Three sexy guys (Bloo, Ronikat and FurFur) answer the same questions about their ADULT BABY / DIAPER LOVER FETISH.


a 19 yo ABDL from Ireland


a 22yo ABDL lover from Texas (US)


a 30 yo ABDL from Canada

MasterMarc: Hi, you’re a young an adult baby and diapers lover and you show your passion also on your tumblr blog. When have you felt, that you’re interested in the ABDL fetish and what have been your first steps into the ABDL and diapers world?

Bloo: I started being an ABDL at age 14,though I’ve been interested in diapers from a young age. I used to be have kidney infections a lot as a kid and was a bed wetter so I had to wear pull ups. Eventually I grew back out of it.

When I was 14 I met a friend who still wore diapers ,I didn’t even know then you could get them in adult sizes. I did research and came across ABDLs and thought the whole world of I was very interesting ,I came across many tumblr blogs of cute adult babyboys and girls in diapers and nice baby styles clothes and thought it’d be fun to try. So I did and started posting my own pictures online,I have met many friends this way and have been ABDL ever since!

Ronikat: I got into the diaper world basically by never leaving it since birth.  I have grown up wearing diapers due to having an under-developed bladder; which has left me not knowing when or if i have to pee.  On the bright side I enjoy wearing diapers so it hasn’t been too much of a struggle.  The ABDL world i got into more when i was about 12, thanks to the internet.  I began looking up people like me and learned about the whole ABDL community.  I have always loved acting younger than I really am, being taken care of, and not having to worry about anything really; just knowing someone else will do the worrying for me.

FurFur: I think most of our kinks and fetishes are always part of us. We just have to be triggered into finding it. I have a few memories of wanting to wear diapers when I was younger. I managed to a few times but it was’t really until my teens that I started with the typical trips to stores to get baby items and diapers and did a lot of playing in private. I had a locked box in my closet with an aura of shame around it. When I moved out for University I started attending local meets and events. Discovering I wasn’t the only one into these odd things was kind of nice. Since then I’ve been doing my thing.

MasterMarc: What is for you the turn on when you’re wearing diapers? Can you tell us more about the emotions and sensations you have by wearing it?

Bloo: Thats a really tough question because its very hard to pinpoint what it is about diapers that gets a person off but I feel for me its the feeling of the bulk between my legs restricting my movements and rubbing against my groin.

I really love the general comforting feeling they give too,it’s like sitting on a fluffy cloud. The thicker the better ! I love the bulky feeling of diapers and the crinkly noise they make when you walk. It also feels great when they swell up when they are wet . There’s no better feeling! My favourite diapers are ones with cute babyish prints on them as they make me feel
Super small! I also feel its a little bit of a humiliation thing especially when I’m wearing diapers in public, the thought that someone might notice that i’m wearing diapers brings up feelings of excitement and slight arousal. Te thought of being caught wearing diapers excites me.

Ronikat: Diapers never really used to be a turn-on for me, at least not until I hit puberty.  After that I started to enjoy the sensation of wearing one, especially a wet one.  The feeling of going out in public diapered, although I had done it my entire life, changed.  I started getting thrills from thinking about what people would say if they knew I was wearing one.  Humiliation and even the thought of being humiliated out in public from random strangers finding out began to turn me on, and I would often fantasize about it.

FurFur: When I first started exploring and I found out the ABDL and age play term while cruising the dark corners of the internet I was sure I was an adult baby but as I’ve explored things over the last 12 years I have learned that the aspect of age play that I am more attracted to is the forced and humiliation aspect of being regressed. Think diapers used as punishment.

Being that controlled by another person to that extent and relying on another person for care but it also generally comes with a sense of condesending love…you’re just a little baby let me do that, that gets me going.

The fact I can work aspects of age play and abdl into my other kinks and fetishes (wearing a diaper with a tail plug in can be done!) is always a plus too.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us a little about the action of the adult baby game? What happened there and what are the points which are giving you satisfaction?

Bloo: There are a lot of parts of it that I love ,both non sexual and sexual. It really depends what mindset you are in on the day. Sometimes it is just all about comfort and you want nothing more than to be cuddled up with your favourite person,in a nice cosy diaper and onesie ,drinking a bottle and watching cartoons,not worrying about anything in adult life like bills,work or college. It’s really nice not to have to worry about adult problems for at least a few hours. It’s a great stress relief.

Then sometimes if you feel a bit naughty ,it’s always so much fun to tease your daddy/Dom and be a brat,which usually ends up in having a pacifier gag shoved in your mouth,a  vibrating buttplug in ,and diapered ,then tied to a bed for being a bad baby boy ! 

I really love both aspects of it,like I said,it totally depends on what you’re feeling on the day. I’d like to think it’s mostly non sexual for me and mostly a comfort thing , but when mixed with other things like bondage ,Spanking,SM and humiliation it can be a very fun sexual experience.

Ronikat: I wouldn’t call being an adult baby a game.  It’s a lifestyle for most and just a sexual turn-on for others.  As far as me being an adult baby, I have always loved being taken care of, acting helpless and younger, and just being cute and innocent in general.  When i’m acting like a baby I tend to stop talking.  I rely more on gestures and cute noises to get peoples attention or to reply to anything.  I love being fed, and having someone give me a bottle or sippy cup.  If i’m in a bad mood, having someone give me my plushie or my pacifier.  Having someone change my diaper when I need it.  Basically, just having someone else there to make me happy and make sure I am taken care of gives me satisfaction.

FurFur: I’m a bit of a brat and enjoy the corrections and punishments that age play can come with. I do admittedly like being on the recieving end of punishments, spankings and being paddled or having speech restrictions and then getting my mouth washed out with soap. Especially in front of others.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us a little about the sexual aspects of your fetish? Is domination and SM also part of it? 

Bloo: The great part of being ABDL is it doesn’t always have to be sexual. Most times it’s just a comfort thing.

There is definitely a strong link between domination and SM and being ABDL. A lot of people into ABDL love the complete loss of control they can feel when being put into diapers by a Dom,given strict rules like a young child would be given,spankings,and humiliation play a big part in it for some people. I myself like the whole feeling of ‘loss of control’ when in the ABDL headspace . Being bratty and Struggling against the dom for power is a huge turn on. Humiliation is also a fun aspect in it,I remember once I was with a guy who was my daddy at the time, we went to the beach ,I was being cheeky and he decided to pull down my trousers and reveal my diaper for everyone to see ! It was embarrassing,yet a huge turn on!

Another great thing about it is you can mix ageplay with other fetishes too. I often mix it with puppy play. I love being a baby pup with my diapers and onesie on,and my pup mask ! They’re similar in the ‘loss of control’ aspects and getting yourself into a simpler mindset,mixing the two together is a great feeling.

I love mixing diapers and bondage together too – you can go a lot longer being tied up if you have a diaper on – no bathroom breaks!

Ronikat: The sexual aspects of the ABDL fetish depends more on the person.  I know a lot of ABDLs that get there rocks off by having a dirty diaper shoved into their face or in their mouth and other things of that nature.  Personally, I enjoy having sex while wearing diapers.  Having someone rip a hole in the back of my diaper and sliding themselves into it; or me pulling my cock out of my diaper and fucking somebody else.  There is something about hearing the diaper crinkle during every thrust that gets me off quickly.  Domination is definitely a part of the fetish, especially if you are doing a daddy / baby kind of scenario.  Having daddy fuck his little baby boy during a diaper change or during or after bath time.  Having daddy use his baby’s diaper if he needs to pee.  SM with the ABDL fetish is more or less just being spanked for being naughty, although some people probably do take it a lot further with flogging and other things.  But in my opinion, if someone takes it to the point of being flogged or whipped in a diaper, it isn’t so much focused around the ABDL fetish anymore.

FurFur: Diapers themselves do something for me sexually, I can’t explain why really. I just know they’re comfy and feel good when you’re allowed to hump things.

I enjoy a lot of aspects of kink…the whole BDSM acronym and luckily can bring a lot of that into this play.

I myself am not a Dominant or Top although I’ve tried switching, it just wasn’t for me I wasn’t convincing enough.

MasterMarc: In my eyes the outing as adult baby and diaper lover is also not very easy. Have you had problems with it, how do you find your daddies and other abdl lovers and do you ahve any advices for other abdl newbies?

Bloo: It can be quite difficult sometimes. Telling vanilla partners that you wear diapers is always an uncomfortable feeling as you never know how they are going to react,whether it’s going to be positive or negative. It is not as mainstream a fetish as the likes of bondage /SM so people can find it a bit strange and find it difficult to understand why you’d enjoy wearing diapers. Even within the fetish community people can be rather judgemental /weirded out by it. There is not much of an ABDL scene where I’m from,once I went to a local fetish night in a cloth diaper and puppy mask and got quite a few stares. It’s almost completely unheard of here ,so I tend to go abroad to the UK to attend ABDL events and find other likeminded people who I can feel comfortable sharing my fetish with.

For new people wanting to get into ABDL and find out more, I recommend joining fetlife. I have met so many friends on that website including daddies and play partners. It is also a great place to find out about events that you may be interested in attending. I recommend joining one of the ABDL groups on there and ask for advice if you need any,most people are really nice!

Ronikat: I was outed about wearing diapers when i was in middle school.  At the time it was not easy at all.  Everyone who found out at school started picking on me and trying to start fights with me.  I put up with it until my freshman year of high school, but by then i was fed up with everyone treating me like shit at school.  I finally started to fight back when someone would try to fight me and would usually end up winning.  I started just taking the insults and throwing them back in other kids faces.  Basically, I just fully accepted who I was, and figured that nobody else’s thoughts or opinions could change or hurt me.  I found my current daddy and husband through mutual friends on facebook.  He didn’t know anything about the ABDL community until he met me, but he quickly accepted it, and accepted the role of daddy.  Other ABDLs i meet online on various ABDL websites, like diaper-bois.com.  For anybody interested in the ABDL community and fetish, or even those who have already partaken but are too scared to go out and enjoy it, just jump in.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself and express the things that make you happy.  People can judge and make opinions about you, but fuck them.  The only opinion that should ever matter to you is your own.

FurFur: Its definetly not easy and not something I throw out in casual concersation.

I started by going to meets and frequenting local message boards. Take your time. Finding a Daddy or Big can be a long process but rewarding and there are shady players out there but  you can meet a lot of good friends along the way too.

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