A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.


Chapter 1

I was in a gay sauna (spa) relaxing by the pool side and decided to take a dip. I squatted down by the edge of the pool and removed my towel and went into the water trying not to draw any attention to me because I was not wearing any trunks. It was a small pool. It was my first skinny dip. I swam a few laps. I relaxed in the water leaning my back against the side of the pool.

A guy started to talk to me. He commented that I was nude in the pool. He was not gorgeous looking but was very friendly and had a great smile. His name was Lek. We had small talk. He told me he was a student studying in the local University. That explained his English which was good. He touched my dick and stroked it a little under the water. I was easy going and I let him fondled my cock under the water.

Then, he suggested we go to the underwear party which was organized within the sauna on the second floor. We got out of the pool and wrapped my towel around my waist and went upstairs with him. Lek was holding my hand and leading the way. At the entrance to the underwear party, the staffs stopped us and spoke in Thai which I could not understand. Then, Lek explained that we needed to be in underwear because of the theme. But I was not wearing any things under my towel. The staffs took our towels. Lek was in his trunks so he was okay. The staff handed me a small piece of thin and soft white loincloth because I was not allowed to go in naked. Lek helped me to tie the small white loincloth around my waist. He playfully fondled my dick and balls while doing it.

The inside was as dark as a dancing club with loud clubbing music and a continuous slide show of sexy men in trunks or underwear. And, free flow of beer in small plastic cup at the bar counter. There were people in their sexy underwear and there were people in tiny loincloth dancing to the music on the small floor space. I liked the clubbing music. We did not talk much as the music was loud. Lek only used his hands to fondle my dick and he made it hard. The tiny loincloth did not managed to cover my hard cock and it was visually exposed for all to see. I did not mind at all because I was already a little tipsy having free beers. It was crowded and I felt people bumping purposely onto me with their hard cock pressing on my behind. I felt hands touched my butt over my loincloth when people passed by. One lean and fair Japanese guy took hold of my wrist and tried to lead me to go with him. He let me go after seeing Lek was holding my hard cock which my loincloth could not cover fully.

After the excitement, I decided to chill out a bit at the outdoors garden on the ground floor. On exiting the underwear party, the staffs handed out fresh towels for us and collected my loincloth. We relaxed a bit at the garden in towel around our waist. That was the dress code in an all male gay sauna – only a towel around the waist. Another guy joined us. His name was Deng. He was better looking than Lek and fair skinned. We ordered some cocktails and chatted a bit and both of them touched me here and there.

We observed the staffs preparing for the foam party. It was New Year eve. The outdoors music has changed to clubbing dancing music. Foams started pouring from a large pipe high up and filled the garden with foams. Slowly it filled the place to knee deep foams and people were already dancing in it. Some were in their trunks, and some were in their underwear, and some were butt naked. All three of us did the same and removed our towels and joined in the foam party and the foam was almost to our waist level as we could only see naked butts. I was one of the naked butts dancing with my new found friends. I was groped by my new friends and some strangers in the foam as the foam was coming to above waist level. It was wild. One Caucasian hugged me from behind and grabbed my dick and stroked it hard before letting me go.

We had the New Year countdown. We hugged and kissed almost everyone. Well, not everyone. Only a few who grabbed hold of me and kissed me. But I was grabbed by my dick more often than a few times, I guessed, because I was naked.

Lek suggested we go clubbing. We moved out of the foam and I took any towel that was on the chair as I could not identify which was the one I used earlier. We did not care. We showered and took a taxi cab to one very popular club. It was so crowded already. We took our free drinks that came with the club entrance fee. I had a second cocktail that Lek gave to me. The music seemed to be louder in an enclosed space. I was already high from the beers and the cocktail earlier at the sauna. I felt light. My head was floating. The whole place was floating. Suddenly, the loud music became quiet and the darkness in the club turned totally black.

I woke up to some toned body banging my butts hard and fast. I felt something ploughing in my ass hole as fast and hard as the banging. It was a hard cock in my hole! I felt my legs were held up in the air. I heard the moaning sounds. I opened my eyes but I could only see darkness. I was blindfolded! I wanted to move my arms but I could not. My arms were spread out and my wrists were restrained. I struggled with the little strength that I had but find my naked body very relaxed and I almost melted in the soft bed. I tried to call out to Lek but a hand lightly put over my mouth and I heard, “ssssshhhhh……” indicating to me to be quiet. Then, I was kissed with his tongue roaming inside my mouth. It seemed easy for him to kiss me that way as my head was resting on the edge of the bed with my mouth opened widely almost the whole time letting out soft moans of my own. I was enjoying the fast and hard fuck while trying to recall what happened in my still dazed state of mind.

Finally, I heard the one fucking me let out a few loud moans and cummed. He pulled his cock out of my hole as fast as he was banging me. I felt him got off the bed and the next thing was a hard and wet cock touching my lips and shoved into my opened mouth. I wanted to suck it but I did not have the strength. I only licked it and cleaned the remaining cum that was left on his cock.

While I was licking his cock, someone climbed on the bed and grabbed my legs and shoved a thick hard cock in my already wet and opened hole. I did not feel any pains but I could feel the second cock every inch of the way in my hole filling my hole completely. My second rapist also banged me fast and hard like the first. It was better than the first one as I felt super high and very horny. While I was being fucked, I felt hands on my nipples and my dick. One hand played with my soft dick. My dick was not hard for the first time even though I was naked, tied up, blindfolded, caressed gently, and fucked roughly. The hands continued to play my small soft dick. My dick was tied up by a string. The string looped a few rounds around my soft dick and tied tightly. The hand slapped my soft dick around. I did not feel any discomforts or pains. The hand started stroking my soft dick. It did not get hard even though it was tied up.

I did not complain. I did not protest. I did not move my body. I did not kick with my unrestrained legs. I submissively lay on the bed, my wrists tied and I let myself to be manhandled roughly, played, and fucked vigorously.

After a while, the hand stopped stroking my soft dick. By then, my second rapist was done and cummed. He also had me licked off his dripping wet cock.

Another one took the position and fucked me. His cock went into my hole smoothly that I did not aware when he started fucking me. My hole was so relaxed and opened up. After the third guy fucked me and cummed, I felt something hard half way inserted into my hole. I heard laughter and talks in Thai. I felt the force trying to push the hard object into my hole but I did not feel any pains. I felt my hole stretched and the object was left mostly inside my hole and the remaining part of it outside which I felt it between my ass cracks.

I was lying in bed naked, tied, blindfolded, my soft dick tied and a hard object half-inserted in my hole after being fucked by three guys. All the time, I felt high and dazed. I called out to Lek and Deng softly but no one answered me. I only heard voices which I could not understand.

While I tried to recall what happened between the time I was at the club floor and me in bed, I realized it was quiet. No chatting voices. No movement on the bed. No hands on me or touching me. It was dark and quiet.

I dozed off.

I woke up with a full and huge hardon. I felt my cock very hard straining from the bond of loops of string tied tightly around my cock. Something in my hole reminded me about the hard object that was still in my hole. I slowly pushed the object out of my hole. When the object was pushed out, my hole felt so emptied. My attention was on my painfully tied hard cock. The loops around my small soft dick before were too small for my very hard cock. I wanted to untie it but my arms were still spread out and my wrists were still tied down. And, I was still naked and blindfolded.

I called out to Lek and Deng but again no answers. The air and space around me was quiet and still. What happened? They had left me naked and tied up in bed. Where was I? But all I was thinking was to reach down to my hard cock and to release my cums. I struggled and wiggled in the bed. I managed to bring my cock to my hand instead bringing my hand down to my cock. My arms were tied. So, I could not move my hand to my cock. My legs were not tied. I managed to move my body toward my hand enough for it to grab my hard cock and stroke it. I jerked myself off. I heard my cums landed on the bed near me and some wet and warm cums landed on me.

After resting a short while, my brain was back to where it was supposed to be and I thought for a while how to escape from my bondage. I continued to wiggle my body and managed to turn myself around and climbed down from the bed and landed my feet on the floor. My forehead was touching the edge of the bed and I rubbed several times against the bed to get my blindfold off my head.

It was already morning. The sun was shining into the room. It was my hotel room! And, a glass bottle was on the bed. That was the hard object in my hole earlier. I managed to pull the rope off the wooden leg of the bed by lifting the bed only slightly. I was freed. I looked around. The room was in a mess.

As I stood up heading to the shower, I felt something wet dripped down my inner thigh. I reached down with a finger to my wet hole and brought my finger up to smell it. It was cums! I was fucked raw! Shit! Was it Lek or Deng who raped me? Who was the third guy? Was there a third guy? What happened at the club? Did I black out?

Chapter 2

A few months later, I received a short message via my handphone and it came with a photo. It was a photo of me! I was totally naked in bed, bound, blindfolded, and fucked by a guy. That day, I was fucked raw by three guys in that hotel room after some wild parties and clubbing. I recognized the person in the photo who was fucking me was Deng. I also spotted another guy playing with my bound dick but could not make out his face. I guessed it must be Lek. Who took the photo?

The message was from a guy called Chuachai who I did not know. It was not from Lek or Deng whom I had met during New Year eve. In the message, Chuachai invited me to go to Bangkok in April and to stay at his house and to be his sex slave.

Naturally, my dick got hard on reading Chuachai’s indecent proposal and also on seeing my own naked photo.

Could Chuachai be the third guy who fucked me that day?

It took me as long as one day to decide and replied to Chuachai that I accepted his invitation. Do not ask me why I said yes to it. I guessed it was decided by my ass hole. Or, he had put a spell on me a few months back.

Yes, Chuachai was the third guy. He told me in the following message. The next few messages involved Chuachai giving instruction on where to meet him.

The agreement was I to be his sex slave for a week. I was so hooked on to Chuachai’s idea of me being his sex slave that I was so eager to meet him.

April came and there I was landed in Bangkok airport on a Sunday early morning. I was told to take a train to a bus depot. Then, I was to follow his instruction to take a bus from the city to Chuachai’s hometown. The bus journey took two hours and all the people on the bus seemed to be local folks. It was a hot day and there was no air conditioning on the bus. As I was reaching Chuachai’s hometown, my heart beats began to beat faster and faster. It was excitement. It was apprehension. It was both.

It was the first time that I traveled emptied handed. I felt something was missing as I did not have anything to carry with me. I was told not to bring any luggage because a sex slave does not need any things. I only have the clothes that I was wearing and my keys, my wallet, my passport, a return air ticket and my handphone.

I found Chuachai near the public toilet at the town market which was next to the bus terminal. It was our meeting place as the town market was very huge. He had sent me his photo earlier. So, it was easy to find him. He was dressed in a t-shit and jeans. He was pleasant looking and very lean and fit and tanned but he looked older than his photo. I guessed Chuachai was in his mid-thirties. He recognized me and pulled me to a corner in the toilet and greeted me by grabbing my balls. My cock was hard and he felt it. We had established a connection. I was happy that our meeting went well.

Yes, in the messages, he mentioned he liked my low hanging balls and he wanted to stretch them and torture them.

Then, he directed me to his motorbike and off we went from the bus terminal to his place. After what was seemed to be a long time to me, he stopped at a rundown shed. But it was only half an hour journey. I kept looking at his watch and the surroundings during the motorbike journey in hoping to learn my way back. But it was hopeless as all the wooden sheds looked the same and there were only trees and trees and no manmade landmark.

The rundown shed was out in the middle of nowhere. I was taken aback. Was that broken down shed his house?

We went in the shed. There was no door. Some of the window panels had fallen down and both the front door and back door were missing. One side of the wooden walls was also missing. It was empty inside. There was plenty of light inside the shed as much of the shed was broken down.

Chuachai ordered me to remove all my clothes. At first, I was hesitant but I had no options. I decided to be totally submissive at that point because he was the only person I knew in a foreign land and out in the middle of nowhere.

Chuachai spoke a little English only.

“Take out!” he commanded.

I felt embarrassed being totally naked. Then, I remembered Chuachai said I would not need anything as a sex slave. But I was out in the open and a public place. The broken down shed did not help much to protect my embarrassment. Any passersby could see me naked from the main road. I felt humiliated as he inspected my body under board daylight in the shed.

I was told to shave my pubic hairs before I came. I did better. I had the hairs removed by waxing using Nick’s service. Nick was my regular masseur back home and he also did waxing hairs removal service. My body was smooth and hairless neck down. I also waxed my arm bits hairs.

Chuachai was very please as he fondled my low hanging balls and my hairless dick which was getting harder and harder even though I did not know what he was going to do to me next.

I saw him put all my belongings in a plastic bag and put the bag in a container on his motorbike and locked it. Then, he came back with a pair of old and worn flip flop for my bare feet. And, he held up a piece of cloth which was about a meter and a half in length and half a meter wide. It was a Thai loincloth. It was called Pakawma which I learned from Chuachai.

“See!” he told me as he held the loincloth which was quite worn out as it had a few small holes in it. He began to tie the loincloth around my waist and he wanted me to learn how to do it.

He squeezed my balls and beat my hard cock as he dressed me in the Thai loincloth Pakawma.

“No hard!” he ordered. But I could not help it. It was my cock that was making the decision to stay hard.

After I was transformed into a naked slave except wearing a worn loincloth and an old pairs of flip flop, we continued our journey on his motorbike. It was a hot day and I lost concentration of direction and I had given up hope in learning my way back.

It was noon time. It took us another half an hours as I noticed the time on his watch to reach Chuachai’s house. It was also a wooden shed but not rundown. Everything was in order and nothing was broken.

He dropped me off at a washing point as he proceeded to his house which was about ten meters away and parked his motorbike at his front door. Before he left me, he removed my loincloth. I was left standing there totally naked with both of my hands covering my hard cock. I looked around. There was no one around. There were a few wooden sheds about 50 meters away and each one had a space of about 50 meters away from each other. It was a small village three hours away from the city.

Back to where I was standing. It was a washing point which had four taps. Two taps on each side of a waist height low wall. There was a bar of soap on top of the low wall. There was a wooden bench near the washing point.

He came back and ordered me to kneel on my flip flop so that it would not hurt my knees and gave me a crew haircut with an electric hair trimmer. The haircut was shorter than the one I had during my army days.

Then, he ordered me to be on all fours and proceeded to wash my head and my body with water running from a short PVC hose like I was a dog. I felt very humiliated and uneasy to be washed in the public washing point and kept looking around to see any one saw me in that pathetic position. I closed my eyes when he started soaping my head.

Then, I realized I was his slave. I was no longer a tourist enjoying a shower from my masseur. Back in my previous trips, I went to the massage spa. The Thai masseur showered me before and after the massage. I was also naked but I did not feel humiliated as I was showered in a closed door shower cubicle and I was treated like a king and not on all fours.

He paid particular attention in washing my low hanging balls and my hard cock which actually felt good. He liked to tug my balls and stretch them. I moaned. He smiled.

I was enjoying it. It was very pleasant to have cold water on my body under the hot sun. It was very hot in April.

Then, he ordered me to lie down on a wooden bench near the washing point. He started to install a leather harness on me. It had a steel ring that went around my cock and balls like a cock ring. Squeezing my balls through the steel ring was momentarily painful and Chuachai did it with joy.

The steel ring had three leather straps attached to it. He put another leather strap around my waist near my hips. He riveted the free ends of the straps to my waist strap with a pliers looking device. He fashioned the leather harness like a jockstrap but there was no front porch. In its place was the steel ring that went round my cock and balls. The harness was fitted very snugly as it was tailored to my body. It was a cock ring leather harness that looked like a jockstrap.

On seeing my cock ring jockstrap, my 15 cm hard cock was throbbing and very hard. It was also because the steel ring was small and it felt tight. My hard cock felt like it was going to burst from the built up blood pressure.

Next, he brought me to a low wooden platform in front of his house in between the clothes line and his motorbike. I walked totally naked with a hard throbbing cock in the open with only a leather harness on me and there was a motorbike passed by at that time. I was embarrassed but Chuachai did not seem to care. I had no options but to follow him. As I walked I noticed that I did not felt the soft leather harness. It was as though as it was part of my skin. Later, I found out from Master Chuachai that it was made out of soft pig skin.

Then, he tied me up with ropes with me lying down on my back and face up and spread-eagled. He played with my hard cock. He rubbed my cock head after applying some cream on it. I was lying on the wooden platform and enjoying the whole thing. I thought he was going to make me cum. But no matter how he rubbed my cock head, I did not have the urge to cum. Instead, I began to feel a stinging sensation on my cock head. It grew stronger and stronger. It was not pleasurable. As my 15 cm hard cock began to dwindle to a little worm, I saw an evil smile on Chuachai’s satisfying face. I was afraid. I guessed the torture had begun.

It hurt so bad that I began to struggle but other than jerking my hips I could not move at all because I was spread out tautly. I was sweating as I saw my dick shrink to a little not more than 3 cm size. He pinched and squeezed my tiny dick. It was like he was pinching some skins with nothing in it. Where did my 15 cm cock go?



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