Rubber is for many kinksters the fabric of desire, high sensation and sexyness. One of these kinksters is a sweet Asian boy living downunder. A boy who really loves to show himself in rubber and who loves to model in rubber.


1992 | 178 cm | 62 kg
Perth (AU)

Wearing rubber is really sensual for me. It’s as though my entire body is being squeezed gently.

Why does rubber fascinate you so much and how did you first come in contact with it?

My first contact with rubber fetish was through Tumblr. I was browsing porn blogs and stumbled upon a pic of a guy in a rubber catsuit. Instantly, I was hard. Back then I didn’t understand why it turned me on so much but I knew I wanted to be rubbery just like him.

I’m crazy about rubber because it is such a sexy material. I love how it highlights every detail of the body and smooths everything out. It’s really mesmerising when polished to a mirror finish. There’s something mysterious and sensual about it. I also really like how it smells and feels.

How does it feel when you wear rubber?

Wearing rubber is really sensual for me. It’s as though my entire body is being squeezed gently. It also heightens my sense of touch. Being felt up in rubber is electrifying.

I also feel more confident when I wear rubber. I grew up with a lot of body image issues. It took many years for me to feel comfortable with my own appearance. But I’ve always liked the way I look in rubber and it’s helped me with my self confidence.

Can you tell us about the first time that you have been wearing rubber and what kind of sensations did you have?

The first time I wore my suit was a bit of a funny struggle. I remember being really excited when it arrived but I didn’t have much of an idea how to put it on. An online friend suggested that I use talcum powder to get into the suit. It did not work out so well 😉 . I discovered that talcum was not a good lube and struggled to get into the suit. There was a lot jumping around trying to get my leg into the suit. Powder was scattered all over my floor but I was in. It was tight and not too comfortable but I was still excited. I jerked myself off as a reward but I knew this wasn’t the fantasy I had imagined.

However, things were a lot better the second time. I had purchased some silicon lube as well as polish for my suit and I slid gracefully into my suit. With the lube, the rubber could glide softly across my skin and it felt very sensual. After polishing my suit, I was the rubber object I had always wanted to be. It felt like a huge achievement, to look into a mirror and see your ideal self gazing back. And then I jerked off furiously to my own reflection

It’s like I’m transforming into someone/something else when I put it on.

What changes for you when you are in rubber?

I definitely feel hornier in rubber. It’s like I’m transforming into someone/something else when I put it on. You could think of it as a uniform for sex. Wearing it really helps me take on either a submissive or a dominant role, depending on the scene. It helps me slip into a depraved state of mind to live out my wildest fantasies.

How often / when do you wear it?

I usually wear it twice a week. I typically wear it for sex, clubbing or photoshoots. Sometimes more or less depending on what’s happening in my life (work/events/holidays). I love being seen in rubber because I think I look good in it.

I would wear rubber in my spare time if my apartment had air conditioning. I cannot relax in rubber because I feel chilly or sweaty while wearing it. I am unable to sleep in rubber for the same reason.

A rubber lover who don’t love the sweaty feeling? Hehehe. But you love it so much that you enjoy to be photographed or filmed in rubber and to show yourself in your social media channels. What is your motivation to do it?

Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling hot and sweaty in my rubber… Until I cum. Then all I want is to get out of it and carry on with my day.

Haha I do put out quite a bit of media. It’s my way of contributing to the fetish community. When I first started out, I had no idea what my aesthetic was. I knew I wanted to be a cool, sexy rubberman but I didn’t know how to do that. One day I stumbled upon Sly Hands’ blog and his images really inspired me. This was back when fetish porn and imagery was not as widely available as it is today. He photographed different themes like rubbermen in bondage, rubber streetwear and rubber in everyday life. It gave me a lot of ideas for my own looks.

That’s why I post my content online; I want to help others to discover their fetishes and maybe inspire new ideas and styles. I also want kink to be more socially accepted. My own city isn’t particularly kink friendly but I’m trying to change that in any that way I can. That’s why I go out in rubber, model for fetish events and engage with local communities.

How important is it that your play partner is wearing rubber too?

Its not that important for me, honestly. There’s only a handful of local guys who own rubber in Perth so I can’t be too picky. I’m most turned on when playing with other rubber guys but it’s not a hard requirement. I still play with other guys who don’t have gear/different types of gear.

Does naked sex still attract you? How about when they’re in other gear?

Naked sex is still appealing to me. But in those cases, it’s the connection and between us that really matters. If we have a lot in common and there’s a good vibe between us, I’d be down for sex. Or if he’s hot as fuck. That works too :p

I don’t mind other types of gear. I find leather and neoprene to be very sexy materials as well. I’d love to have sex with a leatherman.

What makes playing in rubber so attractive? Are there any particular sexual acts that really turn you on in rubber?

Sex in rubber is so attractive because its like I’m turning into an anonymous rubber sex object. I feel free to live out my fantasies without fear or shame because I become a rubber sex slave. And it is natural/expected to be kinky and depraved as a rubber sex slave. Sex in rubber is also like a sensory overload. Everything is more intense and sensual.

I love to be helpless and overpowered when I’m in rubber. I want to be bound up and used like an object.

To be submissive is really thrilling but liberating as well!

You have told us before that rubber makes you hornier and that it helps you to switch more into a dominant or submissive role. To be honest your last answer shows me, that your submissive side is much more dominant 🙂 . What is the attraction of being a sexual object and to be used for the others pleasure?

I do learn more towards being submissive. I want to feel helpless and not in control while someone else has their way with me. It’s really thrilling but liberating as well! It’s as though your partner is taking you on an journey through their dark desires.

Why is it liberating to lose control?

In regards to being a sexual object, it’s a way to live out my inner desires that I’ve kept repressed for so long. I grew up in a catholic household and sex was always really taboo. I’ve always wanted to be sexy and attractive and to engage in the carnal desires of the flesh but I never knew how to. As a sex object, I can fulfil that desire to serve and please others despite not knowing how to. They order me around and I obey. There is no confusion and embarrassment over not knowing what to do next. Just order and service.

I do enjoy serving someone else and pleasing them. I’ve always been kind and considerate and this is a (dark and kink) way of expressing it. Putting the needs of my dom above my own.

That’s changed a little now though. I do know how to be a fun and compelling sexual partner (or at least I hope so!) and I enjoy the dominant role from time to time. I love the power rush from reversing the dynamic. Having the strong dominant partner bound up and reduced to being your plaything really turns me on. There’s still is a lot of appeal in being submissive but it’s fun to mix things up occasionally.

What is your hottest rubber experience so far? And do you have any fantasies that you have yet to live out?

My hottest rubber experience so far is being in a vacuum bed. It’s an amazing full body bondage experience. I was completely trapped between two thick layers of rubber and my only contact with the outside world was through a breathing tube. Since the rubber is elastic, I could push and pull against it but I would always be pulled back to my original position. Struggling was pointless and I was truly at the mercy of my captors.

I have a lot of fantasies but the one I want to live out next is to be bound in rubber and fucked a bunch of sexy men in gear, just like those group porn videos. I want all of them to cum on/in me. At the end, they’ll release me and I’ll jerk off covered in cum as they all watch.

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