though. Though I haven’t really gotten as far as to tell everyone I know either, a couple people know so far. But I’ve been working on being braver in public than I used to. At least when it comes to dressing somewhat childish.

I’ve found most of my daddies through a local Scandinavian ABDL site, (ABDL-Scandinavia), and a few groups I’m in on Telegram. A couple I’ve also gotten to know through friends within the spectrum.

Starting out as an ABDL is a difficult process for most people, especially when you want to meet people with the common interest. Try to join local groups, if there are any, see if you can attend scheduled ABDL group meets. If you’re meeting someone one-on-one for the first time, take your precautions. Always pick a well traveled, well lit, and easy to escape meeting point! You can get a general idea of how a person is online, but there can be many hidden attributes to a person as well. I did the classic newbie mistake when meeting a daddy for the first time, and sat down in his car at a parking lot.

In hindsight that was a terrible idea, but you know what they say, hindsight is… well, that’s next year. The bottom line is; be safe, and secure – like your diaper!

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