A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Chapter 3

I began to panic as he was inserting a metal chastity cage over my pathetic tiny dick. Although he had wiped off the cream on my dick head, the stinging sensation was still down there but it was from my pee hole. The metal chastity device had a urethral tube! It was inserted in my pee hole! If not for the loincloth that was stuffed in my mouth earlier, my screams would be very loud. I was jolting my head from left to right frantically signaling to my Master to stop the insertion. But Chuachai ignored my pleader. He continued with no mercy.

After watching Chuachai finished fastening all the three screws with an Allen key, I stopped my struggles and lay on the platform motionlessly because I knew it was game over. I was completely defeated. My dick was locked in the tiny cage.

After a short rest, Master Chuachai untied my wrists and helped me to sit up. And, I got to see for the first time the chastity device that I was wearing. I could not see my dick any more. It was completely covered by the steel cage. All I could see was a 3 cm steel knob on my leather harness that I was wearing. There were three screws that fastened the 3 cm steel cage to the steel cock ring I was wearing. It was a very secure installation. The cock ring was secured by the leather harness.

I could not feel my dick. I felt numb down there and as if my dick had disappeared. My Master allowed me to touch the 3 cm little steel knob. I realized I had become a dickless slave.

Back at home, being locked in a 6 cm chastity cage with a pad lock and key was acceptable to me. But it was wild and crazy that my dick was locked in a 3 cm steel cage and fastened by not one screw but three screws.

In my other experiences back home, my dick tried to get hard and pushed the ring away from my body and allowing a semi hard. Master Chuachai’s installed a chastity harness that was snugly fitted on me and the steel ring was fitted as though it was part of my body. My soft and useless dick had zero free room to give it any initial to get hard. It stayed completely soft like some loose skins once it was locked in the 3 cm chastity cage. My dick was gone. I could not feel it straining against the steel cage. Actually, it did not strain itself against the cage at all. It was dormant. The 3 cm cage had my dick in complete control.

Master Chuachai removed the loincloth from my mouth and used it to gently wipe the tears that were coming out of my eyes and gave me a big hug which was comforting to ease the discomfort inside my pee hole and gave me some assurance after I had lost my dick to his chastity harness. I belonged to him and I had no use of my dick other than for peeing.

After that he lay me down and started to tie my balls with a string. He tugged and stretched my balls and secured the string to one side of the wooden platform. Next, he installed a 2 cm thick steel ring stretcher on my balls again using screws and with the help of an Allen key. I lay on the platform obediently without any protests although my hands were not tied because I had surrendered myself to my Master once he locked my dick up.

The installation was completed. I felt the weight on my balls but I could not feel the weight of my dick as though it was nonexistence. It was crazy but I had no options and I resigned myself to my new master. I was his slave. Master Chuachai was happy and satisfied with his installation. Next, he brought me into his house. We washed our feet before stepping inside the house with water available in a large ceramic urn at the entrance of the front door.

There was no room. It was an open concept home. I saw his clothes and a few Thai loincloths Pakawmas hanging in one corner with a wooden bench below, the cooking stove in another corner, a large ceramic urn full of water near the stove, a large light blue colored fiber-glass container was also full of water next to the ceramic urn, another low wooden platform near the stove but smaller with metal pots and plastic beakers on it, another low but larger wooden platform with pillows and thin mattress on it. The ground had vinyl floor sheet lay over the cement floor.

Master Chuachai’s house had overhead beams on the ceiling. A few plastic bags and straw hats were hung from the wooden beams. There were ropes hung down from the beams. The sight of ropes gave me excitement. My heart was beating faster again. For the first time, my dick did not get hard.

My heart pumped faster as I was hung up with my arms stretched over my head before I could completely recover from the panic-stricken ordeal of being put in chastity device which had a steel urethral tube that was inserted into my pee hole.

My hands were tied up to the beam overhead me. A long piece of heavy wooden log was used to spread my legs apart by having my ankles tied to the ends of it. My loincloth was used to tie between my teeth as a mouth gag.

Two 500ml plastic bottles filled with water were hung on my balls with help of strings that tied to the little rings of my 2 cm thick steel balls stretcher. I felt the one kilogram force on my balls and it was straining my poor balls. I helplessly gazed at Master with my pathetic pleading eyes in hoping he would have mercy on me.

Master said it was to train me to be an obedient slave. The balls torture was overwhelming. It distracted my attention away from my discomfort pee hole.

It was too much to take in on the first day. With everything stripped away from me. My clothes and shoes, my passport, my wallet, my handphone, my hairs, and even the feelings of existence of my dick were taken away from me. I could only feel something in my pee hole. I could not see and feel my dick. I was a dickless slave with my aching balls stretched to the maximum limit. I wanted to go home. I did not want to continue any more. I wanted to take a plane and fly away but it was too late. I was naked and helplessly tied up. My dick locked in a chastity harness. My balls were being tortured.

Master said he would release me at dinner time.

Then, Master Chuachai went to take a nap on his large platform bed after he had a shower and changed into Pakawma – the Thai loincloth.

I looked down. I could not see my dick. It was completely covered by the steel cage. I could not see my balls. I could only see the steel balls stretcher. I had to be contented just watching Master’s lean and fit body lying on his bed wearing his sexy loincloth while my arms were straining over my head.

It was already 3 o’clock in the afternoon from the clock hanging on the wall. I was feeling hungry as my last meal was breakfast on the plane. When would dinner going to be? I had no idea. I only whimpered through my loincloth gag while my shoulders and balls were suffering.

After three hours I hung there like a dead fish enduring the suffering in my arms and my balls. I had resigned to the state that I was not going any where. I had no way out but to suffer at the mercy of my Master.

Suddenly, I heard the sounds of motorbike approaching nearer and nearer until it stopped outside the house. I was shocked to see a very young man walked in. Our eyes met. I was very embarrassed with the state that I was in being naked and tied up and gagged.

He was about my height at 1.73 meters. He was slim built about my size and he was about my age at early twenties. He was clad in a t-shirt and jeans. He was delighted to see a tied up slave like a small boy seeing his new toys. He took the opportunity to molest me all over. He examined the chastity cage and the leather harness I was wearing. He swung the water bottles to add to the suffering of my balls. He picked up a wooden stick shaped like a ruler and started beating my poor balls. I groaned through my gag. My groaning seemed to excite him and encouraged him to beat my balls some more. My groaning also woke up Master Chuachai. My torturer was too engrossed in playing with my balls to notice.

He actually jumped in fear when Master shouted at him. Master said something to him in Thai which I did not understand.

I saw the young man dropped the stick and knelt down with his head and hands lowered to the floor.

I was released. I was untied. My gag was removed. The two bottles were removed. I was allowed to rest on Master’s large bed.

The next thing Master did was surprising to me. The young man was told to strip naked and he ended up in the same position as I was and Master was administering punishment on him by beating his balls with the same wooden stick that was used on my balls.

The young man dick was not locked in chastity device. I saw his large dick swinging as Master whacked his balls. He had large dick and balls for a slim person. His dick got harder and harder and became an 18 cm throbbing hard cock.

After the punishment, they spoke in Thai and he was released. Master introduced the young man to me. The young man was Master’s son but not real in his words. I guessed he was adopted by Master. His name was Aat.

Next, Master made me suck Aat’s hard cock which was too difficult to suck because it was too big. Aat turned me around with my ass hole facing him and he spat saliva on my hole a few times. Then, he climbed on the bed and he slowly pushed his large 18 cm hard cock in my hole. The first few thrusts were painful. The pains slowly eased away as Aat continued ploughing my hole in a doggy style. My hole made me moaned like a happy slut forgetting the discomforts in my balls and dick.

When Aat was fucking my hole I slowly became a true sex slave and I was at ease with the surrounding and what was happening to me. I was happy that Master let Aat used me as a sex slave. And, I seemed to like my stretched and weighted low hanging balls swinging to the rhythm of Aat’s thrusting.

Master looked happy too as Aat was happily fucking me and I was happy to be used as a sex slave. My hole was happy. My dick did nothing in the cage but only leaking precums.

Aat shot all his warm juices inside me. It brought back memory of the New Year day where I was fucked by three Thai guys and they all shot their warm juices inside me.

Quickly, Aat led me to the washing point to wash up before the cums from my hole dripped all over the floor. After washing each other we became good friends although I did not understood a single word he said to me. He liked to wash my hole and I liked to wash his dick.

We had dinner which was bought by Aat at the smaller wooden platform near the stove. Dinner was simple. It was fried eggs, rice and veg. We shared the two person’s portion among three of us.

It was after 9 o’clock at night. I was allowed to rest with my right ankle chained to the large bed. The chain and lock were huge and heavy. All three of us slept on the large bed. I was naked wearing only the chastity harness. Master Chuachai and young Master Aat wore loincloth Pakawma. I slept well because I was tired after a long day of travelling, and the bondage and tortures.

Chapter 4 of 11

The next day, I was woken to Master fucking me that reminded me that I was the sex slave in the house. After Master cummed inside me, he instructed Aat to guide me. We each took a plastic beaker with a toothbrush inside it and walked out to the washing point. That was where we wash up. Aat directed me to a toilet which was about five meters away for poohing. I went inside the toilet. It was small and fit one person only. It was a squat toilet. There was no toilet paper. Only a PVC hose was installed. After washing with water running from the hose, I went back to the washing point to finish my washing with the bar of soap which was available on top of the low wall. Aat was already waiting for me with his hard cock pointing to the sky and he gave me a quick fuck before finishing our wash ups.

After both of us were cleaned up, we dressed ourselves in the Thai loincloth Pakawma. I had mine given to me by Master Chuachai when we met. Aat and I were dressed the same except under my loincloth I also wear a chastity harness.

Master said, “Go with Aat.”

I obediently followed Aat.

I had no idea where Aat was taking me until after about half an hours walk we reached a brick factory. Along the way, Chet joined us. He was Aat’s friend and neighbor and also a worker at the brick factory. Chet was more muscular and taller than both of us. He also dressed like us only in a Thai loincloth Pakawma and a pair of flip flop. Chet had a large tattoo on his right shoulder. Chet was friendly and was like a big brother to Aat. He seemed to like me. He was also in his early twenties.

At the factory, it was a yummy sight as everyone was in loincloth. Aat and I were separated. Aat was a skilled worker in making brick out of clay. I went with Chet and worked in clay shoveling. It was hard work and physically demanding for a city boy like me but it was easy to do mentally. Only shoveling clay and moved them under the hot sun. And, I got to see so many delicious loincloth-clad young men.

The factory boss provided two meals. Meals were rice and veg. After dinner, we were paid for the day work and allowed to go off and walk back home. Aat kept my pay. So, I did not get any money. I was the slave and Aat was my young Master.

During lunch, we got to take a short nap before resuming to work. I guessed it was because it was very hot during noon time. But when napping time came, Chet pulled me up and led me to the back of the factory and pulled out his hard cock from his loincloth and made me sucked it. I did not mind as he was physically very attractive and tall like a loincloth cum underwear model. And, it was my dream came true to be fucked by loincloth-clad workers.

Chet was the most muscular of all the workers at the brick factory but his hard cock was smaller than Aat. His was only 12 cm long when hard. After some sucking, he turned me around with my back facing him. He undid my loincloth to expose my butts. He tied my loincloth over my mouth as a gag. I guessed Chet wanted to keep it quiet. He did not care about my chastity harness. He was only interested in my hole. He pushed his already wet and hard cock into my hole. After fucking me quickly, Chet cummed inside my hole. I passively let Chet used me. I went back to nap before resuming work.

On the next day, Master used me first thing in the morning before sending me off to work at the brick factory together with Aat. Aat also used me during our washing time. I was used to Aat fucking me at the washing point. I enjoyed his big cock. I voluntarily stuffed my loincloth in my mouth so as not to wake up our neighbors.

When nap break came at the brick factory, not only Chet fucked me. Two other workers also used me. They were Kit and Sud. Kit was slim built. Sud was lean-built and had a solid body. Sud had a tiger tattoo on his chest. Kit’s skin color was not so tan like me. They were all young males about the same age as me in early twenties. But I looked the youngest among them. I was like a teenage boy because I had a very short crew haircut. They gave me a name and called me Luke.

They were more curious than Chet about the chastity harness that I was wearing. They did not understand it fully but they knew that I was the sex slave because only slave had his dick imprisoned by his Master. I obediently stripped my loincloth off and stuffed it in my mouth. I was a slutty sex slave and I did not want the factory boss to hear me moaning too loudly behind the factory wall.

I did not have much time to take a nap that day.

I was used to have cums dripping from my hole and the bottom of my loincloth wet with cums and the front of my loincloth wet with my own precums. My precums were the only reminder that I have a sexual organ that was still functioning other than for peeing.

It was Wednesday and the third day at work, two more guys came to use me at the back of the brick factory. They were Lamon and Thong Di. They took turn to fuck me but quickly. Chet, Sud, Kit and Thong Di fucked me. Lamon only wanted me to suck him and he cummed in my mouth. Lamon mannerism was a bit girlish but he commanded my face strictly and fucked my face very roughly and he was very particular that his dick was thoroughly cleaned with my tongue before putting it back in his loincloth. I licked Lamon’s cums like a hungry dog. Everybody was satisfied including me. Both of my holes were satisfied. I got to eat cums.

I had no time to nap that day. But I had a chance to weight myself before we set off for home after work. The weighting scale was meant for bricks. I was 56 kg. It looked like I had lost some weights due to the hard and strenuous work and the not so appetizing food. I blended in very well because I looked like a slim and skinny tanned Thai farm boy from the village.

Everyday, after work, and wash up, Aat and I hung our loincloths on the clothes line to dry. Our loincloths Pakawmas were also our towels. We did not have bath towels or face towels. Aat had two loincloths. I had one.

Aat and I washed each other. We enjoyed it. I loved to wash Aat’s 18 cm hard cock and large balls. Once Aat was hard he turned me with my back facing him. And, I knew I was to be used. I enjoyed Aat’s large cock very much. Aat had more time to fuck me in the evening than in the morning. And, he enjoyed every minutes of it. I was used to being fucked like a dog at the washing point out in the open.

After sex and wash up, we went in the house which was my home for the week. I was naked in the house at all time. I was not allowed to wear loincloth in the house. I had gotten used to only wearing the chastity harness and the steel balls stretcher inside the house. Aat was allowed to wear his other loincloth.

Once, in the house, Master Chuachai ordered Aat to tie me up. Master said, “Balls training.”

After I was tied up with my arms over head and my legs spread wide, two water bottles were used as weight to stretch my balls. And, Master ordered Aat to beat my balls. As a result of Aat beating my balls too lightly, he too was tied up in a position same like me. Aat’s loincloth was stripped away. It was quite hot to see Aat being tied up like that. It was always a pleasure to see Aat’s large cock and balls. Both of us were tortured by Master that night. Aat’s cock remained hard the whole time. His precums dripped so much that it formed a string touching the floor.

Aat spoke to Master in Thai and he was untied. Immediately after his release, Aat quickly went behind me and pushed his hard and precums dripping cock in my hole. He fucked me again while I was still tied with my legs wide apart and my arms over my head. It only took him a few thrusts and he shot his warm cums inside my hole again. Aat’s large set of balls sure had a lot of cums in them.

I really treasured my free time very much when I was not tied up or chained up or working under the hot sun. I was an obedient sex slave at any time whenever I was used. My hole was ready for any cocks that wanted to fuck it. I welcomed all the warm cums in my hole. And, I was used to cums dripping from my hole to my legs. I was a hundred percent sex slave.

The mundane and strenuous work at the brick factory helped to think less of my imprisoned dick. It perked me up when I was used at the factory by yummy loincloth-clad young men. I did not care about being chained up during night as I slept well after a hard day work and the exhausting evening “balls training”. Other than going hungry at time because of the unappetizing meals, I was a happy slave.

For Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I was untied after “balls training” and allowed to sleep with Aat and Master on the large wooden platform bed. My right ankle was chained up though.

On Wednesday night, I was left tied up for the whole night until the next morning. It was very tough even though the two water bottles were removed and my legs were untied. Master added another set of 2 cm thick steel balls stretcher before the bottles were removed. My low hanging balls were trained and stretched by the water bottles for four consecutive nights to accept the additional 2 cm thick balls stretcher.

Master was satisfied to see my low hanging balls stretched by a total of 4 cm thick steel ball stretchers. My balls were totally trained by Master Chuachai. I was happy with my low hanging balls as they swung about when I was fucked. It really made me looked like a dog.

On Thursday, I was released early in the morning before dawn and allowed my usual wash up. After that, I was allowed to rest on the large bed with my right ankle chained to the bed.

Both Master Chuachai and Aat were dressed smartly in long sleeves shirt and long cotton pants. Master told me to rest while they went to a nearby temple for new year prayer. There was no work that day. In fact, there was no work for the next two days too. It was a three days holiday for Thai new year which was also called the Songkran festival. It was nice that we did not have to work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

After they had left I went to sleep even though the sun was about to rise. I fell asleep very quickly while examining my additional ball stretcher because I was totally exhausted after being tied up over the night.

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