Fearslave tells us his reasons, why he thinks that his life has got enriched by becoming a real slave.





1.   It makes you special.

There’s so many people keeping looking for the answer of who they are, and to define that you need your specialty. BDSM is such a special thing and the skills and experiences required is like those for an acrobat. It’s like hot spicy food that’s not for everybody, and it’s so extreme in most common eyes – isn’t it also a cool thing that not everyone can understand you? You’ll be unique in a world that does not quite get it.

2.   It brings extreme pleasure and happiness.

BDSM is self-actualization that’s way beyond satisfaction of food, sex or achieving something in your life. Everything and every part of your body become a tool for pleasure. To get pleasure through pain, to get freedom through submission, to get happiness through abuse, are all the ultimate ways exist in this world and you don’t need to look further.

3.   It makes your life more meaningful.

There are more responsibility and commitment in BDSM lifestyle so you have more to achieve besides common life things. As a slave, you’ll have a Master to submit to, to fulfill His needs, to make Him happy, to change to His likes, which all give you better purpose to live. Master becomes your flesh-and-blood god who can interact with you in human ways. A more meaningful life is a life of giving back. Your selfishness makes way for the opposite.

4.   It makes your life more exciting.

BDSM is an adventure. People who finds it will get endless possibilities of excitement. Besides common life excitement, such as a bungee jump or a motorbike riding, you now get a whole new world to explore and never get bored. As for sex, it makes sex more creative and that’s much more than position changes. Be careful, it’s addictive although healthier than drugs.

5.   It makes you stronger.

BDSM is a kind of extreme sports, save the fact that there’s play called “forced workout”. Each session is a great exercise to your body and soul. As a slave you’ll even still work out when fully tied up in a static position, and your will power gets stronger with each endurance of pain and abuse.

6.   It makes you healthier.

If you life is full of pleasure and happiness, of course your health will be improved. Also, there’s scientific evidence to prove BDSM makes you more endorphin and other good stuff to help your health. A lot of life stress can also be released in BDSM sessions.

7.   It helps you avoid trivial things to waste your life.

As a slave, you have your ultimate safety and security from Master, and there’s less to worry about. You can concentrate much more in BDSM and avoid wasting time on many trivial and meaningless things, such as what to wear or where to eat. Master decides a lot of, if not all, aspects of your life and you just leave them to Master’s hand with a peaceful mind. What’s left is only the focus to please Master and nothing more. As a slave i’m proud i’m living in it now.

8.   It gives you deeper affection than love and friendship.

Affections in BDSM can be so strong that go beyond the love and friendship that common people experience. It’s something invaluable in life and cannot be found anywhere else, and a rare enrichment to life.

9.   It makes you explore and excel in multiple personalities and disciplines.

You may become more successful in your career, as a respected professional or a boss with huge responsibility and power in society, because that’s the way to benefit Master more and make Him proud more, and you’ll also become so submissive and obedient in front of your Master as a well trained slave with all kinds of techniques to willingly please Him as if you were born like that. Even better, you become skillful to switch between multiple personalities and disciplines without any difficulty. To do something you like for a living is the best combination you can get. The endless imagination can be implemented in real life, and while enjoy all the happiness, you can also enjoy BDSM’s support to your life and benefit your Master, as a porn star, a toy maker, a book writer or anything else. No one would do better than someone who’s really passionate about his work.

10.   It makes your life truly “yours”.

BDSM promotes honesty in a hard way, and requires you to be true to yourself and your deepest feeling. Maybe the session is called “play”, but for both parties involved, it’s real, no judgment from ordinary view, no hiding from anything. It makes you live your life in a frank and brave way, and what you do reflects your ultimate free will. As a slave, the appearing “no freedom” actually put its life back to its own decision, and it’s not anyone else to judge.

What do you think about Fearslave’s reasons, why SM enriches his life?

Write us your comment and also your reasons, why it enriches YOUR LIFE.



  1. Very intersting. Now, can we have the same text with a Master’s side of the equation ?

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