3 hot guys answer to 5 questions about their sneax/boots, sox and feet fetish.


a kinky illustrator from California (USA)


a young student from Leipzig (Germany)


a real nasty guy from Frankfurt (Germany)


sadOsam: Why do you find sneax / boots attractive, what makes them sexy and what do you like to do with them?

Drubskin: I’m always drawn in by classic lines, designs and materials. Textures of sueded or velvety leather, the bendable roughness of canvas, and rubber soles. There are some man-made materials that are ok, but I don’t care for the sneakers that look like they have gimmicks or springs or suction cups in the heels. Ultimately, it’s who wears the boots or sneakers that matters most. I have to like or respect them. They are the ones who put all the character into their kicks. This makes me crazy. These men encase their feet in these magnificent tombs all day, working, moving, and sweating. The associations of a man’s boots or sneakers can really get a scene going quickly.

Toughcookie: So many aspects of sneakers, boots or shoes are attractive to me. I love their shape, I love their fabric and I love the fact that I get to clean them! So naturally I like to lick them. Being a human doormat and shoe cleaner is what I love! That’s why I enjoy it when the shoes have been walking around for a while already, although they don’t have to be “filthy”. Just dirty enough to be cleaned by me. I guess maybe all following aspects of feet, shoes and socks have to do with dirtiness and the resulting humiliation for me, but shoes are still slightly different, as they usually have the most degrading effect for a slave. Oh, and besides licking them clean I also being (mildly) kicked by them!

Nacktleben: There are two different aspects. At first I like the skater boy style and sneax are definitely a core part of it. Boys and men wearing them are appealing to me. The other aspect I discovered as a young boy: When you wear sneax a long day and you pull them off they have a very special smell which is hard to describe. But I’m sure that every reader knows what I’m talking about. This smell makes me really horny. So it became a core part of my sexuality over the years to smell on sneakers. The older the better.

sadOsam: Do you like socks and why? Does the state of the socks matter and what do you love about it?

Drubskin: Yes! My first fetish I ever came to terms with & dearest to my heart. I love duality or  poetic contradictions. Socks are pervy by their very nature. A tube of fabric that conforms to the shape of a man’s foot collecting sweat, dirt, and smells. It’s really nothing until a man puts them on all day inside his boots or sneakers. It becomes his & part of his story. Once he takes off his boots or sneakers protecting him all day, he’s vulnerable and soft and masculine at the same time. The dampness, heat and the scent of a man is infused in his socks. They are an extension of his masculinity. When somebody allows to you to play with their socked feet, fresh from their kicks, it’s one of the most intimate things another man can share with you. Vulnerable and strong, soft and meaty. And the pheromones!!!

Toughcookie: I simply love socks. Although I love to worship and clean a Master’s shoe, I can’t wait to get to his socks. Maybe they are even my favourite bit! The way they sort of carry the essence of a foot’s smell in them makes me absolutely crazy! And once they’re uncovered, I love to sniff them, lick them or even carry them in my mouth and suck the delicious sweat out of them. Their state is not that important, but I guess I like it if they are neither store-bought new, nor so old they already fall apart. It’s best if they’re well-worn and suit the shape of my Master’s foot well!

Nacktleben: Of course I like socks. Ideally white socks directly out of sneakers. As I said above it’s the smell what attracts me. And when it comes to socks it’s just the next layer after you pull off sneakers. They have that big advantage that you can pull them off and bring them close to your nose in order to get the full smell. And you can put them in your mouth to get also the taste of it. So you can keep the socks a whole session long.

sadOsam: What is the fascination of feet for you? What makes them appealing and what turns you on?

Drubskin: We are taught at a very young age that feet are gross or are unhygienic. There’s a great taboo associated with feet in general so pressing them to your face or sliding his socked toes into your mouth is a perfect way to flout convention. Personally, the dirtier & sweatier the better for me, but I’m a pig who loves pheromones and using my senses. We don’t see people’s feet usually so glimpses of them and what they look like is somewhat of a thrill as well. High or fallen arches? Wide or long feet? Big or small? Toe shape? Nice nails? Soft skin? Yeah. These are all good things.

Toughcookie: That is a difficult question to answer, as there are many aspects of fascination to it. Firstly, I simply enjoy the shape of the male foot in all varieties, so it needn’t be very big to be attractive to me. And although I’ll come to that in the next question, the smell of feet has always been arousing to me. There’s also the fact that feet are located at the very bottom of the human body, and whenever you worship them, you’re even lower than that. Personally, I like myself in that position!

Nacktleben: Sneakers and socks are just on the way to the real target: feet. Of course here I can find the real smell and taste I’m looking for. Therefore licking feet is essential for my sexuality. Even when it comes to masturbating I love to lick my own feet. But there is more. Feet are a very sensual part of your body – think of the great pleasure that you receive from a foot massage. Licking feet is kind of a soft massage. A lot of your nerves go directly from your feet to your brain. And that’s the reason why I love to walk barefoot. I try to live my life naked. Obviously that’s not possible in every situation but at least I try to be barefoot. And it seems that for many people the look of barefoot people is much more attractive than people with socks. Think of advertisements – you always see there barefoot people.

sadOsam: How important are smells to you in these practics. Do they have a turnon- or even a turnoff effect for you?

Drubskin: HUGE turn on! I never understand these guys who don’t go all in on this fetish, who just like clean socks. I feel like they are missing out on feeding their senses. If you couple this with a cocky or boastful man, the scene can be really hot. Not much gets me more horny than a good foot worship scene and I delight in being very versatile here. Sucking, kissing and worshipping beautiful feet is one of my favorite things. Working it into a scene with other fetishes or acts can melt my brain.

Toughcookie: Actually smells are very important to me and definitely have a turn-on effect. I love the smell of shoes, socks and feet, especially if it is rather strong. Nothing beats the intense aroma of a sweaty sock after a long day (or two…)! In my experience I found that, even though belonging to the same foot, the smell of shoes, socks and feet can vary a little. I like to sniff all of them as long and as intensive as I can, or better still, for as long as I’m told to!

Nacktleben: As described this is really important to me because when I lick and sniff on feet I want to get the real feet smell and taste. Otherwise it would make more sense to lick or sniff on a soap.


sadOsam: How much do all of these things hang together with dominance and submission for you, and how important is that aspect?

Drubskin: It’s very much part of that role playing, or at least I hope it includes it. Being under a man’s foot or boot can put the bottom in a very electrified state, reassuring him of his place. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal. There’d a lot of power here and it’s fantastic to explore and play with.

Toughcookie: Although I also enjoy just worshipping someone’s foot while they relax and just lean back, dominance, and especially humiliation play an important role for me. I love being told to get down and clean, sniff or lick! And even though I’m not a huge fan of eating food from a shoe or foot (I prefer spit), I love the humiliation of doing it while being watched. I also like the idea of licking a shoe clean, and then being rewarded by sniffing the socks! Thinking of humiliation, I remember a video I saw, in which some Japanese soccer players have their smelly socks and feet sniffed by a slave. That would be a dream come true for me! But whatever the circumstances, I just love to be on my knees, worshipping somebody’s feet.

Nacktleben: I mean dominance and submission is the functionality behind sex. For many people feet are ugly and nasty, especially when they smell. And so it is of course very submissive to lick someone’s feet. I think this is also an aspect that I like. It’s a very submissive position to lie in front of someone and lick his feet.





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