Limitlessslave – a 22 yo slave living in United Kingdom – writes what he thinks about slavery.

Master, throughout the History of Male Homosexual Dominance Master has always been an Absolute Perfection and the Most Superior Male Homosexual. Master naturally has an absolute right, at any time, any place, under any circumstances, for whatever possible reason, Master has the absolute right to do anything and everything Master desires to a slave. as always Master stands at the top of the slave’s world, He is the world to them, He is why slave is born and live for. Master always have known their place as Powerful, Ultimate and privileged Masterpiece of Dominant Male. Fine Form of Excellence, Alphas among Men.

Every Master has Natural privilege and right to own slaves freely and use in any way that pleases Him. In Master’s inherited, only and absolute right to take an ownership over slave’s body, mind and life, once owned, it is irreversible, unbreakable and ultimate. Master has right to take slave under His feet, slave has no right to say no upon command of an ownership. Whatever, whoever, whenever Master says, orders anything, slave must, under any possible circumstances, obey and worship Master immediately.

The Ownership, with ultimate rule that already exists between, since Master is at the top of the pyramid over all Men, with His Loyal Privilege over any and all slaves, complete usage and an empowering ownership, it is naturally enforced and commanded. according to this, any and every single element of Ownership over sub-human ; slave, toy, torture object, slave, sex-slave. Must and immediately be complied without any denial nor any hesitation but most fully, immediately, without any exception.
 from the start there was never such thing as an option, choice, right to a slave, all and every single slave must always surrender its body and mind completely and obey to any and every single Master. upon any encounter of Superior Male, Master. all slave must be loyal, humble, submissive helpless and obedient, serve and satisfy Master until it is granted with Highest honor and only purpose of its life, use, abuse, torture and ultimately, an Ownership. so all slave shall always be grateful and show utmost respect, gratitude, Loyalty, honesty and faithfully worship its Master and any other Masters including Alpha Men, Top Men..
Since Master has granted slave a greatest gift of all, an one and only, ultimate goal and purpose of its life, a fulfillment and completion of the reason of its sole existence and single and only reason of living, An Ownership. slave must serve Master with all its best, slave only, must always say Yes Master and Thank you Master and nothing else.

As owned slave its goal and purpose of life is completed. slave is the most happiest and luckiest slave, now there’s only left to live its life for Master, serving and worshipping every single moment. obeying and following every single order, punishment, abuse, and control. So in its initial progress slave itself should think about its ownership, how it is the only purpose of its life, how to worship its Superior Alpha Male with its full effort, brain, mind and heart, that Master is everything and the world to slave, that slave does not exist without ownership of Master.

Good slave always thinks about how fully abide all His rules and commands live up to His standards, no matter how hard, brutal it is, helplessly, willingly led obediently and completely to a direction that Master desires. broken down, shaped out to Master’s taste, slave is to be always submissive and obedient but active and eager.

slaves, with its natural craving of serving Master, desire of complete control over its mind and body, it is incomplete and useless piece of human meat worthless than piece of shit without Master’s ownership. so every seconds, slave constantly seeks Master and only desires its complete, life long ownership.

Upon ownership slave will go through some initial change, overall effective and everlasting. But slave should also realize and comply every singe one of its elements and do its best to live up to its meaning. 
  when it is under Master’s collar, Naked, locked, Used, controlled and punished. what it should realize and behave upon.

Slave on a collar (leash)

Slave always wears collar designated by its Master. Slave should take it and wear it with humbleness and pride, as it means It is exposed, fragile, helpless and gave up its body, a crucial part, neck, a life between.
 in order to give up and give control one’s choice of living or death to someone else, in its meaning, collar is a symbol of complete submission by offering itself and its life to a Master. Humiliation for that it is no longer a human but a slave, owned property, without freedom left. As Master decides slave’s life it is an initial indicator that slave has gave complete and ultimate control to Master. so when at first, slave is collared it requires trust, willingness and commitment.
with many elements, slave submits itself completely with giving up control of its body as well as control over its life. because it is only a moment when its life given up as well as its body, slave achieves its title. 

 Noticing there’s something attached to its collar.

A leash from its neck to Master’s hand, it connects slave’s life and Master. Its life is now on Master’s hand.
Meaning slave cannot live without Master’s control, it is lifeless without being connected, owned to Master, now without ownership it is nothing different than being dead.

Leash represents that it is a Master who has complete control over slave’s life. As He decides where and when slave goes, how its days, nights, behavior will be shaped and led to, exactly as He seems fit, so it shows not only slave has no control but who has control over slave. indicates whom should slave commits itself to, obeys and follows.
 Now in slave’s hierarchy, it knows who is at the top of it, top of the world over everything and over its life and who’s at the very bottom, according to naturally built order that is absolute and ultimate.

also in public, among other Masters and slaves, when collar is worn it serves as social indicator. upon any encounter within a single sight, collar and a leash signifies that one is not an equal human being, but a property controlled and owned by the Man that is leading the leash, a Superior Sir/Master.

Slave being Naked

Cloths are symbol of civilization, protection, and personality. slave, Its privilege taken by Master, life owned under Master’s collar it does not need /deserve to have any clothes.
 Naked slave means that slave is honestly and brutally revealed everything to its Master, each and every part in and out of its body, each and every single part of its life, exposed, opened always visible and accessible.

so being naked makes Master easier to use any body part of slave’s body and life, in any way He desires, accessible as Master’s property should be treated. also being naked and exposed indicates that slave has no secret to its Master, as Master sees and supervises everything, every part of its body, not a single hair of its body should be hidden from its Master, revealed and exposed, opening itself completely to Master.
 symbolization of naked body obligates slave to be completely and fully honest, answer any questions, reveal every action and everything in its mind.

Socially, seen by other, humiliated, its living without a right to wear any clothes indicates slave’s place as lower than a human, again indicates its place. Unlike any other human or Master, slave does not have any clothes as it does not deserve any, like an animal without civility, as its place in same. but now even more degraded.
 It’s so naked, exposed, without any protection, meaning it’s helplessness upon any action taken to slave, leaving no choice but to comply. and slave cannot change anything around itself but without no option, it should adapt to its environment, acton, direction taken.
 It shows nothing but slave’s pure skin, indicating that slave does not have its own personality, like an empty canvas, very basic and emptied itself, its body ready to be shaped by Master as he sees fit. as Master wishes slave to be.

 Shaved hair is very good example of a good slave.
as slave does not deserve what every human has even in its very basic natural humane way. externally, not only artificial elements of its life is removed to serve better and comply to and meet its place under Master, it should change within its natural inherited; by shaving off its hair.

It shows further dedication and willingness and readiness for further change slave will encounter and will remain that way, promise that it will be seen and shaped into the way He desires.
 It also removes physical distraction and improves hygiene.

Slave Being Locked

Locked state of slave even enhances elements of its slavery.

It promises permanence and firmness of slavey. 
symbolizes the Ownership that is never venerable and never changeable but always absolute and unbreakable. everlasting state of slavery. one of great indication and reminder to a slave of its state without any freedom, no choice, no option and no chance to escape.
 Locked in metal cage, house, indicates slave has ultimate boundaries regarding its ownership, far bigger and grater than itself to even attempt to look at. 
 it eliminates the chance of disobedience, leaving no choice, not a single chance to even attempt to think about going outside the wall, it is a universe built around that slave lives in. it eventually gives slave a fear of going outside of universe and will make shiver with fear even hearing about disobeying or escaping. 

 Along with its meaning it also enhances physical actuality of ownership.

slave, not as free human but as owned property without any freedom, locked and captured inside metal cell, it shows slave is forced to remain as it is, very clear indicator between who’s the Owner and owned property. A Difference between human willingly and freely behaving, moving around with the basic right, and a slave, whom has given up all those, completely lost and devoted to Master. confined, bounded with no freedom, controlled in physical space. also indicates slave stays inside the range where Master intended it to be, physically and emotionally. 
 another constant, physical symbol and reminder of The absolute and hierarchy slave must abide and live its life by. as slave learns its place by humiliation, physically socially but also sexually and helplessness makes slave even more obedient.

Being locked infinitely in chastity means slave has sexual obligation to be used and only to please Master, never itself. slave no more deserves any right to have sexual pleasure at all, completely given up. sexually slave only belongs to Master, that He reserves any right exclusively, and ultimately. meaning even slave itself cannot touch itself. its sexual organ is not of its own anymore, but to be kept and used only by Master as His loyal  sexual object, exists for His own sexual pleasure.

slave is obligated to show sexual submission and humiliation. also slave has sexual obligation to serve, please and satisfy Master. He who only reserves its absolute right to use slave sexually and control, meaning as being owned property with completely given up and devoted sexual right to Master only, it clarifies slave cannot have any other kind of sexual intercourse with others or by itself.

it is very essential and initial element to constantly remind slave about its important part of slavery. It leaves no choice but to give up its sexual element of its body, to surrender its sexuality to Master. by its look chastity makes it very easily recognizable that it is owned property and shows distinguishable difference between Man and a slave, between the Owner and owned property.

slave is further more degraded with chastity since it has lost its identity, not even a male nor a human but a slave. a sexual toy for Master. also being taken away its what it is given naturally, with all the desire, it occurs great amount of craving inside slave’s heart for its dedication to sexually well serve Master. as effective as it gets, with chastity slave craves for sexual use and abuse from Master, as it doesn’t have any right, including sexual, its sexual craving is not for itself but for a Master.

it is constant, effective reminder, to whom slave belongs sexually.

Used (abused) slave

Ownership of slave includes full usage of its resources, physical and mental capacity and availability.

slave will be used and abused in any way Master desires, with all its capability and ability, to be extended and developed to meet Master’s standard. for His satisfaction and comfort.

Usage of slave varies within, shall have no limit on how much and far it will be used as long as its body and mind allows.
slave or nothing can stop or alter the use and abuse of a slave, it is its obligation to take it and satisfy Master.

Also there will be rules, tasks, chores. slave must fulfill and complete all assigned rules and tasks with willingness and obedience.

all those are unchangeable and unstoppable under any circumstances, slave must obey to the rule and conduct with its full heart and will, mind and ability. 
 Often certain rules are set. each and every single of them is to be kept, complied and obeyed with its full effort and heart. every task granted is to be carried out in time, exactly how Master wants, as its everyday duty and task, in those tasks slave learns its place and serve Master in a better, completed way.


Punishment is the most essential point in slavery, though punishment slave becomes better in serving, obeying orders and enduring pain for Master, when slave misbehaves or any kind of failure of satisfying Master 100%, carrying out its tasks perfectly, breaking or not obeying rules for a single second, even disobedience, or with any other reason, in any condition, slave will be punished by Master. 
a good slave is well aware of its punishment and always expects it from Master. When slave misbehaves, goes to a direction where Master didn’t intend to, any misconduct or lack of effort causes punishment, slave must be honest, willingly ask and take whatever punishment.
 punishment often includes ; beating, whipping, humiliation, deprivation, discipline, torture, torment, humiliation along with discomfort, pain and agony.
 also Master may decide to punish slave for other reason, for His own amusement, to a Master it is always amusing to see slave crying, suffering, whimpering in pain, begging for mercy, on its knees with screaming for mercy, shivering with tears running down on its face.

Then what do Masters consider ‘well punished slave?’, it is very simple. slave needs to be punished regularly, everyday, the more slave is punished daily is better for a slave. As harder as its punishment gets, more obedient slave becomes.
scars over slave’s body determines slave’s quality. so slave’s body should be tenderized regularly.

Then what do Masters consider a better punishment ? Better punishment generally refers longer, harder, harsher punishment, often brutal, often cruel, heartless evil punishment. Appropriate moment for punishment to stop for each session would vary, does it when slave cries? does it when slave begs? does it when slave shivers ? does it when slave shits itself? does it when slave faint out form the pain? it would be depends on how slave is well trained, or simply how Master feels like at that time.

Matter of fact best state of slave regarding punishment, If a slave shivers, cries and begs automatically just by seeing a whip inside Master’s hand but at the same time craves and asks for more, harder, harsher, cruel, sadistic, brutal, extreme punishment every time.

All because Through punishment, humiliation, slave learns its place and learns how to serve Master better, learns obedience and submission, learns where it truly belongs.
as slave considers through punishments, all those pain, discomfort, humiliation, endured and suffered for Master is Great Honor and showing Master how grateful it is to be owned.

The Mind

When slave is under Master’s control, its mind should always be focused on its Master. As its body and its mind is already taken by Master, as it is not of its own anymore, so slave must abide by this fact as well. only physical boundaries that matters, but with its mind slave has to put an constant and focus on to whom it belongs. along with discipline granted by Master, slave itself should discipline its mind to be focused on Master 24/7 as well.

slave should always keep in mind that there is the absolute hierarchy in its life. He whom standing at the top of everything, top of its world, the very and most powerful, fearful, strong Alpha, Master that slave must obey.

along with its ownership, in its nature, in its mind it has no choice but to obey to the absolute order. as at the very top of the slave’s world there’s always Master, nothing will come between. There’s only Master but nothing else in its world, He is the world to a slave. now it is very clear how slave is born to serve Master, that Master is the only and ultimate purpose of living, only reason for breathing, only use of its body, mind, and life.
Since it has been always craving to serve Master, as now granted with ultimate and only achievement, goal of its life accomplished, slave shows ultimate respect and servitude to Master. it is High honor, it is ultimate reward, slave should always thank Master and always be grateful and thats another reason, as it is in its nature, slave cannot disobey.

 slave cannot help but fear and obey Master. with His commanding voice, slave shivers with fear. to the presence of highest Man is at in its world, how irresistible power Master posses, slave fears Master for life, and obeys anything Master says. but also there is an excitement from serving Master. a true happiness in slave’s life to be under Master’s feet. which only happiness slave has.

slave should also keep in mind that its servitude to its Master as it was in its nature, its body and mind reacts upon even before slave’s will. that its free will and ego is devoted to a Master, given and controlled, it is completely belonged to a Master. slave always should remember it has to obey and accomplish every single rules, with no option, put every effort into it with its mind and its will.

Slave should train itself to always think about nothing but its Master, how to be a better slave for Him, how to satisfy in each and every His needs, how to fulfill its obligation, duty as slave with its opened, exposed and devoted to Master for Him to change and rule completely, shape and lead where He wants it to be, how He wants slave to think, what is in its mind when and how.

Good slave has no limit in serving Master.

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Illustration by Theo Blaze

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